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We are the 99 percent


Please add to your list of demands: There terribly poor performance of our elected officials. The fact Congress cannot get passed their bi-partisan politics is killing the economy and the country. Trillions in debt built up by irresponsible spending and protection of the wealthy 1%. The only way we are going to make the necessary changes to correct the grave ills of this country is to remove all those in Washington. An irresponsible Congress is the root of problems...they have passed regulation that lifts regulations so that these Wall Street crooks can take our wealth. The American dream has been ruined by these so called "representatives." They represent their party not their constituents. This is the root of the problem and I ask that you make this a forefront issue....if so, you would add about 89% of the people (recent survey says 89% of Americans are upset with the do nothing Congress we have that would rather battle ideals and the opposing party rather than dow hat is needed. Congress is the root of the problem

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