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August 26th Day of Action – Women’s Equality Day

Posted 9 years ago on Aug. 23, 2012, 7:52 p.m. EST by OccupyWallSt
Tags: rnc, feminism, dnc, nyc

Call to Action via Women Organized to Resist and Defend. Occupiers across the country are organizing in solidarity; we encourage everyone who can to attend! In NYC, we will gather at 47th St & 6th Ave at 1pm.

On Women’s Equality Day, August 26 – on the eve of the Republican National Convention in Tampa, Florida, which will be immediately followed by the Democratic National Convention - women and their allies will take to the streets of Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York City, Chicago and other cities across the country in defense of women's rights.

August 26th - Women’s Equality Day - commemorates the 1920 passage of the 19th amendment, giving women the right to vote. Winning the right to vote was an important victory, but the struggle for full equality continues. Celebrate Women’s Equality Day by taking to the streets and demanding full equality now. Honor the women who fought for the rights we’ve won and continue the struggle for full equality.

Many women voted for President Obama believing he would stand up for women’s rights. But he has compromised with the anti-choice forces on many occasions. When Republicans opposed a 2009 provision for family planning, he dropped it. In 2011, the White House took the unprecedented step of overruling the FDA in order to keep Plan B out of the reach of women under 18. While President Obama is not a right-wing pro-lifer, we cannot count on him or any politician to defend our rights. In fact, in order to reach a budget compromise with Republican Speaker of the House John Boehner in July 2011, President Obama said, "I'll give you abortion in D.C." Meaning, low-income women in the District of Columbia would be prevented from receiving Medicaid assistance offered by the D.C. government for abortion procedures.

Women’s reproductive rights continue to be slashed at the state level. Legal restrictions on abortions tripled from 2010 to 2011. 92 new abortion restrictions were enacted in 2011. In 2011, there were 114 reported violent attacks against abortion providers. Clinics that provide vital services for millions of working-class women are under siege. More than 55 percent of reproductive age women now live in states that are “hostile” to abortion rights. (Guttenmacher Institute)

So while they’re convening and concocting new ways to attack our rights and our lives, let’s come together in the streets to stand up and fight back!

There will be mass demonstrations in Los Angeles, San Francisco and other cities around the country. We will mobilize thousands in the streets to show the world that there is a new women’s movement rising and we will not go back.

We believe that access to reproductive choice – the basic right of women to control our own bodies – is a fundamental right and must be defended. We believe in equality. We support working women. We are tired of the right wing trying to turn back the clock and take our hard-won rights away. All people who support equality and choice should organize with us and help these actions grow.

If you can’t make it to protest in Tampa and Charlotte, join or organize a protest in your community. There is a long, proud tradition of women in the United States mobilizing and fighting to win equality and respect. Let’s continue this legacy this summer!



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[-] 3 points by VQkag2 (16478) 9 years ago

Who supports womens rights? If you do, come march to show the right wing we are not confused about rape.!

[-] 3 points by OccNoVi (415) 9 years ago

Here's a reasonable contribution:

-- http://farm9.staticflickr.com/8427/7850193690_5821ccfd07_b.jpg

Indeed, life begins at conception. But Judaism and Christianity are different from Buddhism and most of Hinduism. Judaism and Christianity have always believed that the soul comes to the body with the first breath.

Meanwhile, 30,000 women are impregnated in the U.S. annually from rapes. Those woman-people have souls and personal rights, more than the unborn children. This poster hits that nail on the head.

[-] 2 points by JohnWa (513) 9 years ago

In some areas Hindu people count age starting 1 year before birth. So when a child is born they are 1.

[-] 1 points by 99nproud (2697) 7 years ago

Sexist, Misogynist even in Congress!


