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We kick the ass of the ruling class

#TheoryThursday: Intro to Social Change Theory (aka #YouAreNeeded for a wave)

Posted 9 months ago on March 19, 2014, 3:10 p.m. EST by OccupyWallSt
Tags: #YouAreNeeded, #WWW, TheoryThursday, #WaveOfAction

This week's Theory Thursday is by Micah White, PhD. - OSN

Although our individual human life is finite, each of us is born into a human story that stretches back to the dawn of inegalitarian society—a story of the struggle for equality, autonomy and mutual aid among the people… We call this the story of democracy.

The people’s spiritual uprising toward democracy is like the Pacific Ocean seen from Neahkahnie Mountain. The surface of the ocean is in a state of flux—constant dynamic change—and the individual human mind is incapable of anticipating the movement of the sea. Even when the waves are calm, they are truly in a state of motion and unpredictability near the shore or around sea stacks.

Humanity has learned to never turn their back on the ocean. One never knows when a tsunami might hit. The ocean receives our respect because at anytime the waves may turn from placid to furious and wash away the structures that once looked permanent.

The fury of the ocean is influenced by natural forces: the distance of the earth to the moon, the wind, earthquakes, and more.

The waves of the social organism are equally influenced by natural forces. Revolutions follow patterns. An increase in food prices, for example, historically precedes a revolutionary moment. Witness the 2011 Tahrir Uprising in Egypt. Each era has a unified theory of social movement creation that remains to be defined by those striving toward its discovery. The great revolutionaries behind the uprisings of the 18th century (French Revolution, American Revolution, Haitian Revolution), 19th century (Europe’s Insurrection of 1848 and the Paris Commune of 1871) and 20th century (Russian Revolution, Chinese Revolution) were modern theorists of understanding, stimulating, and channeling the insurgent waves of the social organism toward liberatory political goals.

The social organism is under pressure from the trifecta of ecological, economic and spiritual catastrophe. The ongoing crisis of the 21st century is a symptom of these three catastrophic pressures that guarantee a continued increase in uprisings.

Our objective as social movement creators is to develop a predictive understanding of the complex forces of dynamic social change in order to use the momentum of coming global waves to achieve our populist vision of a better world for the 99%.

Micah M. White, PhD is on the board of the Occupy Solidarity Network.



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[-] 2 points by PeteMarchesi001 (10) 8 months ago

AvesrsionTherapy. We, seem, close to collapse... There, is always hope! I say to myself. But, who..., is intelligent here?

My mind seems to lose control.

This is not independent thought this. I apologize to the Japanese for the atom bomb. It must be taken up there.

There is no code for this thing.

The Lawyer’s Game

I am back… at the poker game. I don’t know much about the Internet, but here it goes. I am interested in whatever. Whatever it is… And there it stands. I look around. I don’t see nothing much. And there goes the language.

Poker is a fine game. A game for Presidents, and Kings. I don’t know what else there is. I always thought a President is of… a company. But, I guess there it remains. Is life a business?

People get too powerful in business, so they take over the world. How is that? I know a little bit about Banks. I guess they have to be included… They say it takes time.

There is someone always after me. He chooses to do what he does. I guess it is magic. But, you call it, mind-reading. I guess that is a technical term, for the occult. Not a very good way to be. And they catch and demean you. I am at the poker game. A game for cabbages and kings. I guess that is a poem. And he chooses no answer.

I am at the occult table. Remember it well from Germany. They made a film. I don’t know who made that film. It is filth. I do not know that quote.

I am patient with all these old people, but are they patient… with me. They tell me to play on. And make no more mistakes. I don’t know how I can do that. When my men travel around so uselessly. Whatever we do, must be gentle. Or, they won’t want to fight us. This is exact. I get back to the game.

I tender on. I am missing from the game. But I am in the same room. This is called the Internet. I guess you need help on this. I go have a cigarette.

I am ashamed of the white supremacists. Some of them… do not cotton on to what we are doing. And I am talking about the good ones here. The ones that are the good seed. They see the world as their apple, and they do what they want. How do we control that? That is a great concern of mine. This has not happened yet. Most of these people, I do not know. And, how, do we know them.

