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Forum Post: A Long Way to Here from There

Posted 1 year ago on Dec. 23, 2020, 3:52 p.m. EST by agkaiser (2515) from Fredericksburg, TX
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Circa 12,000 years ago settled agricultural communities and cities began to disrupt the lives of nomadic herdsmen and hunter gatherers. Soon priests and kings arose to claim a share of the produce of the people, as they set themselves above us.

2000 years ago most European communities were local and self-sufficient. Everybody worked to make their living. Most worked cooperatively with their neighbors. Most of the grazing and farmland was in the commons, which were the center of an economy manned by essentially equal community members.

Until some asserted ownership of the commons as their private property and began to extract rents and taxes from the others in the community, everyone was more or less equal. When lords began to parasitize the rest, the egalitarian life ceased to exist. We worked for them and they didn't kill or maim us. They also protected their domains from rival gangsters. They said then and say now that they protect us from foreign invasion. We are socialized to know that foreign leaders will always be worse than the devils who abuse us today.

As unemployment grows because leaders can extract income from us with fewer workers, the greedier lords of Wall St remind us that to feed, clothe and shelter excess population encourages working class people to be lazy parasites. In fact, some workers do think they should be able to have a living without work just like businessmen and bankers, who own (or hold the mortgages on) everything. Our leaders distract us by pointing to such wannabe upstarts whenever anyone notices that the elite classes are actually the original parasites. Don't think about the nature of neo-feudal capitalism. Worry instead that your peers may be getting something for nothing, while you have to work for the scraps your employers leave for you.

The Parasite Economy - https://prospect.org/labor/confronting-parasite-economy/

Video link https://youtu.be/tTJwLInbz8M



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[-] 2 points by beautifulworld (23615) 1 year ago

We need to move beyond the ethos of the Protestant Work Ethic, an antiquated way of seeing society that worships work, work, work for the little guy while also worshiping the amassing of wealth for the rentier class, the capitalists, or owners of production.

We should be evolving away from this old fashioned way of thinking. The Industrial Revolution is a thing of the past, becoming more distant every year.

We really no longer need to all work as much as we do. What we need is to be paid better, we need to all own the means of production or at least benefit from the profits.

We need a more equal society and when we have that we can truly evolve. Then, we can all spend time with our children, create art and culture, write poetry and literature, spend time in nature, think deeply and find true meaning in our lives that goes beyond acquiring money and material goods.

We all have the right to lead a fulfilled and meaningful life! Not just the wealthy.

[-] 0 points by grapes (5232) 1 year ago

There are certain feasible sequences to achieving the desired ends. Are our children healthy? My Mom was a vaccination fanatic in a twin-socialist-in-health-matters borrowed place in borrowed time. I was reasonably healthy aside from my early childhood. Do the children have enough quality nourishment? Of the body and of the mind? Have they gained the abilities to self-sustain their nourishment? Have they discovered their paths in life? And the passion to follow their bliss?

Empty talks are useless. Getting all children vaccinated is a good start. Rights are an abstract concept which to become real must be exercised every now and then.

[-] 2 points by ImNotMe (1488) 1 year ago

"When Wall Street Is Your Landlord"! by Alana Semuels:

Note how "With help from the federal government, institutional investors became major players in the rental market. They promised to return the profits to their investors and - convenience to their tenants. Investors are happy. Tenants are not."

radix omnium malorum est cupiditas!

[-] 1 points by beautifulworld (23615) 11 months ago

"The Supreme Court Will Allow Evictions To Resume. It Could Affect Millions Of Tenants" so scumbag Wall Street landlords can abuse, exploit, evict and poison America some more!


"It Just Got Easier For Landlords Across the U.S. — Including In Colorado — To Evict Tenants As Many People Are Still Waiting For Pandemic Rental Relief"


Ugh. Really have to wonder what the hell is wrong with this country.

[-] 2 points by ImNotMe (1488) 9 months ago

"When Wall Street Came to My Mobile Home Park"! by Francine Townsend

"Mobile homes provide affordable housing for millions. But for private equity firms, they are just another asset to squeeze for profit." The US' 0.001% Ruling Corporate Banker Class absolutely hate The 99%!

et radix omnium malorum - est cupiditas!

[-] 2 points by beautifulworld (23615) 9 months ago

Capitalism on steroids is what we have now.

"But RHP properties saw only a profit opportunity. Soon after they took over, the money we were required to pay to have our home in the community, called the land fee or lot rent, started going up.

Way up. My land fee alone reached nearly $1,400. But that wasn’t all.

RHP also started charging for services that were once included in the rent, like water. Meanwhile the services we pay for got skimpier and skimpier. Potholes started developing in driveways and on roads, trees were collapsing across people’s yards, and garbage began to pile up. Maintenance requests now go unanswered for months." From "When Wall Street Came to My Mobile Home Park!"! by Francine Townsend

This is not unlike all the AirBnb homes that have caused rents for regular people to go up astronomically. Americans can't afford to house themselves anymore.

Hourly wages needed to afford a two-bedroom apartment in the United States in 2021, by state:


California $39/hour

Massachusetts $36/hour

Colorado $27/hour

Basically, Americans don't earn enough money to have an extra bedroom for a child, or an overnight guest. Shameful!

[-] 1 points by ImNotMe (1488) 8 months ago

"Basically, Americans don't earn enough money to have an extra bedroom for a child, or an overnight guest. Shameful!" Meanwhile ...

fiat lux et fiat justitia ...

[-] 1 points by beautifulworld (23615) 8 months ago

"The benefits of a four-day workweek to us as individuals and our work culture are clear: better physical and mental health, fewer burnt-out employees, more equitable workplace outcomes, and so on. But to me, a reduction of working hours for the same pay isn’t about those benefits — it’s fundamentally about justice. It should be workers and communities who reap the gains of technological innovation and “efficiency,” not just the executives and shareholders of corporations that increasingly perfect their tactics of excessive accumulation."

Employers have taken far too much of the profits for themselves. Workers deserve a much bigger share.

Time is invaluable. Wage increases for workers are absolutely necessary and should be tied to a percentage of profits but time off can change life as we know it.

There is no reason for anyone to work more than 4 days anymore.

"6-Hour Workdays in Sweden Boost Productivity, Energy, and Happiness"


[-] 1 points by ImNotMe (1488) 8 months ago

"6-Hour Workdays in Sweden Boost Productivity, Energy, and Happiness" . . .

Because it bears repeating ... again & Again & AGAIN!!! Coolly rational and reasonable!! Go Sweden!

et fiat lux ...

[-] 1 points by beautifulworld (23615) 7 months ago

No one should work more than 30 hours per week anymore.


With advances in technology there is absolutely no reason why humans shouldn't be having more free time. It is simply capitalism and unfettered consumption that requires workers to work more and more and the desire by the wealthy and corporations to keep the people under their thumb.

More free time means more time to create relationships and to ruminate and hmmm, see the injustices that you never have time to focus on.

Keep them busy and dependent and they remain in their chains.

[-] -1 points by grapes (5232) 7 months ago

You're right: Blacks shell out crazy amounts of money to buy and own the latest model of iPhone in order to gain the socioeconomic status which it can confer. It doesn't have to be an iPhone, though. It may be a gorgeous "bitch" or a "chick" to be abused and slapped around to demonstrate male Black power, the theory being that whoever can set up and destroy a great beauty arbitrarily in fickleness must possess an even greater beauty and power. In the Holy Bible, I read something like, "I'll raise a horn to be the envy of all nations and I'll strike it down with my Mighty Hand so that all nations shall know that I'm the Lord of Lords and the King of Kings." The psyche came straight from God Himself ! Blacks certainly had much social pressure to "go to church" unlike me, a free-range respectful "shape shifter" as far as religion is concerned. I believe that some people indeed believe in "all that jazz" so I try to act respectfully although I may disagree with at least "some of that crap." "I respect you, not that [crap] but it's real and must be dealt with as such whenever and wherever I'm with you or the matter at hand concerns you."

