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Wednesday: Protest Against State Repression at the NYC Nigerian Consulate

Posted 12 years ago on Jan. 10, 2012, 5:40 p.m. EST by OccupyWallSt


Wednesday, January 11th
3pm-4pm leafletting at 43rd St and 7th Ave
4pm March to the Nigerian Consulate at 44th St and 2nd Ave
5pm Rally at the Nigerian Consulate
On Facebook

Called by an affinity group of participants in the Occupy Movement in NYC working against the NDAA:

This upcoming Wednesday, January 11th is the 10 year anniversary of the opening of Guantanamo Bay Prison. This day is a somber recognition of previous repressive state measures that violate not only people on individual levels, but our international agreements on Universal Human Rights. We will be protesting in solidarity with others all over the world.

The Nigerian people are striking that same day, after the Nigerian government cut oil subsidies for citizens January 1st 2012. In response, blocked the shipping routes and shut down petrol stations this past Tuesday. Though it was a peaceful protest, the state attacked the protesters with teargas and gunfire, killing 23 year old Mustapha Opobiyi. This mirrors the systemic state violence witnessed world-wide over the past year since the beginning of the Arab Spring -- but this ongoing repression builds resistance.

As we know in the United States, repression is on the rise. Between the continued use of inhumane prisons like Guantanamo Bay and the recently passed National Defense Authorization Act of Fiscal Year 2012, people in the US are becoming more and more aware of the injustices of this globalized corporate system. We stand in solidarity with the Nigerian people and all victims of this system. We also see the inconsistency of the US government's support of pro-democracy movements when it is actively derailing the very democracy it claims to protect.

We call on you to join us in fighting back against state repression!

Also, this Saturday, January 14th, Occupy Nigeria-New York will be marching on the United Nations. We encourage all to join them in solidarity:

United Nations, New York (1st Avenue between 45 St & 46 St)
Date: Saturday January 14th, 2012
Time: 12 noon - 3pm
Join R&B Superstar and activist Banky W, Fuji legend Adewale Ayuba and other prominent Nigerians in the rally for change. Tell one, tell all, bring your friends and family and stand united to protest the removal of the oil subsidy in Nigeria, the killing of protesters and activist, the gross mismanagement of our resources and economy by our corrupt, and inept leadership who have become pawns in the hands of the greedy IMF and World Bank. Speak up and let your voice be heard.



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[-] 5 points by REVENGEANGEL (3) 12 years ago

america has been alseep waaaay too long..we been waay too relaxed and let out government handle everything..grabes microphone...GUESS WHAT CONGRESS...IM AWAKE BITCHES AND I WANT MY AMERICA BACK!!!!!

[-] 1 points by falcon1961 (24) 12 years ago

The ultimate in state oppression is going down in Mississippi. State and Federal Government Corporate Corruption used my family to gain untold amounts of money in a lawsuit then left for dead after the court was unable to prove injury to others of a fraudulent class action. We have already been threatened we would not be allowed to bankrupt the worlds largest corporations. We feel we have a solution to help many others have a better life by investing in ourselves. Not Corporations.

Please direct any attorney known to us for further legal actions. Defendants have set a portion of our own awards to battle us. www.classvictim.wordpress.com

