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Phil Rockstroh: A Journey To The End Of Empire: It Is Always Darkest Right Before It Goes Completely Black

Posted 9 years ago on Feb. 1, 2012, 12:24 p.m. EST by OccupyWallSt

"When the poet stands at nadir the world must indeed be upside-down. If the poet can no longer speak for society, but only for himself, then we are at the last ditch.”— Excerpt from, The Time of the Assassins, a study of Rimbaud, by Henry Miller

There is no reality-based argument denying this: The present system, as defined by the neoliberal economic order, is as destructive to the balance of nature as it is to the individual, both body and psyche. One's body grows obese while Arctic ice and wetlands shrink. Biodiversity decreases as psyches are commodified by ever-proliferating, corporatist/consumer state banality.

But the raging soul of the world will not be assaulted without consequence. Mind and body are intertwined and inseparable from nature, and, when nature responds to our assaults, her replies are known to humankind as the stuff of mythic tragedy and natural catastrophe.

"When the poet lives his hell, it is no longer possible for the common man to escape it."

— Excerpt from, The Time of the Assassins, a study of Rimbaud, by Henry Miller

But take heart. As the saying goes, it is always darkest right before it goes completely black.

Rejoice in this: Seeds of futurity require the darkness within soil to dream.

"To go into the dark with a light is to know the light.

To know the dark, go dark. Go without sight,

and find that the dark, too, blooms and sings,

and is traveled by dark feet and dark wings."

— Wendell Berry, To Know The Dark

What "tangible" and "constructive" things can a poetic sensibility contribute to everyday existence? Here's one: The atomized denizens of neoliberal culture are in dire need of a novel yet durable sensibility, one bearing the creativity and stamina required, for example, to withstand the police state rebuffs inflicted by the ruthless authoritarian keepers of the present order…as is the case, when OWS dissidents initiate attempts to retake, inhabit, and re-imagine public space.

Yet, while it is all well and good to be politically enlightened, approaching the tumult of human events guided by reason and restraint, if the self is not saturated in poetry, one will inhabit a dismal tower looking over a desiccated wasteland.

The crackpot realist’s notion that poetry has no value other than what can be quantified in practical terms emerges from the same mindset that deems nature to be merely worth what it can be rendered down to as a commodity. The trees of a rain forest can be pulped to paper cups. A human being is only the content of his resume. The underlying meaning of this sentiment: The value of one's existence is derived by the act of being an asset of the 1%.

Resultantly, the tattered remnants of the neoliberal imagination (embodied in lofty but content-devoid Obama speechifying and the clown car demolition derby of Republican politics) spends its days in a broken tower of the mind, insulated from this reality: The exponentially increasing consequences (e.g., economic collapse, perpetual war, ecocide) created by the excesses of the present paradigm will shake those insular towers to theirs foundations, and, will inevitably caused the structures to totter and collapse.

The bells, I say, the bells break down their tower;

And swing I know not where. Their tongues engrave

Membrane through marrow, my long-scattered score Of broken intervals...And I, their sexton slave!

— Hart Crane , excerpt from The Broken Tower

We have been "sexton slave" to this destructive order long enough; its lodestar is a death star.

In polar opposition, a poetic view of existence insists that one embrace the sorrow that comes at the end of things. The times have bestowed on us a shuffle to the graveside of our culture, and, we, like members of a New Orleans-style, second line, funeral procession, must allow our hearts to be saturated by sorrowful songs. Yet when the service is complete, the march away from the boneyard should shake the air with the ebullient noise borne of insistent brass.

"Often we're not so much afraid of our own limitations, as we are of the infinite within us."--Nelson Mandela (from an interview from his prison cell, conducted by the late Irish poet and priest, John O'Donnahey)

In this way, we are nourished by the ineffable, whereby unseen components of consciousness provide us the strength to carry the weight of darkness. Therefore, to those who demand this of poets: that all ideas, notions, flights of imagination, revelries, swoons of intuition, Rabelaisian rancor, metaphysical overreach, unnerving apprehensions, and inspired misapprehensions be tamed, rendered practical, and only considered fit to be broached in reputable company when these things bring "concrete" answers to polite dialog--I ask you this, if the defining aspects of our existence were constructed of concrete, would not the world be made of the material of a prison?

Moreover, is this not the building material and psychic criteria comprising the neoliberal paradigm? Is it any wonder that the concept of freedom is under siege?

Carl Jung averred, when a disconnect occurs between the inner life of the individual and the outward exigencies of daily life that "the Gods […] become diseases." One way, this assertion can be taken is: There are multiple forces, tangible and intangible, in play in our lives and the trajectory of events e.g., the personal, in the form of the ghosts of trauma that haunt individual memory, but there exist, as well, extant and within, the collective spirit of an age. Tragically, in our own time, within the precincts of power, our national house of spirits has become a madhouse.

