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Posted 12 years ago on Oct. 5, 2011, 4:54 p.m. EST by Slave303 (44)
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If you want to be the next tea party, which was originally NOT republican and was a day where protests stretched across the nation and were IGNORED BY THE MEDIA(I was in the Sacramento, CA TEA PARTY PROTEST). The media blackout didn't stop the movement so their next action was to control it. Through fox fair and balanced and ALL the other Mainstream media, they propagandized the movement into a polarizing movement less focused on civil liberties and more as the anti-healthcare, anti-immigration arm of the republican party. Now Occupyeverything is in 14 European Cities and Toronto and in 69 AMERICAN CITIES! Europe and Canada already have Natl Healthcare so this is a moot demand to them. For Americans, 40 out of 50 states will retrench and fall out of the movement if you push natl healthcare. We are working hard in Utah to push the movement here, but it will fail if you allow yourselves to become an arm of the Democrat party. Hit home on the issues that will stop the mass extraction of wealth from America and the world! This could be something big. We can change history and be known for thousands of years for what we've done here today, or we could be a footnote in history erased by the victors/bankers. We are the 99%! We cannot allow 400 people, 400! to control 60% of our wealth, our founding fathers warned us about this!

Regulations created by the federal government are designed to benefit a Fascist environment and favor transnational corporations. Regulation is the power to control and when you CONTROL THE ENTIRE GOD DAMNED ECONOMY, what do you think is going to happen to the people in that economy? Regulation created the Federal Reserve, which is the third time its been put in existence here. Benjamin Franklin said the Central Bank(of England) was the prime cause for revolution. Burr, Thomas Jefferson's vice-President shot the original Central Bank architect (Alexander Hamilton) and killed him in a duel. Andrew Jackson survived an assasination attempt and killed the second Central Bank, on his deathbed his last words were "I killed the Bank!", The Fed Reserve, which is a private corporation that controls our entire money supply was created while congress was on christmas break! Congressman Louis McFadden was killed after 3 assassination attempts because he wanted to try the Fed Reserve Board for treason! 20% of our President's have either been assassinated or almost died because they stood up to the Central Bank money masters. We no longer have free markets, we are Fascist (fascism=corporatism), there is a difference! If you think the solution is more debt then you are the problem. Debt is the power to destroy! In order to restore our country, we need to focus on STATES enacting legislation for themselves and not have a federal entity dictate what everyone should do. Letting 50 states try their own systems will produce more innovation than one far away unresponsive entity, this is proven with our history and the history of the world. WAKE UP! We are in a cycle that's lasted for thousands of years. Decentralization is the key!

I know a lot of people feel deregulation is what's caused what is going on now. I can tell you if our government still represented the people, instead of bailing out fraudulent institutions, it would indict their executives and the corporations would fail because they deserve to fail. Fraud and corruption is everywhere because they know they can get away with things. The SEC and the DoJ are utter failures and have been completely politicized in favor of the bankers. .



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[-] 1 points by Slave303 (44) 12 years ago

REPOST: Hi, I am from Utah and I am posting here because it is very important we don't let the democrats take over Occupy Everything like the Republicans took over the Tea Party. This is a movement that crosses party lines and may be the beginning of a new political party and the grave site of the Republicrats. This movement has spread to dozens of cities now and has even assembled groups in 14 EUROPEAN cities and Toronto. The Central Banks are the ROOT CAUSE of everything going wrong in the countries. We need to abolish the Central Bank, it has been abolished 2 times in this country already and Benjamin Franklin said it was the prime cause of the American Revolution.

Central Banks print money out of thin air and launder it across the globe to other elitists. in 2008-2009 the Fed Reserve printed 16 trillion dollars out of thin air! I live on rice and beans and DON't have a future in this country BECAUSE of inflation from debt driven wars and these artificial bubbles they create. Not a single dollar can come into existence unless it is loaned originally from the Central Bank. IF YOU PAID ALL THE DEBT IN THE USA OFF there wouldn't be enough money in circulation because the original money was made by loan and has to be paid back with interest.

PRESIDENT ANDREW JACKSON, who abolished the second Central Bank said on his deathbed "I killed the bank!" They have tried every trick to confuse us in thinking our problems come from other reasons, but it is THE CENTRAL BANK THAT NEEDS TO DIE! It will come again, may be 50 years, might be 100, but the elitists are like parasites that you WILL NEVER RID OF, WE THE PEOPLE must remain vigilant and assert our rights constantly. We are where we are today because of the failures of past generations. It is now OUR responsibility, our REQUIREMENT to STAND UP AND ABOLISH this abhorition! I promise you, these movies from the following link(s) will help explain what has been going on. I would watch

The American Dream (only 30 minutes, good for even kids!) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tGk5ioEXlIM

