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We are the 99 percent

Occupy Broadway

Posted 12 years ago on Dec. 1, 2011, 3:01 p.m. EST by OccupyWallSt



This Saturday, creative artists, performers occupy Broadway and commence an all-night performance in an undisclosed bonus plaza.

<img style="margin-right:0.7em" src=//i.imgur.com/XdJfE.png" alt="Walmart" align="left" />

EVENT: Occupy Broadway (theatre/shopping district) with a 24-hour performance.
WHEN: From December 2nd starting at 6pm until December 3rd at 6pm
WHERE: Times Square by the red stairs, between 46th and 47th streets, along 7th Ave, NY, NY
SHHH!: location released at 6pm day of: @OccupyWallStNYC #OccupyBroadway

NEW YORK, NY (December, 2011) – On December 2, 2011 New York artists will introduce tourists and New Yorkers going to Broadway shows or shopping themselves into debt to the idea of occupation as CREATIVE resistance with non-stop free performances.   We will set up in a privately owned public space (POPS) near Times Square, turning once blandified space into a space for cultural production.  

“The city created privately owned public spaces for the people, in exchange for bonus height and bulk in these spaces,” notes Benjamin Shepard, co-author of The Beach Beneath the Streets. “As State Judge Stallman made clear last week, the people have a right to be in these spaces 24 hours a day.”

In recent weeks, we have seen a push to tramp on our rights to public assembly, public space and by extension democracy itself. In response, we join a global struggle using occupation as a form of creative resistance. Occupations are spreading around the world and around New York City, even UPTOWN!   Bloomberg Beware, you take our park, Now Liberty Park is everywhere! In a time when downtown theaters are rapidly losing their spaces, being turned into high-end fashion stores, Occupy Broadway is a symbolic attempt to regain the space of theatre as an accessible, popular art form, bringing it back to where it all started - in a public space, for the common citizen. We are using public space to create a more colorful image of what our streets could look like, with public performances, art, and music. Through this movement, New York re-imagines itself as a work of art, rather than a retail shopping mall. With capitalism gone mad, foreclosures increasing, and bank crises consuming whole communities, we are signaling through the flames that there is another way of living. Join us.

Occupy public space. Reclaim democracy. Enjoy the show. We're all part of the show! Get off the sidelines and break through the fourth wall. 
With Over 70 Acts! including: The Working Groups of OWS, Mike Daisey, The Civilians, HERE Arts Center, Jenny Romaine and Great Small Works, The Foundry Theatre, The Church of Stop Shopping, Rude Mechanical Orchestra, NY Labor Chorus, The Yes Men, Ayo Jackson, April Yvette Thompson, The Living Theater, Bread and Puppet Theater, Tony Torn, Carlo Alban, Urban Research Theatre, Yolanda Kay, The Big Bank- A Musical, Rocha Dance Theater, Reno and Penny Arcade 

Sign our Manifesto online here: http://www.change.org/petitions/mayor-bloomberg-and-the-citizens-of-new-york-city-join-the-creative-resistance-occupy-broadway



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[-] 3 points by Edwin (47) from Anseong-si, Gyeonggi-do 12 years ago

Mum's the word. I'm saying naught. Great work, great thinkers!!

[-] 3 points by itsjustdad (38) 12 years ago

2 million people staged a walkout and demonstration in the UK in the past two days and I saw no police swat teams descending upon them on BBC television.

Land of the free indeed.

[-] 2 points by BTKcongress (149) 12 years ago

no kidding,,, you can't drink wine in a park (as you can in every other country i've visited) and you can't paint your house pink.

freedom? not here.

[-] 1 points by Concerned (455) 12 years ago

You can paint your house pink ....IF you don't live in a neighborhood with a Homeowners Association - because those are "socialist" set ups. Your pink house might lower their property value so its outlawed....You Choose To Live There - no one forces you too....that's called freedom.

[-] 3 points by charnipar123 (122) 12 years ago

I live in an HOA and although I agree that the rules can be a pain it was and is the violent assault by banks and Wall Street with its mortgaged backed securities that has lowered my property value. Our corrupt congress is directly at fault here as well. Peace!

[-] 1 points by theCheat (85) 12 years ago

I guess you have never been to a Muslim country.

[-] 0 points by ronjj (-241) 12 years ago

My neighbor painted his house pink. Where you live anyway?? Let me guess, in an area with exclusive covenants just for the residents of the area, RIGHT.

