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Today in NYC: Occupy the Bronx Says "Stop Police Brutality!" Plus, Day of Action to Support Iranian Democracy

Posted 9 years ago on Feb. 4, 2012, 9:37 a.m. EST by OccupyWallSt

via Occupy the Bronx:

Today! 3:30pm until 6:00pm
stop police brutality
3rd Ave between 161st and 163rd, Bronx, NY
The beating of Jatiek Reed and the murder of Rahmarley Graham are just two more examples of Mayor Bloomberg and Commissioner Kelly’s failed policy of harassing, incarcerating and murdering our Black and Latino youth and we, the community must stop them. Enough Police Brutality in our communities! We demand justuce for Jatiek, Rahmarley, and all victims of police violence! It is time to fight back! This march will be after the press conference from the two families and Assemblymen Erick Stevenson.
Directions: 3rd ave between 161st and 163rd Street, Bronx NY
2 or 5 Train to Prospect Ave
BX 15, BX 13, BX 21, BX 55, TO 161ST OR BX 6 TO 3rd ave

Also today, marchers in New York will be joining with Occupiers in Boston, Milwaukee, and many other cities across the U.S. and world to say "No Sanctions, No War, No Dictatorship on Iran!" Via Facebook:

no war on iran

Today, 1:00pm until 4:00pm
46th St. and 7th Ave, Manhattan, NY

A coalition of individuals, groups and organizations including World Can’t Wait, ANSWER, Iranian-Friendship Committee and many more have called for a nation-wide “Day of Mass Action to Stop War on Iran” on Saturday, February 4th. Unfortunately, this call to action makes no reference to the democratic movement in Iran, otherwise known as the Green Movement, which mobilized millions in 2009 followed by a brutal government crackdown. We know the Iranian government manipulates such gatherings as the forthcoming "Day of Mass Action" into evidence of support for the regime. We also know that some individuals and organizations in the anti-war movement have historically aligned themselves with the regime, regardless of its violent suppression of Iranian people working towards political and social change.

We, a group of Iranians/non-Iranians in New York City, not affiliated with the coalition mentioned above, will participate in the Day of Mass Action to voice our ardent objection to sanctions and to reject calls for war against Iran. But we also find it imperative to stand clearly with the Iranian people’s struggle for democracy. The Iranian people are the only legitimate power to bring about the changes they want. Any foreign intervention only stifles prospects for a more genuine democracy by strengthening the ruling elites in Iran who would pose as “defenders of national self-determination.”

The Iranian Green movement, Arab Spring, and occupy movements have inspired us all that another world is possible! A world in which we are no longer victims of corruption, war, and exploitation. We stand in defense of the Iranian people’s right to economic and social justice. We refuse to be the pawns of a broader struggle between the world’s elites who only seek to profit from our suffering.

We, therefore invite you on February 4th with your Green slogans and signs. Our participation would be more meaningful and our message clearer if we show up together.



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[-] 3 points by riethc (1149) 9 years ago

Are you guys serious about this supporting "democracy" in Iran? You sound like the CIA.

In the real world, spreading "democracy" is actually just regime change.

[-] 1 points by nomdeguerre (1775) from Brooklyn, NY 9 years ago

Amen. This is disgusting. It's actually a pro-war stand, pretending to be anti-war.

[-] 2 points by foreveriran (2) 9 years ago

Iranian Green movement? There's nothing in common between Green movement and Occupy Wall street.

You support poor people and act against corruption of 1% rich people, but Greens do something different. They humiliate middle class citizens who support Ahmadinejad. They call them "Sandiskhor", and they claim their support for him comes from the 20-cent cheep drinks called "Sandis" that governments gives in rallies!

They don't seek democracy. We can like Ahmadinejad or hate him, but he has the support of 2/3 of Iranian people and he could be able to get 63% of the votes in the elections, but Greens don't want to accept this and claim there was a fraud in election that was performed in more than 45,000 election centers in which Mousavi had observers, but no provable claim was provided for fraud in elections rather than bunch of lies and hoaxes. So, we can call greens that forces of Oligarchy, not the people who seek democracy!

I think you can find a lot in common with Iranian revolution. Support for democracy, helping poor people, confronting corruption and seeking equality between people.