After experiencing a childhood of multiple dialects ( my Dad bought me comedy tape recordings for me to learn his own dialect with so that I could speak to him purely in that dialect to satisfy his mandate rather than with the to-him-incomprehensible mishmash of dialects and languages we used at home and in our neighborhood; oh, explaining things increases one's own understanding -- I realize why I had suddenly got from my Dad on his homecoming the expensive-and-fancy-looking well-crafted-wood-aluminum briefcase-size 8-track-audiotape recorder and player -- it's an accessory to my parents' probable "Grand Bargain" for my Dad to ditch his Japanese family to dedicate his earnings to his Chinese family; truth be told, most men are just so-called "long-term meal tickets" in their mates' fundamental valuations a while after the initial connection called a marriage, especially an arranged marriage in which a family or clan marries a family or clan; my parents' marriage was "arranged"; my Mom told me how she and her entourage had been arranged to meet my Dad in the public setting of a cinema exit where he had been watching a movie with his entourage; the entourages identified the targets of assessment to the protagonists; he stared at her and she became shy and quickly turned around giving him "a [¿complete?] look at [her ¿fine?] ass"; she laughed as she told it to me and she said that he was "rather good-looking" so both sides replied positively to the matchmaker; there was no dating aside from that one single glance before the marriage was consummated in the crazy war period between the German invasion of Poland and the commencement of Operation Barbarossa under the German-Soviet Non-Aggression Pact; my Dad was likely the "designated survivor"; before his arranged marriage, he had already had a brush with death having been torpedoed and captured by U-boat but he survived and got back home; the wartime arranged marriage was likely a literally under-the-guns rushed marriage to "leave his semen behind" so that there might be a male heir to unite the families and clans and to inherit the fortunes, if any; I'm not surprised that arranged marriages fared better than romantic marriages in their lower rates of divorce because families and clans had all pitched in with their stakes in preserving the connection; in my opinion, despite my Mom's not having even spoken one single word with my Dad before marriage, she consented to it, unlike the bad reputation generally given with a broad brushstroke to all arranged marriages; my Mom said that her Dad decided upon marrying her off which I found plausible because of the finance involved but she probably had the option to veto or the couple wouldn't have been arranged to see each other beforehand; of course, my Dad sometimes jokingly said that my Mom had been bought with such and such a sum of money, to which my Mom always retorted that despite his family's wealth and fortune, he couldn't have ever afforded her [if she didn't love him]; they laughed about it -- money was a piece alright but definitely not the determinant: love built up over lifetimes was; I suspect that high social rank was also involved because she had teased him with { mysterious to me at the time but I've just deciphered them to be related to his rank, his sexual appetite, eating preference, ritual ceremonial duty, his double life with the other [Japanese] woman, his fattened chicken(s) into which his missing childhood education had disappeared, and the support of his dual families -- yeah, I see the power of research and reconstruction of history based upon newly discovered or attended-to material facts } limerick-like innuendo verses about his having been slated to become the "clan's chieftain" so he needed to lead ceremonies; he always had the last words in an argument -- often including the highly efficacious one for shutting up my Mom instantaneously { with follow-up actions }, "Yes, Dear, you are absolutely correct !" such was the power and authority of a male role model in our home ) multiple languages, multiple heritages, and multiple cultures, I recognized arbitrariness and some irreconcilable differences between different cultures so I've become much more laissez-faire and "to each their own" so I won't try to sell Chinese curry tricorn puffs with beef to Hindus or fried juicy steaming Chinese pork-scallion-filled dumplings dipped into soy sauce, sweetened-with-sugar brown vinegar, and sesame oil, to Muslim Pakistanis. I believe that Red China is suffering the leadenship of a monocultural unwoke single-child emperor whose cohort's inky shadow of socialization character flaws had already worried me forebodingly in the 1990s about the "Little Emperors and Princelings" coming to power someday to mess up East and Southeast Asia. Single child entitlement mentality ( 4 grandparents' and 2 parents' traditional without-social-security-before ample savings all coming through to the single child, steeped in rabid Nazionalism, to be squandered ) combined with moral vacuum aside from "get rich quick -- money is God" can certainly lead to ruins.

"Black is Black and All my Babies are Black." Although a joke is only a joke, it contains elements of truth in order for it to be able to tickle our "Americum" funny bones.

Since the Civil Rights' "Movement" of the 1960s, "we've come a long way, Baby." We have very expensive sneakers/tennis shoes the owners of which have been murdered in robberies by [-----] thugs who had apparently wanted to gain socioeconomic status via the usurped possession of products.

[-] 1 points by ImNotMe (1488) 7 months ago

So exactly whatTF does - "Blacks shell out crazy amounts of money to buy and own the latest model of iPhone in order to gain the socioeconomic status which it can confer.It doesn't have to be an iPhone though.It may be a gorgeous 'bitch' or a 'chick' to be abused and slapped around to demonstrate male Black power, the theory being that whoever can set up and destroy a great beauty arbitrarily in fickleness must possess an even greater beauty and power. In the Holy Bible," mean; U rabid, rancid, reactionary, racist, retard?!!! And is any such behavior race specific?!! U disgustingly RW fkwit! Meanwhile - U prejudiced, obsessed, Sinophobic asshole, read this & reappraise your retarded racism:

et honi soi qui mal y pense!

[-] 0 points by grapes (5232) 7 months ago

Red China's military people were idiots trying to bring down U.S. military aircraft during their landing to base in East Africa.

The U.S. Military has a rule of engagement of returning fire if being fired upon, depending upon the judgment of the locally present commander. The President is usually not involved. This is like the mark God had placed upon Cain. People who read the Holy Bible may understand what that means.

The U.S. Military sometimes behaves like a swarm of angry bees in reaction. I sometimes giggle at how authoritarian regimes seek "security guarantees" from our President. They were projecting their own command and control framework onto the U.S. Military believing that our supreme leader can surely stop a conflict in time. That's just not true. Not understanding that can be fatal in an encounter with the U.S. Military. Not showing hostility can preempt confrontation, usually the most preferable outcome from an inopportune encounter.

The U.S. came out of a pioneer culture of self-reliant "freedom cowboys." From where else do you think our creepy relationship with guns came ? The so-called supreme power often has to "play catchup" with the fielded amokkers. Regardless of whatever some people might believe, the [secular] U.S. doesn't have any power to raise people from the dead, unlike Jesus.

In the Holy Bible, the Pope was written as being Jesus' representative so "ask and you shall receive."Seek and you shall find." "Knock and the door shall be opened unto you." "Walk !" and Lazarus shall walk out of his grave. For a boy who didn't know ¿Japanese? design and pressed the wrong button shall be baptized with Hohlly jet water of the bidét.

[-] 1 points by ImNotMe (1488) 7 months ago

Does anyone know wTf this racist, reactionary Sinophobic mthrfker is actually talking about?!!!

Especially when he spews this crap above & here copied below in entirety - in case it is deleted, changed or worse still, expanded into yet another pile of utterly unreadable rancid RW pig-shit!!

"Red China's military people were idiots trying to bring down U.S. military aircraft during their landing to base.

"The U.S. Military has a rule of engagement of returning fire if being fired upon depending on the judgment of the locally present commander. The President is usually not involved. This is like the mark God put on Caine. People who read the Holy Bible may understand what that means.

"The U.S. Military sometimes behaves like a swarm of angry bees in reaction. I sometimes giggle at how authoritarian regimes seek "security guarantees" from our President. They were projecting their own command and control framework onto the U.S. Military believing that our supreme leader can surely stop a conflict in time. That's just not true. Not understanding that can be fatal in an encounter with the U.S. Military.

"The U.S. came out of a pioneer culture of self-reliant "freedom cowboys." Where else do you think our creepy relationship with guns came from ?"

Doltus Maximus!

temet nosce ...

[-] 1 points by ImNotMe (1488) 7 months ago

Oooh look! 6 hours later & edit/expansion has started!! Mostly because dickhead thinks no one notices!!!

The case is made & concluded .. only needing a few FP links to obviate the crap that he will now spew!!!

fiat lux!

[-] 0 points by grapes (5232) 7 months ago

Red China is now billionaire-central.

People create wealth. Where are the people ? Under potable sanitary freshwater. New York has its funnel-shape New York State to act as its bladder upstate. Hong Kong got its urethra from Red China in late 1960s or early 1970s.