[-] 3 points by rioguzman (12) 12 years ago

It occurred to me recently that reform is impossible with the people we have elected; obviously our government works for the 1%. Our system is so corrupt that the elections could be rigged. Therefore, I propose organizing a massive walk to Washington to ask for Obama’s resignation. We elected him to work for us and instead he is working for the corporate oligarchy; it is our constitutional right to replace him at any time. They did it in Egypt. We can do it here! We choose a date and depart from New York, Seattle, Portland, San Francisco, Los Angeles and San Diego to meet in Washington DC at another set date (we can use vehicles part of the way if necessary). By the time we get there, enlisting occupiers along the way, we should number on the thousands. And we occupy until we install a new president and replace the Federal Reserve System (a banking cartel that stole our government in 1913 – it is unconstitutional) See: The Creature from Jekyll Island: A Second Look at the Federal … Reserve, by G Edward Grifffin. It is paramount to do this because there is overwhelming e v i d e n c e that 9/11 was an inside job (AE 9/11 Truth ) which means that our political system is so corrupt that it would be impossible to start our new country without cleaning house and bringing the guilty to justice. No system can exist long without justice . . . justice for all! Besides, without a clean-up, an honest president would be thrown into a nest of vipers and his chances to survive would be slim. If you have any doubt that JFK was assassinated by the 1%, I suggest reading: JFK and the Unspeakable: Why He Died and Why It Matters By James Douglass. Native Americans should be invited to participate in this march as they have been immorally ignored and marginalized for too long. It is time for them to claim their right place in our society. We can learn much from their culture. And we must keep in mind that the reason the 1% is in power is the apathy and lack of caring of the 99%. When we loose our virtue we are easy prey for vipers. It is a must to realize that everything is interconnected and we are all part of a Whole, and when we help others we help ourselves. What would the world be like if when we get up in the morning our first thought would be to help others. . . do unto others what is best for them? That said, for the occupy movement failure is not an option, for if the movement fails the future is bleak indeed; what the corporate oligarchy is doing is not only serious, it is evil. Let’s get it done!

[-] 3 points by sufinaga (513) 12 years ago

TRUTH WILL OUT! come out and show them! hold hands around the planet. we are one humanity. the inhumanity of the tyranny will get worse! let us free ourselves from the BS and expose their crimes to the 99% until we all wake up and stop bowing down to queen and president and archbishop! we must escape from the tyranny of false authority. those who preach crucifixion to frighten our children. we must remove all who support this tyranny and its mind control BS . let us raise our game! let's use our imagination to bring these AOs to their knees.






[-] 2 points by fucorporatemedia (451) 12 years ago

We have some major problems with state repression right here, right now.

Since when is it okay for a campaign to hire cops to throw people in prison(and cages?)

"I asked about his authority to remove me. “We’re working for the Romney campaign,” he said. I asked if he was on-duty; he said he was. My confusion deepened. So was he working for the town of Hudson today, or for the campaign? “Both.” (Later, I think I got it straight: the campaign hired the police for the day, sort of like a private security detail.)

At the police station, I was put in a cage and asked to remove my shoes, belt, and sweatshirt. An officer named Manni and another officer processed my paperwork. As they did so, they told me not to go back to “that area” when I was released. I indicated that I understood I wasn’t permitted to be on the company’s land or facilities, but surely I could go back to the street if I so chose – it’s public property, after all. Don’t go back to that area, they said. If you go back, you might cause a disturbance or a riot, and you could be arrested for disorderly conduct.

I tried to keep calm and ask even-keeled questions. Were they telling me I wasn’t even permitted in the street near the facility? And if so, on what grounds? (I wondered, Is the Romney campaign just permitted to cordon off a whole neighborhood?)

And then the following exchange took place. I began to ask, “If I express my First Amendment freedoms –

And Officer Manni interjected, “You’ll probably be arrested.”

It was clear to me that the two officers had no interest in discussing what the law actually said, or what my rights actually entailed. I was paperwork, and they wanted to get it over with. That didn’t sit well with me, so I kept asking questions. One of the officers then opened up the New Hampshire legal code and read me the definition of disorderly conduct. He read the words dully, as if they were just syllables, with no interest at all in what they meant.

I asked the officer if he could help me connect what he’d just read with my situation and understand why it would be a problem to return to the street outside the event. He told me that I might return and say things that “aren’t what others think.” It was incredible – he actually paused before he said those words, as if searching for something politically correct to say. I don’t think he realized that the words he found had so little to do with the letter and spirit of our laws and Constitution.

Nearly four hours after all of this began – after time spent in an actual cell, and then even more time back in the cage – the bail bondsman arrived. He set up an arraignment date, drove me to an ATM so I could extract the $40 bond, and dropped me off at my car. As we parted, he repeated the officers’ advice from earlier: “Don’t hang around this area.” Apparently, even hours after the event had ended, the Romney campaign and the local police were still present, nibbling away at my freedoms. "


Occupy needs to raise awareness of this right now! This is an absurd abuse of power and misuse of public servants for Nazi campaign stops.

