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Forum Post: Defacing 'Occupy Unmasked' – Andrew Breitbart's Final Opus is a Steaming Pile of Propaganda

Posted 2 years ago on Sept. 8, 2012, 9:29 p.m. EST by Archimedes (6) from Siracusa, Sicily
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Imagine that you're making a documentary about baseball. But instead of filming from the sidelines, reading up on the sport, and interviewing players, you boldly bombard the mound, kick the pitcher in the dick, and record the crowd's reaction. You'd probably end up with a movie about angry baseball fans, and perhaps even be able to pepper it with footage of yourself getting tackled by infielders. What you wouldn't have, though, is a complete portrayal of the game itself, or an accurate depiction of the players.

That's essentially the forced approach taken in Occupy Unmasked, a hysterically loaded new film from posthumous provocateur Andrew Breitbart and his cohorts at Citizens United. Rather than tread lightly to capture subjects in their natural routines, here director Stephen Bannon and producer David Bossie poke the hornet's nest, knowing damn well that they'll get some buzz. It's the filmmaking equivalent to, say, dressing up like a pimp to entrap a social justice agency.


Shot from the perspective of an outside agitator, Occupy Unmasked is for the most part an hour-and-a-half long hit job on community organizers, who are broad-brushed as a gang of “anarchists, socialists, and communists” that began planning Occupy and “the destruction of America” while helping with relief efforts in New Orleans. It's not enough that conservative leaders ignored and then abandoned Hurricane Katrina victims; in Breitbart's world, the bleeding hearts who volunteered just did so in order to plot an uprising years later.

It gets better. According to this account, people only occupied Wall Street because organizers promised a Radiohead show. Then there's the impossible claim that Occupy is a “dictatorship” that's run by Anonymous – a statement that reveals not just a loose understanding of facts, but of the English language itself. As icing, there's also an unsubstantiated charge that Occupiers planned assassinations in their tents, plus a whole lot of condemnat