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OWS Events This Week

Posted 5 years ago on June 2, 2012, 1:25 a.m. EST by OccupyWallSt

!occupy wall street banging pots in times square
Times Square Quebec solidarity protest, May 30

Every Day, 8pm
Casseroles March in Solidarity with the Quebec Infinite General Strike
Washington Square Park and everywhere else

Bang your pots at 8pm every night! Show your indignation for corruption, undemocratic practices, and debt slavery!

Daily #OccupyUnionSq Info Table, 9am - 9pm

Every day Occupy Union Square has an info table open and staffed, acting as a hub to promote the constant flurry of events and meetings occurring in the park and across OWS. Click here to find out how you can help out with immediate needs of the Union Square occupiers to keep it running and growing.

Friday, June 1, 6:30pm
Restorative Justice Teach In: Transforming Conflict Lab of Occupy Wall Street
The Commons, 388 Atlantic Ave, Brooklyn, NY

Restorative justice is an emerging social movement that offers a new vision for the world. Where justice should heal instead of punish, where we can engage with each other in a way that restores our common humanity and helps us build stronger communities, where we can lay the foundation for a new culture of understanding and solidarity. Suggested Donation: $5-$20. No one will be turned away. For more info, contact rusafischer@gmail.com.

Friday, June 1, 6:30pm
National Lawyers Guild Annual Fundraiser
Angel Orensanz Foundation, 172 Norfolk Street
Come support the work of the NLG-NYC at the 2012 Spring Fling! This year we will honor the Chapter's OWS work and Guild members who have made an extraordinary contribution to that work.

Saturday June 2, 12pm
Summer Disobedience School
Bryant Park, 42nd Street and 6th Avenue

The OWS Direct Action Group is launching Summer Disobedience School. We’ve completed Spring Training – and we’re moving and communicating in the streets like never before.

  • Noon: Trainings and actions around Midtown.
  • 2pm: Mic check in Times Square.
  • 3pm: Action Debrief, planning for next week, Occu-U classes and group meetings.
  • 4pm: Occupy Theory Assemblies. This week’s theme: Imaginative Resistance!

Read more about our curriculum, download a workbook, and join the fun all summer long!

Sunday, June 3, 12pm
1st Debt and Education Assembly: Building a Political Movement
Washington Square Park

Co-hosted by: Free University - The Occupy Student Debt Campaign - Tidal Occupy Theory

Sunday, June 3, 6pm
City Wide Coordinating Meeting for Solidarity with Quebec Student Strike
16 Beaver Street, 4th floor

Tuesday June 5th, 6pm
Occupy Public Access Brooklyn
Brooklyn Center for Media Education, 242 3rd Street

The new OWS show on Brooklyn public access is to begin airing this July! If you’re a writer, videographer, news anchor, broadcast technician, or just enjoy connecting with other people and spreading the word about what we do, come out to an orientation session.

Every Wednesday, 4pm
The People’s Gong

This Wednesday, and every Wednesday thereafter, we call on all people to join Occupy Wall Street in ringing the People's Gong on Wall Street. We invite all working groups to re-connect and re-occupy Liberty Park with us.

  • 4pm: Meet at Federal Hall, mic check, and ring the gong.
  • 5:30pm: Return to Liberty Plaza to debrief and work on projects across OWS. This week’s Direct Action meeting will focus on planning for Black Monday (September 17 2012).
  • 7:30pm: Report-back circle.

Wednesday, June 6th, 530
March To Call on the SEC to Investigate Jamie Dimon
Liberty Plaza

On the anniversary of the founding of the SEC, Occupy the SEC and Alternative Banking are holding a march calling on the SEC to investigate Jamie Dimon, Chairman and CEO of JP Morgan Chase, under Sarbanes-Oxley and refer the case the the Department of Justice for prosecution.

Thursday, June 7, 11am
Forgive Us Our Trespass - Speak Truth to Power
Liberty Square

This is a public witness to remind all land-rich religious institutions that their faith calls their loyalty to those among God's people who are at the losing end of economic disparity, not to the powerful 1% or to their own self-interest. Chris Hedges and Fr. Daniel Berrigan will speak in relation to the upcoming jury trial of Bishop George Packard and others. Occupy Catholics will hold a planning meeting for further pre-trial actions after this action.

Sunday, June 10, 7pm
Forgive Us Our Trespass - Praying Truth to Power
Duarte Square, Canal Street and 6th Avenue

Vesper service the night before the jury trial of Bishop George Packard and others. We ask Rev. Cooper and Trinity Church to listen to the Gospel mandate of forgiveness, to drop all charges against those who trespassed on the lot at 6th and Canal, and reconsider use of the empty lot.

Sunday, June 10th, 7pm
OWS Arts Cluster
The Commons, 388 Atlantic Avenue, Brooklyn

We think that this opportunity to share information, resources, grievances and sympathies among the creative community of OWS can strengthen all of our participation in the huge work at hand. Join us!

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[-] 1 points by smallpaws (11) 5 years ago

Why have you all left the rest of us by the way side? I'm 54 and believed in what you were doing, but you have gone off for your own benefit. I agree about the college fees and things, but we have to fight and get the money out first together. Your losing people who were with you.

[-] 1 points by sufinaga (513) 5 years ago

putting an image of a man nailed to a cross into children's minds is CHILD ABUSE. Telling children their mothers and fathers are sinners is GROOMING. telling children "jesus is the only way" is BULLYING into submission to the pastor. telling children "jesus died for your sins" is MENTAL ABUSE. we must protect our community from these predatory crucifixion merchant money sharks.