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We are the 99 percent

If Occupy Created Bitcoin

Posted 1 year ago on Sept. 13, 2019, 9:56 a.m. EST by OccupyWallSt
Tags: sparkle

Sparkle is money that fights income inequality by proportionally redistributing two percent of every transaction to each person in the economy.

Programmed by the co-creator of Occupy Wall Street and powered by Ethereum, Sparkle is a better money. Learn more about Sparkle at sparkle.money.

Micah programmed Sparkle to embody the activist ideals of Occupy Wall Street in commemoration of the eighth anniversary of the Occupy movement.

Read more about how he learned Solidity, a smart contract programming language, and the process he used to create Sparkle at [https://sparkle.money/micah-white-statement]

Happy Anniversary Occupy!



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[-] 1 points by ImNotMe (1488) 1 year ago

''The Tactical Briefing that sparked Occupy Wall Street — does it hold any clues for The Future?''

Blockchain Tech Crypto-Currency & Publicly Owned Banks or otherwise, we all still need to ''OWS'' and an ongoing, international - ''Global Insurrection Against Banker Occupation (GIABO)! + Please see:

dum spiro, spero ...

[-] 1 points by ImNotMe (1488) 1 year ago

''The Federal Reserve Was Set Up to Provide Capital to Largest Wall Street Banks!'' by Laura Flanders:

fiat justitia - ruat caelum!

[-] 1 points by ImNotMe (1488) 1 year ago

''Let’s Not Wait for the Next Financial Crisis to Nationalize Wall St. Banks''by Laura Flanders:

A video and transcript of Laura Flanders speaking with Nomi Prins, an ex-Goldman Sachs banker.

radix omnium malorum est ..?

[-] 1 points by ImNotMe (1488) 1 year ago

Consider 'New Public Banking Option Opens Door for Real Community Investment in California'

e tenebris lux?

[-] 1 points by ImNotMe (1488) 1 year ago

''Banking on the People - Democratizing Money in the Digital Age''

multum in parvo!

[-] 1 points by ImNotMe (1488) 1 year ago

''Nine Things You Should Know - About The 2020 Stock Market Crash'':

Btw, ''COVID-19 has forced capitalists to confront an inconvenient truth: that capital accumulation cannot happen without labour.'' from this tweet ...

radix omnium malorum est cupiditas!

[-] 1 points by ImNotMe (1488) 1 year ago

By Dr. Michael Hudson & Dr. Paul Craig Roberts:

ad iudicium?

[-] 0 points by grapes (5232) 1 year ago

"Next" is inaccurate in the "Next Financial Crisis." A long rambling screed takes much time, inspiration, and effort for it to be built. This is no longer "a tiny reply."

No expectation is needed. Information is valuable only if it's not in a state of "heat death" when everyone knows it. Communication is worthwhile only when there is an element of surprise.

After more than 30 years of explaining to someone where wealth came from, they are still caught up in the excitement of the moment and don't get it. Some learn the difference between secant and tangent and try projecting by following the secant, others don't and go off on a tangent and lose much of their life savings (the real world is finite so the reality of growth limits eventually sets in to kill the rosy tangential projections.) Buyback-caused stock price rises are fake news which you seem to be all excited about so I know from that fact alone that you're not wealthy. Buyback-induced wealth is just wealth "on paper" ( or more accurately in the minds of people as induced by the magnetic polarities of tiny patches of magnetizable materials flipped one way or another usually kept in a basement or a nondescript building connected with thick electrical cables, which spews hot air exhaust ) which you can eat and live off of only if there are the worker bees who will take from the [largely male] drones more paper called money based upon the wealth on paper in exchange for the goods which they have produced. Wealth on paper can be increased without bounds. If you truly want to become an instantaneous millionaire/billionaire, exchange your money officially in Venezuela for its bolivars. Of course, you should first check whether Venezuela has lopped off a few more zeros on its currency, again.

Why do you think fake news is so important to Donald John Trump Thought? It must beat Pootin the Great, Chamber-pot Thought, and it must also beat Winnie the Pooh, Xi Thought!

People should like it better than a Red Fuckgina.

I hope that the sex from these cardinal Thoughts has relieved your pent-up sexual energy after your having experienced "the second death," also known as an orgasm. Sex reduces violence (it's why all societies promote and protect long-term civil sex contracts known as marriages, a.k.a. holey matrimoney.) Serotonin release helps.

With Islamic State resurgence becoming probable (whose likely first target is Russia which wanted the fake-news dynamo/MoscowMitch to electrocute N.A.T.O.) due to fake-news dynamo and DNA fingerprinting technology being available for parenthood identification, a new regulation may be: no marriage partner shall be admitted to the U.S. until they can submit a live-birth baby whose DNA signature links it to those of the alleged parents. Thereupon and having completed other applicable requirements such as its not harboring contagious diseases and being quarantined for health observations for the duration of not less than the amount of time the astronauts from the earliest lunar landing mission have been quarantined, the baby shall become a naturalized citizen of the United States of America and the petitioning-for-legalized-status marriage partner may be admitted as a new immigrant parent granted the right of refugee upon the successful completion of the health and security background checks and quarantine as required of a refugee.

Another regulation is to change the default of the organ-donation directive to be selected at the facilities of our various states' departments of motor vehicles to make human organs available for transplantation, unless opted out explicitly, in order to avoid the buying of and using the organs of Red China's prisoners executed for political non-orthodoxy. Organ-transplant tourism to Red China may thereby be discouraged and reduced.