[-] 2 points by BTKcongress (149) 12 years ago

in 1993 most states passed home owner association acts, requiring all new housing developments to be governed by HOAs.... most have very restrictive rules--no outdoor laundry lines, grass to be kept at a certain height, permissions required to modify exteriors and in some cases interior modifications must be approved, shit i bet some require you to make your bed in the morning:):)... in many areas, the only housing available is subject to HOAs.

[-] 1 points by bettydonnelly (115) 12 years ago

Wrong. No State ever required the initiation of HOA Home owners associations they do regulate how they must operate once established. Cities and Municipalities also regulate Grass Height, Interior and Exterior modifications. Called Building Codes. I was a Realtor for 25 years.

[-] 1 points by BTKcongress (149) 12 years ago

i didn't say "initiation" of an HOA... many states passed planned community acts which required all new developments called "planned communities" (i.e., much of the housing built since the mid nineties) to be subject HOAs... one could always buy land and build, or buy an older home not subject to an HOA.

[-] 1 points by Concerned (455) 12 years ago

Over reaching government - what the Tea Party protested......however, you are not forced to live in a new subdivision - you can live in an older home or buy property and build your own. We bailed out 8 years ago from a sub-division with a HOA - where those who were "in favor" had their violations overlooked while others were fined and harassed. We bought a house in the country where a goat can be our lawn mower if we like...that is freedom.

[-] 0 points by ronjj (-241) 12 years ago

Definitely the type of freedom that I like although I own rental property in two differenct HOA's and it works to the advantage of the investor in that the property is maintained in standard form by all owners. Guess there are advantages in both circumstances. I'll take the "freedom to live" route,

[-] 0 points by ronjj (-241) 12 years ago

I was not aware that it was that over-reaching. We have elective homeowner associations (condos, groups of connected townhomes, and developments under the control of a single contractor or land developer. The rest of the areas are wide open for building etc as single owner or multi-tenant properties.

Guess I will paint MY house pink before all these rules hit me too.

Just kidding about the pink thing. Thanks for the info.

[-] 2 points by Mark01 (82) 12 years ago

so true. the state just proved to the world that land of the free is a lie!

[-] 1 points by fishb8 (62) 12 years ago

Its Land of the free . . .Not free land for me .... you dumb*

[-] 1 points by charnipar123 (122) 12 years ago

Hi there, We are not dumb. Please make it a point to talk with us personally and lets exchange ideas. I would like to here more of how how u feel.


[-] -1 points by ComunistUSA (58) 12 years ago

they weren't idiots.

[-] 0 points by necropaulis (491) 12 years ago

exactly. Sitting in a park after your told to leave, is then considered trespassing. If you're mad you can't drink wine a park, then you've never been in a country where you could serve YEARS for speeding (parts of Germany, Switzerland) or even the crime of doing nothing at all. And besides, after what I've seen, a lot of people can't be trusted in large groups when alcohol gets involved

[-] 2 points by samplocracy (26) 12 years ago

this is like a return to the greek open theatres of antiquity - i like it! i set up a new blog on direct democracy if you are interested: http://samplocracy.wordpress.com

[-] 2 points by supporterinfrance (2) 12 years ago

Are we watching the senate? Another huge defense bill approved.

[-] 1 points by SGSling (104) 12 years ago

You do realize that Defense bills create jobs right? The active personnel in the armed forces is around 2 million. Military bases inject a huge amount of cash into local communities as a service industry grows to accommodate the needs of the base. This does not include the privately contracted security, groundskeeping, and other support jobs the base creates.

The contracts themselves are usually for weapons or tech research. Guns, Planes, Ships, and Tanks are not just willed into existence by a bill being signed. They are designed by highly skilled engineers and built by highly skilled factory workers who are members of what you would call the "99%". Statistically speaking, these jobs are more important to create because the employees pay more taxes and spend more money. Spending is key when 70% of US GDP is at retail.

Even if you were to inject all of the defence money into "infrastructure" it wouldn't be all that different. Highly skilled engineers would design the rail systems, power grids, and teleco networks, skilled workers would build the equipment in factories, and then low to semi skilled workers would dig the ditches and lay the track. Both would create jobs, but unless one were working in the physical construction or in the Design/Manufacturing (all requiring either hard work or specialized skills) they would still be unemployed. All of the government injection in the world can't turn an English Literature Major into an Electrical engineer nor can it turn a barista into a factory worker.