Yet beneath the gibbering cacophony of the insane asylums of past eras, beneath the haze of pharmacologically induced stupors of the institutions of the present, there exists much pain. This is the toll taken by a manic flight from honest suffering. At present, this is what we're given in our age of cultural and political disconnect and its attendant sense of nebulous dread.

Paradoxically, while the forces of nature are impersonal, the dilemma feels very personal. Therefore, on this journey to the end of empire, when impersonal elements are in play, one can become alienated from the dehumanizing trajectory of the times. Likewise, as exemplified by the U.S. political system, what process is more impersonal than the process of decay? Apropos, the air is permeated with a reek of putrefaction.

Yet the earth is kind, for one can use putrescent material in the process of renewal. The loam of earth is enriched by the rancid…just don't swallow it down whole…doing so, will cause you to become ill.

Importantly, because a cultural breakdown is occurring, and culture carries the criteria of psyche, the acts of social engagement through dissent, cultural re-imagining and rebuilding can have a propitious effect upon individual consciousness, an endeavor James Hillman termed "soul-making". Remember to disguise yourself as yourself when approached by ghosts of calcified habit and gods of tumultuous change. This is essential: Because what takes hold and brings about the collapse of an empire…is a loss of collective soul e.g., the type of loss of meaning and purpose evinced when only a meaningless, zombie-like drive remains, because, even though, the culture is dead, it refuses to accept the shroud of the earth's enveloping soil…to have its decomposing remains broken down and returned to the cycle of all things.

As circumstances stand, at present, for the 1%, their refusal to accept the inevitable has yielded grave ramifications for the people, fauna, and flora of the planet. Although, due to their seemingly vacuum-sealed insularity, ensured by vast wealth, the economic and political elite have yet to be touched by the consequences of their actions, much less forced down to earth.

Of course, this behavior defies logic, is in breach of the law, and is an affront to any workable code of ethics--as well as, stands in defiance to the laws of nature, including the force of gravity. But you can count on this, "the unseen hand of the market" (actually the buckling backs of the 1%) can’t hold up the 99%'s swaying tower of hubris for much longer, and when it comes down, stand clear, for there are no bystanders when an empire crumbles.

"That's just the way it is."

As exhibited by the often bland, "normal" outward appearance of a serial killer, when the apologists and operatives of an exploitive, destructive system appear to be reasonable, they can go about their business without creating general alarm. By the same token, while many present day Republicans are zealots--barnburners raving into the flames of the conflagrations created by the militarist/national security/police/prison industrial state--Barack Obama and the Democratic Party serve as normalizers of the pathologies of late empire.

In this manner, atrocious acts can be committed by the state, with increasing frequency, because, over the passage of time, such outrages will have been allowed to pass into the realm of the mundane, and are thus bestowed with a patina of acceptability.

In nineteenth century Britain, the sugar that sweetened the tea of oh-so civilized, afternoon teatime was harvested by brutalized, Caribbean slaves, who rarely lived past the age of thirty, as, for example, in our time, in our blood-wrought moments of normalcy, we trudge about in sweatshop sewn clothing, brandishing i-Phones manufactured by factory enslaved teenage girls who are forced to work 14 hour plus shifts.

"That's just the way it is" might be one of the most soul-defying phrases in the human lexicon.

Contrast this with the OSW slogan, "The beginning is near.” Hold both sentiments in your mind and discover which one allows your own heart to beat in sync with the heart of the world, and which will grant the imagination and stamina required to remake the world anew.

~ Phil Rockstroh

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[-] 5 points by ohmygoodness (158) 9 years ago

I am but a tiny spark

I am but a tiny heartbeat

I am beauty

I am an IDEA whose time has come.


[-] 0 points by sufinaga (513) 9 years ago

humanity is heaven. INHUMANITY IS HELL. this whole evil empire is built on inhumanity. just see their INTENT. the INTENT of calling us "domestic terrorists" is to criminalise us and take away our freedom. we are DOMESTIC FREEDOM FIGHTERS our INTENT is to free humanity from this global tyranny under the Whore of Babylon. they have invented christianity and freemasonry as fascist institutions to control the people's minds. the INTENT of putting images of crucifixion, of a man nailed nailed to a cross, into our minds is to frighten us. blatant inhumanity! they use the two BS religions of christianity and islam to divide mankind in a perpetual war. child protection will destroy christianity just as surely as womens liberation will destroy islam. christianity is a CORPORATE religion, the church is the body of christ: corpus christi! christians and muslims do what they are told by their all male fascist masters. we do not do what we are told by these authoritarian bullies. "jesus christ" is an undeleted expletive in our community. our global community of humanity. look at Oakland! look at Egypt! look at the Australian Aborigines! it is time to wake up! A GLOBAL UPRISING of humanity for humanity with humanity. one love one heart. do not be seduced by these evil preachers into joining their community. eject those who call us sinners and damn us to eternal hellfire. no more christ crucified BS it's a barbaric human sacrifice a scapegoat for these AO crucifixion merchants. let's have food, clothds and shelter for all! good living food! real joy in our communal life! let's put an end to the psychotic repetition of the crucifixion then the fake joy of being jerked off by the pastor with the resurrection lie before the demands for money. it is the christian preachers and professional classes that oppress our humanity. both the bible and the koran end with cannabis growing everywhere. so let us all be modern johnny potseed and spread the weed. smash them with ganja, hit them with herb! I'nI am JAH the everliving spirit.

