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Sunday, June 3: NYC Solidarity Summer Coordinating Meeting

Posted 2 years ago on June 2, 2012, 1:31 p.m. EST by OccupyWallSt

City-wide Coordinating Meeting for Solidarity with the Quebec Student Strike and Escalating Our Struggles

TIME: Sunday, June 3rd 6pm
LOCATION: 16 Beaver St., NYC

Every night for over a week, Occupy Wall Street activists have taken to the streets of New York to march for affordable education and against police repression, in solidarity with the massive, ongoing student uprising taking place in Quebec and now spreading across the world. As protesters have in Argentina, in Chile, in Spain and now in Canada, we bang pots and pans as we march — a practice called casseroles or caceroladas.

Now, we are calling for a SOLIDARITY SUMMER based on a diversity of tactics, a variety of actions, and a broad range of participants.

Quebec students are currently waging the biggest student strike in recent history, an unlimited general strike that has galvanized massive popular support. The provincial government seeks to destroy the movement and the students’ unions and associations through increased police repression. On Friday, May 18th, an emergency law (Law 78) was passed aimed at criminalizing their growing movement. But the movement shows no signs of faltering.

Students at CUNY as well as other schools are facing severe tuition hikes, budget cuts, police repression and surveillance on our campuses, and crippling student debt. We have common cause with our sisters and brothers in Quebec and seek to unite our struggles.

We are calling this meeting to discuss how to coordinate and escalate our movements, how to involve greater numbers of students and supporters in our movement, how to be in effective solidarity with Quebec’s students and how to organize against police repression everywhere. Please bring your ideas about increasing visibility, participation, and sustainability of this movement.

For tuition-free, quality public education for all
For the abolition of student debt
For universities run by students, faculty, and staff in accordance with our needs and desires
For the right to assembly, demonstration, and dissent without repression.

Long live the unlimited student strike!