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Forum Post: Another Republican terrorist attack last night.

Posted 1 week ago on Nov. 8, 2018, 5:58 a.m. EST by factsrfun (8329) from Phoenix, AZ
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[-] 1 points by elf3 (4086) 1 week ago

Trauma symptoms mimic ADD. Often it is the first diagnosis made when symptoms of childhood trauma or ptsd begin to surface. Unfortunately because before they can begin to get calm or get their heads sorted they are given highly addictive amphetamines. Ptsd is full on fight or flight. So obviously Aderall is not going to be good. Especially when withdrawal is known to cause psychotic episodes. Doctors are shelling it out like candy. This is not some organized terror situation. These are people in split states or psychotic withdrawal going into fight mode reliving severe trauma. Men from war torn countries like one of the worst traumas to children- Somalia! with child soldiers, slaughtered family members and villages, ingrained lessons about "enemies" stabbing people. Soldiers suddenly charging into public places firing at crowds. There have been 307 of these this year alone. There has always been trauma. So what has changed? What specifically is causing this severe "snapped fugue states" and very public violence? What's the most readily available drug on market that is now putting us all at risk. The answers are right there...we never ask the right questions. Government is all to eager to label it terror but now they have a conundrum when it is a large number of American soldiers in the mix. Big pharma all to eager to be in bed with dosing up the troops. I would not be surprised if they are giving this to soldiers to stay awake longer and have energy in the field as well. But the drug wasn't studied enough. And here we have the fallout. Aderall Rage plus severe cuts to mental health and insurance coverages coupled with less paid time off from work than ever equals Mass death.

It must be so hard to go to work and shuffle papers, or watch middle managers bullying, or such focus on profits and nonsense with so much horror swirling around in their heads. Children severlely tortured. Memories of having to kill as soldiers. The meaningless and materialism of our modern lives contrasted against what they have experienced and the odd sugary sicky sweet surreal delivery of the morning news. And yet we just expect people to suck it up and get busy turning profits no down time, no time to heal, and for what? A ride on the work treadmill to feed the pockets of the elite. And we can't imagine why all this is happening...because most people are so oblivious. We cant imagine how it's easy to hate that obliviousness and feel such hate towards people. Granted it is all twisted in their heads. But we have to begin to understand all this if we want to fix the problem.

[-] 1 points by elf3 (4086) 1 week ago

Add to that perhaps what else has changed is media coverage of reality, what is happening in the world and the horrors of war, violence, and childhood traumas and abuse, the loss of meaningful employment and the diminishing quality of life. We wake up to this sappy overly bubbly obnoxious talking heads shit. Meaningless banter. A forty minute report on rainy weather with said meteorologist making exagerated pouty face. Then if you watch GMA (just don't) the perkiness puke fest ensues. They aren't reporting on reality anymore. Trump is right we are living in a world of fake news directed by Rich elites who don't really want us to know what is going on and they are all owned by the same few groups as well as beholden to their advertisers. (including Fox and CNN). All they do is bait and distract the public with speculation and hot button issues. Meaningful reporting is dead. Yes it is and to any reporter still standing there holding the last thread of what used to be ...you are an endangered species. Replaced with a schmaltzy communications major dressed in a skin tight party dress with breasts on promenade. Always touting the troops but never actually reporting on the circumstances they experience. Just fueling their feelings of isolation and surrealness of this fake Truman Show reality. Yes I think this is also part of the problem.

But to anyonee feeling this way: theanswer is always empathy. Not the forced it could be worsestuff on the news but in your own day to day existence. Finding empathy for your inner child. Finding empathy in those immediately around you trying to see everyone else's inner child. That we are all confused. We are all just trying to make our way through this screwed up world the best we can. Shut off the news. Try one small act of kindness each day. Helping an elderly person. Give money to someone homeless. Give someone a small but meaningful gift. It will begin to shift things out of living inside of the darkness...to knowing that it is there but choosing to live anyway and taking a new road. You can't change the world. But you can find your way in it.