[-] 1 points by katoland (2) 9 years ago

Just because you are an atheist, it does not mean that Christians or Muslims are part of a Corporate Religion. You sound very uneducated and extreme. Please do not give occupiers a bad image with your punk talk.

[-] 0 points by sufinaga (513) 9 years ago

i am not an atheist! i am a reincarnating hindu. Ras Tafari is the True Christ, the Incarnation of Vishnu, the Heart. we have a right to question the followers of other groups, their origins and their leadership. we have a duty to our community and our children to question the INTENT behind every idea we teach them. a crucified jew is TOTALLY UNACCEPTABLE!

[-] 3 points by rickMoss (435) 9 years ago

FIGHT THE CAUSE - NOT THE SYMPTOM There is a better way to fight back. Acting like a nuisance is childish and it gets us nowhere. Read “Common Sense 3.1” at ( http://www.revolution2.osixs.org ) – “entirely”

How else can I say this? "We Are Free!" http://WeAreFree.osixs.org

We have to think big because our problems are huge. When you get tired of the nonsense I suggest you to check out OsiXs. I've seen no other clear vision out there, Just talk and no plan.

[-] 1 points by orias12 (24) 9 years ago

I read this over, I'm glad the website isn't talking about a complete overhaul of the existing government, but creating additions to it. I'm not sure I'm in agreement however.

Technology makes sense as a department of the government, because it is essentially a tool that our branches will use, but I don't see it as a full on branch in and of itself. I like the idea of a direct democracy, but not every decision is placed on the ballot for us to vote on. Some decisions need immediate response which the people as a whole are incapable of making I think. Not only that, but currently there is a lot of sensitive information that most common people should not be trusted with, or decisions we should not as a whole need to make. Its hard enough for one person to decide upon sending troops out on a suicide mission. The internal conflict and decision making process is unbearable, can you imagine if the entire population had to vote on it? And what if you are talking about truly sensitive information, how do you prevent people from taking their information about our government to russia or china. By opening up the greater population to all government processes, you open an unparalleled door to acts of treason the likes we have never seen before.

Plus, how to you prevent people from double voting, or creating measures that parallel others to vote on. It can be done sure, maybe with this future internet he proposes, but the technology for it hasent even been fully fleshed out yet. It's as if your making promises on tech that doesn't even exist.

Lastly, the website doesn't really explain how this change will benefit America or fix all the problems stated in our existing government. Even if you create a tech branch, how do you insulate from all the other branches of government, from greed and corruption. How will that guarantee the information that branch provides is not tainted by big business, or greedy politicians. I feel like it is just adding fuel to a fire, save now you are opening a door for people to keep changing and altering their existing government as soon as they don't like it anymore. I know that is not the intent, but can't you just see that happening.

Ultimately, he's got some interesting ideas, but I'm not certain I agree with the implementation, and without the technology up to date to make this system functionable, I doubt it will garner much support. People will just go, "yeah right"

Despite my reservations, I signed the online ballot. Maybe by the time everyone is ready to make the change, they will have a better system thought out.

[-] 0 points by Odin (583) 9 years ago

I think some sort of blend could be worked out between what we have now and a more direct democracy. The majority did not support our ten year war in Iraq, and most thinking people knew why we really went in there. Hint: It was not to bring democracy to Iraq.

[-] 2 points by ThunderclapNewman (1083) from Nanty Glo, PA 9 years ago

I lack a poet's gift, so allow me to say quite simply "Thanks for posting this."

[-] 2 points by euma (2) 9 years ago

we are sprawling like trees sprawl

like the ground swells

ever more pertinent

like water we will rush over

the haste and decay of our ancestors

like roses we give plush to the open heart

there is love in our stance

our human sprawl

is blossoms, is your hand reaching out

is figuring out how to

make sure everyone is ok

is gentle, is a river

but will bite back the emptiness

the lies, the blind pursuits


all misleading words reek

the stench we can practically see

and decay

we see crumbling

but we also see gardens

the light is in your hands

a neighbors body or mind

that needs welding, or release

or timelessness

sit quiet alone for long enough

and you will remember so much beauty

and you will have no choice but to speak it

[-] 2 points by Thinking7 (11) from North Babylon, NY 9 years ago

Anyone who enjoyed this piece, would definitely love the piece by poet/librarian Filip Marinovich about The People's Library. I can't find it on line. But, it is either a really long prose poem, or a really fun essay, called "Things to Do at The People's Library at Occupy Wall Street", and it is published in the Feb/March 2012 edition of The Poetry Project Newsletter.