[-] 1 points by ForestLensman (20) from Portland, OR 12 years ago

To which was the provisions of the Patriot Act that allows the detainment of American citizens forever without a trial. You as an Occupier could be targeted as a terrorist, taken away and never have a right to a trial. Just what the minority of us have been saying is possible since this began years ago. Now, finally we start seeing a wider discussion. "Senate Votes To Let Military Detain Americans Indefinitely, White House Threatens Veto" http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2011/11/29/senate-votes-to-let-military-detain-americans-indefinitely_n_1119473.html?ref=mostpopular "Indefinite Military Detention of U.S. Citizens Not Blocked By The Senate For The Second Time" http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2011/12/01/military-detention-us-citizens-senate-second-vote_n_1123929.html

[-] 1 points by bklynsboy (834) 12 years ago

Please send an info link.

[-] 1 points by sinead (474) 12 years ago

I think I found the link to the actual bill:


[-] 1 points by sinead (474) 12 years ago

I looked for the actual bill (it's out there because I have read it) but could find it again.... but here is an article.


[-] 1 points by bklynsboy (834) 12 years ago

This is why we're broke: 2/3 Trillion $ for war when the 99% need jobs.

[-] 2 points by sinead (474) 12 years ago

Amazing isn't it? But they can't find the money for anything that will actually help put people work.

[-] 1 points by SwissMiss (2435) from Ann Arbor Charter Township, MI 12 years ago

It's such a mystery, isn't it? <eye roll>

[-] 1 points by sinead (474) 12 years ago

Why so sarcastic.....?

[-] 1 points by SwissMiss (2435) from Ann Arbor Charter Township, MI 12 years ago

"But they can't find the money for anything that will actually help put people work."

I'm agreeing with you. Sorry I didn't make it more clear. The sarcasm is intended toward the legislators.

[-] 1 points by sinead (474) 12 years ago

Ah! Sorry I misinterpreted your statement! :)

[-] 1 points by SwissMiss (2435) from Ann Arbor Charter Township, MI 12 years ago

No problem! I should have been more concise with it.

[-] 0 points by ronjj (-241) 12 years ago

Roll you eyes all you want. If you are not a small business operator, you probably don't know why we are not employing more people every day, do you?? Maybe that IS the mystery you refer to.

I suspect that it is more of a mystery where you think this Mystery Money should actually come from that would put people to work.

I would gladly put a person to work that I could hire for the needs that I have - DO NOT send me a government employed worker under any condition whatsoever. I got a bunch of Job Corps workers three times and that set my mind like concrete about who should be putting money into the jobless arena.

[-] 1 points by sinead (474) 12 years ago

Who said anything about "government employed workers" ? If we (the government) did not approve billions of dollars for defense, we may have the money to start things such as improving our infrastructure. And it isn't just defense spending. it's the frivolous spending on things such as turtle tunnels and Cowboy Poetry Festivals etc.... collectively those ridiculous expenditures add up.....

I was a small business owner and understand the hardship we face hiring... I worked our small retail business alone for seven years before I could even afford to hire someone part time. That is not what we are talking about.

[-] 0 points by ronjj (-241) 12 years ago

You note the frivolous spending by our government, yet expect that same government to create jobs and build infrastructure.

If business and corporations are "hoarding" such great amounts of cash reserves today, would it not make more sense to figure out what needs to be done in this country to cause those businesses to release that money into job creation and insfrstructure.

If you look to the government for a way out of this situation, you will get what government always provides: corruption, waste, worthless projects, substandard worth, and many more federal jobs which will NEVER EVER go away once everyone has a job that wants one.

[-] 1 points by alexrai (851) 12 years ago

I think a 7.7 Trillion injection from the Fed into infrastructure and small business loans would have done a lot more good than tossing it into the black holes on Wall Street... just sayin'

Even 1/8 of that amount would have wiped out all student debt in the country, leaving consumers and businesses much better off due to increased consumer spending.

Government programs might not be particularly efficient, but a massive injection of cash is another story. That was half the GDP of America thrown away... you could have a monkey in the white house, but if the little furball added that much money to the economy, it would have turned around in a hurry without any need for government legislation.

[-] 0 points by ronjj (-241) 12 years ago

I agree with you on certain points.