You should know that Greens ignore Wall street movement. They claim that this movement is an illusion Iranian state television tries to create in the people's mind, and those who came into streets are people who don't understand and appreciate the best government in the world! As a supporter of Iranian revolution -and a critic of Green movment-, I am happy to run a website about Occupy Wall street movement. See this:


Greens had the chance that you don't know Persian. You should read more about Green movement, and you should use original sources, not propaganda sites they create to spread hatred against Iran.

[-] 2 points by DontBlowIt (2) 9 years ago

OWS is embarrassing itself by not being able to take a position clearly contrary to AIPACs and clearly against intervention in Iran. Anything that touches on Israel gets watered down.

Why is that OWS-NY?

[-] 3 points by childseyes (85) 9 years ago

Wow, never thought of it that way. I was just bothered by the fact that OWS is using constitutional rights, but not clearly standing to defend them and the constitution. This is really getting convoluted:(

[-] 1 points by TrevorMnemonic (5827) 9 years ago

Yeah I'm not going to support Iran. But I'm also not going to support war against them.

[-] 1 points by Truth4Life (43) 9 years ago

The Iranian government was democratically elected. This notwithstanding all the pro war propaganda we see on a daily basis in radio & other media.

[-] 1 points by Errollflynn (1) 9 years ago

No, I disagree. Iranian "Greens" are like US Democrats and Republicans, or French UMP and PS: they have essentially the same leaders as the other side (rich and recycled), and by mass games in the media they control, they give the impression that there is a difference, whereas there isnt one really.

The Iranian Greens are actually quite evil. They give the impression that through them Iran can evolve. But by doing that they kind of divert the necessary unity to overthrow a tyranny based on ripping of the oil wealth by the Paderan (revolutionary guards), and religious maniacs (whose family members are up to the same corrupt game).. All the rest, including torture is just a diversion from their Economic rip-off scheme.

Funnily enough, the US top 1% basically want the Iranian regime to continue. It lets them do deals in the region, provides stability (through torture) to the US nightmares created in Iraq , Afghanistan, Pakistan, provides them with a tool to rip off in the future Central Asia (Kazahkstan, Turkmenistan) by setting them up against the Chinese. Their problem is that the 1% is also closely linked to Israel, the real terror state in the world with North Korea...and its a pretty dangerous game for the US.

Dont bring the Iranian greens into this. The Occupy movement is serious, with the people trying to get back on corrupt elites worldwide. The Green Elites ar part of that. The average Iranian with 3 jobs, fighting to get by would be with you and isnt interested in the greens....rather looking badly at the European and US elites who have refused to help them in their quest for human rights

[-] 0 points by FreedomFighterIRAN (0) 9 years ago

You really got your information! Thank you! We don't like the Green Movement, because they are a part of the mullahs. The regime does not give a chance to anybody else, who have another political view. If it was like that, ther would be no problems in Iran and the 1% could not abuse and destroy Iran. Mousavi got accepted by the mullahs of the regime, The people just simply used this Green Movement to show their feelings about the situation in Iran and to go against the evil Islamic Republic!

[-] 1 points by DrHRGoetting (1) 9 years ago

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[-] 1 points by Moein (18) from Tehran, Tehran 9 years ago

I completely agree with:

"The Iranian Green movement, Arab Spring, and occupy movements have inspired us all that another world is possible! A world in which we are no longer victims of corruption, war, and exploitation. We stand in defense of the Iranian people’s right to economic and social justice. We refuse to be the pawns of a broader struggle between the world’s elites who only seek to profit from our suffering."

Hurrah! You are smart and just.

[-] 1 points by Moein (18) from Tehran, Tehran 9 years ago

Salaam to OWSM

The revolution continues worldwide




[-] 0 points by lithosere (65) 9 years ago

Iran is a touchy issue. Yes their government is oppressive, but DO NOT be lured into supporting another US invasion. We can be in solidarity with Iranian demonstrators, but BE IN THE STREETS DEMONSTRATING THIS GOVERNMENT AS SOON AS IT BEGINS WAR THERE.

This movie explains the situation well. It's called "Iran is Not the Problem."



[-] 0 points by Moein (18) from Tehran, Tehran 9 years ago

The Iranian people are the only legitimate power to bring about the changes they want. Any foreign intervention only stifles prospects for a more genuine democracy by strengthening the ruling elites in Iran who would pose as “defenders of national self-determination.”

Yes you are smart and just.

Thanks for continues movement.