[-] 1 points by margproperties (2) 9 years ago

That was a great info but I just love all those comments as each one looks very different.

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[-] 1 points by meelee (1) from Bayview, ID 9 years ago

Occupy is reality Our vision becomes us

Poetic vision must transcend All dogma abandoned Firstly self-delusion Limiting outcomes Amid infinite opportunities

Occupy is reality Our vision becomes us

This eternal moment of creativity Art in the making Humor, suffering, dreaming The beautiful mind Free to imagine A part of it all

Occupy is reality Our vision becomes us

Uplift us Abandon dystopian dreams of redemption Material outcomes arise Effects of reasoned cause Eternally reengineered Nonviolent ALL WAYS Body, mind, vision Dream Occupy is reality Our vision becomes us

[-] 1 points by Friscobeat (1) 9 years ago

I have a different take on Rockstrh's piece. Yeah, let's add the poetic voice to all the others who are raised in song and protest against being silenced by the 1%ers.

[-] 1 points by AllOverIt (100) 9 years ago


"1. Everyone at the current U.S. standard of living and with all the health, nutrition, personal dignity and freedom that most Americans currently enjoy [Pimentel, 1999]. = 2 billion

  1. Everyone at the same affluence level as in 1, but with few restrictions on commerce, pollution, land use, personal behavior (within current law), etc. Basically a libertarian, laissez faire economy, with only limited environmental restrictions. This points out that there is a population price to pay for the current American way of commerce. 0.05 billion"


(Can't make the second number read 2 - sorry)

[-] 1 points by Odin (583) 9 years ago

That was a great poem, but I kept having to go to the dictionary.

[-] 1 points by rightstohabeasandassembly (1) 9 years ago

How can it possibly be anyone can be so naive as to think Occupy is somehow a "phase" phenomenon when a sweet talking crony capitalist front man denies us a progressive leader and fails to veto or decry the taking of our rights of habeas corpus and to assemble peaceably?

We are the capitalists. They are the crony capitalists, frauds, fascists, and sell-outs.

[-] 1 points by Odin (583) 9 years ago

...From a distance....

There is harmony.....

And it echoes through the land

It is the voice of HOPE

From a distance

We all have enough

And no one is in need

And there are no guns, no bombs, and no disease

No hungry mouths to feed

From a distance

WE are instruments

Marching in a common band

Playing songs of hope

Playing songs of peace

They are the songs of every man [woman]

God is watching us

From a distance.

Song writer: Julie Gold Singer: Bette Midler

[-] 1 points by francismjenkins (3713) 9 years ago

Very nice .... bravo!

[-] 1 points by dealdoctor (148) 9 years ago

This article by Phil Rockstroh is perhaps the best description of the damage done by neoliberalism to humans and our environment that I have seen in print. The poet goes to the heart of the matter. All else is surface show. One ounce of love is more powerful than a ton of fear. He calls us to defend our humanity in the face of dehumanizing forces that surround us on every side. People and the earth matter. Life matters. The bottom line is not cash profits but human nature and the natural world in which humans live. Nature will trump every civilization that ignores her and every political scheme which ignores the needs of humanity and nature is doomed over time. This poetic writing says that so very well. Well done Phil Rockstroh!

[-] 1 points by DrHRGoetting (1) 9 years ago

Filthy racism @ US textbook publisher John Wiley & Sons‏

Chairman Peter Booth Wiley pwiley@wiley.com uses John Wiley & Sons to sell his Racism

Chairman Peter Booth Wiley is a worst-case racist who likes to use obscene expressions. He is also promoting race discriminations in an evil way - that is what sociologists refer to as intentional discrimination. His idea of proposing canned edible John Wiley & Sons textbooks for the African university markets will turn into a real can of worms for him.

Listen to Chairman Peter Booth Wiley’s mud slinging, the racist of all things African: "With my great invention of canned edible learning products I have solved the African hunger and illiteracy problems for everyone not suffering from bulimia and learning disorders". The Chairman’s information leak shows that people in America think it's cool to be stupid.

Chairman Peter Booth Wiley was sliding off his chair and tried hard to push himself back up again. His racial joke amused him so much that he burst into laughter and whisky sprayed out from his mouth. "I want to bring edible education tools to them Negroes". Chairman Peter Booth Wiley virulent attack speech is a repulsive, bad American dream come true! John Wiley & Sons itself is an uncivilized and racist assault to the very idea of academic freedom.

Is Chairman Peter Booth Wiley going to run for political office like that other member of the Ku Klux Klan named David Dukes? The First Amendment to the American Constitution covers Chairman Peter Booth Wiley’s hate speech and makes him an honorary Ku Klux Klan member, where such racism flourishes. "I know another one", he announced with tears of laughter in his eyes. "Do you know the colonial law of the plantations in Africa?" The master-slave interpretations of Chairman Peter Booth Wiley take Africans to a new low point of reference. "Twenty-one on the ass to make the lazy nigger work again" he told for extra credit. After his reflection on race relations in America, Chairman Peter Booth Wiley shrieked and was shaken with laughter. It's the same old filthy dehumanizing business that has been at the core of John Wiley & Sons all along.

