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We are the 99 percent

May 1st Public High School Walkout Called by Occupy High

Posted 12 years ago on April 20, 2012, 5:31 a.m. EST by OccupyWallSt

Join on us May 1st as we stand in solidarity with the Occupy movement and workers everywhere.

FACEBOOK EVENT PAGE: https://www.facebook.com/events/192822994163133/

Dear New York City,

We, the students of public education, are here to inform you about the injustice that is taking place in our school system:

* The privatization of our school system
* The budget cuts
* Lack of appropriate leadership
* Malicious closings/phasing out of schools against the communities’ wishes.
* Cell phone policies
* Overcrowded classes & abuse of SAFE rooms
* Over policing of our schools and the criminalization of our youth

We feel that these issues are setting our students up for failure, and we DEMAND a change! We believe that trying to control our schools is just another symptom of the blatant racism in our country similar to the government’s response to the senseless killing of Trayvon Martin.

Because of this, our first action will be a mass student walkout on May 1st at 12pm to Fort Greene Park. We will be holding teach-ins, teen summits & other peaceful events.

Please add your name to our letter and support us in our struggle for our education.


Student Leadership Paul Robeson HS



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[-] 4 points by shoozTroll (17632) 12 years ago

They wouldn't believe the teachers in Wisconsin, I hope they believe the students in New York.................................:)

Just say NO, to the profitization of the school system



[-] 3 points by zacherystaylor (243) 12 years ago

They began cutting education funds back in the eighties and they tried to offer to allow them to finance schools with the lottery and advertising both of which come at a much higher cost. In the case of the lottery it is an extremely inefficient way to raise revenue and it causes many more social problems than it solves; but it gets the politically powerful of the hook when it comes to financing schools and they can continue with fraud like gouging people for insurance or planned obsolescence.

In the case of advertising in school it has proven to be more like indoctrination than education since kids subject to Channel One or other advertisements have been much less able to develop critical thinking skills or participate in democracy.

Charter Schools are just another way of pursuing this corrupt goal.

The only ones that support this and understand it are those that want to indoctrinate for the benefit of the ruling class.

[-] 2 points by lec0rsaire (2) 12 years ago

The problem is not so much the education system as much as the simple fact that students don't care about learning and parents are not encouraging their kids to value education and pursue a college degree. I went through the public school system and graduated from Brooklyn Tech prepared for anything I wanted to do. There is no reason other kids can't do the same. Blame the kids for just wanting to ride around in cars, smoke weed and play Xbox. Sure our education system is not as strong as in Asia and Europe but it is still very good especially if you enter one of the many specialized high schools here in the city which are all FREE of charge! Walking out of class is not the answer and will not accomplish anything other than waste a day of productive learning. Perhaps we should have a system like the German one where kids are branched off into 3 different systems from age 8-9. The ones who want to go to college go to the Gymnasium and the ones who want to be workers and tradesmen go to the Real schule. This way no one's time is wasted and teacher don't waste resources trying to teach chemistry to kids who have no plans of being doctors and engineers. Sure at age 8 it's usually the parents who decide for the children but honestly children of white collar people tend to get graduate degrees and children of blue collar people tend to pursue trades or drop out altogether since there is no reinforcement of education in the household. Maybe this is not PC, but life is not politically correct. Something to think about.

[-] 2 points by blinxwang (25) from Johns Creek, GA 12 years ago

REFORM IS NOT ENOUGH! The whole system is rotted through; trying to fix it would be like trying to mix ice cream with dog shit in an attempt to make it edible. The education system, as long as it was centralized and organized in hierarchy, is a system of INDOCTRINATION of the young, not education! It was designed to manufacture children into obedient, unquestioning consumers and lackeys for State and Corporate masters! Out with these "standards"! Out with these arbitrary numbers called "grades"! The curriculum must be wholly democratic and assigned by the student and his/her passions!

[-] 2 points by i8jomomma (80) 12 years ago

good for them.........keep up the good work

[-] 1 points by dibson (3) 12 years ago

http://www.ifamericansknew.org/ this site is a huje . you really should visit that

[-] 1 points by sociopathicrevolutionary (1) from Warren, NJ 12 years ago

I like the issues you are calling to hand, but I highly doubt racism is the issue behind it. Try taking a look at local government corruption and overinflated salaries of administrators in your schools. Take a look in the faculty parking lot. How many luxury cars do you see? Either way, since I support your cause, I posted a link to this article on my website at www.proletarianrevolution.com


[-] 1 points by beautifulworld (23789) 12 years ago

Solidarity! Keep it peaceful and don't give up!











[-] -1 points by cooperbl (-88) 12 years ago

A high school named for a communist.


