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Forum Post: Am I the only one here fighting for worker's rights?

Posted 3 years ago on Jan. 21, 2012, 2:33 p.m. EST by warbles (164)
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People like to act like the struggle for the rights of the american worker ended in the 1950s. Nonsense, there are still oppressive anti-worker laws on the books today, and I am fighting for their repeal.

  1. allow workers to form unions. Did you know it is illegal in the US for workers to form unions? Currently, when a company's labor force becomes unionized, the representing union must come from an outside body. The workers of a company are not allowed to organize on their own terms, they merely have the 'right' to vote yes or no to the terms of some outside corporate 'union' conglomerate.

  2. Eliminate age discrimination in employment law. The days of apprenticeship are over. People have stated that they think students should be paid to go to school, and I agree. In days past, students were able to do vocation internship at places of work with their neighbors to learn trades. That practice should not have died with the times, no one should be forced to work but if a child, with their parent's consent, wants to work for a family friend or neighbor why not let them? It is a violation of their rights to step in, just as it is a violation of a gay person's rights to tell them they can't be with the person they choose.

  3. Give every worker an optional 7% raise by allowing them to not fund the rich people's welfare fund known as FICA. No matter who pays for the poor's health care and retirement, it should NOT come out of the paychecks of hard working Americans. Additionally, allowing them to take the extra 7% their employer has to pay would help them even more during hard economic times.


Shooz has asked me to reword this post and remove the propaganda, which I will gladly do. As follows, here is a rewording/clarification of my post.

  1. I had been told/led to believe that it is illegal for a union to represent the workers of only one company, that unions had to represent the workers of a trade. At any rate, company unions are illegal, and they shouldn't be. Workers should have a choice between joining a company union or a trade union, they shouldn't be forced to join either one or any at all. People have the right to work with no union representation at all if they wish.

  2. Eliminate compulsory education. 19