[-] 1 points by elf3 (4086) 1 week ago

To the men out there experiencing intrusive thoughts. Extreme panic. Strange body pains. Feelings of rage and crying for no reason. Always feeling something isnt quite right. Please research dissociative disorders and flashbacks. Derealization. Repressed memories. There is no shame in childhood trauma. There is no shame in treatment. Don't try to do it alone. Realize you are not alone. You can get through this. Don't make your shame real. You aren't crazy and there is hope. No need to hurt anyone else. There is help. Before you do something wrong now...you didn't do anything wrong. It isn't your fault. Find a therapist who specializes in trauma and dissociation. Unless they do they are generally clueless.

Childhood trauma usually comes back in midlife. Our brains have amazing capabilities. The onset of these symptoms is overwheming and confusing...but it indicates you are strong and ready to deal with it. You can but you can't do it alone. Tell your spouse or a trusted friend and find a therapist asap. Not only do you deserve healing it is the responsible thing to do.

[-] 1 points by elf3 (4086) 1 week ago

How is your comment helpful? Was he taking Aderall? Aderall CAUSES psychosis. As well as many of the drugs for ptsd have psychotic effects. Many vets are being prescribed Aderall for ptsd and not being treated nor are they being asked about possible childhood trauma which war may have retriggered. The lack of mental health TREATMENT...EMDR which is over 90 percent effective...astonishing. And here we have the results...more innocent people dead. We need to end stigma and discrimination and make treatment readily available and actually workable into maintaining one's life and functioning.

[-] 0 points by factsrfun (8329) from Phoenix, AZ 1 week ago

"How is your comment helpful"? You ask. I see you, like the GOP, are quick to examine mental health when Republicans kill. May I ask have you heard of the golden rule? The GOP are quick to identify any misdead done by an immigrant or muslin as the person being part of that group. I believe we should do the same for the GOP in the sprite of the golden rule and to allow people to examine the problem of Americans being killed by Republicans.

[-] 1 points by elf3 (4086) 1 week ago

Well I think it applies to anyone who kills. That eye for an eye kind of thinking is really dangerous black/ white thinking, with me/ against me Absolutism. And it doesn't solve problems. Rise above.

[-] 1 points by grapes (5212) 1 week ago

Yeah, but it does look like yet another case of mass shooting by a non- or unmarried white male. We truly live in the image of "the Free City of Braavos" with its House of Black and White, of the Game of Thrones HBO series. No one gets out of life alive but legacy endures. I was living in the jet age so I got to New York on a fully packed Boeing 707 jet aircraft (the nearly empty Boeing 747 Jumbo jet in which the three of us, the only passengers onboard, had started out with, might not have been economically justifiable or runway-supported for the intercontinental near-arctic route requiring refueling; yeah, the Pacific Ocean is a huge challenge for aircraft range so it was safer to stay close by to land by crossing the Bering Strait as the first American settlers did by crossing the Bering land bridge during the last ice age,) not by sailing on a ship as Arya did.

It's a waste of precious resource to send so many military personnel who have been trained to kill to handle a fundamentally law enforcement issue with the caravan of asylum seekers coming to our border. Policing is a very different specialty from soldiering. My Dad used to say that the Bobbies (who radiate aura from their headwear with the Crown on it, I suspect!) could handle things better without guns than the U.S. police with guns in tote could. Although we may be bursting with different things (Dad's no Muslim, and I, with orange juice, Coca-Cola, and sunshine,) it's still better to be found by a Bobbie than a U.S. policeman when worshiping our different gods or goddesses. Inching more and more into a steel-and-stone urban-jungle-drainage ditch, still pre-Amazonian swamp despite the cast-off dead snake-god having floated back to the shore where its home was, "I have the need.. need for speed" to "catch that crayfish!" Kerplunk! A more perfect Achilles crawls back up the riverbank where people wash their clothes, tampons, and baby diapers, and emerges chosen as "God's triumph over the snakes."