[-] -1 points by jimevanhoe1 (55) 12 years ago

,,,,,,,,,,,USA Schools 1 thru 12 Rank at the Bottom Globally ....Fact

We need to teach our children job skills, how to pay for life, not Shakespeare and trigonometry................................................Fact

We need to teach them about Government Corruption...............Fact government corruption that destroyed their Future.....................Fact teach them of the deliberate Chaos Created by the Bush Family through two Presidents: GHW Bush (Sr) and GW Bush (Jr.), how the Bush Presidencies created needless Wars, let to happen or created, Created Economic Collapse......through corruption of Our financial system.....the children's future....13 years of Recession under two Bush Presidencies.............................................Fact:
Bush (Sr.) 1988,89,90,91 and part of 92 until the Tech Boom started to bring Bush (Jr.) to power Goldman-Sachs started the Tech Boom collapse, in March of 2000, then Bush (Jr.) from 2000 until 2008 creating the greatest financial lose in American History.....while their group made billions. educate your children Why things are the way they are and do not let it happen again! Educate Your Children on the Facts

Congress: Republicans and Democrats failed to protect our financial system.....No Money equals what......Zero for US & Our Children

We need to realize that our children Can Not find work after school to help pay for clothing, their 1st car to get to work, insurance, gas or even if possible to help Mom and Dad.

Obama and the GOP have failed:

  1. They failed Our children, not theirs
  2. They failed Our educational system, not there private schools and private Universities.
  3. They failed to stop Public Corruption, no one from Wall Street
    convicted for the largest Securities Fraud in Global History, leading to the Western World's financial collapse....equals poorer schools..poorer children..because our politicians are absolutely corrupt..........................................Fact

IF Obama-the Democrats and the GOP can't even get these issues corrected or stop Public Corruption how are they>>>>> ever<<<<< going to give Our Children top rated schools, teaching job skills, produce jobs by the millions....40 million jobs are needed Right Now.......Fact!

Obama and the Democrats will again as they do every election year promise their better than the Republicans but where is the proof? There is none....just talk....and Obama is great at flapping his lips.

The Facts: When Obama...Pelosi and Reid (all Democrats) had Total Control of the House, the Senate and the Presidency... they still Failed Our Families.........over 700 days of total control !!!

The Democrats failed so much so we are still in the worst economic recession since the Great Depression..........................Fact

Will are Children have a chance at Life?

It is absolutely time to throw out the failures, they deserve nothing from US.

Throw them out of Office for Good.

Register everyone you can and let US the 99% throw out the bums for The Good of Our Children!

Ever election year throw them all out until they finally do the Right Things for the Majority!

  1. Protect completely our financial system.
  2. Finally teach Our Children work skills and life skills not Shakespeare.
  3. Stop Public Corruption once and for All.
  4. Enact a completely New Financial System from the Local Level through to the Federal Government level....if this isn't accomplished within the next 4 years, nothing will matter. Can you imagine Obama accomplishing this with Pelosi..........get real......
  5. Protect our children from Obama, the Democrats and the GOP, these people are absolute failures.....the facts....just take a look around your own family.

Tell the Republicans and the Democrats 1 thing: "Its the Economy Stupid"

[-] 2 points by shoozTroll (17632) 12 years ago

You really need look no further than ALEC, and it's infected conse(R)vatives in the States..

[-] 0 points by jimevanhoe1 (55) 12 years ago

Sorry Buddy if the Truth isn't to your likely maybe you should stop supporting Public Corruption & Financial Corruption.

Are you a Bush and Goldman-Sachs miss-information guy, Right! Or are they paying you for your BS of false statements. Maybe your an Obama star, a follower of a President who will go down in US and World History as a failure and a phony.

As far as the FACTS: My family and I have direct links to major political leaders both in the GOP and the Democrat Party, State and National News Media, the Global Oil Industry and the Investment World for more than 50 yrs.....

Your inability to write the truth is Your problem! FACTS: The Bush Family is the Most Criminally Corrupt political and business family in American History. They should be charged, convicted and in my Opinion put to death for their crimes.
Obama, Pelosi ( a good friend of my older brother, unfortunately for him) and Reid are as their records show failures in leadership...from the destruction of the Glass-Steagall Act to the failure of Not Convicting Goldman-Sachs executives for Global Financial Fraud. Obama in FACT hired about dozen goldman-sachs executives are you one of them? FACTS: The Iraq War.... got US where.....no where! Iraq has less freedoms now than before the illegal invasion, especially for women and other religions, the illegal invasion brought on by false and deliberate lies by Cheney & Bush, all well documented and include the criminal act of outing a CIA agent: Valerie Plame, can you remember at least this one FACT? The Afghan War has only grown the Heron Crop larger in Afghanistan which is now being shipped into Russia, India and China to under mine their economies, their societies, thanks in large part to Gen.Petraeus' failures. FACTS: Recession of 1988,89,90,91 Bush Sr. result of a Needless(Let to Happen) War, Real Estate collapse all documented! and in many details the same as the collapse of 2008. Do your research! Recession of 2008,09,10>>> created by Bush Jr. failures in leadership, most were criminal, Needless and illegal war, real estate collapse all well documented! "Like Father Like Son"........Social and Economic Criminals Traitors to the Freedoms of America All of it is very well documented on all forms of Media.

[-] 0 points by AntiOWSer (18) 12 years ago

A lot of your "facts" seem rather subjective, especially without providing any sources.