The other thing is the lobby. How do we get to that? I guess they are all around. I cannot complete that.

The next thing is… to influence. I don’t think that we can do that. I guess this comes out of nowhere. The house settles it is all asleep. It is night. I begin to play poker. I don’t know what happens at the table. It moves apart.

We begin, it is central to this vision. I go back to the game. It is another game.

It dances around for a bit. I am talking about the computer.

It is weird to go back a little. So, I think to myself, of the computer. It has light. Where does this come from? I think of that… guy. I get no answers. I see lightening. And know… it strikes people that don’t want it. So, I wonder about light.

It is to me, not a good thing.

A cigarette. I guess I have one in my hand.

I get back to the game. I get back to John Kerry. Was he a Vietnam Vet? I guess he was. He was never on our side. I wonder why the expedition failed… in the sixties.

I guess I can do that. And I look around at the table, near me. Oh sorry, the players… I wonder about players. I think that I can identify them. My list. Ted Cruz. Obstinate. McCain. Insane. Hillary Clinton. I don’t know her. The reason being, is that she is a woman. The fourth. Gingrich. The rich one. And he does not know what that means. He is dangerous. The fifth. Biden. The professor. In lay language, wizard. (We talk of evil things here.) Gore. The most dangerous one.

The King.

He is known to me. He is not interested in Environmentalism. He is too rich. He took credits on the stock market. And showed them to me, to us all. Look it up.

The worse is Zarkov. But, he is from overseas. And there is where is the trick. We cannot keep up with him. He keeps… (I think Al Gore is into oil) nuclear plants all around him. From a long line.

I guess I go to the Roman Catholic Church. That is where it hurts. But, there is nobody there.

Next on my list… The public defender. In charge of the Army. Can’t remember his name. It will come to me. A man of war.

I guess I go to the doctor. The safe one. His name gets out of my brain.

The tenth. Who knows…

I also have Barbara Back. Lieberman. Christie. And that is all that I can get.

Obama is a good man. We must remember that…


(Be gentle. In that we approach this gently.)

The lawyer’s game continues. I think it is about law. But, I don’t know where this law is derived from. I guess I get out. Of the way? Of what…?

I guess I leave you time to expect it.

To know what is true. It is not the lawyer’s respect I am talking about here.

The lawyer’s game continues. I think it is about law. But, I don’t know where this law is derived from. I guess I get out. Of the way? Of what…?

I guess I leave you time to expect it.

To know what is true. It is not the lawyer’s respect I am talking about here.

I ask the computer.

Let me explain myself. I gamble… a lot. I don’t have any money. Do I want money? I sit at the Internet table, and they start talking to me in my mind. I don’t mind that. But, they tell me what to do. Wizardry. I am about sick of this stuff… And God takes me off the phone. That kind of stuff. (I can’t explain it in detail.)

I leave the table. They want my ‘energy’. This means, a word.

And I cannot get around that.

They are trying to secure your future here. They do it in the most insidious way. These ways cannot go on like this. I can’t really explain it.

So, I go on like this. I don’t even know who this letter is to!


[-] 0 points by Conquistadorcom (0) 8 months ago


We are blind. We do not follow our women. They impose on us. This is from a long time ago. Cortez was a radical.

A malcontent, with his nation...

It, is, not passion that is shown. It was trouble...

Conquistador, is a bad man here. But, not in Mexico... where it is poor. And they do not care about each other. They reach... into this Nation. What is it they say.

Report: I see the news. The Mexican does not regret it. Only the rich... men. Cruz. Why is he not gone from office?

I believe it is not an endorsement to the Republicacans, Capitalist society. Morpheus.

Why do we tolerate the, Mexican? Report closed.

Dude, is this! dude is that!

This is a good President. I do not need any yahoos in here.


[-] 0 points by PeteMarchesi001 (10) 8 months ago

Einstein... What a theory... We only want theories of war. And I look at the... 'comment', below me. I am dying. And, what for? I cannot heal myself. I can only wait for God.