John Wiley & Sons, Inc. might have to recall its contaminated edible canned education books.

I should have gotten a restraining order on the grounds that Chairman Wiley violates California’s antidiscrimination laws: "Selling our products in Africa is like throwing pearls before swine". Chairman Peter Booth Wiley became more and more bad tempered. "They don’t have the brains of human beings". He talked himself into a mind-boggling rage. "These dumb black hate mongers". Chairman Peter Booth Wiley spoke one language, and was especially fluent in a 2nd: racism!

The hell knows why, but Chairman-hypocrite Peter Booth Wiley insists he is not a racist. "I am not one of those people" the Chairman slapped his knee and gurgled with laughter and sent more whisky gurgling down his throat. He will learn the hard lessons of the instantaneous digital world very soon. Chatter on the web makes outrage spread virally faster and hotter across this world than John Wiley & Sons could put a razor-wire fence around it.

I worked for eighteen months at John Wiley & Sons’ San Francisco archive, located at Chairman Peter Booth Wiley’s office. Before I edited the quotes from Chairman Peter Booth Wileyto make them ready for publication, they were a big pile of unorganized papers in a shoe-box containing only my hand-scribbled notes. I tried to report word by word what I had penciled down during the intimate ‘interviews’. I also played the devil’s advocate by brainstorming and debating the tongue wagging of Chairman Peter Booth Wiley; by giving satirical interpretations; by using the method of dramatizing and narrating. My sarcastic undertones fall under the protection of the First Amendment. It’s a new kind of investigative journalism, where obsolete rules where thrown out. I use an intermediate standard for publishing, since the quotes from Chairman Peter Booth Wiley do not lend themselves to firm corroboration. Should I check out my deep-throat with U.S. authorities?

As editor I was not only participant in reconstructing the conversations, its perverse drama of unwanted homo-sex and the Chief’s alcoholism, but also commentator of John Wiley & Sons ugly history. It is an opinion-driven investigation that has an interview basis, in which I tried to get answers from Chairman Peter Booth Wiley, who lives in San Francisco / Amerikkka.

[-] 1 points by DonQuixot (231) 9 years ago

Sooner or later the world's attention will go to the hidden cause from where all policies go down to bankers and governements, the Bilderberg Club. The sooner people understand where the problem lies, the better.





[-] 1 points by icfmike (173) 9 years ago

'It is always darkest before the dawn"

[-] 1 points by Spade2 (478) 9 years ago

I thought it was "darkest just before the dawn"? Am I wrong?

[-] 2 points by sufinaga (513) 9 years ago

the light at the end of the tunnel is shining in our heart.

[-] 2 points by Odin (583) 9 years ago

No, that's a train.

[-] 1 points by Spade2 (478) 9 years ago

Nice one.




[-] 1 points by PetadeAztlan (113) from Sacramento, CA 9 years ago

Thanks you for sharing. Yes, the times are a changin'. Let us keep the faith, use terms that folks can comprehend & not forget to change what needs to be changed within ourselves in the process of topping the Amerikan Empire! We will win together! Unidos Venceremos! Namaste, Peter S. Lopez AKA @Peta_de_Aztlan Sacramento, California

[-] 1 points by Ruckasse (28) from Norwood, NC 9 years ago

Mr Rockstroh, You said it well and have taken it to heart. Thank you, Mr Reynolds

[-] 1 points by GarnetMoon (424) 9 years ago

Sounds like Capitalism to me...

[-] 1 points by MattLHolck (16833) from San Diego, CA 9 years ago

party lines drawl down little consequence

issues addressed on where to build a fence

[-] 1 points by ZenDogTroll (13032) from South Burlington, VT 9 years ago

Oh how I abhor

The Hordes of Lying Whores

Who Prowl the People's Halls of Power

Bearing Gifts in the name of Profit

[-] 1 points by ohmygoodness (158) 9 years ago

just wondering if this could read

Oh how cunningly they deceive

The Hordes of Lying Thieves

Who Prowl the People's Halls of Power

Bearing Gifts in the name of The Profit.

Bearing Gifts in the name of The Profit?


[-] 1 points by jph (2652) 9 years ago

Go tell it to your king in the pointy hat, what sits on his throne in Rome.

