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Hi, I am from Utah and I am posting here because it is very important we don't let the democrats take over Occupy Everything like the Republicans took over the Tea Party. This is a movement that crosses party lines and may be the beginning of a new political party and the grave site of the Republicrats. This movement has spread to dozens of cities now and has even assembled groups in 14 EUROPEAN cities and Toronto. The Central Banks are the ROOT CAUSE of everything going wrong in the countries. We need to abolish the Central Bank, it has been abolished 2 times in this country already and Benjamin Franklin said it was the prime cause of the American Revolution.

Central Banks print money out of thin air and launder it across the globe to other elitists. in 2008-2009 the Fed Reserve printed 16 trillion dollars out of thin air! I live on rice and beans and DON't have a future in this country BECAUSE of inflation from debt driven wars and these artificial bubbles they create. Not a single dollar can come into existence unless it is loaned originally from the Central Bank. IF YOU PAID ALL THE DEBT IN THE USA OFF there wouldn't be enough money in circulation because the original money was made by loan and has to be paid back with interest.

PRESIDENT ANDREW JACKSON, who abolished the second Central Bank said on his deathbed "I killed the bank!" They have tried every trick to confuse us in thinking our problems come from other reasons, but it is THE CENTRAL BANK THAT NEEDS TO DIE! It will come again, may be 50 years, might be 100, but the elitists are like parasites that you WILL NEVER RID OF, WE THE PEOPLE must remain vigilant and assert our rights constantly. We are where we are today because of the failures of past generations. It is now OUR responsibility, our REQUIREMENT to STAND UP AND ABOLISH this abhorition! I promise you, these movies from the following link(s) will help explain what has been going on. I would watch

The American Dream (only 30 minutes, good for even kids!)

A Quadrilogy of movies that explain the sickness, what to do and how our culture is unsustainable.


Ron Paul(He is America's last legitimate statesman) 2012 RonPaul2012.com

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