Romney needs to be exposed and those cops need to be fired...right now! Enough of the learned helplessness!!

This is the first time to my knowledge that cops are admitting they were hired by the Romney Campaign.

This was on duty, they were getting paid by the taxpayers(overtime too) and the Romney Campaign to subvert our laws!

This is absurd and the movement should be outraged. We should be surrounding the TV stations with this news, demanding they cover it.

This is also the way to quickly take down the Romney Campaign.

They admit the charges are bogus.

[-] 1 points by hiddenwheel (83) from Newton, MA 12 years ago

It has never been more clear what purpose money serves in American culture. It is a surrogate for the threat of violence, and everyone falls in line with it from the cops to the protesters. Our society is based in fear. We fear what that money could do if turned into what it actually represents. Those who possess the money fear what would happen if the distribution of wealth started moving in the other direction. They fear the mob.

[-] 0 points by HarryPairatestes2 (380) from Barrow, AK 12 years ago

Nazi? Really?

Do you really understand the First Amendment and the subsequent rulings explaining time, place, and conduct in expressing your "rights"?


[-] 2 points by Janox (0) 12 years ago

ACTION ALERT!! A Plea to the American People! #FEB3 - #NDAA - #ResistTyranny Please spread this video around-- This is a CITIZEN ACTION ALERT!!



[-] -1 points by sufinaga (513) 12 years ago

excellent rallying cry from the heart of humanity. we must mobilise the youth to realise if you can't get a job they have one for you @25¢ ph in the FEMA camps. if you are homeless they have space for you in the FEMA camps. if you have mental health problems they have a 2-million man camp in Alaska. if you question what is happening to your country then you are a terrorist and we have a FEMA camp for you. no more worry about medical costs and funeral costs their FEMA camps come with incinerators for you. publish these facts. chant these facts. wake up your friends and family to these facts. they are coming to take you away!! who will protest when they drag you away in the night? or maybe we should join a slave camp prisoner's union and just shut up?????

[-] 1 points by shifty2 (117) 12 years ago

I know this is TV and not always true but this I believe it goes along with new laws being enacted. Now, I’ve been hearing about these FEMA camps for ages. I remember in the early 1990s listening to the late William Cooper discuss them on his shortwave radio program, ‘The Hour of the Time’. That show had one of the best intro’s ever, full of sirens and barking guard dogs as Cooper made like he was broadcasting from behind enemy lines. He would often air secret code phrases, like “John has a long mustache, ” similar to those used in WW2 by the French Resistance.

So the rumor mill about FEMA camps has been around for a long time, even before the popularity and widespread use of the Internet. What Jesse Ventura and his team of investigators on TruTV’s ‘Conspiracy Theory’ did this past Friday was to separate some of the myths from the facts. But even the facts are scary enough!

For example, our friendly Federal government has established some 72 ‘Fusion Centers’ across the nation. These innocuous facilities are meant to combine and coordinate Federal, state and local agencies during times of threats and emergencies. But according to Mike German, a former FBI agent, there is no Federal oversight. He is currently working with the ACLU to obtain more information as to the purpose and function of these Fusion Centers.

Jesse Ventura set off on this adventure after speaking with Kathryn Blish, who was a Missouri delegate for Ron Paul at the 2008 National Republican Convention. It seems that her association with the Ron Paul campaign earned her a spot on a Federal government ‘watch list’ of potential troublemakers. You may recall a document originating from the Department of Homeland Security in January of 2009 detailing how people with anti-gun control or Ron Paul bumper stickers on their cars were to be considered potentially dangerous to the Missouri State Police.

According to John Bush of ‘Operation Defuse’, a citizen watchdog organization, the Federal government is compiling a massive database on citizen activities and political associations. But who exactly is running these Fusion Centers? This is unclear, however, in a previous episode, Jesse Ventura uncovered a group known as Infra-Guard, made up of DHS, FBI and CIA that arranges for private corporations to gather and exchange intelligence on U.S. citizens. Could they be involved?