The center of half of the World's population is near Hong Kong, Macau/Macao, Shenzhen, Guangzhou. Cantonese is probably the "code" dialect of the most billionaires in the World because few people outside of that area or diaspora's global enclaves can learn it well ( but it's not really wellness which matters; it's the home-like chummy rapport that one can build by speaking a foreign language, even with an accent; ever heard of a "charming accent ?" I have -- it's charismatic.) Rather knowledgeable people who wanted to learn Chinese asked a very intelligent question of me: Which Chinese to learn ?

Both Beijing and Taipei pushed for "Standard Chinese" so that's of "the New China." Southern China has more people because of more freshwater being available ( flooded rice paddies provided more anaerobic habitat for nitrogen-fixing bacteria, the remnant descendants of the refugees hiding from the great oxidation event of Earth, to thrive, thus fertilizing their hosts the legumes to BE PLOWED UNDER BEFORE THEY FLOWER { the gutsiest step underlying China's millennia-old sun-air-freshwater-legumes-water-buffalo-dung-rice-plants integrated-ecosystem agricultural hyperpower likely developed from terrace farming in the foothills of the Himalayas, Earth's Third Pole guiding water vapor to reach for the coldness of outerspace to make rain, a long time ago before chemical fertilizers took over } to replenish organic matter and later feed the rice plants creating higher food caloric yields; where there was more food and drink, people grew and congregated more; compounding over millennia in southern China { other similar population centers are also at the outlets of gigantic watersheds; Colonialism's inconsiderate watershed partitioning fucked up Iraq handsomely } generated the greater population; knowing all these and the country being agriculture-centered, I determined my parents' wedding day for "planting the seaman's semen/seeds before the designated survivor left again for the war-torn high seas" in the spring of 1940; whether on the home front or the high seas, there was enough war for everybody, man, woman, or [closet] LGBTQIA, to take a part in ) so Cantonese is widespread but few foreigners will or can learn that well ( high information content per syllable due to the "sing-song" multi-tonal syllables, { it's probably rather hard to get the tones right by a person already in adulthood }, akin to Vietnamese although there seems to be a universal human speech output rate of 39 bits per second -- it may be the speed of human thought sequence limited by our common near-incestuous wetbrainware heritage passed down to us in the relatively few human genomes; whom did Cain, the first murderer, fuck to produce us eventually as his progeny if everyone had descended from Adam and Eve, who were Cain's parents ? either Eve or one or more of Cain's sisters so Cain wasn't only a fratricidal murderer but also either a genuine motherfucker of Eve or a sisterfucker of one or more of his sisters; that explained a lot about our status quo of endemic incest's being all important in our institutions such as government and industry; Christians who believe in the Holy Bible thus hold the notion that incest is the foundation of all human families; I prefer the notion of the Holy Bible's not being a complete literal truth better than that of ubiquitous human incest in our ancestors. ) In part, the Hong Kong unrest started with Beijing's lousy and erroneous policy of pushing for Mandarin ( of the northern court officials who couldn't stand the humid heat south of Yangtze River, not quite CommieContrarianSpeak Putonghua or so-called common dialect ) and leaving out a group of young people stranded on both sides with nowhere amid a businesses-owned-government city to go for their livelihoods.

Language is analogous to the tires of a car which people use daily. Beijing changed one of its tires while Hong Kong was on the go. Smarter central planners would have at least installed a fifth wheel first before reducing the number of wheels. I remember watching Egypt build Aswan High Dam. The people didn't just pour truck loads of material into the Nile ! Where should all that river water flow while the dam was being built ? THINK !

Young people learning in school are analogous to Nile's water. The Brits handled change of direction better by appointing an old China hand as the new Governor who was brave enough to start doing what needed to be done ( cleaning up the colonial-era corruption in its civil services to prepare for the return of Hong Kong to Red China as a part of "the grand bargain" between Beijing and London led by MacLehose/麥理浩/Murray MacLehose, Baron MacLehose of Beoch ) after the tumultuous riots ( remember that troublemakers are potential troubleshooters, depending upon their aims; Manhattan had a dogshit and chewed-gum problem on its sidewalk/pavement; I knew where the gum had come from -- from people like me at one time in Kowloon before Mom stopped me; how can I stop stepping onto dogshit ? when dog walkers pick up the shit immediately after their dogs have pooped; frankly I prefer this type of Socialism to avoid stepping onto dogshit or walking funny with one foot impeded by a sticky gum stuck to the sole of the shoe or smearing dogshit on sidewalk/pavement edge to minimize its spread; Kowloon was worse with its flying pootinium chamber-pot wash: I'm a thrice baptized Christian alright if God chose me again and again to be washed with cleaner or holier water; hallelujah ! ) Beijing just let timid bureaucratic administrators babysit Hong Kong and resorted to repression to hide its incompetence.

Red China is the crux of the most important ills which the U.S. must resolve. It backs up the DPRK, a nation-state level enslaver. The U.S. had a civil war over slavery. We should escalate the economic-turning-into-moral conflict to a global war over slavery. All collaborators with slavery, beware. We read the KaRma Sutra. Dickhead Manifesto: Smart people make love; stupid[est] people make war so "fuck" off......

Slavery retarded the economic development of both Africa and America. Read Chicago/Detroit/Philadelphia/Baltimore/Houston/Dallas/Austin/Los Angeles/San Francisco/San José/Sunnyvale/Cupertino/Santa Clara/Milpitas/Saratoga/Stanford/West Virgina as New Africa in America and one finds a poetic rhyme. Note how important a "grand bargain" was for the preparation of Hong Kong to be returned to Red China and why I suffered months of unnecessary and expensive [probably paid for with Dad's wages] English-immersion-quasi-drowning in my kindergarten as I had only learnt 26×2=52 English vocabulary words from my previous kindergarten plus a few common colloquial borrowed-from-English words: okay, yes, no, hello, 巴士(bus), 的士(taxi)...

Chaos is great for the emerging powers but only to a certain extent ( what constitutes chaos depends upon individual experiences -- I consider having a slogan banner and bombs hung next to our home not being chaos { as it's not targeting us but at the British Colonial Government which actually handled the situation pretty well without causing casualties; Mom said that the massive deployment of troops in the raid later on had all the guns pointed at "the other side," not at us so we were considered as being "in-group" civilians, trusted and not targeted -- a bullet shot down Fifth Avenue by Cheatose(R) is more of a threat than the 25 minutes 《for much of that time we wouldn't even know to become fearful 》 to incineration by thousands of nuclear missiles launched by the U.S.S.R.; it really didn't matter at all whether they were subsonic, ultrasonic, DPRK, or hypersonic; residents of Seoul largely ignored the "deadly" artillery aimed at them by the DPRK; nukular booms -- very nice but expensive firecrackers } but having bombs put by the roadside on my path to school as being chaos ). European stability will likely collapse. Red China should get Siberia ( The "Russian" Far East and more ) back from the Russian Federation and seize its oil and gas in the arctic region. U.S. needs to station robotroops on Taiwan to help Red China seize Siberia to stop then & there {use Chi-fat-origin M.K. spherical coördinates} its territorial integrity from being violated by its disgruntled neighbors. Russia doesn't think that it's a part of Europe so it needs to become European by having its Asian part stripped off to gain stability via Red China's controlling European countries' oil and gas supply from Siberia ( Germany will love it because it will be "cheap" ). Europe doesn't have long-term "decadeslong" sustainable energy source so it must collapse once it loses much energy. Germany is a very crowded largely medieval highly urbanized quaint "grasshopper" country which can't survive without much external energy source. The Netherlands are worse in terms of wealth inequality so don't become the underdogs in these countries. I like British teatimes but I don't want to be the person whose job is to make the tea and serve up the goodies. There are frequenttimes ( but not oftentimes ) two sides to everything.

[-] 1 points by ImNotMe (1488) 7 months ago

So once again "China Is Not A Problem That Westerners Need To Solve"! ... by Caitlin Johnstone:

"America’s Foreign Policy Dilemma" - by Dr. Paul Craig Roberts:

Your strange RW fusion of Gweilo-phobia & US supremacism is your psychopathology! Don't share it!

et temet nosce!

