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Forum Post: 1: Replace Fascism with Democracy

Posted 2 years ago on June 30, 2012, 11 a.m. EST by goldstandard (-13)
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Quote: “Everyone in the US in 2012 should be wealthy. We produce $15.4 trillion in goods and services every year. That is just under $50,000 per year for every man, woman and child. That is $200,000 per year for a family of 4. That is $65 per hour for each hour every worker works. That is $135,000 per year for every full-time worker.” End of Quote.

The preamble to this other thread is so, well, unusual that one is tempted to believe it is just satire.

But if we assume for a moment that it is a serious attempt at offering an alternative to today’s economic framework, then it becomes serious.

Just the calculation of the available monetary pool for distribution to all the workers alone is so utterly flawed and obtuse, it is an insult to serious objectors to the present system. Let alone all the madcap rest. It is not cognisant of any costs of materials, energy, capital costs, transport and many others which have components of imported costs and not related directly to man-hours worked. Ideas such as these are an embarrassment to the cause and are simply put ‘nuts’. The US is just not producing enough wealth to go round anymore, that's why there is such a huge amount of money being printed to cover the demands of the people. But for how much longer?

But let’s try capitalism for a change!

Not the corporate fascism we endured for the last century or so. There is no alternative to real capitalism! The Russians, Chinese, Vietnamese, North Koreans etc, all tried it and see where it got them. Then the Europeans embarked on their own version of a centrally controlled economy called socialism, and they’re totally bankrupt and no amount of money printing will safe them.

It is just not the way the economy, nature, or the entire universe works.

Life is not fair, as some would whine and whinge, but it is the way of the universe.

Controlling wages, prices, costs, interest rates, markets, none of it works; it is just not meant to work like that. But it's happening now in this country, day and night in every market and see where it brought us, to total bankruptcy with no way out.

Some countries have minimally embarked on the insanity of socialism and controlled economies, and they’re the ones who are surviving the best in a harsh world, Austria, Switzerland, Finland and Germany to some extent are some examples. They got there the old fashioned way, education, hard work, thriftin