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Forum Post: Economic Rights and the Solving of Business + Government

Posted 4 years ago on July 24, 2012, 3:43 p.m. EST by Philosopher215 (4)
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Tyrannical Factionism: When one group gains political power and imposes a kind of tyranny on the minority factions via that power…

… was considered by the founding fathers to be the cause of the historical demise of all democratic genus governments. Their solution to this historical problem of democracy was civic rights, checks and balances, and the U.S. Constitution… all focused at stopping any one political faction in America from coming to enough power to be able to impose a kind of tyranny on the other political factions.

Economic Tyrannical Factionism: When one group gains political power and imposes a kind of tyranny on the minority factions via the power to regulate economics.

“To give a bureaucrat power over economics is to give said bureaucrat power over every aspect of your life to one degree or another, as economics bleeds into every aspect of your life to one degree or another” two time economic Nobel prize winner F. A. Hayek.

Currently in America we are suffering from another form of Tyrannical Factionism known as Economic Tyrannical Factionism; from which we have no limiting documentation, rights, laws, constitution, or effective checks and balances to protect us. Economic Tyrannical Factionism, be it from a tyranny of The Left, The Right, or Business is causing the downfall of both democracy and economics worldwide and will continue to do so unless this great problem of our time can be solved.

Solutions As the U.S. Constitution, checks and balances, and civic rights protect us from the problem of Tyrannical Factionism, so to should it be possible to have similar economic constitutional rights and methods to protect us from Economical Tyrannical Factionim.

  1. Competitors Rights In order for a business, or any group, to truly start to gain at the health and wealth expense of The People, any group of people, they must first eliminate or suppress their competition. In order to give an unfair wage and sales price you must first eliminate those who would give a far fairer wage and sales price.

It is for this reason that 80+% of all that Business does in a Business + Government relationship concerns its self with the suppression or out right elimination of their competition via some form of governmental favoritism in law or subsidy.

To protect The People and Business alike from Economic Tyrannical Factionism, and to promote high levels of fairness in economics, we propose that it should be a constitutional / economic right of all to compete… unaided and unhindered, particularly, to the health and wealth gain of The People, all people, both foreign and domestic, over time. An inalienable human right of all currently often denied.

  1. The Right to Gainful Economics Having protected both the business mans and The People’s right to compete, in does us no good to protect the competitive rights, nor the rights in general, of fundamentally destructive economic endeavors that do nothing to uplift, but rather oppress, humanity. For the purpose of protecting the competitive and engaging rights of good / healthy economic practices, and condemning the bad, we propose the fallowing as economic rights.

  2. Everyone has the right to engage in and be engaged by healthy economics. No one can limit this right.

  3. It is against basic human rights law to impose unhealthy economics on persons un-consenting.

  4. On an individual basis ever only can persons consent to being engaged by unhealthy economics.

Good / healthy economics: economics is the process by which humanity generates wealth… not steals, pillages, destroys, or takes from one to give to another (redistributes)… but actually generates wealth and increased health.

Good economics sees an increase in the health, wealth, and happiness… in one word “prosperity”… of all persons affected. Increased standard of living for all engaged in or affected by an economic practice over time = good economics. A decrease to any = bad economics.

An Explanatory The Right to Gainful Economics judges economic practices on an individual level and protects the competitive rights of good economic practices while condemning the bad.

Competitors rights laws removes “the problem of the human element”… the inability to rely on any man or group of men to regulate economics… and instead puts emphasis on the laws of healthy competition as the primary regulatory force to generate “a fair and rightful compensation for labor and risk between Business and The People, all peoples, in economics”… I.E. fairness for all in economics.

By protecting competitors rights from big business to the lemonade stand on the street the effective destruction of Business + Gov. can be achieved as Business has no way to suppress and gain via the power of law and nothing to well fear from a People + Government. Thus it is that with Business’s removal from government via the protection from competitors rights, “the people’s government” once again becomes The People’s government.

In short, the American people get their government back, Business get the “healthy economic specific” freedom from protection to thrive like never before to the gain of all. And The People, by relinquishing a governmental control over economics they never had in the first place to the laws of good / healthy competition… will find that they gain far more economic control as well as fairness in an ever increasingly gainful economic system.

In one fell swoop, by protecting and imposing good / healthy economic competition, the beast of Economic Tyrannical Factionism, the great doom of our time, can be slain.



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[-] 2 points by DemandTheGoodLifeDotCom (3360) from New York, NY 4 years ago

You quoted Hayek:

"“To give a bureaucrat power over economics is to give said bureaucrat power over every aspect of your life to one degree or another, as economics bleeds into every aspect of your life to one degree or another” two time economic Nobel prize winner F. A. Hayek."

I would like to also quote someone:

“To give a private business owner power over economics is to give said private business owner power over every aspect of your life to one degree or another, as economics bleeds into every aspect of your life to one degree or another” anyone with common sense and not thoroughly indoctrinated into the cult of capitalism.

Since all power in society depends on your income, the constitution should be thrown out and replaced with a simple law that says differences in income should be limited to only what is necessary for income to be effective incentive. That would solve nearly every problem in society. It is simple, common sense.

You would then have a fair society and a democratic society where people were treated equally by law. How that would work is fully explained in this post.

[-] 1 points by Philosopher215 (4) 3 years ago

Fairness in economics is "a fair and rightful compensation for labor and risk between employee and employer"... anything else runs the serious risk of being unfair.

Simply making things "law" doesn't mean much if you cannot enforce that law. What is worse is that the power of law can be circumvented, overcome, or even twisted back on it's self to the detriment of those it was meant to protect.

A law that imposes the fullness of the fairness generated innately in a system such as economics is not only self regulating and brutally effective... but incorruptible to a large extent.

[-] 1 points by DemandTheGoodLifeDotCom (3360) from New York, NY 3 years ago

I don't really understand your comment. You said fairness is a fair compensation. That is like saying the definition of cathartic is when you feel cathartic.

The question is what is fair?

The entire system of capitalism is unfair because it is based on theft and exploitation.

Capitalism is based on the privatization of the planet and its resources. Since mother nature does not have a store where you can purchase the planet, 100% of this privatization came by way of pillage and plunder. It was acquired through force, murder and theft.

And the capitalist system of allocating goods and services is based on bargaining power, not based on fairness or how hard you worked, which allows a very small minority of rich people at the top to unfairly exploit everyone else - including you - by taking most of their income.

The planet and its rich resources rightfully belong to everyone which gives everyone a natural right to a fair income. And the only fair way to allocate income is based on how hard you work which you do by limiting differences in income to only what is necessary to get people to do hard work and give their maximum effort.

If we allocated income in that way, everyone would be wealthy, the minimum wage would be $115,000 per year for working just 20 hours and you would eliminate nearly every problem in society as explained in this post.