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Forum Post: A Long Way to Here from There

Posted 9 months ago on Dec. 23, 2020, 3:52 p.m. EST by agkaiser (2505) from Fredericksburg, TX
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Circa 12,000 years ago settled agricultural communities and cities began to disrupt the lives of nomadic herdsmen and hunter gatherers. Soon priests and kings arose to claim a share of the produce of the people, as they set themselves above us.

2000 years ago most European communities were local and self-sufficient. Everybody worked to make their living. Most worked cooperatively with their neighbors. Most of the grazing and farmland was in the commons, which were the center of an economy manned by essentially equal community members.

Until some asserted ownership of the commons as their private property and began to extract rents and taxes from the others in the community, everyone was more or less equal. When lords began to parasitize the rest, the egalitarian life ceased to exist. We worked for them and they didn't kill or maim us. They also protected their domains from rival gangsters. They said then and say now that they protect us from foreign invasion. We are socialized to know that foreign leaders will always be worse than the devils who abuse us today.

As unemployment grows because leaders can extract income from us with fewer workers, the greedier lords of Wall St remind us that to feed, clothe and shelter excess population encourages working class people to be lazy parasites. In fact, some workers do think they should be able to have a living without work just like businessmen and bankers, who own (or hold the mortgages on) everything. Our leaders distract us by pointing to such wannabe upstarts whenever anyone notices that the elite classes are actually the original parasites. Don't think about the nature of neo-feudal capitalism. Worry instead that your peers may be getting something for nothing, while you have to work for the scraps your employers leave for you.

The Parasite Economy - https://prospect.org/labor/confronting-parasite-economy/

Video link https://youtu.be/tTJwLInbz8M



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[-] 2 points by beautifulworld (23467) 9 months ago

We need to move beyond the ethos of the Protestant Work Ethic, an antiquated way of seeing society that worships work, work, work for the little guy while also worshiping the amassing of wealth for the rentier class, the capitalists, or owners of production.

We should be evolving away from this old fashioned way of thinking. The Industrial Revolution is a thing of the past, becoming more distant every year.

We really no longer need to all work as much as we do. What we need is to be paid better, we need to all own the means of production or at least benefit from the profits.

We need a more equal society and when we have that we can truly evolve. Then, we can all spend time with our children, create art and culture, write poetry and literature, spend time in nature, think deeply and find true meaning in our lives that goes beyond acquiring money and material goods.

We all have the right to lead a fulfilled and meaningful life! Not just the wealthy.

[-] 0 points by grapes (5232) 9 months ago

There are certain feasible sequences to achieving the desired ends. Are our children healthy? My Mom was a vaccination fanatic in a twin-socialist-in-health-matters borrowed place in borrowed time. I was reasonably healthy aside from my early childhood. Do the children have enough quality nourishment? Of the body and of the mind? Have they gained the abilities to self-sustain their nourishment? Have they discovered their paths in life? And the passion to follow their bliss?

Empty talks are useless. Getting all children vaccinated is a good start. Rights are an abstract concept which to become real must be exercised every now and then.

[-] 2 points by ImNotMe (1488) 9 months ago

"When Wall Street Is Your Landlord"! by Alana Semuels:

Note how "With help from the federal government, institutional investors became major players in the rental market. They promised to return the profits to their investors and - convenience to their tenants. Investors are happy. Tenants are not."

radix omnium malorum est cupiditas!

[-] 1 points by beautifulworld (23467) 3 weeks ago

"The Supreme Court Will Allow Evictions To Resume. It Could Affect Millions Of Tenants" so scumbag Wall Street landlords can abuse, exploit, evict and poison America some more!


"It Just Got Easier For Landlords Across the U.S. — Including In Colorado — To Evict Tenants As Many People Are Still Waiting For Pandemic Rental Relief"


Ugh. Really have to wonder what the hell is wrong with this country.

[-] 0 points by grapes (5232) 3 weeks ago

The élites need "macho labor" just like the parasites of Red China needing the same as well as much cannon fodder. They want to avoid the "sapping of productive energy" via LGBTQ so as to maximize fucking products ( so that "the surplus of production" can accrue to the élites enjoying their red Meowist harems ).