Give a kid a hammer and bang, bang! Sit a kid next to Mom chanting a sutra and we hear it in the kid's voice! As a kid, I chanted a part of the Lotus Sutra by heart because I heard it so many times that it had probably overflowed from my ears to my mouth. We neighborhood children sometimes played on the graves, ate the guavas from a nearby tree, and sucked the nectar from some flower-buds. The guavas were lovely and the nectar was heavenly. It's not macabre if one didn't know what graves were. Playing, eating, and drinking seemed to be quite pleasant. I also had no problem with the monastery's wall decorations full of swastikas. No one seemed to be bothered. I actually liked the calm and spiritual atmosphere there with people meditating or chanting so the stupid and criminal Hitler usurped and corrupted the symbol of the swastika with his misdeeds.

Did our Christmas songs really disappear? Of course not, even if they couldn't be played without the proper equipment. The particles from those buried dead people in the graves probably went into us the neighborhood children through the guavas and the nectar. The "fields" of our ancestors still exist within and all around us but we may become ancestors, too. Why did Arya get the iron coin? Why did the King of England sign the Magna Carta? If his head were cut off, there would have been more wars over succession (contrast what happened to Iraq and Libya after the strongmen had been deposed with what happened to post-WWII Japan) and we wouldn't have heard of the Magna Carta or the idea of human rights.

I can see soldiers backing up the police being in trouble but using soldiers without police training to enforce the law is just begging for trouble. At the Kent State Massacre, soldiers with guns were sent there. Well, so people were shot up and killed, unsurprisingly! Whites disproportionately committed more mass shootings than others. Why? Whites have far more guns than others because our law enforcement observes the White privilege to carry firearms without shooting in panic at the Whites brandishing the guns. Imagine a Black brandishing a gun or even an unarmed one in a racially "mismatched" neighborhood or apartment: Bang! Bang! Dead. Evolution means few Blacks open-carry in civilian settings by "Natural Selection."

Decades ago, Braavos had a sanctuary for Arya @4:56 under the aegis of an Honored Man who was a DEFENDER of HUMAN RIGHTS @11:24 in the House of Black and White with Whites living on the Academic Acropolis above and the Blacks below. Yeah, but now THE petty/petticoat LOSER must have come by! That's how we lost our ability to play our recorded Christmas songs sung by us. After the burglar of our (Manhattan) home had stolen our magnetic audiotape recorder and player, did the music die?

Bye-bye, miss American pie! @6:46 "But she just smiled and turned away." JFK International Airport hasn't been improved much since several decades ago. I still wonder whether the FAA has succeeded in modernizing JFK's air-traffic-control system so that flights don't need to be tracked on computer keypunch cards with pencils when an ANCIENT (many decades old) air-traffic-control computer acts up with its senility and dementia. Radiation-hardness against EMP is desirable for the upgrade(s) because we don't want confusions in our airspace in the case of a nuclear war. Airforce One can hide better if there are still many aircraft in the air. On 9/11/2001, anyone could identify which aircraft is Airforce One ( and possibly shoot it down with air-defense equipment, remember Flight MH17 shot down over eastern Ukraine? also look up the biometric data of Navy pilots for the moment when they feel most vulnerable; is it while they are hugging tight onto a leather-clad "vroom, vroom" motorcycle burning rubber and pulling g's or trying to land their nearly out-of-fuel jet at night onto the heaving and swaying deck of their mother ship praying and hoping to snag one of the arresting cables with a tailhook before either plunging into the ocean or taking off again at full power with an almost empty fuel tank? are they aware or afraid of any nearby Manpacks? probably not near an aircraft-carrier battlegroup maneuvering in a wide open ocean but on land near JFK {TWA Flight 800?} or Mar-a-Lago... there were Unidentified Swimming Objects out there in the Atlantic Ocean along the flight paths ) because the sky was ordered cleared. I do worry more about those computers controlling the automated launching of intercontinental ballistic nuclear missiles, such as those of Russia's. The failure of a single ancient component could end the lives and livelihoods of most of the world's people. People were killed before due to this reluctance of foregoing protection even for a short while despite maintenance having become necessary.