[-] 1 points by Slave303 (44) 12 years ago

Remember, LOCAL=easier change of broken systems. LOCAL=happy NYers with their mandated healthcare and Utahns happy that they can have their own system. 15 years down the line, the states that decided on mandated healthcare will show uniqueness in their own systems which will help other states make decisions based on whats failed and what's succeeded. Federal mandates are EXTREMELY DANGEROUS and they violate the US constitution. You cannot make me pay for your wars, your healthcare or social security ponzi schemes. Ive been working for 11 years and havent paid a dime in federal income taxes because USC26 doesn't say I have to and I will not commit murder. You fund this evil entity you fund genocide(The Nato backed Libya NTC is committing genocide against blacks right now, or what about the 2 million Iraqi's? How can anyone say support our troops when they are a tentacle of mass murder? How can anyone sympathize with 4677 killed American soldiers when they have killed more life than which exists in the entire state of Utah in just ONE out of 7 wars we are currently in? Where will this hypocrisy end? When will you stop, understand your entire belief system is flawed and needs to be deeply evaluated? When will you learn that there will ALWAYS be elitists, and it is our JOB to ban them from violating our Constitution? There is nowhere where it says we should have a central bank, there is NO AUTHORITY! Now we have the Patriot Act and I duno, a million other laws that were passed by a congress that didn't even read them?

Fractional Reserve Banking is the most dangerous instrument ever devised. This is NOT NEW! Our founding Fathers knew about this and were very outspoken about it! The only difference now is they are trying to do things in secrecy because the Central Bank failed twice before. THIS IS WHY THEY ARE SO HEAVY HANDED AT THE PROTESTS! This is why this protest is different, it hits home at the heart of banking

[-] 0 points by agnosticnixie (17) from Laval, QC 12 years ago

You mean the first tea party that had Michelle Malkin as a guest speaker? What a fucking joke.

[-] 1 points by Slave303 (44) 12 years ago

Tea Party Money Bomb. 2007 on the anniversary of the original Tea Party Boston. It was for our movement that's currently using Ron Paul, THE LAST TRUE STATESMAN to move ahead with our agenda of taking our country back :)

[-] 0 points by agnosticnixie (17) from Laval, QC 12 years ago

So a movement started for a 35 years republican congressman, who is also a racist gold millionaire, had no ties with the republicans>

Also Paul is no statesman. He's as much of a slimy liar as the rest. Remember when he was for DOMA and DADT? Yeah, you probably don't, as he'd insist he didn't vote for them even with the record there. He was for DADT before he was against it.

[-] 1 points by Slave303 (44) 12 years ago

Funny. Im gay and I am perfectly fine with DADT because I don't want to be drafted, lol. I was pretty pissed when it was repealed. All of those soldiers can suck it, I dont support our troops, they are criminal accessories. DADT had its time and place and now it doesn't. DADT was supposed to protect gays, thats what its original intent was. Ron Paul also feels if California wants gay marriage, they should be able to have it. He believes these are state issues at best. He feels not even the state has the right to dictate this and considers it a persons issue. Marriage licenses were originally distributed by states so they could block whites from marrying blacks by not issuing licenses. Ron Paul is the biggest advocate of gay rights because hes the biggest advocate for everyones rights! Really, if you think DADT is such a big issue while our country is being usurped you are just plain blind. OPEN YOUR EYES TO THE TRUTHS, question your entire belief system so you can see what is right and what is wrong. If you continue to project your public school brainwashed hooey balooey, ill be moving to remote Argentina while you all pay for your idiocy.

[-] 0 points by agnosticnixie (17) from Laval, QC 12 years ago

I honestly have no particular love lost for the professional military's commanders.

Also Ron Paul is fine with states reinstating sodomy laws. The only unconditional rights Paul is fine with are those of straight, white, male christians.

[-] 1 points by Slave303 (44) 12 years ago

How so? I don't understand. I believe the Supreme Court ruled on abolishing those in Texas didn't it? I believe the Supreme Court is resolute, so does Ron Paul. He believes a persons personal home is their personal castle and is big on property rights. Property rights inherently solve a lot of problems, from due process and litigation for environmental problems if say a factory is polluting it is that persons right to get damages for it if it harms their air, water etc, but doesn't believe in oppressive legislation and executive orders that causes companies to be unable to operate and move jobs overseas. We need to get a strong manufacturing base back in the USA and in order to do that we need to open trade with most all countries. It's been decades since we've traded for Cuba. We need to stop defending other Countries, all 135 of them, save us our money. These entangling alliances take away our sovereignty to these elitists who aren't elected and make it impossible for us to correct problems in our society. The missile defense shield for Europe alone is tens of billions of dollars. There is so much money we are spending its ridiculous! Then we start wars to control revolutions like in Libya and soon to be Syria. They have no respect for peace, just control. Ron Paul knows this too and has been explaining things like blowback, how we originally overthrew the government of Iran in 1953 and in 1979 it had a revolution and we've been doing this to countries all over. Mubarak of Egypt was propped up by us and here today I just ready that Saudi Arabia opened live fire on a crowd of protests, I'd like to see how unbiased the US will be.