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Forum Post: $10,000 settlement check from McDonald's Restaurant. Get hired. Get fired. GET PAID $10,000. 12 easy steps.

Posted 4 years ago on June 12, 2014, 3:06 p.m. EST by StillModestCapitalist (343)
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In order to fully appreciate this plan, you must first understand that McDonald's owes the people of America, hundreds of millions if not billions of dollars. I'm referring to the corporation, the shareholders, and literally thousands of independent owners. For their business model has been incredibly profitable for many years in part, because of the savings reaped by intentionally serving us their GARBAGE.

If you've eaten McDonald's french fries a few times within the last decade or so, then you already know what I am about to tell you. First, that when McDonald's fries are fresh and properly cooked, they are VERY good. Also, that it's a crap-shoot every time you place an order. Because when they are not fresh and properly cooked, they can range anywhere from fair to ABSOLUTELY DISGUSTING. At most locations that I'm familiar with, your odds of getting good fries are pretty good at lunchtime and pretty bad anytime after 1PM. They get worse later in the evening. These odds depend almost entirely on the two dozen customers that ordered before you.

If those two dozen previous customers ordered fries within the last 45 minutes, then most likely, the crew was left with no choice but to cook more. In which case, your fries will be relatively fresh. But if not, you will almost certainly be served fries that have been sitting in a basket or possibly under a heat lamp for well over an hour or longer. It is also possible at any given time of day that your fries will have been mixed with several batches cooked over the last several hours. In which case, some of your fries will be relatively fresh and the rest will range from fair to ABSOLUTELY DISGUSTING.

Finally, there is the cooking oil. If you're one of the lucky customers, then it was changed sometime that day in which case, your fries will have a clean bright appearance and a fresh potato taste. But if not, your fries will be dingy tan or brown, limp, possibly soggy, and ABSOLUTELY DISGUSTING.

This has been the case with virtually all locations of McDonald's that I'm familiar with. I've only known of one exception where the fries were always good. One exception and one only.

As a former line cook and manager with a well run family restaurant, I can tell you that it is incredibly easy and simple to serve excellent fries with each and every order. This is achieved simply by reserving one or more deep friers for 'fries only', changing the oil before each rush or as necessary, cooking the fries to order or in batches of varying size depending on the immediate demand, and THROWING THEM OUT WHEN THEY COOL DOWN. Even with the use of heat lamps, there really are no magic tricks. The fresh potato taste will be lost within 20 minutes or so. As more time passes, the taste and texture will TURN TO CRAP.

This is well known within the restaurant industry. In fact, it is so well known and understood that any failure to serve hot, fresh, and delicious fries would indicate either the presence of a strung out drug-addict on the line, a trained monkey on the line, or a restaurant manager under orders from his or her superiors to cut food cost with no regard whatsoever for the quality of those fries. After all, it is also well known that most fast food customers, in particular, those who use the drive-through, don't have the time and/or perseverance to make sure that they get what they pay for. Most, in particular, those who use the drive-through just take what they get, pick through the fries hoping to get a few that are hot and fresh, and throw the rest away.

I'm one of the exceptions. Not that I'm all that picky. As a customer, I'm not. I'm happy if they are warm and relatively fresh. In fact, I'm content with a 30 minute old serving of fries just as long as they were cooked in relatively clean oil. Unfortunately, even that is a crap-shoot at McDonald's anytime after 1PM or so. So when I'm served CRAP, I turn right around and return the entire meal for a full refund. Hopefully, causing a manager or two to reconsider their unethical business practices. In particular, their decision to cook very large batches and INTENTIONALLY serve old, stale, limp, sour, and DISGUSTING fries until every last one of them are sold. Thereby, reducing their food costs and increasing profits significantly.

Those unethical business practices are VERY common with McDonald's. So common that I refuse to believe that the majority are simple oversights. They are not. They can't be. They just can't. In other words, McDonald's has been taking advantage of it's customers for years by serving us their McGarbage. It's not right.

Now for the plan. I do hope that a few of you take advantage of this opportunity to secure a $10,000 settlement check from McDonald's. If a few hundred settlement checks are issued Nationwide and/or the claims become public record, then maybe their unethical business practices will FINALLY be altered.

Without further adieu

Step #1. Get hired as a full-time line cook at any McDonald's.

Step #2. Do a good job. Be a good employee. Do your best to serve quality product.

Step #3. Wear a voice recorder all the time when you're at work. Keep it hidden. Don't tell anyone that you are wearing it.

Step #4. Wait for your opportunity to work the deep friers or volunteer.

Step #5. Keep those standards high. Cook the fries in clean oil, change the oil as necessary or request that it be changed as necessary. Throw the fries out when they expire or cool down. In short, make sure they are hot and fresh or at least relatively hot and relatively fresh with each order. Do not allow any old, cold, stale, sour, and DISGUSTING fries to be served on your watch.

Step #6. Wait for the store manager to scold you or move you to a different position. Get the explanation on voice record.

Step #7. With your frier experience to draw from, volunteer often to run the friers.

Step #8. Repeat Step #5.

Step #9. When you're demoted or moved again, draw on your experience and remind the manager and other employees as often as necessary to make sure the fries are hot and fresh or at least relatively hot and fresh with each order. Be sure to get your reminders and any responses on voice record.

Step #10. Wait for your hours to be cut drastically or to be fired. Be sure to get explanations from the manager and his or her boss if necessary on your voice recorder.

Step #11. File a lawsuit for wrongful termination or demotion.

Step #12. Settle out of court for $10,000.

That's it. I can't guarantee a successful outcome but I do feel that your odds are good. Better than your odds of getting a fresh and hot order of fries from McDonald's anytime after 1PM.

Good luck and don't tell ANYONE that you have read this.



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[-] 1 points by turbocharger (1756) 4 years ago

Who is buying that garbage? Oh ya, we are.

A 4 Pack of Tuna, a head of lettuce, 4 tomatoes and a loaf of bread costs $13. That makes 10 sandwiches.

10 sandwiches- rightly called so- costs that much, their little dinky dollar menu crap.

So where is the disconnect?

[-] 1 points by StillModestCapitalist (343) 4 years ago

Please copy and paste this entry anywhere you see fit. Just don't tell anyone that you've read it if you have any intention to follow the plan.

Let's finally do what nobody has been able to do so far. Kick McDonald's in their sorry ass for intentionally serving us their McGarbage.