(This forum missed Womens equality day this year so this belated effort to give womens concerns some respect & 'airtime')

[-] 2 points by frogmanofborneo (602) from New York, NY 9 years ago

Every cell in our bodies contain or are animated by "life". They contain human genetic material and under the right conditions could be developed into a human being. Every one of the millions of sperm that is released in a male ejaculation is "alive." They say that most conceptions are still born at such an early stage they are not even noticed. There are no funerals, no prayers, nothing. So the question to me isn't when "life" begins as the sperm and the ovum are alive to begin with - it's when do you have a human being?

[-] 2 points by JohnWa (513) 9 years ago

The interpretation of that answer will vary for as many people who want to make an answer.

Do you need and answer at all. The human population is already overshot and every child needs to be a welcome child.

There is enough suffering with the Banksters and criminal corrupt politicians skimming out the wealth and resources for living just to line their own nests,

Unite together on forming a better form of democracy


[-] 1 points by frogmanofborneo (602) from New York, NY 9 years ago

I believe that abortion and contraception should be the area of concern of the woman involved and no priest or judge or senator need get into it.

[-] 1 points by JohnWa (513) 9 years ago


But also you can't rule out that it is a partnership matter as well. While making it a black and white issue simplifies it for some, I don't see it is a simple matter for many reasons.

The maturity and support systems around the pregnancy can have a significant bearing on the position of the mother and child. This is not a political issue but a humane and health one.

Religion tends to be black and white, judgmental and illogical on issues such as health. Narrow interpretation of morals is also a barrier to a wider appreciation of human potential to support a better society.

Equality for the sexes is a basic foundation for humanity but often hijacked for single issue arguments.

The politics of society including a sharing of opportunity, a bottom line for supporting the needy and including them in all processes, access to liberal education at all levels as a fundamental building block for society: all regardless of wealth, race, political views or social position.

Food, housing, health and work opportunity are all basic provisions of society ie state.

Wealth gatherers have a responsibility to the rest of society they have gathered the wealth from and need to be held to that firmly or be stripped of the ability to gather from the rest.

Religion has muddied the political water. Equality is not a single issue matter.

We should press for the important issues and not be divided from them.

There are many countries that have done that far better than the USA.

We have let the bankers strip out the democratic system, control the legal system. sell off the health system to robber investors, take over the minds of the nation with controlled media, and leave a growing number to rot in poverty and loss of hope.

The problem is not a single issue one and we must not be divided.

Traditional politics is not likely allow replacement of the toxic system that has evolved.

There is not even a leader in sight to take us out of this mess and that may be important in forming a new consensus. A leader is too easily targetted, so leadership in consensus has to be strong and unwavering against the Banksters and Wall St puppets in Congress.

Lets not get stuck on one issue albeit an imortant one.

[-] 1 points by frogmanofborneo (602) from New York, NY 9 years ago

"Lets not get stuck on one issue albeit an imortant one.' I.E. "SHUT UP" ?

[-] 1 points by JohnWa (513) 9 years ago

There is no need to shut up and all important issues are usually linked.

I do think it is important to build some thinking solidarity and not let differences divide that solidarity.

It is also easy to have a movement hijacked by a small group of ideas with the main thrust is weakened. Expression of ideas and sharing debate is an important tool of change.

[-] 1 points by OccNoVi (415) 9 years ago

To be technical about it, the cells in your body are overwhelmingly not human. This "silent majority" are single celled organisms that ply their trades mindlessly.


-- 4. There are more bacterial cells in the body than human cells. Scientists have estimated that about 95% of all the cells in the body are bacteria. The vast majority of these microbes can be found within the digestive tract.

That's a head count comparison. These bacteria are prokaryotes, the primitive cells that lack a true nucleus. They are also tiny.

Human cells are generally much larger. But on a head count basis, we are outnumbered and outfarted.

[-] 2 points by frogmanofborneo (602) from New York, NY 9 years ago

Yeah I know that we each of us are virtual "animal farms" even with species unique and found in or on no one else. But the cells that comprise ourselves have the genetic material to become human beings.

[-] 2 points by riethc (1149) 9 years ago

Abortion is pretty much a necessary evil in the case of impregnation by rape. It is doubly cruel for both the mother and the unborn to have to live with such violence being the means of the child's existence.

