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Forum Post: Eric Holder Contempt Vote, Here We Go Again! RepubliCon Witch Hunt II

Posted 2 years ago on June 29, 2012, 7:52 a.m. EST by JS93 (-321)
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Eric Holder Contempt Vote May Signify Dead End on Fast and Furious {Could There Be A Silver Lining??}

{Like the bogus wars and Laissez Faire crashed economy, Obama inherited the stupid Mexican gun scheme from the hair-brained Cheney & W Regime. Now the crazy Cons wanna hold AG Holder in Contempt in another RepubliCon Witch Hunt, completely ignoring Gonzalez and Ashcroft, and with complete Corporate Media impunity. Any halfway respectable News Media would be tearing these scandalous Republicon Bozos ~ especially King Rat, Darrell Issa ~ to merciless pieces over such a ruse!! But just like the WS scandal and world economy collapse, this is an inside job, conducted and orchestrated by the 1% PTB!! So no critical News Media scrutiny need apply, unless they want to get Ann Curried.

So let's let the bastards have their pound of flesh with Holder, he's a WS lawyer anyway. Let the crazy Cons and the 1% Charlie Mansons they worship have their bogus scapegoat, let them get drunk with blood lust. And let's replace Holder with Ralph and a small team of his Nader's Raiders. Then let's watch the crazy Con roaches run into and over each other is sheer apoplectic terror!! Break out the subpoenas and clear your hearing schedules, justice will hit DC crooks and Cons like a 200' tsunami! Barry, R U listening?!! How sweet it is!!}

John Rudolf john.rudolf@huffingtonpost.com

In a nearly party-line vote, Republicans in Congress easily passed a measure on Thursday citing Attorney General Eric Holder with contempt for refusing to produce documents tied to Operation Fast and Furious. But what comes next?

"In the days and weeks to come, we will use what we can in the way of other tools to glean additional information," said Darrell Issa, chairman of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, who led the 18-month probe of Fast and Furious. "We will find the truth."

Exactly what Issa hopes to still learn about Fast and Furious, which the Department of Justice already said allowed high-powered weapons to slip into the hands of criminals, remains unclear. After 18 months, no evidence has emerged showing Holder, his top lieutenants, or any White House officials or staff authorized the discredited tactics of Fast and Furious, or deliberately concealed information about those tactics from Congress.

Issa's failure to secure any damning evidence against top