[-] 0 points by grapes (5232) 7 months ago

I'll try again as you probably haven't read the Holy Bible: the Mark of Cain. I may not be "orthodox" but it's undoubtedly a great work of literature/mythology/orally-passed-down-history/much-great-moral-code ( I'm not proselyting but referencing a stash of ancient wisdom; one should understand and chant Lotus Sutra and perhaps read Kama Sutra while chanting by heart: "Mom was largely illiterate." ) I sensed quite a bit of humanity's nature written down in the Holy Bible although it was variously abridged. Who are the ones conversing with God regarding all peoples building the tower of Babel, about Job's loyalty to God, and Adam and Eve potentially reaching out to eat also of the fruit of the tree of life and 'become like us', etc. ?

God seems to be similar to our congressional representatives by having a constituency to manage and satisfy. That doesn't jibe with the notion that God is omnipotent thus needing NO democratic approval simply by being the Supreme Fascist Dictator.

Slavery is EVIL and so is pre-judgment execution without solid evidence. The U.S.S.R. enslaved eastern Europe after WWII. The Stasi kept a file on Pootin as he probably already knows.

The FBI also kept a file on JFK. Its director at the time, J. Edgar Hoover had warned JFK of his womanizing and other behaviors endangering U.S. national security. The rest is history. Bill Clinton knew Red "Monica."

Hoover was an ambitious man with connections.

[-] 1 points by ImNotMe (1488) 7 months ago

So exactly WTF does any of that^ crap - have to do with anything at all on this OWS forum, U moron?!

ad iudicium?


[-] -1 points by grapes (5232) 7 months ago

In Maoist Chinese that, when translated by https://translate.google.com, means:

黑人斥巨资购买和拥有最新型号的 iPhone,以获得它可以赋予的社会经济地位。 不过,它不一定是 iPhone。 可能是一个华丽的“婊子”或“小妞”被虐待和扇耳光来展示男性黑人的力量,理论是谁能在善变中任意建立和摧毁一个大美女,谁就必须拥有更大的美貌和权力。 在圣经中,我读到这样的话:“我要举起一只角,让万国羡慕,我会用我的大能之手击倒它,让万国知道我是万主之主, 万王之王。” 心灵直接来自上帝自己!

Such behavior is not race specific but racial correlation exists. Your reaction proves that what I had written touched a sensitive area which according to the scientific method is the most productive for discerning truth from falsehood.

Who is wearing Adolf-Hitler-style black leather coat and/or saluting as he did but with a bent elbow ? Mr. [Flexi-]Fanculo who wants to be Black. "Theyve been selling horses to the Whites."

Fentanyl is mostly manufactured by the "get-rich-quick-at-any-cost money-is-God morals-be-damned" Red China. If you call me Sinophobic, I am honored [and cowering in fear of the transPacific-tsunami-induced earthquake originating from 1.4 billion Red Chinese all jumping down at once from a height of six feet simultaneously at ξ central-power command from Beijing; SARS_COV-2 is amazing in its economy-cratering ability] ! I get why a southern hemisphere island nation wants none of our northern hemisphere's winter parties' deathwish consequences. Someone said early in 2020 in this pandemic, "If Africa goes [bonkers with SARS_CoV-2], we all go [reverberating like cymbals]" Recall that "There is no scientific evidence that novel coronavirus has airborne human transmissions," so "there's no need to wear [Red-China-hogged] masks." Solidarity in disaster ?

Medical Racism is rampant in the U.S. so... is Racism in general in many overboard idiotic policies but we track things based upon race so it does become important and real. Blackness has become a premium privilege in some areas at the expense of "the other minority at Majority." As an ethnic group, Han Chinese is undoubtedly the number-one in number so... "Asians" get shafted to make room for otherwise unqualified Blacks rather than taking room from the Whites who had benefited from endemic systemic Racism.

It's absolutely true that Black doctors or similar others should be viewed with jaundiced eyes, isn't it ? Guess why Kamala Harris had been chosen ( although she is "Asian Indian-dark" and isn't really "Black" but just "dark enough" for the purpose as Obama was a "mulatto" not really "Black," either; both have come via Hawai'ī). Hmm, I do wonder why Joe Biden won with Black endorsement but Bernie Sanders lost there.

We treasure "exclusive" schools, resorts, accommodations, and neighborhoods, barring largely the low-income "them" peoples. How else can the same identical thing be sold at much higher prices ? Via exclusion -- in which "less is more." Blacks are "them" to Donald John Trump who had experience with them in Manhattan in his early days in the real estate business. As is so famously put, he doesn't discriminate against people as long as they are green[backs] -- he just loves to get a piece of [greenback] people's hills that blossom in green and gold: 乱世佳人。

"Warm as the wind. Soft as the kiss of snow." 落叶归根。

》Ob General ob Grenadier, die Haare bleiben hier.《

It's crazy for Pootin to seek legal security guarantees from the West which he has already deemed to be manipulative. Is he seeking a kind of peace guarantee such as that very famous one between Hitler and Stalin so that Germany and the U.S.S.R. could gobble up "in peace" [from the other bully] at the carving counter the neighboring militarily weaker countries ? That partnership in crime worked really well, didn't it ?

As for why the U.S. can be a global superpower projecting its power thousands of mikes away from its homeland, take a good look at geography -- the U.S. is flanked by two great oceans each thousands of miles wide. The U.S. had always lived and got accustomed to the oceans. Besides, the U.S. has what I would call benign-for-at-least-a-century-already neighbors: Canada and Mexico. They give the U.S. the license to roam. The U.S. doesn't deploy hundreds of thousands of troops to our Canadian and Mexican borders so they can be deployed elsewhere. If Russia had good relationship with its neighbors, it could equally get the license to roam. It boggled my mind that Russia would lose Ukraine over a few billion euros each year worth of natural gas ( Russia is very rich in natural gas in the arctic where it literally explodes naturally in gargantuan proportion in remote places at times; use it or lose it with the former being much more preferable for slowing the pace of climate change; although the source is far from western Europe, it's closer to Ukraine; early Taiwan's rural economic development used concrete bioreactors to make methane for cooking and fertilizers for boosting farming yields from organic wastes; water was added to the wastes to make methane; the process also got rid of the wastes; of course, Taiwan is on the average much warmer than northern Russia so the reaction rate is usually much faster but greenhouses can increase temperatures and provide desirable local climate -- there are greenhouses even in rather cold places for growing plants; Russia generally doesn't lack freshwater as it has many rivers ). If Ukraine were "one single people" as Pootin had claimed, why did Russia charge Ukraine the highest prices for natural gas in Europe ? Wasn't Ukraine a Slavic "little brother" to the Russian Federation worthy of getting some freebie "chewing gums and ice-cream cones" or at least a ride upon the neck and shoulders to watch a parade ? Charity begins with one's "little brother."

Russia may be deliberately boosting the tension over the imminent military invasion of Ukraine in order to boost world crude prices to benefit itself which has much oil reserve and production. Russia may be doing that because it's economically collapsing due to its stupid foreign policies ( I'm somewhat surprised that with such a large and diverse group of peoples, the Russian Federation didn't find some culturally knowledgeable or sensitive people to have guided its foreign policies better; it's also possible that Pootin has just been deaf with hearing sharpness, like a living dead.) 和气生财。Russia created the Syrian population displacement to weaken the EU. Breaking up the Russian Federation may be a good idea to produce a number of smaller less militant countries. In general, many smaller countries aren't militant out of necessity { I know that intimately because I haven't fought my Big Brother much at all; he would've won every single time if my Mom hadn't intervened so I seldom counted upon her backup; violence is but one very crude way of waging a power struggle; a little bee can drive a herd of elephants away because swarms of very angry bees when informed of a matter of substance and truth by the little bee can sting very hard at the elephants; every great vector of force is subject to the deflection by a very small vector of force if it's applied properly } and are more trade-oriented so they tend to become much wealthier over time. Red China's opening up started with five cities with granted economic freedom, a bit like smaller countries, too. Hong Kong's having been taken over by Red China's national security law means that it has become a large country so it will grow poorer. The U.S. is in a number of ways a gigantic "cuckoo," culturally small, mentally largely parochial, modernly connected country due to its geography and history so it got much wealthier over time. The last big war of the U.S. nation on the U.S. homeland was the American Civil War, ended in 1865, some 156 years ago -- a very long peace.