[-] 2 points by frogmanofborneo (602) from New York, NY 9 years ago

See how the fascists are pulling things to the right and to the middle of the twentieth century? Abortion because a woman wants one has been the norm for decades now. They have shifted the entire focus of discourse to whether or not abortion should be allowed in case of rape or incest. Abortion is legal! They want to roll that back. And I remember because i am old when condoms were not available in pharmacies and in Connecticut all birth control was illegal, rx or not. That's where these fascists are taking us if we don't stop them and the way to stop them at this point is to beat them at the election.

[-] 2 points by DKAtoday (33802) from Coon Rapids, MN 9 years ago

You may like this - it was on UPWORTHY:

Now For Sale: Daughters, $10,000 Each (If They're Pretty)

[-] 1 points by 99nproud (2697) 7 years ago

Retire pols who oppose equal pay for women.


(The forum missed Womens equality day so I'm makin up for our oversight)

[-] 2 points by OccNoVi (415) 9 years ago

The 1950s hurricane that hit Bradenton Beach took off the north end of that sand bar, a.k.a. "island."

If the eye of this one comes through Tampa, you want to be inland at least as far as Orlando. Cars are going to take a lot of damage any closer to the west coast.

That will be accomplished best by those who leave a couple days early. Motels get full-up at least two days ahead, but the Disney World hotels and the time-share operations should have many cancellations when a hurricane drives through.

[-] 1 points by sebonner (2) 9 years ago

To be honest, I feel that the women's rights movement has been hijacked by the abortion issue and there is dishonest, emotionally charged branding on both sides of the fence. We have wrestled for years over what is essentially an issue of morality, one where neither side is ever going to convince the other that they are right, and meanwhile so many other issues that CAN be corrected under women's rights have been left to decay. One example? Even today, in 2012, equal pay legislation is still shot down and recieves no coverage. Girls are STILL treated as 'fragile' creatures in schools in this country where there are dimorphic classes ('home ec' vs. 'shop') -- I remember in high school (2001-2005) that I was told I wasn't allowed to take shop because I'm more liable to cut off my hand than a boy, despite my knowledge of carpentry. (Because, we all know boys are ever so cautious with giant blades.) It was a requirement for me to take home economics and I was "strongly encouraged" to take child care and family planning. As someone who wants to be a tech professional, I am confronted on a daily basis of how men still view women as intellectual inferiors. Legislation still makes it difficult to convince rape victims to come forward or for battered women to get the treatment they need.

And yet, here we are. The feminazis (I know, everyone is going to throw tomatos at me for using that word) have taken what was first a movement for EQUALITY and have turned it into a movement about "me, me, me, me." Oftentimes the same women I see shouting the loudest and using words like, "anti-choice" (the well-chosen sarcastic slander for 'pro-life') or "women" to describe 'female children' (funny, we choose whatever word we want if it suits us) are the same ones who want to ensure men pay more than their total incomes in child support well beyond the coming of age of the child.

I had a whole argument on why some of these pro-abortion pushes are profoundly short-sighted, but I'd end up writing a novel in one post. Suffice to say, nobody will ever win on the abortion debate. NO ONE.

Now can we please stop equating all of women's rights with this one, singular, painfully morality-based issue that is, by the year, becoming more and more about the extremes of its topic?

[-] 1 points by BklynBombshell (1) 9 years ago

Has anyone ever taken into account if the child inside a woman even wants to be born? I was kidnapped, drugged and gang raped for 3 days. I got pregnant from that nightmare. I also had an abortion. It’s bad enough that I live in a society that blames me for getting raped at 19. Now I live in a society where what happened to me is no longer rape.

[-] 1 points by Clancy (42) 9 years ago

About Abortion, if a pregnant women is killed then both her and her child are considered victims, so that baby is considered a living person but pro choice people say that life does not begin at conception. So if you want to change abortion laws then you have to change that law to. Right wingers are not the only people who don't want abortion either. I know many left wingers who are pro choice. So don't be so nieve to say the right wingers are the ultimate evil to woman.