The biggest bombshell on FEMA camps aired on Jesse Ventura ‘Conspiracy Theories’ revolves around H.R. 645, the National Emergency Centers Act which does indeed authorize the construction of 800 FEMA camps across the country. Much of the ground work had been developed earlier under the plan REX-84, authored by none other than Oliver North when he served in the Reagan Administration. REX 84 was the Readiness Exercise 1984 to test the Federal government’s ‘Continuity of Government’ (CoG) plans. These would kick in in the event of an attack on the United States.

On September 11, 2001, the actions of the Federal government during the attack by Al Qaeda essentially followed the REX 84 plan. George W. Bush was flown around in a seemingly odd, haphazard way, from one military base to another. But, in fact, that was part of the plan. To keep the president moving in a outwardly random way to confuse the enemy. 9/11 did reveal a major flaw in our CoG plans, as most of Congress had nowhere to go. Earlier provisions for Congress to be moved to a CoG facility were scrapped in the late 1990s after their secret bunker under the Greenbrier Hotel in West Virginia was exposed.

The Ventura show on FEMA camps, entitled ‘Police State’, has been removed from TruTV’s list of upcoming programing. The bombshell FEMA Camps confirmed by Jesse Ventura on ‘Conspiracy Theory’ was when he actually knocked on the front door of one facility marked as a ‘Family Residential Camp’ in Texas. The facility looked like a prison, surrounded by a double-barbed wired fence. The fence had signs warning visitors not to bring residents materials that could be used for escape. There was even a playground for children with swing sets and slides. But the folks at the facility would not give Ventura much information, referring him to the DHS and ICE, the Immigration Criminal Enforcement agency. Alex Jones directed Ventura to another of the FEMA Camps locations where thousands of plastic ‘grave liners’ were being stored. Jones told Ventura each could be used as a coffin and hold four bodies in the event of a Mega-Death scenario, where a pandemic kills thousands suddenly. There is no doubt that whatever the situation, the FEMA camp story is again alive and well and full of mystery. One thing we do know is that the old REX 84 plans have been updated again as REX 2010.

Related Articles:

HR 645: Congress Seeks to Authorize & Legalize FEMA Camps


[-] 1 points by falcon1961 (24) 12 years ago

If any of you know an attorney here's a legal action to occupy corporate wallets. My family of five were left for dead after having hundreds of millions with other untold amounts settled in our lawsuit. A trial failed to show injuries to a fraudulent state sponsored class action. Attorneys, state officials and the courts refuse to release our awards to us and are awaiting our death from our injuries so they can keep the awards. court documents at www.classvictim.wordpress.com

[-] 1 points by deadrabit (2) 12 years ago

Obama is serious about shutting down the internet. He has said that foreign tv shows will be blocked. So that means no more bbc, aljazeera, rt, .....etc. Please, let us organize boycott of fox, ...etc if they pass sopa into law. Lets see if they can do without us watching their stupid commercials.



[-] 1 points by JohnWa (513) 12 years ago

Asking for America back can only be a warning to the thieves that have taken the nation's wealth. The bankers and their lackies will never give it back , they will only take more.


If that can be done with the present political system - so be it.


The political system has to serve the whole nation - not the rich few.

News media is the power to control.


Public good and honesty has nothing to do with wealth and control.

[-] 1 points by ForwardWeGo (99) 12 years ago

Chris Hedges spoke to Occupy DC on Monday on this and other topics. Here are links in 4 segments Enjoy!

Part 1 - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FPeEDwuePSQ

Part 2 - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5WLM4zC_zUo

Part 3 - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gg73PUW-heY

Part 4 - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hP-teuQbOPs

[-] 1 points by lrrrosterman (3) 12 years ago

What ever became of the Egyptian riots. Still happening. Type it in a search engine. They have officially declared it over. Thats what you get here. Why is occupy cooperating with that. You should really find out. Truth is Egypt doesn't want a puppet government. They do not want the BS of religous pacification of there people. Because the Egyptian could care less about religion. So the riots are going on and will continue. Why would the paper printers have so much at stake in Egypt? Why is pacification as important to them as a minority ruling the majority of Egyptians that obviously do not want it?

