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Forum Post: A world without Wall Street

Posted 2 years ago on April 16, 2012, 6:52 p.m. EST by arturo (3169) from Shanghai, Shanghai
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Official Cheminade Statement to French People: 'A World Without the City or Wall Street'

Here is the text of French Presidential candidate Jacques Cheminade's campaign platform, which is being mailed to all French voters.

Two-thirds of Frenchmen find this Presidential campaign dismaying. They are right. In response to the human drama we are living through, the candidates are merely pulling out their calculating machines, repeating slogans and uttering preconceived opinions as if they were playing in a sandbox.

I intervene therefore to attempt to introduce a reality principle, an inspiration and a project. Priority must be given once again to social justice and to labor, but it is impossible to do so in the context of the present financial and monetary system. It must therefore be changed. Peace must be re-established, against the risk of war lurking from the greater Middle East; but it is impossible to do so without great projects for mutual development. These must therefore be launched.

France cannot do those two things on its own, but she can become a catalyst for the success of this experiment. My objective is also to catalyze the engagement of political forces that can lead our country to play this role. This is the adventure of a new Resistance, this time against the world of finance, and of a new Renaissance, this time against a moneyed elite, which is a direct emanation of the financial globalization which degrades human beings.

Therefore, let us pick up the real challenges ahead of us and block out distractions.

  • Stop the Social Devastation -

We will never be able to stop the ongoing social devastation if we accept the obsession of a balanced budget being promised by Mr. [François] Bayrou for 2015, by Mr. [Nicolas] Sarkozy for 2016, by [François] Hollande for 2017.

What that balance masks, is the fact that all [EU] States have agreed to reimburse the illegitimate gambling debts of the large banks by imposing austerity on the people. Under those conditions, the Greek catastrophe will be nothing but the first domino of a generalized economic collapse, in Europe and in the world.

Quite the contrary, the financial bull must be taken by the horns: Illegitimate debt must be eliminated so that priority goes to skilled human labor and to high technologies.

  1. Banks must be cut in two in order to break open the financial lock, just as was done at the Liberation [of France after World War II].

We must dry up the resources of the