Maybe it wouldn't have happened if the mass shooter were both well-fed AND well-fucked. He probably lacked the social connection.

This mass shooting doesn't quite fit the definition of terrorism because the "message" part of terrorism seems to be lacking. Well, do we count, "being bored is dangerous," as the shooter's "message?" Maybe we did raise recent generations of children to be so externally driven by stimuli that they needed to be "entertained constantly." If they lack the stimuli, they become bored.

When I was growing up decades ago, I hadn't even understood what "being bored" meant because there were interesting things going on all of the time. Even mundane things can actually be very interesting and indeed bizarre if one asks questions and digs deeply enough.

Why can Johnnie-Walker-Black-Label liquor mix with water in all proportions? Why can't sesame oil mix with water in the same way? Why does sesame oil feel oily? Why doesn't water feel oily? Why is water wet? Why is wet soap so slippery? After my archaelogical excavation and ant-empire building in the neighborhood garbage dump, why does soapy water work so well cleaning away my grime? Some of the answers can even enlighten cultural understanding and point to potential solutions to the most dangerous problems in the world such as the conflicts between nuclear-armed neighbors Pakistan/India and DPRK/ROK(nuclear US backed) but the Bering Strait between Russia and the U.S. is nowhere close to being as much a geopolitical hotspot as Kashmir is.

One was man-made but the other one was natural (don't you believe Sarah Palin's saying that she could see Russia from her home! The Bering Strait is a rather tough natural divide for surface people to cross; I did cross it but I flew; the snow-capped Canadian Rockies with a backdrop of blue sky were the most beautiful and impressive sight when I saw them from an airplane in the morning sun) and besides, Russia probably still remembers selling to the U.S. the gigantic but at the time derided as the U.S. Secretary of State William "Seward's Folly" or "refrigerator."

Russia owns the humongous Siberia so the gigantic Alaska wouldn't be missed much because although as big as it is, Alaska is still puny in comparison to Siberia which boasts of setting the coldest temperature record in the northern hemisphere.

[-] 1 points by elf3 (4086) 1 week ago

Can we separate the act from the illness or the illness from the person? Unfortunately trauma interrupts awareness. Mentally ill person is unaware they are unaware. You're pointing to boredom stimuli etc: someone with an injured sense of awareness can't feel. That is what trauma and child abuse do: rob awareness. It is work to get it back. But first they need to know they are missing it. But that means reliving what they worked so hard to forget= Conundrum. Snap. Their psyche implodes. We raised generations of children who were terribly violated. (Often by family and friends or someone the parents know/ sometimes by a total stranger, and often older boys or teenagers). Things that seem hard to understand can be very easy to understand if you look at it with awareness: One in six. I don't think it is just a white problem. Children are abused in all socioeconomic classes. It (mass shootings) seems to be happening when someone with untreated ptsd and most likely been taking aderall has lost touch with reality and has access to guns. It goes without saying anyone suffering from suicidal ideation should not have guns around. There should be a mechanism for a therapist or family to collect them in protected storage. As well as terribly aware people with good self preservation aren't really running to join up. War could definitely serve to retrigger childhood stuff. Childhood trauma is worse and far more damaging and difficult to treat than trauma experienced as an adult. But when you have both going on ...yikes. Stigmatizing, ignoring, and failing to educate our public about symptoms, as well as failing to treat and care about this problem as well as better protect children ...is part of the problem. We don't like to talk about sexual abuse. We don't like to believe it is happening to a child in our town. Some would rather not see it is maybe their own child exhibiting the symptoms and shut off their own awareness. Or possibly their awareness was injured when they were young too.

[-] 0 points by factsrfun (8329) from Phoenix, AZ 4 days ago

I didn't say "eye for an eye" that's coming from you, I said "examine".