Note that the government-coerced one-child policy of Red China gave way to two children allowed but now three or more are encouraged to make up for the "macho labor" lost to previous state-coerced abortions. Red states whether Texass or Red China politicize and harness human reproduction ( i.e. Dicks, Fuckginas, and their fucking products ) to create "macho labor" serfs to serve their respective élite masters smoking Zhongnanhai cigarettes. Jerkiness in regulating human reproduction proved that Red China's CCP is full of jerks because "Jerkiness [in political policies] is reserved for the jerks."

The U.S.S.R. ( now with the Russian Federation being the principal, with a number of other dictatorial regimes in tow ) jerks operated their Gulags. Redfuckgina operates Xinjiang "jobs-development" retraining camps to the record number level of holding millions of Uyghur detainees in internship [ de facto concentration ] camps. The DPRK is a gigantic country-level Gulag.

[-] 1 points by grapes (5232) 9 months ago

The persistent recurrence of "the Tragedy of the Commons" justifies maximal privatization. Anthropogenic Climate Chaos largely came about from dirty, cheap, and abundant coal. There was nearly no cost to pollutant emitters who dump pollution into the global commons. Wasn't it the reason why Red China had been building so many coal-fired power plants in recent years?

Industrialization was using the stored-up solar energy of eons of plant growth so it created much new wealth but this energy came in a highly polluted form. Peoples' attentions and actions focused upon attaining the same new wealth in the same old polluted way. Publicize the pollution and privatize the profits.

We complain of running out of nearly everything good but we keep on ignoring the exponential growth of population. The power élites and their institutions promote the maximal production of workers in order to lower the cost of labor to themselves and get more followers to enslave or exploit. Fuck^n -> females yield babies galore -> males work their asses off -> tons of able-bodied young bodies, to work for the élites to make them even wealthier. Hence, they promote marriages ( to produce new workers, not to bestow fucking pleasure but the body-produced opioids triggered the human pleasure circuit just the same and is equally addictive and enslaving as synthetic opioids,) ban abortion in the name of being "pro-life," and frown upon the "sapping of productive energy" via LGBTQ. These can easily be seen by how much they need "macho labor." In the U.S. for example, which state has the greatest need for "macho labor?" Which state has the highest rate of rape of women? It's true that there are overwhelmingly more men raping women than women raping men, often due to their physical strength and social dominance differences.

An example of social dominance was White slave owners mating with their female slaves. Such matings were so prevalent that the genetic materials revealed that every African American had on the average a racially PURE White grandpa ! In the U.S., we've never had a "Black" President on the gene's level. "Life," "Liberty," and "Property" thus became "Life," "Liberty," and "the Pursuit of Happiness." Mating with an "African" female slave owned as "Property" thus became "the Pursuit of Happiness."

People talk in absolutes and mostly exaggerations such as, "we shall never forget." We do forget because of our limited life spans and lack of time and energy for cultural production and reproduction. The availability of time and energy for such doesn't guarantee any kind of transcendence in the cultural realm. Watch hispanic television shows and you may understand the superficiality of them. There are indeed wealthy Hispanics (after their first-generation's hard-working) but their "all-American" offspring engage in 90210, Indy-500, cannabis sex parties, etc. I would take work, work, work over these at any time. Pretty much by the third generation, most immigrants' offspring are "Americanized" or have become run-of-the-mill people of average abilities and endurance. Realistically speaking, how many "doctors, lawyers, and engineers" will come out of the young people who spend a lot of time watching hispanic television shows with their quick and passionate actions? Of course, most of American commercial television is just so much "wasteland," too, not to single out hispanic television for condemnation.