Simple they want to take of Egypt. Simple that is over. The goodies that you want in Egypt are not yours to take. You can take the pacifist religion of the Saudi's that has everyone else fooled. Back out of Egypt and give them their rule. THATS IT.

The people that print useless paper have their hooks into Govts. All over the earth. Simple as this. If your using paper and its legal tender the only legal means of trade. Which devalues ANYTHING YOU OWN to nothing. Because what you have is NOT legal for trade. They have their hooks in your Govt. Here in the United States they just simply own it. Another words you can take your big screen tv to the grocery store. Try to trade it for a couple of steaks and some other items. They aren't going to do it. Your goods are not legal for trade.

Its not banks got bailed out thats bs. Thats simply a point of changing one or 2 things hoping you will walk away satisfied. NO NO its the fact they can print all they want and its the only legal means of trade CONTROLLED BY NOT CORPORATIONS. However by private individuals.

Truth is in the Trust buster days they wanted people like the Rockefellers really bad. Death threats and the like. So they cooperated with doing away with the trusts. Formed something better called a corporation. Hides them really well. With holding companies and the like. So as far as you know Rockefeller is just some memorabilia. Deal is thats all a corporation is. Why dosen't occupy care to name names? To much funding for universities from corporations and the like?

So your cooperation with these bstrds. By not putting out who owns what. We don't want straw men. We have enough of those. They are called politicians. We want a piece of the a.. of the people that print the a.. wipe. That continually steal. Which the likes of many cooperate and approve of. That hold other people like Egypt with puppet Govts. That do not let them make their own decisions. You can see we obviously have the same thing here in America. MITT you came along at the right time. I am p....sing my pants laughing watching you people trying to put Humpty Dumper back together again.




[-] 0 points by BystanderDC (91) 12 years ago

So nobody can give us an update, did anyone go?




[-] 0 points by Justice4all (133) 12 years ago

Those who make billions and billions off the backs of their fellow human beings are the SS reincarnated!! Those they allow to survive by making bare minimum are diseased scum to them and if they could dispose of us they would without blinking. They are taking away our rights little by little until we will all have no base to live if they choose us not to. This may be the last moments for people to get the understanding that we are meant to be liquidated in the bigger scope of things, if we as a whole group do not end this madness!! If as each individual goes we do not serve their means for their continual gain and domination in all that is, we in the end will die!

[-] 1 points by sufinaga (513) 12 years ago

freedom is worth fighting for! it is worth fighting while we are still free! they are coming to take us away! the tracks are laid!


[-] 0 points by BystanderDC (91) 12 years ago

So how did the event go? Was there a good turnout? I can't find any news or pictures of it.

[-] 0 points by proudofOKC (361) 12 years ago

We need an American Spring.








[-] -1 points by ombp2 (12) 12 years ago


[-] -1 points by lrrrosterman (3) 12 years ago

I agree Lloyd. However with one minor change. The Federal Reserve is a privately held corporation. That can print all it wants. Banks got bailed out is bs. If the controlling votes are banks in the Federal Reserve. Whats the point. Simplicity?

Fact: The only legal means of trade in the United States is legal tender. You can take a cow to the supermarked and try to trade it for a box of hamburger helper. They aren't going to do it.

So if the privately held Federal Reserve can print at will. Taking resources. Or if not given up just directing the people that OWE them to attack and go get them. Which includes the Govt. Not to mention fractionaly and by debt. The individual debtors of the United States. The citizens. Then that would put the people that print the only legal means of trade in front. With the Government, Pentagon and everything else following what THEY will.

It would come as a shock if I threw out a figure oh say. McCain 84 percent of the vote and Obama 16%. However I find that even superfluous. Truth is that the people that stand up in front the cameras really don't mean all that much. Point is who owns the only legal means of trade and can print all they want. They can virtually drain any resource provided they have the labor.