[-] 2 points by VQkag2 (16478) 9 years ago

Support women Come to the protest

[-] 1 points by riethc (1149) 9 years ago

It does make you wonder about who's rights are more important, those of pregnant women or those of the unborn.

[-] 0 points by sandysterling (10) 9 years ago

Religions have always pushed women's rights to the side. Usually, men have more rights, then the unborn, and then the women.

[-] 1 points by riethc (1149) 9 years ago

Usually, misandrist arguments are employed to detract from the actual issue at hand.

[-] 0 points by VQkag2 (16478) 9 years ago

No. I think it's fair to say the right wacko christian fundementalcases are one of American women's greatest threats. Sorry. Good attempt at defense of the knuckledraggers. There is no defense.

[-] 1 points by Clancy (42) 9 years ago

No there is a defense. You saying wacko Christian fundementalcases is just insulting.

[-] 2 points by VQkag2 (16478) 9 years ago

It was meant as an insult. Very good you get a prize.

I'm ok with insulting the people who are going after womens rights, LGBT rights, minorities, Science, and especially when they stoop so low as to misuse religion for such nefarious ends.

knuckledrag much?

[-] 1 points by sebonner (2) 9 years ago

Actually, Clancy had a point that many pro-choicers delightfully ignore until it impacts their lives. With ALL choices in the legal theatre, there are repurcussions. There is a difference between fighting outright stupidity like saying that women have magic faerie powers to prevent pregnancy in the event of rape, and then there is taking all the hatred involved in this movement and ignoring the facts to reach chosen ends.

It is a FACT that with the categorization of all unborn people being no greater than inanimate objects (and in fact, the same people who often rally for abortion rights rally for animal rights, and we have a curiosity today that a dog has more rights than a fetus, THIS coming from a die-hard animal-lover) that there are going to be painful side effects elsewhere. Among those are crimes against pregnant women and INTENTIONAL crimes against unborn children who -are- wanted. For example -- a man runs a redlight and accidentally rams a car with a pregnant woman in it, resulting in the death of her eagerly anticipated unborn child. What's he get? Probably a temporary license yank. Nevermind the number of men (or even other women) out there that intentionally beat or poison women with the precise intent of causing a miscarriage or fetal death.

These things MUST be considered going forward. But nay, we're too busy whipping up emotions about "my body, my rules" and how men, even in a committed relationship with you, are just all pigs, and currying favor with other pro-choicers to support obscene practices like late-term and partial birth abortions. (And if you're going to cry SCIENCE!, do explain how the brain of a fetus differs from that of the brain of a 'baby' of the same age?)

[-] 2 points by VQkag2 (16478) 9 years ago

I support a womens right to choose. Certainly until the quickening. Abortion has always occured in this country. People who pretend they care about the "unborn life" are not considering the women. They are ignoring the fact the if they get they're way and women are forced to carry a rapists child they will always be connected to that rapist.

Who decides for our women, not the church right.? That's just wacko bronze age fairy tales. Not the state right? They are too often like Akin, repubs driven by wacko bronze age fairy tales.

This is obviously a religious right issue. If a women wants an abortion they are mature enough to decide with their Dr. We don't allow some abortions. Let's just live with that.

And let's simply use the guideline: if the church is pushing something let's be wary!!

"imagine no religion" JL

[-] 0 points by immortality72 (3) 9 years ago

why is it that abortion activists ignore scientific progress so much? What about in the case of rape or incest, you take the morning after pill the next day or two, or the RU 486 within the first 6 weeks? Then you wouldn't have to have an abortion. Right?

Sounds a lot smarter to me, but I'm sure many would disagree. They would argue it's much better to wait until the baby is fully formed before aborting it.

The left in this country will never allow it, because you can't perform an amniocentesis until much later, in order to find out if a child has down syndrome.

Leftist want the choice to kill unborn mentally abnormal children.