  1. Wiping out student loans will not solve the problem of the higher costs of higher education. It may solve the problem of the students bailed out at the time - but I can only imagine that it will infuriate the incoming freshman class this next fall who will face the same higher costs and WILL have to pay their student loans off in five years.

I actually doubt that your example would have any lasting benefit on the consumers and businesses of this country. They would be the ones paying for this bailout just like you are paying for the WallStreet bailouts. You are not happy about having to do that and I would not be any happerier about having to pay for the bailout of the students.

Turned around at a fantistic cost and with questionable success. Have you read reports from reliable sources that site the cost per job created under this type of government program. And what is the point of creating one job for say, one year, and having the job terminated at the end of the federal subsidity anyway when the company realizes that they now need to trim expenses to stay viable.

If there is such a surplus of cash resting in the hands of corporations today, would it not be more reasonable to simply figure out ways to allow those corporations to release that cash into plant expansion, employee hiring etc. There are reasons that this money is not being reinvested by the corporations. These reason may be related to the business uncertainity climate in the USA, the continued extension of the government into businesses. Certainly the demand for their products are there (China is not shipping stuff over here that we do not demand) and we have almost an unlimited supply of workers who are out of a job and would be available for hire.

Solutions are TOO easy. Plans and their implementation take great thought and implementation to have anymore than a "flash in the pan" effect.

[-] 1 points by alexrai (851) 12 years ago

I think for it to be sustainable the issue of the trade deficit would have to be addressed through tariffs on goods & taxation of foreign services; otherwise big corporations (where most money eventually ends up) would just take the money and run.

But, when a Government spends money on infrastructure there is a trickle down effect. A bridge gets built, construction suppliers benefit, plus 100 people get wages for a year, those people pump money into local businesses.

When a bank gets a bailout... well they pocket it, just look at Goldman Sachs Revenue Statement.

Trillions or Billions in small business loans would have also made an impact, people can't create jobs when they have no capital; banks are not lending. When people are working, they spend money, and when they spend money people have jobs.

When a central bank prints money the rate of inflation increases, I appreciate that some people feel that is a form of taxation, but its not something future generations would have to repay.

Sure, my idea about forgiving student debt is not fair at all; but I hear a lot of conservatives saying life isn't fair... :)

Either way, if you're just going to flush the money down the toilet anyway... why not instead throw it at something that has a chance of making a difference?

[-] 0 points by ronjj (-241) 12 years ago

Good post. Weekend is here and I have to change pace. Thanks for being there. Have a good one.

[-] 1 points by alexrai (851) 12 years ago

You too! :)

[-] 1 points by sinead (474) 12 years ago

In this economic atmosphere if you owned a business would you spend money that you may need to survive? And I'm not talking about jobs in private businesses... but it isn't the obligation of private business to improve our infrastructure... that is our state and federal governments job.

And perhaps it is time for us as citizens to stand up to "the government" and demand the changes we all know we need. That is what I was hoping OWS would do..... and still hope they will do

[-] 0 points by ronjj (-241) 12 years ago

I'll volunteer to put one more person to work tomorrow, if you will guarantee that my health insurance costs won't skyrocket under ObamaCare, possibly resulting in the situation that I have workers employed while I, as the owner, go hungry, can no longer pay the rent of my business, etc., and the whole entitly shuts down with 2 more unemployed than if I shut it down today.



[-] 0 points by ronjj (-241) 12 years ago

And what would you cut from the 2/3 T budget that would assure you that the 99% could even still exist TO need jobs.

I agree that there must be a balance between defense spending and the unemployed or welfare recipent - but I also realize the the first Federal obligation is to defense NOT welfare. How do you balance this out so that the USA can defend the freedom of the unemployed to get their check and not be put to work by a foreign invader.

[-] 1 points by bklynsboy (834) 12 years ago

There is NO country on earth that can invade and conquer us. Russia disintegrated decades ago. China is communist in name only, they are too involved in capitalism and making money and holding trillions in US debt to start a war. No other country or group of countries on earth has an army, navy, air force capable of attacking us especially with our satellites and international intelligence and surveillence of attacking. We could close most of the bases around the world which were built to fight communism and Russia, which are gone. We can use existing ships, planes, missiles, rockets, bombs, and equipment without adding and still have the strongest and best equipped military in the world by far. The Middle East isn't a threat if we withdraw: our continued civilian bombing deaths and accidents stoke US hatred and terrorist attempts.