At the sake of my repeating myself. They have overun 3 black populations. Iraq, Afganistan and now Libya. You see the point of Mr. Obama now. Not blaming him. However the man that prints the paper makes the rules. Best be sure of that. The rest of the black nations best be wary and on their guard. You can see that pacification of invaded people. Conqueored by armed incursion is highly important to them.

Universities highly organized people. Went in amoungst the Vietnam war protestors. They owe their funding and their loans their education and elevation into the structure to the ones that print the paper and make the rules. So in short they are AVOIDING the invasions for the most part and leave it to the contendness of the people that are upset or frustrated. Saying don't worry about it follow us. Nothing of 9/11 Afganistan, Iraq or Libya is very absent. Simple fact is they infiltrated what was not being talked about purposefuly. Many people understand 9/11 and are very sensitive to being lied to.

Way to volitle again for them to discuss the invasions. Or to make films about and put on their occupy site. Or to even have chorus about on the street. Where are those things offical occupy? Evidence your the infiltration of what was taking place and not published in the first place. Truth is one more time. Egypt was going off, way before these clowns could get out here. So was Syria. So was the United States. Everyone staring at youtube wondering when was this stuff going to show up. So what is going on here is direction. Which I don't like which keeps the war arm of these bastards in tact. Once again Afganistan and Iraq are puppet govts. Very obvious. It is complete ignorance. Not to realize that the U.S. Govt. Is a puppet of the swindlers that print the paper. Thing is the control here is those that print the paper make the rules and can buy anything and anyone they want. As it is the only legal means of trade.

You can only do so much to the earth. Then it may call in its markers. I can see the direction that these students and others THINK they are going to take all of this. Truth is we don't want it. So recovery NO. People just aren't a factor in this anymore. Any appeal to humanity and suffering is not heard. Enough damage has been inflicted. Ruining the lives of many that DO NOT particpate in the maddness of destruction. Of people that invent clever swindels. Also the labor that carries out the destruction for them.

Truth is as the little dance to recovery is done with University people. Everyone gearing up for what is the new greatest swindel on earth. Bouncing the earth around like a beach ball at the edge of the sea. Many pretending they have permission and access to anything on the earth (WHICH THEY DO NOT. THEY HAVE NO PERMISSION TO TAKE ANYTHING, only food ) just because it is there. Involvement in what is humane because one is human is not at issue here. We could care less. Truth is don't go near on the earth of what is not yours to begin with. You will live in regret for the rest of your lives if you do. We will hold accountable and never forget anyone that does.


[-] 1 points by lrrrosterman (3) 12 years ago

Thing is. They just do not understand. Oh but some do. That they are ruining some of the earth. I really don't understand it. Then again I really don't care. Truth is the earth reacts. If they don't care well. They have failed in their duty as SERVANTS of such. No easy way to put it. Humanity and their working in the destruction of the things of the earth. Leaves me with absolutely no sympathy whatsoever with their plight. The people that respect the earth and the things of it. Need to enjoy that respect I do think. The ones that don't can wander the earth trying to figure it out for all I care. Many more respect it than don't. Earthwide. Truth be told. They feel like they need to run the rest of humanity AND THEY ARE WAY OUT OF LINE.

[-] -2 points by themuppetmaster (12) 12 years ago

Lovely peopel, these Nigerians. they scam people, they murder. they should burn. http://www.foxnews.com/world/2012/01/07/nigeria-christians-to-defend-against-muslim-sect/

[-] 3 points by PeterBurgess (5) from Bushkill, PA 12 years ago

I have spent many months in Nigeria over the past 35 years. Like most countries the vast majority of the people are good honest folk who would like a better quality of life and more opportunity. Sadly leadership in government and the corporate sector is about self serving greed and satisfying investors ... other stakeholders do not count. Both Nigerian leadership and corporate oil interests have a disgraceful history ... not to mention those that try to scam using the Internet ... but ordinary Nigerians deserve a whole lot better. It is an 'Occupy' type situation!

[-] 3 points by hiddenwheel (83) from Newton, MA 12 years ago

The goal of big business in places like Nigeria is to CREATE chaos. When there is an outbreak of violence the media just calls it "religious" or "ethnic" which it may be but the media ignores the role played by oil companies in creating the violence.