As Pootin will surely agree, the U.S. hasn't intervened in worldwide affairs ever since it abolished conscription in the early 1970s or earlier. Only volunteers of the U.S. Revolutionary Peoples' Liberation Front have been involved in crossing the Kerch Strait to protect America from the Indians. Even without Pootin driving a cement [ not a ¡ water ! ] truck painted Cheetos-orange ( Biden could neither drive a truck nor ride an Amur Tiger bare-chested "like a boss" but the screw[driver?] nation, 螺丝国, can surely screw itself up enough by using only dry cement without patience and perspicaciousness { mutually beneficial things are usually much easier to be accomplished because of cooperation } -- always remember the implication of Newton's Third Law when drilling without Anchorage ), the U.S. is still the most peaceful nation on planet Earth.

It takes a wall of blood and flesh of the Liberation Volunteers across the river to protect DPRK's nuclear bombs from being stolen by the Indians.

[-] 1 points by ImNotMe (1488) 7 months ago

When U so readily spew such total fkn hogwash as - "Medical Racism is rampant in the U.S. so..is Racism in general in many overboard idiotic policies but we track things based upon race so it does become important and real. Blackness has become a premium privilege in some areas at the expense of "the other minority at Majority." As an ethnic group, the Han Chinese is undoubtedly the number-one in number so... "Asians" get shafted to make room for otherwise unqualified Blacks - rather than taking room from the Whites who had benefited from endemic systemic Racism" .. just WTF d'U think U are, other than just another, racist, reactionary, "Gweilo" fearing, fkn halfwit?! Further try to note:

As usual gripes - U have added further layers of horse dung - to your existing fetid b-s - U fkn dingbat!

et nosce te ipsum!

[-] -1 points by grapes (5232) 7 months ago

Where did you get the idea that I am "Gweilo" fearing ? Haven't you read the Holy Bible, "There is nothing new under the sun" ? However, there are new permutations possible. "Gweilo" is one more "chess piece."

For a long time, financial institutions didn't want their mortgage borrowers to pay more than 20% of their income towards the repayment of their mortgage loans by restricting the mortgage loan amount the borrowers could borrow. I agree with that formula so the U.S. Government should finance the building of government-subsidized housing which shall require no more than 20% of the occupants' income out of their pockets for service and maintenance, with the government paying for the rest.

"Gweilo" can do that for our people.

No one should have to work more than 5 hours in a day for more than four days in a week to maintain their livelihood. Workers should be able to hold two jobs if they desire so that they can lay off their employers at will as employers already can in the present system.

"Gweilo" can do that for our people.

We have now overproduction of people as evidenced by the depressed labor compensation levels in the U.S. imported from prison and slave labor camps overseas and caste system abroad. We must reduce and restrict our importation of goods and services not up to our human rights standards. Other countries can have their sovereignty but the U.S. can shut them out with our wall of moral standard. Importing coerced-labor products ? -- NOT into my country, Noble Free .

"Gweilo" can do that for our people.

Red China tries to shut up free speech globally. We mustn't tolerate any of it. Severe our ties with Red China. Anchorage is ready standing by. Besides, Anchorage can generate Ritter-scale 9.9 earthquake of its own to send its tsunami as a reply to 1.4 billion Red Chinese jumping down from a height of six feet, hopping madly. We can have a commercial nuclear-powered aircraft carrier no-union-strike ( Daffy Duck ! Head up, impressed ? ) delivery force to send intermodal packages to Taiwan.

"Gweilo" can do that for our people.

Red China has their fishing boat fleet strike groups. Universal ¡Product! Service can have its aircraft carrier no-strike autonomous drone groups for delivering a "hyper"sonic tom-a-dove shiitake package to Zhongnanhai at the opportune juncture.

"Gweilo" can do that for our people.

What happened to the Germans who used to live in Königsberg ? We can resettle the oligarchic Slavs of the Kremlin in Moscow to centralize to God their power, per the order of Saint Stalin.

If you wonder why I bear such anger towards the Communists and their poisonous and deadly ideology, here's why: their idiocy and depravity left physical imprint on me even though I had been born a subject of the "Gweilo" colonial empire, supposedly outside of the reach of their devilish paws. An inquisitive child is what they fear. I wondered and asked questions. My [¿too? merciful] Mom's answer surprised me. Both Stalin and Mao were culprits. The consequence of Mao's failed copycat-Stalin policy ricocheted off my Mom onto me. The people of the DPRK are likely starving and freezing in the cold due to yet another cloning of the failed-again-and-again Stalinist policy. Collectivism was, is, and will be a failure.

》Ob Ukrainer ob Chinesen, Stalins Geist verhungerte. 《

The spirit of Bloomingdale Insane Asylum cordially invites владивоина Pootin and Winnie the Pooh 》Ob General ob Grenadier, die Haare bleiben hier. ¿ 華偉手機 ? Puff, OOPsie, keine Handynummer mehr. Es macht mir Spass. Todesstoß ist autonome Meinungsfreiheit. Versionsnummer, bitte. Es tut mir leid.《 to have a good time onsite ( viz. "East Hall", "the Lunatic Asylum," "La Maison Française," "the Center for Study of American Architecture," &c.) getting their exclusive privileged mental treatments. It's a moral imperative to participate. Recall the would-have-been nuclear war of 1969-1970. The U.S. was the sanest one back then ( aside from that rogue commander on that island but he might have got it right by and large in the long run.)

The strongest polygon is a triangle which doesn't deform easily upon stress which is why triangles abound as the favorite polygonal shape of structures such as bridges intended to bear much stress. The shortest-length Pythagorean triplet is (3, 4, 5) which was known to both the ancient Egyptians and Babylonians (besides the ancient Greeks) for subtending a right angle (i.e. one which has 90° as its measure).

The U.S. demands immediate and unconditional security guarantees from Russia not to invade and retake California, Alaska, and Kauai. The gold mountain 金山 in California doesn't have enough gold left to pay for the state's debts, not worth Russia's rushing for gold again after the San Francisco 舊 金山 1849ers had already looked and poked through California for any easily removable gold.

[Macho-labor] Alaska still has much frontier ( unappetizing to olden Russian settlers who decided to depart to Russia after a while under U.S. "rule": Russian frontier culture differed from U.S. one; it's understandable -- an older immigrant to the U.S. chose to return to Hong Kong due to the dual barriers of not driving a car and not knowing English; a well-appointed suburban life in the U.S. can still feel "boring" like a long prison sentence to extremely sociable people, unlike conveniently accessible and small but highly varied Hong-Kong-style living; if one has a sufficient amount of money, doesn't mind getting cancers from the air and water pollutants later on in life, and doesn't care about political freedom at all ( e.g. a billionaire corporate type,) Hong Kong was much funner than New York City's [ largely residential and rural without the fancy trappings and amenities one often associates with a globally renowned city of "beautiful people" and of course, some "ugly people," New York, which I already knew from age 7 due to my Dad's a-bit-substantial tourist-of-the-U.S. collection ] Staten Island borough, for an example ) culture with its creepy relationship with guns and forcible rapes. I wonder whether Sarah Palin is actually a transgender man who could see Russia from ¿his? home in Alaska and shoot a round or two. Maybe Donald John Trump can try to grab at that crotch and squeeze to find out правда for every curious person ( Stormy Daniels did quite well for our curiosity with her "toadstool" discovery coming in handy ). He still has the "billionaire" privilege, I believe, to be an "elderly gentleman" instead of a "dirty old man." Pootin bared a lot but he's still not quite up to the no-holds-barred descriptive level of a "Toadstool."

Global XX Tissue Paper War is coming. Don't forget the "9-minute quota" from the "New Antikythera Treaty Organization" of dying Japan ( also known as OTAN, Organisation du Traîtres de l'Atlantique Nord.) Ladies ( and drip-to-dry "elderly gentleman" or "dirty old man," ) hoarding tissue paper doesn't help, per Rutherford's experiment.