[-] 0 points by jimevanhoe1 (55) 9 years ago

Obama is NOT ONE OF US, he never has been! Obama’s ties to corruption = Goldman-Sachs
Goldman-Sachs the company that has put the USA into Recession for 13 yrs out of the last 30 yrs. 1988,89,90,91 & 92; 2000, 2001 & 2002; 2008,09,10, 11 & 2012. * Documented by Matt Taibbi author and writer for the Rollingstone Magazine & Noni Prins, former executive at Goldman-Sachs and myself James P. Evanhoe And all of you out there that have been financially destroyed or affected by Goldman-Sachs’ Economic Terrorism, that put on to all of the Middle Class and the Poor…… 13 yrs out of 30!
OBAMA IS REALLY ONE OF THEM! Obama’s once Chief of Staff, Rahm Emanuel – contract employee to Goldman-Sachs. Obama’s Under Secretary of State, Robert Hormats, Goldman-Sachs International, Vice Chairman. Obama’s COO of the SEC Enforcement, Adam Storch, Goldman-Sachs Vice President of Business Intelligence. Obama’s Chief of Staff for the Treasury, Mark Patterson, Goldman-Sachs Lobbyist. Obama’s Department Director of the NEC, Diana Farrell, Goldman-Sachs Financial Analyst. Obama’s Chairman of the FIAB, Stephen Friedman, Co-COO, Chairman of Goldman-Sachs.
Obama’s Ambassador to Germany, Phillip Murphy, a Director at Goldman-Sachs. Obama’s Chairman of the CFTC, Gary Gensler, Co-Head of Finance at Goldman-Sachs. Obama’s White House Counsel, Sonal Shah, Vice President Environmental Policy at Goldman-Sachs. Obama’s White House Staff, Alexander Lasry, Government Affairs Analyst for Goldman-Sachs Did you get a job from OBAMA or did he give us all a con-job!




[-] 0 points by jimevanhoe1 (55) 9 years ago


this is the way it is

The US Attorney General, Eric Holder is to resign and Chris Swecker appointed. Swecker will move on prosecuting Wall Street executives and George Bush Sr & Jr, HSBC and Obama either fires Petaeus or arrest him for drug operations in Afghanistan or Obama steps down as President. The time is now....the Bush Bull Shit stops NOW! Occupy all members start today to follow the Bush Family members and their cronies and double the effort on Petaeus. I have been personal threatened Via a Blue Screen on closing my computer that READ and I quote Petaeus and the CIA.....

      Both notices read  "I said stop or your dead, Jim Evanhoe"

Nice guy Petaeus...with thugs like the Bush Family and Screw Head Petaeus they make Arab Terrorists look like Saints............the absolute real threat to America is..............Petaeus and the Bush Family.......

ALL OCCUPY MEMBERS FROM BEN & JERRY'S TO HUSTON AND WASHINGTON DC ........follow Petaeus and the Bush Family let us all know who and what there doing right here on line. Employees of the CIA and the Carlyle Group who belive in the real America not the perverted BS created by Petaeus and the Bush Family....watch them and document there movements and their cronies...........it is time to Charge them and Convict them all.

Not only does John Cruz's book "World Banking World Fraud" document this go back to the Bank known as Deak Perera and the CIA involvement...........

So we have......... CIA & George Bush...Central America Drug Cartels & Money Laundering through Panamanian Banks and we now have CIA & Petaeus and Afghanistan Drug Cartels and Money Laundering through HSBC

Rollingstone Magazine writer Michael Hastings documents Petaeus involvement with the largest Heroin drug lord in Afghanistan. And I am sure Laura Logan of CBS can also document these facts as well.

Remember who rules the Skies over Afghanistan the US Military...time to stop the threats Petaeus and time for the US Military & the CIA to get out the drug business and the money laundering business. PETAEUS AND BUSH ............THEIR KILLING OUR NEIGHBORHOODS OUR KIDS OUR FAMILIES OUR FUTURE.................one more kid dies of heroin or any related death it will be the end of Petaeus....the families of these children have the ABSOLUTE RIGHT to call for the prosecution and sentence of death for both Petaeus and Bush........they are Our Enemies!

Suing Petaeus in Federal Court, we my friends and family are filing a Federal Suit against Petaeus. Vincent Bugliosi is the Attorney. Bugliosi is also the author of "The Prosecution of G. W. Bush for Murder" and the book Helter Skelter - Charlie Manson. Manson was happy just killing a few socialites in L.A., Bush on the other hand killed between 600,000 and one million Iraqis, through an illegal war, founded on illegal principles, crimes against humanity, torture - war crimes and his perverted father G H Bush an equally perverted sole illegally invaded Panama killings of 5,000 of which 4,000 were civilians on December 20th, 1989, breaking International Law and US Government Policy. Both Bush Sr. & Jr. make Charlie Manson look like an angel, both Bushs are International Criminals, the world greatest perverts. Bush Sr. illegally allowed the US Military to use spent shells that had contained nuclear waste material, exploded in the 1st Iraq war, this is still killing civilians in Iraq today, Leukemia.
the book The World's Dirtiest Bank: HSBC | Republic Broadcasting Network

republicbroadcasting.org Aug 10, 2011 – Deak financed CIA adventures in Vietnam, the Mossadegh coup in Iran ... Foreign Commerce Bank of Zurich, and its US Deak Perera branch to ...