Understand this: the MIC wants endless war, win or lose to make money. It keeps the public in constant false fear so the public votes for more military spending. That's it.

[-] 0 points by ronjj (-241) 12 years ago

"NO country" today.......What about tomorrow.

I know that it is a vicious cycle involving so many factors and a lot controlled by human nature. Agree with the MIC statement to a certain extent. But what are we going to do with all the "plowshares" when that shuts down, all the troops come home etc???

[-] 1 points by bklynsboy (834) 12 years ago

In extraordinary times with deep problems at a national level, the only entity with the resources is the fed government. As in the Depression, it uses that bomb-making money to instead create jobs and "make work" programs like the WPA and CCC, until private enterprise can sustain the economy again. We still enjoy the many buildings, roads, bridges, arts, dams, science, research and education etc that were built in that period.

[-] 2 points by MyFutureMyFight (2) 12 years ago

It's time to fight back, I refuse to let the 1% run my future.

[-] 2 points by ForestLensman (20) from Portland, OR 12 years ago

Vote and organize locally for candidates, it is the only way you can fight back and make a real difference. Not to mention how much it will freak the Tea Party and corrupt politicians on both sides.

[-] 1 points by bpmangan (123) from New York, NY 12 years ago

Organize locally for sure, vote individually if you like, but don't expect solutions to come from the same positions that created the problem. We have power in ourselves, don't put all your hope and dreams into someone else enforcing your power.


[-] 1 points by ronjj (-241) 12 years ago

If "ourselves", means you are mostly small business people, you are correct in the source of solutions to this problem. If you are depending upon "the same positions that created the problem" you are doomed as you stated.

If our legislators can find the solution to todays unemployment it will be a miracle. If they can find the money to do it, that will be an even greater miracle. And if their solution is more Federal Money and that works - that will be the Mother of all Miracles.

[-] 1 points by RobertNDavis (133) 12 years ago

ForestLensman, nobody here is willing to do that. There are 99% candidates out there and they get zero support from this movement. It's a shame, because it's probably the best chance we've got.

[-] 1 points by jmpendley (1) from New York, NY 12 years ago

What a great event to be part of. Thank you so much for fueling a worthy cause and movement. Rude Mechanical Orchestra was the perfect starter!

[-] 1 points by irREVERENTfilms (1) from New York, NY 12 years ago

This was a great event. Thanks to the organizers and performers... we should do this every week!

[-] 1 points by danceswithramps (4) 12 years ago

where's the drummers?????? I can't hear anything at this thing

[-] 1 points by shainzona (23) 12 years ago

The words of Philip Glass on the steps of The Met tonight as he addressed OWS:

"When righteousness withers away and evil rules the land, we come into being, age after age, and take visible shape, and move, a man among men, for the protection of good, thrusting back evil and setting virtue on her seat again."


[-] 1 points by danceswithramps (4) 12 years ago

where's the drummers????

[-] 1 points by billbux (35) 12 years ago

We are beta testing a new system that allows anonymous geo-tagged messages.

We would love for you to try it and give us feedback – you can find us at:



Thank you!

[-] 1 points by pwalker (1) 12 years ago

Power corrupts, revolution degenerates. For those who dream of a revolution, too bad. They should have been born in Soviet Union in 1930s or China in 1960s. Then they would be sent to "occupy" the farm land to have a real taste of revolution and "equality.".

[-] 1 points by Teresainpa (1) from Meshoppen, PA 12 years ago

If you live in Boca Raton Florida, you have to paint your house pink....or yellow.

Back to topic....what does this do to get the average american involved in taking back the nation for the 99 percent? Is that not the goal? Is that not why we want big money out of politics and a redistribution of opportunity, fair trade, the rich to pay their fair share?
Is this going to be a movement of silly elitist nonsense about interfering with people doing Christmas because you don't like Walmart? And ps...most of the nation couldn't care less about the cultural community of NYC, no matter how the rest of us feel about the arts. Guys guys guys, if this is not a populist movement it will be nothing but a blip of a failure on the timeline of history.

[-] 1 points by charnipar123 (122) 12 years ago

We are with you here in Los Angeles. All genders, ages, income levels and political parties.

[-] 1 points by gimbojoe (1) 12 years ago

Sorry--can't make it tonight. I'll be working at an actual, real job, doing real work and contributing to the economy. Thanks.