Such kind hearts.

[-] 0 points by occupiersnboycottelection (0) 9 years ago

http://boycotttheelection.wordpress.com http://boycotttheelection.wordpress.com/2012/08/26/boycott-the-election-to-save-the-earth/

RENOUNCE BOTH CONVENTIONS BOYCOTT THE "ELECTION" TO SAVE THE EARTH August 26, 2012 Posted On Women's Equality Day By and For Occupiers (Progressive, Independents and Everyone)

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Or Do You Boycott the 2012 Pseudoelection, and Participate in Non-Violent REvolution/Overdue Constitutional Convention to Save Democracy and Your Immanently Endangered Planet Earth:


Eleven Reasons Why to Boycott (and On Women's Equality (every)Day(s!), especially read Number 4) Eleven Ways to Boycott
(And Renounce the “Conventions”) Find Out Why Women and Men Occupiers, Progressives and Independents are Boycotting the "Election"



[-] 0 points by immortality72 (3) 9 years ago

It's funny how the left consistantly speaks of civil rights, but insists it was the government who "granted" them lovingly. Ignore history at your own peril. "religious wacko" such as churches, pastors, and religious civic organizations arewho was the REAL driving force behind:

  1. The Revolutionary War- see the Black Robe Brigade, a group of politicallly active ministers that wrote and gave many speeches that encited the revolution and the rights we FOUGHT for, no were given

  2. Slavery- it was "religious wacko" that were the most aggressive abolitionists on the ideology that all humans were given their rights by GOD, realized by a government by consent, and enforced by the people, even by force if necessary. Republican politicians were threated to never talk about this "untoucheable" institution. The argument came down to whether or not blacks were entitled to rights as humans. Abortion is the new slavery argument- leftists ignore the human rights of the unborn in order to see them as property.

  3. The Civil Rights Movement- Churches and pastors led the marches that resulted in forcing the issue of civil rights into the public discussion, and ultimately into a series of laws. It was not the government who just became suddenly enlightened to the idea that all freedoms should be enjoyed equally by all. It was "religious wackos" that made them confront the reality. Those marches began in church parking lots.

Before you conplain about religion, see the good that it has brought to you personally, even if you are an atheist. If you can't admit the truth of that, you might be so deeply wrapped up in the world view you espuse to that you choose to ignore the truth that is staring you in the face so you can feel rightious.

Life is chaos. There is simply too much going on the world to explain it all with a straight forward ideology. ideologies that center around one root cause for all of your problems is narrow and close minded. People with simple intillects constantly attempt to see the world through a narrow view because the world is too complicated for them and they need a way to make sense. The brightest minds in the world thrive in chaos and do not attempt to simplify it by coloring all they see as a battle between sexes, races, religions, classes, etc.

[-] 2 points by shoozTroll (17632) 9 years ago

It's not like that anymore.

That's not what they are doing now.


[-] -1 points by funkytown (-374) 9 years ago

You know, this really isn't a Pro Life or Pro Choice debate; it's not even a moral debate - most women readily acknowledge that the violent dissection of the late trimester unborn "child" is an act repugnant... it's a question of how much repugnance we are to deem tolerable.

Roe versus Wade addresses this questions in the most apropos philosophical and scientific manner available, but it does not address governmental finance of that moral right as newly defined.

There is no reason the tax payer should fund another's irresponsible "choice"; nor is there any reason the tax payer should support an irresponsible choice of a voluntary yet financially incapable motherhood.

Freely provided governmental care has thus deemed this a multifaceted question that invites class warfare.

Which lands us squarely on the door step of the upcoming election.

There is the issue of state rights, which I support... of regional autonomy, which I support... of religious freedom, which I support... of male/ female equality, which I support inclusive of parental right which grants fatherhood an equal consideration.

I guess in general what I am trying to say is that I cannot support an "equal rights" that is not equal, as our divorce courts repeatedly affirm.

And so i think, by virtue of majority consensus the issue is hereby decided.

The answer is: NO!