With Perverts such as Petaeus and the Bush Family running around the World deliberately creating Chaos the World needs to equally convict all of them and in my opinion put them to Death for their crimes against Humanity, destroying are neighborhoods, our children our families.


Post Script: Stop threatening me with your blue screens you freak, Petaeus! What comes around 100% goes around!



[-] 0 points by piblogger (0) 9 years ago

According to Natalie Pace author of You v. Wall Street, the very people that Occupied Wall Street are the sames ones profiting from Wall Street... or to put it another way... you want to really change Wall Street check your company's investment portfolio and chances are the very companies against whom you might be protesting are the very ones delivering growth to your plan... Ref Link; http://www.blogtalkradio.com/jon-hansen/2012/02/02/wall-street-woes-impact-on-investors-series-2)

Beyond the obvious avarice on Wall Street and, the rampant cronyism capitalism, how much must we the public bear responsibility for the state of the markets?

[-] 1 points by jph (2652) 9 years ago

Assuming one has any savings, or a 401k, or even owns a house,. these are the trappings of the middle class, some of us have never bothered to climb so high in this corporate-military-police state as we see it for what it is,. a loosing game.

[-] 0 points by neizuc (52) 9 years ago

Thank you for curing my insomnia.


[-] -3 points by nayan (-3) 9 years ago

Jan 3, 2012. Some are using this movement to promote killing babies, itself a contradiction of this very movement. People in Occupy movement please those of your who are pro life, please the regular pro life movement.

[-] 4 points by LetsGetReal (1420) from Grants, NM 9 years ago

No one is promoting killing babies. If you mean abortion, please say so instead of using such inflammatory language. Good and reasonable people can, and do, disagree on when life begins.


[+] -4 points by skylar (-441) 9 years ago

obama did. he voted that babies that survived late term abortions should be left to die.

[-] 2 points by LetsGetReal (1420) from Grants, NM 9 years ago

Even if true, (which I doubt), Obama isn't part of Occupy.

[+] -5 points by skylar (-441) 9 years ago

obama voted to let the babies that survived late term abortions die. he did so as an illinois state senator in 2003. obama and his owners are backers of ows.

[-] 0 points by jph (2652) 9 years ago

we have plenty of people. get over your self.

[-] -1 points by skylar (-441) 9 years ago

so, according to you , if a baby survives a late term abortion, you think , along with obama , that a baby should not be given any medical care and be left to die. the both of you are disgusting. and if you think there are "plenty of people" why not kill yourself and your family.

[-] 1 points by jph (2652) 9 years ago

No according to me, you are a fool and a lier who sticks their nose on other peoples lives. If YOU do not want an abortion do not HAVE one.

[-] -1 points by skylar (-441) 9 years ago

you would let a baby that survived an abortion be unattended and left to die?

[-] 1 points by JDub (218) 9 years ago
  1. Its not your life, its not your choice.
  2. You would not do anything for that child after care was given. All you pro-lifers are really about is interfering with other people, because you don't have enough to do yourself. If you don't agree with abortion, don't get one. No one is forcing you to. But for you to decide another person's healthcare choices( and until birth, it is THEIR choice) is ridiculous. You would not allow another person to make your choices, so why would you try to make theirs? And if you think that abortion is killing a child, how noble of you, but what do you do to help those in need that are already alive??? By cutting any public funded support for them? By creating a culture that puts them in jail for not being successful enough?By continuing an ideal that creates misery for them their entire lives?

You have obviously never been in the welfare/child services environment. If you had, you would not think the way you do. We have too many homeless, parent less children as it is. And you people do nothing to help them, instead you write them off as deadbeats, useless to society, except as an excuse to meddle in the affairs of others.

[-] -1 points by skylar (-441) 9 years ago

anyone that would let a baby that survived a late term abortion die is disgusting. obama voted for this as a state senator from illinois.

[-] 1 points by JDub (218) 9 years ago

then get out there and save them. Do something or shut up. Talking about how "disgusting" it is does nothing to save those "babies". The point is this, can the babie survive on its own? Then according to Republicant philosophy, its survival of the fittest, so tough shit. The minute the child has survived, you people are gone. You only care about meddling. STFU and quit telling other people how to live, you guys can't even get your own shit together. Lets see, vote for the guys who continue to line their pockets with Tax payer money, or work to get rid of that system completely. HMM seems pretty obvious.

[-] 0 points by paulg5 (673) 9 years ago

Ows does not back Obummer or any candidate!

[-] -1 points by skylar (-441) 9 years ago

ows is not political? since when?

[-] 1 points by paulg5 (673) 9 years ago

Issues yes candidates no!

[-] -1 points by skylar (-441) 9 years ago

Will any ows people vote republican? No. I didn't think so.