[-] 1 points by OWSMusic (57) 12 years ago

A song for the boys and girls on Wall Street... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4FM3KR9dEOk

[-] 1 points by TheaterOfTheOppressedLab (1) 12 years ago

Regarding Occupy Broadway, as Augusto Boal, the founder of the Theater of the Oppressed, said: "We must emphasize: What Brecht does not want is that the spectators continue to leave their brains with their hats upon entering the theater, as do bourgeois spectators....I believe that all the truly revolutionary theatrical groups should transfer to the people the means of production in the theater so that the people themselves may utilize them. The theater is a weapon, and it is the people who should wield it."

[-] 1 points by fgdesign (52) 12 years ago

This may be of some help: https://rehistoric.wordpress.com/

I'll be there!!

[-] 1 points by adigo (0) 12 years ago

Occupy UK Embassy as Iranians.

[-] 1 points by Evabodine (18) from New York, NY 12 years ago

Hello, Fellow Occupiers!

I just wanted to share a video I put together of the Times Square protest back on Oct. 15th.-- Hope you all like it...


[-] 1 points by ForestLensman (20) from Portland, OR 12 years ago

The way is to vote the bums out, and put in some real liberals at all levels of govt, city, state and federal. That will be the test. Are you registered to vote? IMO, as a recent blogged noted, work on political campaigns locally, while thinking globally. A lot of the worst of the worst of these congressional clowns claim to be Tea Party candidates. How nice to throw them out, I believe there are more Occupiers than Tea Partiers. If you want to really shake them up, throw out the Tea Party and Blue Dog incumbents.

[-] 1 points by danceswithramps (4) 12 years ago

it doesn't work, the libs are sellouts too. So few have anything going but a haircut...try harder; you can do it

[-] 1 points by danceswithramps (4) 12 years ago

I mean, we can do it :)

[-] 1 points by bpmangan (123) from New York, NY 12 years ago

Tea Party, while I disagree with a lot of what they have to say on a lot of issues, are primarily for small government. Not something OWS seems to disagree with. To me the entire purpose of OWS is to create an Alternative Institution that can function outside of congressional and presidential ruling. I won't vote for anyone, save maybe Buddy Roehmer symbolically for some of his views on campaign finance, because I don't believe this system can be fixed. I would rather spend my day building an alternative. To paraphrase the wobblies, we're trying to build the structure of the new society within the shell of the old. Voting for any side is complicit approval; while that might have a biggger short term effect, I would rather spend my time on somethign entirely new.

[-] 1 points by SwissMiss (2435) from Ann Arbor Charter Township, MI 12 years ago

"Tea Party, while I disagree with a lot of what they have to say on a lot of issues, are primarily for small government."

No they aren't. Their candidates and legislators want to regulate every aspect of everyone's life.... from who they can and can't marry to abortion to birth control to this and that.... but they don't want to regulate corporations and groups that need to be regulated.

That's small government???

[-] 1 points by Concerned (455) 12 years ago

And the Democrats just want to ban Happy Meals and transfats....

[-] 1 points by bpmangan (123) from New York, NY 12 years ago

Yes you are right. I should have made clear that I was saying they support small government on economic issues. They're views on "social issues" are the "a lot of what they have to say" that I totally disagree with. No you're right thats not small government and most of the Tea Party politicians are a joke who are pawns of corporations even more than most. Some of the questions that Ron Lawl has to ask about the role of government in our lives are important though, and while I don't agree with all of his specific conclusions, the idea that the main purpose of government is to protect its people and their freedoms and rights is one that should logically lead to smaller government.

[-] 2 points by SwissMiss (2435) from Ann Arbor Charter Township, MI 12 years ago

".... the idea that the main purpose of government is to protect its people and their freedoms and rights is one that should logically lead to smaller government."

I agree with that, but saying we need smaller government and speaking in generalities doesn't satisfy me. If people want smaller government, they need to start being very, very specific about what they mean, where they want government to be, where they don't want it to be, etc. And saying it needs to cut spending is too general. What should be cut and why? I'm all in favor of cutting the military and defense budgets and spending and other things, but we need to spend more on keeping up our infrastructure and creating new infrastructure. Saying we need to cut spending on all things and in general just isn't smart.

