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[-] 0 points by SSJHilscher (75) from Madison, WI 11 years ago

Wow, that's kind of a good point. See, this is why I think trolls should be allowed to say their piece. It is vital the opposition have a voice. I hope the people realize that soon and get the cockroaches like AgnosticNixie out of power.

[-] 0 points by TIOUAISE (2526) 11 years ago

"Screw the poor, sick, widowed, homeless and orphans this Christmas season..."

Spoken like a true TROLL!!!

Just like "DoNotLoot", "GaiaGirl", "Metoo", "MattLHolck", "Tednugent", "OccupyEverything", "brianobx", "Hilscher", "HilscherBanned", "blkflg", "gr57", "Badhornet', "Earnit", "thebeach", "Jonas", "Joeschmoe1000" "americanfreedom69", "uslynx81", "therealdeal2011", "1percenter4life", "superspiff", "suwata", "sudoname", "Momcalled", "justfactsallowed", , "AntiCorp", "MikeyD", "MovingTwoChina", and "DukeNukem299", "dukeNukem347", "Moving8China", "MovingToReelection", "Rob", "angelofmercy", "AllThe Way", "CoffeeKick", "hahaha", "MisguidedYouth", , "hillary", "RicoSuave", "Uriah" , "RichardGates", "The1Capitalist","brianingrandy", "weeicemon", "MisguidedYouth2", "ArrestAllCEOS" was outed as a TROLL ages ago...

To understand WHAT MAKES A TROLL TICK - AND have a chuckle while you're at it - go to:


[-] -1 points by Bambi (359) 11 years ago

How DARE they complain about the 1%.If a person can afford an iPad that immediately puts them in the 1%.It means they are LOADED LOL

Just who are they getting their connection from to be online at the park? Do you think they are possibly STEALING wifi from businesses in the area???? SHAME! SHAME!

[-] -1 points by CoffeeKicked (12) 11 years ago

Agreed! OWS is a JOKE!

[-] -1 points by Bambi (359) 11 years ago

Not a chance.............Let them first get rid of their fancy designer clothing, their cell phones, iPads/computers, expensive camping equipment......let them be POOR to know how it feels. Hard to take them seriously when they have what most people don't.

[-] -2 points by smartguy (180) 11 years ago

we need more IPads IMMEDIATELY! Just imagine the chaos if people couldn't check their Facebook..