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Forum Post: Black Out

Posted 10 years ago on April 5, 2012, 9:06 a.m. EST by Philjer1 (2)
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If Occupy wants back in the news...why don't you think about organizing a national "Blackout" to protest the uncontrolled price of gasoline due to greed and speculation. To have a day where the "people" stand up and say we are fed up with this will make a difference. If 50% of Americans were not to drive just 1 day....we would hit the oil companies and speculators in the pocket...just as they have done to the people...and then the people would be in the drivers seat......and if prices did not come down, hit them in the pocket again....soon the people would be in control. Please take this on and make it a major news item for months while it is organized and publicized. Philjer1@aol.com



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[-] -2 points by Centerrightcountry (16) 10 years ago

Great. You don't like high prices, so you might react by reducing your demand. Wow. It's called the "price signal" and changes in demand behavior aren't a surprise to anyone. You're likely too uninformed to know this, but gas demand has already been falling in response to higher prices, just as the system is supposed to work. Next.