As enabled by the electrification of our new home on the former British fuel and munitions depot allowing us to run a wall electric clock, I dissected our family's no-longer-used mechanical alarm clock. I being a child at age 8 couldn't put it back together again so it definitely "died." Since I didn't break apart anything, why couldn't I just reverse what I had done and put the alarm clock back together ? Can a rich man be "born again" as a child of God in order to thread through the eye of a needle like a camel ? Quantum theory says yes but extremely improbable.

There's an order and usually a lesson to be learnt in everything. We are here surfing the wave of the fourth variant strain of major concern: original novel, alpha, delta, and now omicron. We could have learnt from our terrible experience denying airborne transmission and delaying dealing forthrightly with the pandemic's each onslaught and done much better in testing.

China had its own persecuted Nationalist, Nanjingese, and Shanghainese '49ers, leaving homeland for Hong Kong. Most didn't know [difficult-to-learn] Cantonese. Hong Kong grew in economic significance once their global trades and businesses became re-established. Language and Culture are two significant barriers. Although I was born in Hong Kong, our Cantonese neighbors and schoolmates could easily tell that I was a "Northerner," by being taller than my cohort but they being located in far southern part of the country were just egocentric and parochial. A Beijingese would likewise call me a "Southerner," parochially. Chinese was what I read because my Big Brother couldn't walk me home until two hours after I had got out of my primary school so the library next door "babysat [me] in enforced leisure." I had to learn to read freely or be "bored."

[-] 1 points by ImNotMe (1488) 7 months ago

"The Evolution & Meanings of Human Skin Color" by Nina Jablonski:

Watch that vid & learn something & know that I don't read your fkn crap!

et temet nosce!


And btw: "China Is Not A Problem That Westerners Need To Solve"!

ad iudicium!

[-] 1 points by ImNotMe (1488) 7 months ago

Utter, Reactionary Crap from an ever expanding RW reply like the one below .. is indicative of how "The Evolution & Meanings of Human Skin Color" by Nina Jablonski will remain unwatched & why "China Is Not A Problem That Westerners Need To Solve" by Caitin Johnson, remains unread by the forum's Resident Reactionary Sinophobe and - RW regurgitator of U$A's Military/Industrial Imperialist Corporate Banker Propaganda!!! Meanwhile, this:

"They’ll jail you for insider trading .. unless you’re doing it openly in the US Congress"! (Caitlin Johnson) And .. "I used be mad that the US is circling the planet with hundreds of military bases and slaughtering people by the millions in imperialist wars and destroying any nation which disobeys it but then someone informed me that China is building stuff in Africa which is clearly far worse"! (CJ)

e tenebris - lux?!

[-] 0 points by grapes (5232) 7 months ago

Red China is the linchpin problem for almost everyone. Who doesn't live on Earth ?

Is she speaking freely ? She surely has many "bodyguards" wearing badges "protecting" her ! Most Zhongnanhai officials understand who these "bodyguards" are.

They "work" to ensure the continuity of the State so they must be well-armed shadows of officials for "freely" achieving "unanimous" "harmony" in carrying out the State's directives.

Were people arc-welded with a bar across their door confining them in their homes in the videoclip ? Red China doesn't even need to build as many prisons as the U.S.

How many weldable homes are in Red China relative to how many prisons are in the U.S. ? Which country can provide more accommodations for dangerous people ? "Dangerous" for Red China may just be "reactionary." Are Red Chinese rockets non-reactionary like Kim Jong-un's aspiration to reach Socialism via revolutionary communist thoughts without any farting to make a health-spa Dutch oven ? Can a blanket be pulled over Newton's Third Law of Motion ?

Red China backing up North Korea is why North Korea could afford to develop nuclear weapons and missiles to threaten its neighbors. Unlike some of our prior leaders, I'm not particularly disturbed by every country in the world having nuclear weapons and missiles. We, primarily the U.S.A. and the U.S.S.R., have lived through the Cold War not having blown up the World. Mutually Assured Destruction worked. We certainly only came close to blowing it all up fewer than a dozen times and every single time we were saved by the Grace of God ( it's why I've excluded Red China here to avoid offending its prominent atheist ethos; I understand that it could blow the World up just as well and got really close, too, but let us the now-God-believing nations bear the burden of the honorable Cross of blowing up the World.)

Red China's coal burning will make the Earth toastier. Its policy to let CoViD-19 be flown internationally worldwide while banning all domestic flights and all export of PPE over the Chinese New Year holidays of 2020 amounted to an opportunistic biowar against all human beings outside of Red China. Who doesn't live on Earth and its vicinity ?

Iran's intention to build nuclear weapons and missiles is crystal clear, not withstanding its declaration of nuclear bombs being "anti-"Islam. ( Pakistan is Islamic country with nuclear bombs and why hasn't Israel raided it ? Yes, what a country thinks and speaks can create enemies; I haven't heard that Pakistan announced that it would wipe Israel out from the face of the Earth yet; I do worry though about Pakistanis' negative opinions about the U.S. leading to terrorism against the U.S. but of course, other Islamic countries' populace are also negative about the infidels; U.S. pulling out of Afghanistan was a step in the correct direction despite its execution having been marred by presciently avoidable chaos; U.S. pulling out of Iraq completely is likely to trigger a ground war eventually between Israel and Iran which will be a geopolitical catastrophe for most peoples there and abroad via sky-high oil prices leading to the destruction of people's livelihoods 》Lebensraum《 in economies worldwide; Arab Oil Embargo got my Dad laid off and took away my Tropicana(R) Flori-duh orange juice from our Sunday brunches; Mom tried substituting Tang(R) for the orange juice but with rampant inflation without Dad's income she resorted to cancelling the brunches altogether so as a family we haven't had Sunday brunches ever since the Arab Oil Embargo days; did I really understand as a Manhattanite adolescent the enmity between the Arabs and Israelis who were "way over there" oceans and continents away ? No. Or how their animosity killed our brunches ? No. All I knew was the Tang, then no more brunches, and Dad's having time to stroll with me down south to buy a well-built aluminum Dutch oven for Mom who would be cooking a lot more together with Dad to reduce food-related expenses; it's why the U.S. has troops stationed on military bases over there to protect peoples' ways of life in order to stabilize the World for all to have better living via peace; so yeah, the U.S. is like Switzerland which had largely copied the U.S. federal political system { which was originally copied from the Native/Original American nations in upstate New York; we are indeed copycats but copying tried-and-true good already natively adapted things is a simple formula for success we can easily follow; our Eurasian ancestors' matings with the Neanderthals confer some benefits, too; I learnt "Arabic" numerals from the Brits but Arabs got them from India; indirectly Denmark was the most scientifically pivotal country in last millennium: Tycho Brahe (royal funded empirical data foundation for Newtonian physics), Niels Bohr (beer fortune funded institute for Quantum physics, uranium fission info transplanted to Anglos/America "three quarks of Carlsberg beer for our road to irreality"; America loves Danish "cookies" } and had very LONG peace with wars on native soil way more than a century ago { Sonderbund War of 1847 for Switzerland and American Civil War 1860-1865 for the U.S.A. }; both are now prosperous countries -- the truly "Islam"ic which means "peace[/tranquil]"-ful [rather wealthy from flight capital -- just think multi-bankrupt Trump ! ] countries; the U.S. and Switzerland have the opposite in geography: U.S. being "ocean-and-friendly-neighbor-locked" while Switzerland being "lower-land-locked-and-Roman-Church-treaty-shielded" both have geographic Voluntary Apartheid from the turmoils of the Old World, same reason why castles have moats, drawbridges, being up on a hill, etc. to become forbidden and inaccessible.) Lifting sanctions will help Iran get there faster, thereby destabilizing the volatile Middle East earlier. We can't hold off Iran indefinitely but every day deferred is another day lived without having yet another war being started there.

We need to learn from Red China's having pledged the year 2030 as the target date for its climate mitigation effort. We pledge to lift all sanctions against Iran once it has taken out all U.S. military bases in the Middle East with their nuclear-armed missiles.