"American" culture isn't necessarily good for foreign countries but there are certain parts of which that helped this nation a lot. A Quaker, Benjamin Franklin, helped the delegates to the Continental Congress overcome their sectarian differences which still plague most of the very violent Middle East. The U.S. has Muslims of many different kinds, too, but there is a [secular] limit imposed on all who claim to be an American citizen. I seldom ate beef in childhood due to my culture ( which called a roof having a pig under it a family home, as in this pictograph: 家 ) back then ( I didn't expect denizens of the U.S. to eat often various parts of their diesel-fed combine harvesters, either ) and beef, being parts of China's grass-fed "organic bovine combine soil tiller/fertilizer," certainly had a distinctive unfamiliar smell, taste, and texture. Did I eat beef hamburgers and frankfurters in my teenage years when I first arrived in the U.S.? Of course. ( I won't classify the number of hamburgers and frankfurters I have eaten in the past year as a state secret.) That's what many others here ate, too, for school lunches ( chili con carne, sloppy joe, beef frankfurter in a hotdog bread bun garnished with sauerkraut topping, beef hamburger with lettuce and tomato slices on a round bread bun garnished with catsup, etc.) Well, I looked at it on a different level ( Biblical "all meat is grass" and teenage-years' fast-growth "quantity over quality" ) so my mind wasn't troubled. Beef eaters aren't a lower class of people just because they eat a "strange-to-me" meat. There's Biblical support for foods not being polluting but what comes out of the "hearts of men" being possibly terribly polluting.

I prefer people to grasp the purpose of work, work, work. Iranian-religious-zealot-style self flagellation is crucial to improvements so I think that the U.S. can well afford doing that ( like the naked emperor parading while wearing his new, new, new and beautiful, beautiful, beautiful clothes. Fabulous ! Remember that the U.S. is vast as measured on many different levels: the good, the bad, the ugly, the crazy, the industrious, the lazy, the fat, the thin, the rich, the poor, etc. We have them all. I kid you not: I'm safer sleeping in war-zone Afghanistan than in some of our neighborhoods ! It does help a lot to know the local conditions. Is it any wonder that the people here can tolerate an eternal war in Afghanistan and not be bothered much by it at all? No... and it's a kind of good racket, don't you think? Most U.S. politicians have tolerated higher-than-Iraq/-Afghanistan war-zone violence in U.S. "minority"{ a codeword for "non-White," "inferior," "to be ignored as long as their strifes don't spill over much to the majority with many guns and bullets for stopping it" } neighborhoods for at least decades already in my life { East Harlem and South Bronx, though rebuilt more recently, once impressed me greatly in my youth with their dilapidated and destroyed state of burnt-out/boarded-up buildings or their empty hulls, broken-car-window-glass-strewn street gutters, and garbage-and-rat-corpse-studded alleys ! We also heard Friday and Saturday late-night to small-hours gunshot sounds reverberating in neighborhoods } so I can tolerate eternal wars in Iraq and Afghanistan if they prevent the likes of the 9/11/2001 attacks from coming to the U.S. homeland. The War on Terrorism is a global eternal jihad for all countries striving for peace.) The purpose of "work, work, work" is not to have the biggest number measuring wealth while lying in one's deathbed. All wealth belongs to the ones who have the time to enjoy it--the youth ! Is the one who has the number $1,000,000,000 one thousand times better off than the one who has the number $1,000,000 when both lie in their respective deathbeds? Is the latter one one thousand times better off than the one who has the number $1,000?

I gave up trying to secure my children's future [with my own wealth ( but it may well be possible on a societal basis )] quite a while ago. I couldn't control them due to their spending far more time with society's dominant culture. I understand this generational gap well because I was once on the other side when I blurted out to my Mom, "You and Dad are from the feudal age but I am of the rocket age !" It apparently worked ! I overheard her quoting me. Children have their unique things to do and worry about. They often couldn't even begin to explain to us because we had absolutely no background for understanding. The best that we can hope for is that they'll find their own paths as we present them with potential opportunities and our [passé] guidance. For better or for worse, the future belongs to the youth, alone.

Having illiterate parents, one of whom being Mom, who mattered ( since my family lived in a patriarchy largely with the pater absent but mater present ) and revered learning, afforded me time and great literary freedom. Mom seldom bothered me for anything if I was holding a book reading. What's the difference between the Lotus Sutra and Kama Sutra if I was holding it reading? None as far as Mom's concerned: I was just being studious. Chanting it was a whole different matter altogether ! Mom could recognize the [very transcultural] Heart Sutra nearly instantaneously. She held on to the notion that she could calm my "monkeying" by her ability to chant it. I could chant much of it in her dialect by heart without any understanding ( as I was pre-literate then.) Two eyes are to be exercised more than one mouth. One drawback of having illiterate parents was that I didn't have the understanding gained from listening to literate parents about the roles played by the potential opportunities presented to me in my life in literate society and circles. My parents have never ever been "where I've been." There wasn't even a vocabulary possible so forget about any guidance.