[-] 2 points by bpmangan (123) from New York, NY 12 years ago

I don't disagree at all

[-] 1 points by SwissMiss (2435) from Ann Arbor Charter Township, MI 12 years ago

The Tea Party is way too vague on all it says. It says it wants this and that but can't explain exactly what it means. And it's a pawn of the 1%, so I won't ever buy into anything it says.

[-] 1 points by Concerned (455) 12 years ago

And what exactly is it that the occupiers want SwissMiss? The right to squat in "abandoned" buildings? A "luxury economy" where no one works unless they volunteer to do so and all things in life are provided free? I think vagueness is a quality that Occupy has perfected.

[-] 1 points by PandoraK (1678) 12 years ago

"The Tea Party is way too vague on all it says. It says it wants this and that but can't explain exactly what it means."

Isn't that a coincidence? That's exactly what I keep hearing Tea Party Conservatives saying about OWS!

No wonder they think the two have so much in common.

Excepting I keep hearing things from OWS like, abolish Citizens United, reinstate Glass/Steagall and campaign finance reform...

And the Tea Party keeps saying 'smaller government' covers it all...but all of what?

[-] 1 points by bpmangan (123) from New York, NY 12 years ago

Haha I'll agree with the second part the Tea Party has definitely been coopted by some bad people, but vagueness is something occupy has been accused of a little bit too and lots of people, me included, are very proud that Occupy hasn't declared what exactly it wants because it allows for a load of different voices. I do have a few family members who supported the Tea Party before it was all over Glenn Beck, and have since moved on to supporting Occupy and everything it stands for. Basically what I'm saying is that while today's Tea Party republicans are totally owned by the 1% that owns the entire republican party, the original Tea Party movement wasn't about that. A lot of teh anger that made it a big deal was also about seperating government from politics, decentralizing power and had a bit, although they would definitely disagree on some major issues, of overlap with sopme of the core ideas of Occupy.From my point of view, it was the same feelings that a lot of us involved in Occupy have but got weird quick with exactly the things you mentioned above.

[-] 0 points by ronjj (-241) 12 years ago

You can start with this one CUT:

  1. Cut entirely the Department of Education. If anything exists that is worthwhile after that, disburse it to the individual states and get the Federal Government out of Education. The disconnect between, the DOE and the student is so great that you have no connect left other than a sheet of paper passed from one to the other.
[-] 1 points by billbux (35) 12 years ago

We are beta testing a new system that allows anonymous geo-tagged messages.

We would love for you to try it and give us feedback – you can find us at:



Thank you!

[-] 1 points by OccupyNews (1220) 12 years ago


[-] 1 points by yoss33 (269) 12 years ago

Love this idea. Btw, the link at Change.org is 'down for maintenance' as of my posting this.

[-] 1 points by aDelphinium (1) 12 years ago

This Saturday, creative artists, performers occupy Broadway and commence an all-night performance in an undisclosed bonus plaza.

For clarification, this should read, This Friday night and Saturday morning . . ."

[-] 1 points by Mark01 (82) 12 years ago

love the secret location idea. dont give cops the heads up

[-] 1 points by Korey (1) 12 years ago


[-] 1 points by ferditekin (16) 12 years ago

Dear occupiers, as a sign that you have demonstrated that such action is not a of 1%. State 1% level deputies, 1% military, 10% of civil servants, %5 of police and their families. Is the number of with families with 85%. So you do this you need to specify clearly the true cause of action. Someone may not like you.

[-] 1 points by LoveAndRespect (106) 12 years ago

we are the 100% in reality, there is no us vs them. all sentient beings are reflections of each other, and are interconnected, fractal microcosms of the whole. everybody wants happiness, nobody wants suffering. nothing in and of itself is good or bad, it is how we use it...what is most important is our intention - that is what is shifting & evolving globally

[-] 0 points by fishb8 (62) 12 years ago

Flash Mob . . .Flash Blob . . .Absorb the flesh .. .Obscure the Truth Lash out Mob . . .Learn Forward Blob . . .Unexperienced Youth... No Point . . .Smoke a Joint . . .Claim your unearned place . . .blame your face.

A poet by any other name is still just a bum that other bums praise.


[-] 0 points by bklynsboy (834) 12 years ago

$450 per ticket for a B'way show? People pay? INSANITY!!!!!!

[-] 0 points by ronjj (-241) 12 years ago

$12.50 for a movie at the local theater. People say? INSANITY!!!!!

And that doesn't include another $15.00 for the popcorn and cokes.