Something good about Dad's having been laid off was that he had free time to take me to visit our neighborhood's park ( not the one at the precipice but the farther one with the fireflies/lightning bugs, and tennis courts.) On our returning walk, we went by and visited what Dad said to be an academic mecca and spoke to me in a hushed tone. I grasped the idea, ( not directly from Dad at that time but he had made me feel that I was standing upon hallowed ground of higher education, ) that "education" could have a pivotal global world-reordering "field effect." At that time, we had gone through just in the years 1967-1973 three near misses of global nuclear wars ( twice due to the wars which Israel was involved in; in one of which, Israel attacked the U.S. for its being distracted by the Vietnam War and staying neutral for too long in Israel's fight for survival against the surrounding Arab states which strove to "drive the Israelis into the sea"; Israel not only attacked the U.S. but also the U.S.S.R. helping Egypt; the annual multibillions of dollars of U.S. military aid to Israel calmed down Israel's security concerns so we have some semblance of peace there for decades around Israel; it's why pulling out U.S. troops from eastern Syria blocking Iran's linking up a land route to supply its Shia brethren Hizbollah in Lebanon to attack Israel making Israel feel vulnerable is very unwise ). We all survived [as they were misses, not hits] into the subsequent Détente among the 3-4-5 national nucleocompresso triad. I wonder about how much he knew then when he spoke to me there.

Regardless of skin colors of people, we must do our best within societal norms to secure their 》Lebensraum《, not by robbing Peter to pay Paul ( which is not justice but shifting responsibility and starting additional skin color wars; does it matter whether the oppressors called themselves Whites or Blacks ? my Dad's answer would have been that he was "Golden !" I think that acting out his attitude was how he got himself into trouble; this is [squander-South-Africa's-weeks-of-early-warning-of-omicron-variant's-onslaught] America, not apartheid-Afrikaners' South Africa; those who like South Africa better should leave for it; everyone who stews around in the skin color pot can never transcend [the irrelevance of] skin colors; the so-called made-up "White" oppressors wanted not to pay just reparation but to create a race war among the oppressed "Colored People;" you fell right into their trap. ) Golden Lives Matter !

[-] 1 points by grapes (5232) 8 months ago

Germany and Japan's different treatment of prolonged working hours made the case for shorter and yet highly productive working hours. German workers kept up their productivity and creativity while Japanese workers keeled over at their jobs when they had reached the health limit of their legendary long working hours.

Germans cut off work very uncompromisingly when the working hours are over. "Everybody gets out !!!" And that's including the cavalry which had come to rescue them at their request. German workers thereby have the option of taking on another job beside their primary ones.

When I first started working, I did notice that I pretty much got the same amount of tasks done whether I worked more or fewer hours. Of course, working fewer hours in a more focused way was preferable and more conducive to a sense of accomplishment. Most people need a coffee break at 3 pm just to prop themselves up with caffeine to stay alert for the two more hours of work till 5 pm comes around.

Also in school, the students don't study for eight hours in a day. Without caffeine's stimulation, they conk out hours before reaching eight. That shows that six hours of work a day is probably more natural than eight. We don't need a workforce on chemical highs. Japan's grueling workers' hours made its economy uninnovative and moribund because overworked conformist workers are not creative.

High per-capita GDP shouldn't be what a country strives for. In the U.S., modest-sized potholes are the greatest generator of additional GDP I have ever encountered on the road. They mustn't be too small lest they don't do enough damage to the passing vehicles. They mustn't be too big lest they actually impede the delivery purpose of the vehicles. They need to be just right to cause enough damage to thousands or tens of thousands of vehicles every day, creating jobs galore for automobile repair shops, car parts manufacturers (tire/tyre and hubcap makers)...

Another great U.S. GDP booster is house flipping. If the same house has been sold ten times between two parties resulting in the original ownership pattern, the GDP boost arising from the ten transactions will be ten times the price of the house, making the country that much more "productive." GDP measures churn for sure. California's Bay Area's exceptionally high real estate prices probably has more to do with the huge capital gains tax incurred upon the sale of a property so the property must be sold at a higher price each time it changes ownership. California's real estate business is thus more "productive."

This GDP measure seems to be a rather perverted measure used by the U.S. because a huge hurricane hit in Flori-duh damaging vast number of homes will boost this GDP higher during recovery, purportedly leading to greater happiness and well-being. Well-being should be a societal goal rather than high per-capita GDP which doesn't reveal great wealth inequality.

[-] 2 points by beautifulworld (23615) 8 months ago

Good point re. costs of selling a house.


If the "costs" alone are around 10% of a home's value and the house flips 6 times, you can see how much money is being wasted, going into the hands of middlemen who do basically nothing. So, people are making more money off of selling your home than you ever are especially considering that most homes have mortgages on them.

This is an inefficient, exploitative system, for a purpose, to rip-off the American people.

It is always the individual home owner who takes all the risks also. The bank may own 80% of a home but if the value declines, it is the individual who must eat that loss. The bank is still owed 100% of the loan. Such a coup for banksters!

[-] 0 points by grapes (5232) 11 months ago

The élites need "macho labor" just like the parasites of Red China needing the same as well as much cannon fodder. They want to avoid the "sapping of productive energy" via LGBTQ so as to maximize fucking products ( so that "the surplus of production" can accrue to the élites enjoying their red Meowist harems ).

Note that the government-coerced one-child policy of Red China gave way to two children allowed but now three or more are encouraged to make up for the "macho labor" lost to previous state-coerced abortions. Red states whether Texass or Red China politicize and harness human reproduction ( i.e. Dicks, Fuckginas, and their fucking products ) to create "macho labor" serfs to serve their respective élite masters smoking Zhongnanhai cigarettes. Jerkiness in regulating human reproduction proved that Red China's CCP is full of jerks because "Jerkiness [in political policies] is reserved for the jerks."

The U.S.S.R. ( now with the Russian Federation being the principal, with a number of other dictatorial regimes in tow ) jerks operated their Gulags. Redfuckgina operates Xinjiang "jobs-development" retraining camps to the record number level of holding millions of Uyghur detainees in internship [ de facto concentration ] camps. The DPRK is a gigantic country-level Gulag.

[-] 0 points by grapes (5232) 7 months ago

About 2000 years ago, the ancient Greeks or their cultural admirers the ancient Romans possessed a very accurate hand-held geocentric model of the visible-to-the-naked-eye solar system.

Then the western world's cultural heritage took a nosedive and became depressed for over a millennium. What happened ? It's much easier to destroy and to build so violence triumphed over knowledge. Childish dicke Männer boasted of how thick they were. There were pandemics, chaos, and violence.The ancient Romans knew military and personal comfort technologies well but were certainly extremely crude in their mental achievements aside from their much written-down governance history. They were megalomaniacs, a bit like our Texass transgender brethren with the Texass Instrument flanked by Rio Grande thrusting into Mexico.

Centuries of the ancient Roman Empire produced many Roman baths here and there but where were the Roman achievements bettering those of the ancient Greeks' such as Archimedes' etc. who not only understood their Egyptian and Babylonian cultural heritage but added substantive advances to them ?

Then there was the "Christian" mob which burnt down the Great Library of Alexandria. Christianity ushered in a millennium of cultural stagnation in the western world until the Reformation shook it to its core and Renaissance ensued.

What's so great about empires which had been so obssessed with their maintenance and survival that they had nearly nothing intellectually innovative of great importance to leave to posterity ? The U.S.S.R. went to the dustbin of history for good reasons, the foremost of which was the inability to let truth be told and maybe thereby resulting in corrective actions.

The U.S.S.R. engaged in so much suppression of truth that much of the data needed for good governance was suppressed for "the good" of the leftist party members and officials ( equivalent to U.S.S.R. state apparatus depending on opiods to feel good so there's really very little pain signal until... I was good in knowing when to speak up to complain -- after the second kumquat kernel being so sour again, I complained to my Big Brother; after spending hours in the library next door to my primary school not understanding the Chinese books, I complained and that was why I got from him a subscription to a children's magazine with far more pictures; he initially read to me but eventually got tired of it so he took me on a trip to the main library and got me my own library card.) Leftists have the fatal flaw of believing that everything is changeable and rightists have the fatal flaw of believing that everything is unchangeable. Both are wrong. Having no evidence of Stalin's bullshat-away deeds doesn't mean they weren't blunders. Why did the U.S.S.R. lose so many soldiers to Finland in the Winter War for a Pyrrhic victory ? St. Petersburg still suffered a grueling siege for nearly three years. The U.S. in a similar situation would probably be able to tell Canada and Mexico that the Russians or the Chinese are coming to attack North America and they will likely quickly cooperate with the U.S. on defense. Stalin partnering with Nazi Germany to divvy up their smaller and weaker neighboring countries of eastern Europe gave the U.S.S.R. a bad reputation so possible cooperation was thwarted.

