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Forum Post: Gun/Self Control

Posted 2 years ago on Dec. 14, 2012, 10:05 p.m. EST by richardkentgates (3269)
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This militaristic bullshit was good for what today? Nothing. It's always easier to point the finger, isn't it. We have all been watching the TV today, and we all want answers, regardless of your position on gun rights. We examine the profiles only to dismiss them as unreliable, we talk about gun laws even though we have disproved the correlations.

The truth is, we are all to blame. I have to admit, I used to watch the Maddow show with enthusiasm but as time goes on, I see being liberal doesn't bring with it wisdom or understanding.

We love violent movies, we like violent music, even radio rock now includes posers talking about kicking some ass. Not sex drugs and rock but "poor pitiful me" and "I'm a bigger bad ass than you".

Our country and culture is rife with not only violence but also animosity, hate. We bread liars, self serving shit heads, we numb the public with an endless stream of violence while enforcing the notion that only ass holes win. We give meaning to the phrase "dog eat dog" while reassuring our youth that the weak shall be eaten.

How much of our culture can a sane person withstand before becoming a lunatic like the rest of us. We are the problem. For the most part, we turn people into these monsters.

The world is filled with unemphatic people, just look to wall st if you have any doubt. But we would have a better time recognizing them and doing something about them if we could spend a few moments not tripping on our own shoe laces.

I know the media is watching this forum. Talk about this. Let go of the party bullshit for one fucking second. That is, if your tears today didn't come from a bottle.