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Forum Post: All Talk of Obama Being Communist should be Tied to Corporate Welfare

Posted 2 years ago on Oct. 31, 2012, 4:13 p.m. EST by Middleaged (5140)
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US Politics can be defined or characterized by simple messages for the Voter. This should be considered a Fraud and a Crime.

The US Voter is out of touch with most of government policies and processes. And US Politics JUST MAKES US ALL DUMBER.

Maybe OWS Forum members can start a process of Tying Issues together....

A) Talk of Obama Being Communist should be Tied to Corporate Welfare (since socialism and communism are about spending money).

B) Talk of Obama being a Muslim should be Tied to Fascist Policies Like Lobbying that only Benefit the big corporations and the Wealthy (Since being a Muslim separates him from founding of the Country and the majority of votes, but so does Lobbying and doing whatever Banks and Big Money Interest WANT).

C) Talk of Romney and Republicans only being interested in Making Money should be Tied to Educational Discussion about Modern Monetary Theory (MMT) and Economics which would encourage Stimulus Spending on Infrastructure and creating an Environment for Jobs (since Republican think they have the Last word on Business Practices, Democracts should Educate Voters on the Depression and Economics).

Columbia University Lecture Series on Modern Monetary Theory (MMT Economics) features, Stephanie Kelton, Randy Wray, Warren Mosler.


She says she thinks they have won over are have been convincing, Joseph Stiglitz, Martin Wolf, Paul Krugman. I think William K. Black has been in their corner since they seem based out of UMKC.

Peterson Foundation is behind the "Fiscal Cliff" Myth. This is an organizanized Financial Scheme and Propaganda. The talk about Debt and Deficit currently go