[-] 1 points by JDub (218) 9 years ago

by saying this, you state your contempt for the ideals that you espouse. Republicans, and democrats, are the problem. Not the solution. There is no candidate( aside from Ron Paul, and his issues with race are a big issue) who is presenting reality. All of the rhetoric from DC and local politicians is spin at the least, blatantly false at the worst. Climate change is real, we need to deal with the consequences of our actions, as truly responsible people would. Any deniers are acting like children, decrying the reality to be "unfair" to their "god given" profits.

Here's a question. When republicans say that they have god given rights, what god is that they speak of? Because i do believe that given the freedom of religion in this country( or purported freedom anyway, since it seems to be so rampant, at least in speech), it is deplorable for these individuals to use the idea of a mandate from heaven as a reason for anything relating to social laws.

[-] -1 points by skylar (-441) 9 years ago

ron paul is loon regarding foreign policy. man made climate change is a scam. HSS is denying the 1st ammendment to the constitution.

[-] 0 points by JDub (218) 9 years ago

Ron Paul is the only one talking sense on foreign policy, everyone else is speaking to a war mongering end. We do not need more war mongering, The whole reason our country is broke is because of the war mongering. As far as Climate change, that is not a scam. If you look at the facts, not the bullshit put out by republicant's, over 98% of Climate scientists agree on climate change. The fact that you don't get this shows how little you look at facts, and how much you watch fox news.

[-] 1 points by shoozTroll (17632) 9 years ago

Most are not that stupid.

Most remember Bush, unlike the sleeping "conservatives".

[-] -3 points by orias12 (24) 9 years ago

We don't need this!

We don't need a movement that stands in the face of the law. This movement has already achieved something great by getting people together, but letting it go on like this is almost criminal in itself.

This movement is wasting thousands upon thousands of dollars trying to keep it going in this way. Protesting in the middle of streets. blocking traffic, occupying vacant buildings, shutting down businesses for a day or more...you are hurting the very people you are speaking for.

The problem is not the 1% vs the 99%. The problem is not even economic instability or income equality, the problem is mass psychology. The larger a group becomes, the more disconnected the people get.

There is nothing wrong with voting for change, but the voter turnout is so poor, and those that do vote are voting on someone elses agenda. We let the media think for us because we don't have the strength to vote for ourselves. In a world filled with missinformation everywhere you look, we have become accustomed to letting someone else tell us what to think.

This propaganda you are spouting is no different, but the people you are speaking too are like children. Brains already mush from the lies told to them for generations.

You should focus on curing this problem. Creating an organization that will re-establish a sense of community for its followers. Establish a community that will last despite growing numbers, and keep people interested and educated so they willingly come back to the table with greater enthusiam and hpefully greater numbers.

Yes, there are problems with the business world, and with the government. But there are more ways than this to fight it. Use that money you have collected to start businesses that believe in the cause you represent. Fight back economically as well! Prove to everyone that the system you believe in actually works!

[-] 5 points by JoseArcadioBuendia (6) 9 years ago

You just don't get it.

What the painfully mature children of this movement want is the RESTORATION of law and order which have been abandoned by the old guard. The law in whose face we stand represents lawlessness. Even when voting for change elicits high turnouts among us, those who would bring that change contribute more to the destruction of the law and our future than those who openly claim to have that as their aim. When we attempt to start associations that challenge existing structures peacefully, we are met with swift and disdainful violence.

It is you whose brain is mush. It is you who has accepted the great lies. It is you who is like a child. It is you who is disconnected from the idea whose time has come.

[-] 1 points by paulg5 (673) 9 years ago

Nice response!

[-] 2 points by TheIllusionCalledMoney (56) 9 years ago

Yes, and I will add: Politics & politicians are no longer relevant to humanity. Capitalism is no longer relevant to humanity. Money is no longer relevant to humanity. Leaders are no longer relevant to humanity. etc. etc. etc.

One might note a pattern here, but hey it's a free country so think as you wish (or wait, maybe it's not a free country) . . .

[-] 5 points by PatriotMissiles (37) 9 years ago

Agreed. Although I believe most Americans won't understand this until the economy has collapsed for the final time...Of course then they'll act like they knew it all along.

Perhaps 2 items that are now relevant to humanity:

  1. Community
  2. Sustainability

In a more pleasant future, maybe corporations can be turned into cooperatives/non-profits that serve the people.

[-] 4 points by TheIllusionCalledMoney (56) 9 years ago

You really couldn't have said it better. In total agreement on everything you said.... Check out "Sacred Economics", by Charles Eisenstein. A remarkably intelligent and forward-thinking read.Those entrenched in the system will of course dismiss it, but I strongly believe this is along the lines of the more beautiful future that awaits us all.

[-] 1 points by orias12 (24) 9 years ago

I really love chapter 5 of that book. Thanks for the suggestion.

[-] 0 points by huevosrancheros (21) 9 years ago

So you don't think this is a political movement? You make absolutely no sense. The only thing that makes a little sense is your speculation that this may not be a free country. To the 1% it's free, to the rest of us it's extremely expensive.