"I saw, a band... - in Lake Elsinore. All, the play. It gives me no hope. We, are in real trouble, here. And the Hebrews do not seem to realize it. Why... am I dying.

Because, you have no soul, probably - Says Einstein...

  • Madness, is a sickness of a good man, gone bad. I look more than I can.

Machiavelli - Italian

[-] 0 points by ApexPredator (9) 8 months ago

To Those That May Be

If there is a war, we will have a revolution. Because, I, think... we are ready for it. When a cigarette company comes up, you put it down. It is an evil thing, and must be put away. This is a thing, of our Lord. We, are circumspect, and wait for this thing.

[-] 0 points by PeteMarchesi001 (10) 8 months ago

Okay. I put a comment in. It is not kept.

[-] 0 points by PeteMarchesi001 (10) 8 months ago

Hungry Men

No paper. Than this. We write on cardboard.

Punishment is this.

It is all the place... Curious.

Keep reading.

(Integrity. I have acted independently.)

[-] 0 points by PeteMarchesi001 (10) 8 months ago

Amandla. Freedom of pain from the oppressor. OTEP.

No mercy.

[-] 0 points by PeteMarchesi001 (10) 8 months ago

Start a thread. We need Marilyn Manson, to play. OTEP. Will high-line. Who else is there... Beck. Hmm. I hate GodSmack. No show. Rolling Stones are out of it. Timbaland - Organizer...

Bands... Play.

"Left, my home... and FAMILY I was no more than... (boy)"

[-] 0 points by ApexPredator (9) 8 months ago

Sexual Predator

Hi. Marilyn. Good to see you. We are, circumspect... Sexual choice? Provision.

I see a cloud. I know it is pollution. It yawns, at me. Animal.

I see a car! Black teeth. I keep to the stone in the wall. Movement... Picture, Wall. I need a Priest. A bird gets into his nest. "I'm dangerous."

So, I am a sexual predator. And, I look after kids... (Such a monster.) So, they beat her up, because they wanted to touch her breast...

Pictures Of Memories

Clasp the clouds I clasp the waves

This is a song - Marilyn Manson

[-] 0 points by ApexPredator (9) 8 months ago


Not me. It's not happening to me. It is a stillness in me, I do not understand.

I only know love of God. The only commandment.

Miracles are what we hide from. The atom bomb was not a miracle.

We don't know sickness that well. I go to the doctor, and ask him to take my life.

Hmm. Not to be done easily. I am a scurrilous vegetable. I look at suicide. It does not suit me. My body is yet... still. So, I do not fight it.


[-] -1 points by ApexPredator (9) 8 months ago

OutKast (Read Backwards)

[N.A.T.O. must be protested against jointly]

[-] -1 points by ApexPredator (9) 8 months ago

Do not let happen to you, happen to you. The spirits go through you. Occupy Wall Street... is not a Spiritual thing. We are blind when we go into hospitals. The young are being taken there. God does not want this. There is a human. I am frozen on the spot. It takes the shape of a man. It has a blank eye. It is insidious this stuff. We open up for battle. I can't scream in here, the hospital. The Spirits beckon me... We, look over shoulders. Church.

[-] -2 points by ApexPredator (9) 8 months ago

Homophobic... A word not uttered much. Not sexually drawn. I am quite happy with it... My Mother snarls. We, are all, put... away!! To rely on oneself... The, question keeps on being asked. No gentle touch. I draw thinly. It is private. And He / She draws away. I am in so much trouble for this.

And, he... brings me down. A chirp. A bird. No language.

Same-sex, marriage is not... a religious thing. Apex Predator. Refer to OTEP...

Pete Marchesi / Facebook.

I am thinly drawn in my life. I am a bum. I know no relationship...

A Bird

I see two little birds fly up into the sky The sky is so blue So dark with danger For us I am on foot It travels fast I do not choose myself

I go choose... a witch doctor

(What a fool)

[-] -3 points by chilidip (-34) 8 months ago

How was that mushroom you took before you wrote this Micah?