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Forum Post: Americans, Lazy and Stupid about the despots they elect

Posted 2 years ago on Oct. 16, 2012, 12:02 a.m. EST by matoinyanawacis (157)
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The President needs to explain to the American People that the reason the nation is growing as slowly as it is, is because when he was elected to office, for the first two years he managed to regrow the economy steadily and concurrently get passed a number of bills such as the Lily Leadbetter act, the recovery act stimulus, the auto industry recovery and a number of other beneficial actions for the nations recovery. But then, in 2010, fickle, hot pocket mental patients called Americans, were lied to by the republican party and made to believe that the president was not getting anything done, and stupid and demanding of instant gratification, those Americans were falsely led to believe that if they just put a whole lot of obstructionist tea party extremists into power in the congress, that, Wallah, all the world would be put to right, Bi-partisanship would somehow be reborn, and the United States would become Paradise. “Idiots“.. If you want to fix this economy, and subsequently repair the inequality prevalent in our society, then you have to give the President people who actually truly desire to fix the problem, and right now the only party that has any willingness to do that is the democratic party. There has ONLY been ONE PARTY who has sought to obstruct, disenfranchise, strip rights from and stall any recovery in this nation, and for the sole reason of creating a false impression that it is the Presidents fault that no recovery is occurring so that they can once again seize power and skew our nation further toward even more inequality and benefit’s to the super rich (which by the way is the repugnacan party). The only problem is, is that the ignorant, undereducated and uninformed American Citizenry are accomplices before, during and after the fact. Those Americans who voted IN these ideological zealots, zealots that the American people without a doubt made no attempt to research any truth about, not only caused this sluggish economy, but has also caused the untold suffering of millions of Americans by their unthinking advocacy and election of these ideological fascists into the halls of power in congress. Only the republican party is accepting the support of fascist billionaires who are deliberately threatening their employees to vote the way they want them to or they will lose their job. Last I heard, voter int