My taken-apart mechanical alarm clock obviously differed from its integral previous-manifestation one. There's something in between all of the pieces. It's not something we can see or touch but it's there "between the lines," nonetheless. What is it ? Zustandsumme. Everything is connected to everything ( to different degrees.)

[-] 0 points by grapes (5232) 1 year ago

The persistent recurrence of "the Tragedy of the Commons" justifies maximal privatization. Anthropogenic Climate Chaos largely came about from dirty, cheap, and abundant coal. There was nearly no cost to pollutant emitters who dump pollution into the global commons. Wasn't it the reason why Red China had been building so many coal-fired power plants in recent years?

Industrialization was using the stored-up solar energy of eons of plant growth so it created much new wealth but this energy came in a highly polluted form. Peoples' attentions and actions focused upon attaining the same new wealth in the same old polluted way. Publicize the pollution and privatize the profits.

We complain of running out of nearly everything good but we keep on ignoring the exponential growth of population. The power élites and their institutions promote the maximal production of workers in order to lower the cost of labor to themselves and get more followers to enslave or exploit. Fuck^n -> females yield babies galore -> males work their asses off -> tons of able-bodied young bodies, to work for the élites to make them even wealthier. Hence, they promote marriages ( to produce new workers, not to bestow fucking pleasure but the body-produced opioids triggered the human pleasure circuit just the same and is equally addictive and enslaving as synthetic opioids,) ban abortion in the name of being "pro-life," and frown upon the "sapping of productive energy" via LGBTQ. These can easily be seen by how much they need "macho labor." In the U.S. for example, which state has the greatest need for "macho labor?" Which state has the highest rate of rape of women? It's true that there are overwhelmingly more men raping women than women raping men, often due to their physical strength and social dominance differences.

An example of social dominance was White slave owners mating with their female slaves. Such matings were so prevalent that the genetic materials revealed that every African American had on the average a racially PURE White grandpa ! In the U.S., we've never had a "Black" President on the gene's level. "Life," "Liberty," and "Property" thus became "Life," "Liberty," and "the Pursuit of Happiness." Mating with an "African" female slave owned as "Property" thus became "the Pursuit of Happiness."

People talk in absolutes and mostly exaggerations such as, "we shall never forget." We do forget because of our limited life spans and lack of time and energy for cultural production and reproduction. The availability of time and energy for such doesn't guarantee any kind of transcendence in the cultural realm. Watch hispanic television shows and you may understand the superficiality of them. There are indeed wealthy Hispanics (after their first-generation's hard-working) but their "all-American" offspring engage in 90210, Indy-500, cannabis sex parties, etc. I would take work, work, work over these at any time. Pretty much by the third generation, most immigrants' offspring are "Americanized" or have become run-of-the-mill people of average abilities and endurance. Realistically speaking, how many "doctors, lawyers, and engineers" will come out of the young people who spend a lot of time watching hispanic television shows with their quick and passionate actions? Of course, most of American commercial television is just so much "wasteland," too, not to single out hispanic television for condemnation.

"American" culture isn't necessarily good for foreign countries but there are certain parts of which that helped this nation a lot. A Quaker, Benjamin Franklin, helped the delegates to the Continental Congress overcome their sectarian differences which still plague most of the very violent Middle East. The U.S. has Muslims of many different kinds, too, but there is a [secular] limit imposed on all who claim to be an American citizen. I seldom ate beef in childhood due to my culture ( which called a roof having a pig under it a family home, as in this pictograph: 家 ) back then ( I didn't expect denizens of the U.S. to eat often various parts of their diesel-fed combine harvesters, either ) and beef, being parts of China's grass-fed "organic bovine combine soil tiller/fertilizer," certainly had a distinctive unfamiliar smell, taste, and texture. Did I eat beef hamburgers and frankfurters in my teenage years when I first arrived in the U.S.? Of course. ( I won't classify the number of hamburgers and frankfurters I have eaten in the past year as a state secret.) That's what many others here ate, too, for school lunches ( chili con carne, sloppy joe, beef frankfurter in a hotdog bread bun garnished with sauerkraut topping, beef hamburger with lettuce and tomato slices on a round bread bun garnished with catsup, etc.) Well, I looked at it on a different level ( Biblical "all meat is grass" and teenage-years' fast-growth "quantity over quality" ) so my mind wasn't troubled. Beef eaters aren't a lower class of people just because they eat a "strange-to-me" meat. There's Biblical support for foods not being polluting but what comes out of the "hearts of men" being possibly terribly polluting.

I prefer people to grasp the purpose of work, work, work. Iranian-religious-zealot-style self flagellation is crucial to improvements so I think that the U.S. can well afford doing that ( like the naked emperor parading while wearing his new, new, new and beautiful, beautiful, beautiful clothes. Fabulous ! Remember that the U.S. is vast as measured on many different levels: the good, the bad, the ugly, the crazy, the industrious, the lazy, the fat, the thin, the rich, the poor, etc. We have them all. I kid you not: I'm safer sleeping in war-zone Afghanistan than in some of our neighborhoods ! It does help a lot to know the local conditions. Is it any wonder that the people here can tolerate an eternal war in Afghanistan and not be bothered much by it at all? No... and it's a kind of good racket, don't you think? Most U.S. politicians have tolerated higher-than-Iraq/-Afghanistan war-zone violence in U.S. "minority"{ a codeword for "non-White," "inferior," "to be ignored as long as their strifes don't spill over much to the majority with many guns and bullets for stopping it" } neighborhoods for at least decades already in my life { East Harlem and South Bronx, though rebuilt more recently, once impressed me greatly in my youth with their dilapidated and destroyed state of burnt-out/boarded-up buildings or their empty hulls, broken-car-window-glass-strewn street gutters, and garbage-and-rat-corpse-studded alleys ! We also heard Friday and Saturday late-night to small-hours gunshot sounds reverberating in neighborhoods } so I can tolerate eternal wars in Iraq and Afghanistan if they prevent the likes of the 9/11/2001 attacks from coming to the U.S. homeland. The War on Terrorism is a global eternal jihad for all countries striving for peace.) The purpose of "work, work, work" is not to have the biggest number measuring wealth while lying in one's deathbed. All wealth belongs to the ones who have the time to enjoy it--the youth ! Is the one who has the number $1,000,000,000 one thousand times better off than the one who has the number $1,000,000 when both lie in their respective deathbeds? Is the latter one one thousand times better off than the one who has the number $1,000?

I gave up trying to secure my children's future [with my own wealth ( but it may well be possible on a societal basis )] quite a while ago. I couldn't control them due to their spending far more time with society's dominant culture. I understand this generational gap well because I was once on the other side when I blurted out to my Mom, "You and Dad are from the feudal age but I am of the rocket age !" It apparently worked ! I overheard her quoting me. Children have their unique things to do and worry about. They often couldn't even begin to explain to us because we had absolutely no background for understanding. The best that we can hope for is that they'll find their own paths as we present them with potential opportunities and our [passé] guidance. For better or for worse, the future belongs to the youth, alone.

Having illiterate parents, one of whom being Mom, who mattered ( since my family lived in a patriarchy largely with the pater absent but mater present ) and revered learning, afforded me time and great literary freedom. Mom seldom bothered me for anything if I was holding a book reading. What's the difference between the Lotus Sutra and Kama Sutra if I was holding it reading? None as far as Mom's concerned: I was just being studious. Chanting it was a whole different matter altogether ! Mom could recognize the [very transcultural] Heart Sutra nearly instantaneously. She held on to the notion that she could calm my "monkeying" by her ability to chant it. I could chant much of it in her dialect by heart without any understanding ( as I was pre-literate then.) Two eyes are to be exercised more than one mouth. One drawback of having illiterate parents was that I didn't have the understanding gained from listening to literate parents about the roles played by the potential opportunities presented to me in my life in literate society and circles. My parents have never ever been "where I've been." There wasn't even a vocabulary possible so forget about any guidance.