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Sunday: Occupy Town Square IV- Fort Greene Park

Posted 6 years ago on March 23, 2012, 4:15 p.m. EST by OccupyWallSt

occupy town squares 4

On September 17th we occupied Zuccotti Park to denounce the perpetrators of our current economic crisis and call urgent attention to the ongoing damage the economic and political system has inflicted upon our lives. In the heart of the financial district we fought to build a community by the people for the people - a community built on direct democracy, civic engagement and our collective aspirations for a better world.

Although we were harshly evicted from Zuccotti, we are still here and still fighting for economic justice, an end to police brutality, and the opening of public space for assembly, protest and the pursuit of common goals. The resilience of our collective human spirit is stronger than the power of money, armies and batons. We will move, we will adapt, we will become mobile and bring the joy and hope of the Liberty Square encampment to neighbourhoods throughout New York City. We will tap into the hope of people throughout New York and America and show them that a better world is possible, and that we can build it together starting today

Join us this Sunday March 25th at Fort Greene Park, the first Occupy Town Square in Brooklyn. Occupy groups and local community organizations will mingle, discuss and connect, the way we would in Zuccotti. There will be many wonderful activities at this day long event, including:

  • a pop-up Free Store, please bring your kind donations to fill its shelves
  • a wonderful program with many local food justice groups collaborating featuring rapping, cooking demos, and a panel
  • Special radical walking tours of the area highlighting social and economic issues of the area, as well as its activist history
  • At 4pm, let your voice be heard at the Community Speak-Out. This is your chance to articulate your struggles and let them be echoed around Fort Greene Park.
  • At 7pm, follow the skies leading outside the park for a very special spectacle.

Location: Fort Greene Park, Brooklyn (Myrtle Ave., De Kalb Ave. bet. Washington Park and St. Edward's St.) Subway: R, Q, B, M to DeKalb Avenue; G to Fulton Street

Time: 11am-7pm, Community Speak Out 4 pm.

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[-] 1 points by InTheSlope (1) 6 years ago

Credit: Copyright © 2012 Atlantic Yards Watch All Rights Reserved



02:34 balls over the wall



2012-03-25 Occupy Brooklyn - March to Atlantic Center & arrival


2012-03-25 Occupy Brooklyn NYPD arrive


2012-03-25 Occupy Brooklyn marching on to Dean St & Flatbush


2012-03-25 Occupy Brooklyn 99% in front of gate @ Dean & Flatbush


2012-03-25 Occupy Brooklyn 99% tight shot


[-] 1 points by pigeonlady (284) from Brooklyn, NY 6 years ago

Hey all, Next time consider utilizing the area along Myrtle, which has activity areas and a section designated for barbecues. I was beat from Saturday and can't do that hill myself; a lot of seniors and handicapped hang out along Myrtle and likewise were daunted by the climb, but might have been able to attend if accessible. The visibilty would have been better also and you would have had a lot more joiners if it looked like anything was going on. From Myrtle and Washington Park there was no sign! The hilltop's got view which is why the British built the fort there. The objective to be seen and educate, to attract local interaction and dialogue, may well have been better served at street level.

[-] 1 points by JohnWa (513) 6 years ago

Hundreds or thousands will be with you even if distance separates action from like minds.

Eyes are watching from everywhere around the globe. Take courage and make your mark.

The protest will grow before change happens.

[-] 1 points by becauseofoz (1) from Brooklyn, NY 6 years ago

Yes!!! The occupation comes to my neighborhood. I'll be there