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Mobilize for Bangladeshi Workers: Mass Funeral Procession to SoHo Retailers

Posted 10 years ago on June 26, 2013, 4:06 p.m. EST by OccupyWallSt
Tags: solidarity, labor, 99 pickets, NYC

Bangladesh factory collapse

After the tragic deaths of over 1,200 Bangladeshi garment workers in factory fires and building collapses, U.S. retailers must take responsibility for the conditions at the factories that produce their clothing. The groundbreaking "Accord on Fire and Building Safety in Bangladesh", will take meaningful steps towards ensuring safe working conditions in garment factories. Unfortunately, most U.S. companies won't sign the agreement.

Gap, Banana Republic, North Face, Timberland, American Eagle, Target, Sears, Old Navy, Walmart: STOP THE BLOODSHED. Sign the Accord.

Join 99 Pickets, Desis Rising Up & Moving (DRUM), United Students Against Sweatshops, NYNJRJB Workers United, the YaYa Network, Student Labor Action Movement, UAW, New York CLC, and the Rude Mechanical Orchestra in a mass funeral march to shame and call out U.S. retailers that haven't signed the Accord.

WHEN: Saturday, June 29 at 1pm
WHERE: Petrosino Square, near Spring St. & Lafayette St. in Manhattan.

Map: http://goo.gl/maps/9uwY1

Dress for mourning

We'll let SoHo shoppers know about these corporations' murderous inaction. It's not as if the agreement is unworkable: H&M, Joe Fresh, Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger, Zara, Primark and 40 other apparel and retail companies that have signed on to the Accord.

More about the Accord

The Accord on Fire and Building Safety in Bangladesh, a new agreement between global union federations and 40 prominent apparel and retail companies, requires companies to participate in and fund a program of independent safety inspections, remediation, and worker safety trainings with the involvement of trade unions.

Visual map of the agreement: http://www.laborrights.org/sites/default/files/publications-and-resources/Visual_explanation_of_the_Bangladesh_Safety_Accord.png

The time for individual and ineffective “corporate social responsibility” programs is long over. The legally binding, multi-stakeholder Accord is the kind of framework that is much more likely to result in safer factories and better jobs for garment workers.

For more info, go to: http://99pickets.org/campaigns/bangladesh




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[-] 3 points by beautifulworld (23771) 10 years ago

Obama is suspending trade privileges with Bangladesh:


Why do Americans think that everything bad in the world is the fault of others? It is American corporations that need to be focused on here and the greed of capitalism and the perpetuation of poverty.

[-] 4 points by TikiJ (-38) 10 years ago

Here's a good site, not sure if you've seen it or not


[-] 3 points by beautifulworld (23771) 10 years ago

Great link, thanks. And:

"The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) “free trade” agreement is a stealthy policy being pressed by corporate America, a dream of the 1 percent, that in one blow could:

Offshore millions of American jobs.

Free the banksters from oversight.

Ban Buy America policies needed to create green jobs and rebuild our economy.

Decrease access to medicine.

Flood the U.S. with unsafe food and products.

And empower corporations to attack our environmental and health safeguards."

From, http://www.citizen.org/TPP

[-] 2 points by Builder (4202) 10 years ago

The brainwashed masses simply take the infotainment as gospel, I guess.

[-] 3 points by beautifulworld (23771) 10 years ago

Exactly. And, evidently, anyone who thinks for themselves is a conspiracy theorist. Go figure.

[-] 2 points by magician (31) 10 years ago

There are two american flags. One for wartime, the one used right now. And one for peacetime. Look for yourself.



[-] 1 points by DebtSUSPENSIONRights (181) 10 years ago

I was going to "share" this article but when I went to "share it" on OccupyNews.blogspot.com, the title came up different than the title as it is presented here.

So I am waiting to share the article until the share title matches the headline title.

[-] 1 points by DebtSUSPENSIONRights (181) 10 years ago

So I Just tried again and this time the title came up correctly so I have shared it on my Daily-Protest blog. I'll wait on the OccupyNews.net blog because I just put up the protest story about the man facing 13 years for using chalk.

[-] 0 points by MattLHolck (16833) from San Diego, CA 10 years ago

people don't care about conditions only getting that buck