[-] 1 points by bklynsboy (834) 12 years ago

Free movies from the library.

[-] 0 points by ronjj (-241) 12 years ago

Or, if you got a good job, $1.00 DVD's at WalMart. People all look like we do today, just weird looking clothes.



[-] 0 points by Mark01 (82) 12 years ago

lol i bet we'll make a better show than broadway

[-] 2 points by OccupyNews (1220) 12 years ago

yes, the audience is the show, then they become the audience, awesome idea.

[-] 0 points by ronjj (-241) 12 years ago

There is no way that the Broadway shows could afford that number of Cops on stage, especially at THEIR union prices.

You guys will probably come out like bandits in what you pay for the Cops at your show.

[-] 1 points by alexrai (851) 12 years ago

lol, ya but is it actually necessary to have the streets lined with cops?

Or does Bloomberg just like to show off what he calls his "Army"?

[-] 0 points by ronjj (-241) 12 years ago

I cannot answer that question, because I am not there and I do not know. I would like to know what you see as the reason::::

[-] 1 points by alexrai (851) 12 years ago

I'm unfortunately not in NY so I don't get to see it first hand, but Bloomberg has been in the news bragging about what he calls his "Army." For me, that's about enough to figure out what is going on down there.

From watching the videos of the peaceful protests going on, it tells me there is no reason to have that many Police officers lining the streets... I mean come on its a street theater event not a riot.

[-] 0 points by freeusa (14) 12 years ago

The Point OWS needs to make is to focus on one thing and one thing only, the root of the issues is how democracy has a price tag, running a election campaign needs money and this gives the people who has money and agenda that work against other none wealthy people a chance to corrupt the government system. OWS focuse on solution on how to resolve this and we can put people who really want to serve all people in the office and not letting the few riches has advantage over us. Stop the circus is in the town act and put the energy to working on a real solution, if you think by protesting to show the people who is on the hook of the money they will get rid of their money and welcome you with an open arm for change and share their power and wealth with you then OWS must be crazy.

[-] 8 points by LoveAndRespect (106) 12 years ago

The civil rights movement, or any successful movement, allowed many voices to develop something together...marginalizing the movement by putting it in one category will make it easily written off as "those are the people that want __". By keeping it open it allows a local and global discussion, and allows everyone to be a part of it by doing what inspires them. There are many problems...and many solutions. Let's work together and explore them all :-)

[-] 2 points by SwissMiss (2435) from Ann Arbor Charter Township, MI 12 years ago

I totally agree. I'm sick and tired of hearing people say it needs just one focus. This is about MANY injustices.... not just one.

[-] 0 points by ronjj (-241) 12 years ago

If OWS does not boil it down to a few focus areas, the rest of the 99% you think are right in there with you WILL.

Today, that seems to be moving towards the topic of ANGRY - would you agree??

[-] -1 points by freeusa (14) 12 years ago

OWS ia saying artist don't eat, pay rent, purchase fine wardrew, and instrument etc. because they don't shop and capitalism is bad. All artist should get paid the same no matter how well, how much, how many years of practice they had put in, after turn against capitalism they can all paid the same way one day, I wonder will sam ash sell Gibson guitar at the same price compare to lower grade guitar( not to mention any brand names).

OWS has no idea how the world is run, and insulting artist like me who spent top dollars on equipments just trying do well in a performance and get good rate for it. now I am really anti OWS.

[-] 1 points by LoveAndRespect (106) 12 years ago

Who is insulting artists?

[-] 2 points by LoveAndRespect (106) 12 years ago

These ARE artists...nobody is insulting artists here

[-] 0 points by ronjj (-241) 12 years ago

And rightly you should be. If a bad show closes on Broadway, does that mean that all shows should close along with it?? If a show is a great success, do you have to share the wealth with the failing shows?

Many in American do NOT have a good idea of how the world is run.

It is equivalent to saying that because Mr. Jones has a Santa Suit and sits in the mall, that everyone should have a Santa Suit and sit in the Mall. We will look pretty foolish with nothing but Santa sitting on Santa's knee telling each other what we want for Christmas.

[-] 0 points by agnosticnixie (17) from Laval, QC 12 years ago

Been there done that. We're plainly aware that artists do it to eat. That has never stopped artists from donating their creative labor time to a cause they felt was just. That's what they're doing. Donations are, of course, a possibility to whoever can afford to/wants to.