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Forum Post: Central Banks/the Fed/Political Bribes

Posted 5 years ago on Dec. 27, 2012, 10:16 a.m. EST by OTP (-203) from Tampa, FL
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""oh shit people woke up, let's bore the shit out of them with crap that's got nothing to do with what their talking about, that should keep them from doing anything." and so you peddle your "fed" crap hoping your buddies on the right can ride this one out."

Fed Crap? This is how hard it to get through to the average person the scope of what is going on. The central banks are so elusive, and the MSM refuses to criticize them. It makes it very hard to get through to the average person unless you can actually sit down with them for a few minutes.

But who has the time for that, right?



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[-] 1 points by VQkag2 (16478) 5 years ago

Maybe this will help you understand the Fed problem. Listen to a progressive Keynsian.


[-] 1 points by ivyquinn (167) 5 years ago

Federal Reserve economics has dismantled our economy. The money they are printing isn't connected to any commodity and can be originated at the loaners request. It's nothing more than a bubble that's about to pop!

However, our society perpetuates this by not putting restrictions on the FED and demanding to elect reserve representatives.

The only true way to fix their out of control printing is to regulate the printing through democracy.

[-] 1 points by Nevada1 (5843) 5 years ago

Good Post

[-] 0 points by OTP (-203) from Tampa, FL 5 years ago

For more information on the latest Fed binge drinking expo, check out:


Its a post dedicated to figuring out what your country could do with the 28 million it should be getting from these bailouts instead of Wall St.

Unless you think its no big deal. Then please go back to DailyKos or CATO and keep up with the partisan dribble.

[-] 0 points by OTP (-203) from Tampa, FL 5 years ago

The amount of money the Fed has given Wall St the last 5 years is enough money to put a solar system on every single household in the country, assuming 118m households and 30k per unit.

[-] 2 points by bensdad (8977) 5 years ago

I am NOT approving the fed money going to Wall Street, but is there ANY OTHER legal way they can pump money into the economy?
For example, is it within the law-
could the fed make small business loans at a low rate?
could the fed pay homeowners to pay down their mortgages - say by 20%
could the fed create and finance a federal bank that would directly compete with the big banks?
WITHIN EXISTING LAW - what could the fed do?

[-] 0 points by OTP (-203) from Tampa, FL 5 years ago

Its not getting pumped into the economy, its propping up wallst.

The fed is as limited as Congress allows it to be. Doing what they are doing now should be totally illegal. I mean, buying our own debt doesnt even make sense.

[-] 2 points by bensdad (8977) 5 years ago

so, if the fed is doing what is legal, and you dont like it, get the laws changed so that they can do what the PEOPLE need
If your doctor ref uses to give you a prescription for 1000 oxycontin because it is against the law, dont slam your doctor - get the law changed

[-] 0 points by OTP (-203) from Tampa, FL 5 years ago

I gave it a good effort to shake up the seats of those who write the laws....but the corporatists trampled over us. Very tough stuff.

Some would consider what they are doing illegal...


But as usual, most of it is up to interpretation for a reason.

What the people need is for them to be put on the boat along with the big six and sent off to the bermuda triangle.

[-] -1 points by OTP (-203) from Tampa, FL 5 years ago

When the average person hears that 85billion a month is going to wall st, and doesnt blink an eye, you know the country has gone mad.