I recall very distinctly from my kindergarten-years' childhood my perusing an atlas ( an old one { e.g. on it Gdansk was Danzig, "the free city," and Kaliningrad was Königsberg 康尼斯堡, } lest anyone from Poland or Russia gets all riled-up about my apparent focus stirring up troubles, calm down as my Urheimat was the Silk Road, both on land and in the sea, so Danzig, "the free city," Königsberg, and Sinkiang 新疆 were lexicon forming a part of my [trading for at least centuries and migrating for millennia] family's Collective [Sub?]conscious { do you believe in mental resonances from perhaps previous lives? such as keeping on bumping into the same person again, and again, and again with very unlikely odds for each encounter or with one mutual look, feeling that we had met before somewhere somehow as if we had known each other very well } - the peculiar subtitle "the free city" 自由市 attached to Danzig 旦澤 and the Umlaut in Königsberg intrigued me at the time because I had seen 'o' in English but not 'ö' ) that Sinkiang (now in pinyin as Xinjiang) was marked as an autonomous region of Red China (Sinkiang Uighur Autonomous Region) so its being encroached upon with hundreds of thousands to million(s) of its native inhabitants being confined to concentration camps and "re-educated" clearly indicates a draconian measure unlikely to have originated from its native government. It's Peking (now in pinyin as Beijing) government's oppression.

With Hong Kong, Red China is doing the same thing as what it has done with Sinkiang (Xinjiang.) Unsurprisingly according to the rules of transitions, Hong Kong now has an emergency movement for democracy.

In centuries past, China as opposed to the now tumor-like coastal-industrialized Red China was the agricultural superpower, routinely feeding hundreds of millions of its people. It was doing that well before the German breakthrough invention of the Haber method for fixing nitrogen from the air into ammonia. About one third of humanity gets their proteins derived from this industrial-scale produced ammonia. How did China get its fixed nitrogen? China used to use buffalo dung and bean cakes as fertilizers before the advent of chemical fertilizers. Beans are in the nitrogen-fixing legume family but there is an often overlooked technicality involved in using beans for fixing nitrogen: their plants must be plowed under before they flower or fruit. An alternative is to use clovers. Those very gaunt DPRK people may be able to get more protein if natural nitrogen-fixing plants are used.

Industrialization is very much a tumor-like cancerous-growth process, admired by most but creating worldwide conflicts. China was not globally expansionist until its coastal areas have been industrialized.

Why did the British Empire come into being and where did it lead? Coal->industrialization->cancerous growth of population and commerce->metastasized worldwide->British Empire->Opium Wars->Hong Kong.

Why did the German Empire come into being and where did it lead? German rulers envied the world-dominating successes of their British neighbors and cousins so they industrialized. Ruhrgebiet coal and steel->industrialization->cancerous growth of population and commerce->metastasized worldwide->German Empire->collision with the "First Born" the British hogging much of the World->WWI, WWII.

Japan's transitions are a Halloween topic for Japanese schoolchildren to find out, if their government permits. Communication is still worthwhile even after more than seventy years of suppression by multiple parties involved.

Now is Red China's turn: Xinjiang oil, Inner Mongolia coal, Australian coal and iron ore->industrialization->cancerous growth of population and commerce->metastasized worldwide->Chinese Empire->collision with the "Earlier Born [than industrialized China]" but actually "Latter Born [tried Colonialism (after all, the rebelling English colonists started the U.S.A. so the U.S. knew of and envied the colonial ways of the British Empire; but got tired of it and gave up, with vestiges such as Puerto Rico;) as the British would have said, 'what a bloody mess!' about WWI and WWII in which the U.S. had eventually and reluctantly participated due to WWI having been UNJUSTLY concluded by the colonial powers hatching the CCP, Imperial Japan, and Nazi Germany]" we the Americans hogging much of the World->WWIII (maybe WWIV as the Cold War had all of the characteristics of a WWIII except that the principal countries with nuclear weapons didn't engage in direct nuclear conflict for a good reason.)

Post bloody horrible WWII, U.S. created/used multilateral global institutions such as U.N., N.A.T.O., I.M.F., World Bank, etc. for ensuring peace and prosperity on a global scale, with good results on the developmental side creating great living for many former enemies. A bothersome observation was that only the countries occupied by the U.S. militarily for a long time to this day did spectacularly well economically, e.g. Germany, Japan, and South Korea. I wonder if it was due to their reduced military spending. If true, reduction of hostilities points to a great future in which countries can enjoy prosperity. Afghanistan and North-East Syria show the not-so-great results of short-term U.S. engagements.

Coal, Coal, Coal!

China, India, Turkeys (《屌嘅藝術》Diǎo kǎi yìshù "The Art of the Deal" as interpreted for the Ur-ani-um island of stable iso-topes with S-400 dark energy.)

1-800-HOT-HOTT from two years ago's coddling.

911.2 is our new-model Porsche race car for the cliff run. Fossil fuel is the lifeblood that feeds the insatiable cancers all around the world in a process called angio-genesis which certainly bleeds! Cancers are globally admired.

I wonder where my neighborhood-boy playmate is. We need him to teach an Advanced Masturbation Techniques class in Washington D.C. to the I.M.F.

[-] 1 points by ImNotMe (1488) 1 year ago

''How American CEOs got so rich'' ...

U go from long, rambling screeds to a tiny reply .. where U do not show your thinking, nor any evidence but simply ass-ert something - expecting what? Interlocution?! Watch the video .. then debate, perhaps.

ad iudicium?