[-] 1 points by grapes (5212) 3 days ago

Even next to the sewerage drainage river, Mercy can still make DUMBO fly. Arya got the iron coin. An-eye-for-an-eye makes the whole world go blind (¿Ghandi?) It's not Mercy.

All particles are point particles. Their interactions with the Higgs field create their different masses. The atoms from those buried dead people in the graves close to the monastery (with the day-after-day out-of-the-mud-grows-the-beauty chanting) which we the neighborhood children ate as guavas and drank as flower nectar are NO DIFFERENT from the same kinds of atoms from ANYWHERE else. There is NOTHING MACABRE about these atoms except in our minds through their associations with each other and their conglomerations. As the video attests, the atoms are just conglomerations of up-quarks, down-quarks, and electrons. Their different configurations give rise to different atoms. This is why the configuration sum, 》die Zustandsumme,《 plays such an important central role (from which macroscopic properties of matter can be COMPUTED) in equilibrium Chemistry and why the two different statistics (Bose-Einstein statistics for bosons and Fermi-Dirac statistics for fermions) obeyed by identical particles entered into the form of the configuration sum. Once the distinctions between conglomerations of particles can be made, a different statistics takes over from either one - the Maxwell-Boltzmann statistics. A more commonly known name in English for the configuration sum (which is a rather literal translation from the original German) is the partition function.

In essence, our universe is built up from a few dozens of indistinguishable-particle types but our consciousness creates DISTINCTIONS amongst the various conglomerations of them by our ability to measure. Our universe being understood is the story of the emergence of distinctions from indistinctiveness. There are only two ultimate underlying laws of the universe (all others come from the process of emergence of distinctions from indistictiveness.) Everything is quantized (jawohl, es gibt Deutlichkeit!) when measured and information about the distinctions are preserved. Every step we take makes a footprint, visible and/or invisible.

Depending on how we draw the boundaries, we are all eternal AND transient beings. Where is your meniscus? Beyond the critical point of temperature and pressure, it doesn't exist for a bulk material such as liquid water and water vapor, nor is it meaningful at all. There is only fluid configuration water, BOTH liquid AND vapor but beyond. The force "field" is all pervasive (e.g., Higgs field, electromagnetic field, electroweak field, ..) and has an independent existence separate from its source. Whether a magnetic field comes from a bar magnet or a solenoid coil with a current running through it, the field can look and feel the same way from afar. The source doesn't matter from afar. Our ancestors had died but their legacy persists. Their essence doesn't matter to us descendants anymore but we must still deal with and benefit from their legacy "field" in our own way.

Water doesn't die when it turns into water vapor and forms clouds. Water does die because the liquid form of it is no more in its vapor. As a young child looking up from my station at the neighborhood garbage dump, I wondered if people could walk on those fluffy white clouds in the blue blue sky until one day I did, on a cloud, but not in the sky! While hiking on a mountain range as tall as some clouds, I saw that a stormy rain cloud moved in and enveloped me. It wetted the trail so yeah, I did walk on that cloud when it merged with my hiking trail. I saw the wall of basalt (it's my first time to touch the very dark and homogenously textured rock which was definitely different from the grainy granite with the embedded shiny mica grains which I had seen on some buildings' façades) on the right side flanking my trail being wetted and turned darker. I scurried for cover in the wind and the rain as it got cold but I understood what the clouds were. Some came in as high-floating fogs with wind and rain following. They were water. I couldn't walk on them in the sky but I could when they came for me if I had put myself at the right place and at the right time.

Yeah, I learnt to see into the future by listening to the weather reports and watching the different types of clouds and their velocities and distances. We may lose the view from above the clouds. Here's why the CCP is evil when it shot at and exploded a defunct satellite in space scattering extremely high-speed debris in many directions. This debris may destroy satellites and also endanger all missions into space so we will become partially blinded and possibly killed in the future. CCP pollutes. The world will be better off without this continued pollution. Republican terrorists should go, too.