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Get Capitalism Out of Politics by Joining the #MarchAgainstCorruption

Posted 10 years ago on Nov. 2, 2013, 1:57 a.m. EST by OccupyWallSt
Tags: capitalism, March Against Corruption, March

Today, thousands of anti-corruption activists and organization will be participating from San Diego to New York City, Miami to Minnesota, Canada to Brazil, and Bangladesh to the United Kingdom. Today, people will be in the streets in more than 70 cities around the world.

The March Against Corruption is a worldwide effort to eradicate the corrupting influence of capitalism in public policy making. This November 2nd is a first of many worldwide days of action.

Recently, Richard Wolff wrote, "The economic aim of both major US political parties is, in the end, the same: to protect and reinforce the capitalist system." It is time to stop working to support this economic system that does nothing but devalues our relationships and our communities as our resources are sucked into the pockets of the 1%.




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[-] 4 points by eaanders (5) from Las Vegas, NV 10 years ago

Trying to work around the two major parties in the US is a fools errand. The grass roots effort of Occupy should be directed at informing workers where their interests lie. The Democrats under FDR used to represent middle and lower class workers. Since the advent of the DLC and the Clinton administration the Democrats have moved into Republican territory by accepting Wall Street influence. That is not their natural constituency. They have been able to do it only with the help of the main stream media, which is driven by money. The great mass of the electorate resides in the middle and lower classes. Now they rely mainly on the main stream media for their information, which is selling them a bill of goods on behalf of the 1% and the Washington consensus. To organize them around their real interests requires a door to door and internet media campaign to take over the Democratic Party and move it back to where it was under FDR. The Republican Party is in disarray, and there is already a strong progressive element in the Democratic Party that is for reducing inequality, single payer health care, minority rights, environmental protection, a safety net, and a place for government in the economic landscape. People like Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren are examples of the type of people than can be elected to national office. People like them can be recruited to local and state offices. The only problem now is voter reliance on the mainstream media and the money it represents. A sustained grass roots effort on a personal level can turn that around. It's just a matter of personal contact to educate workers where there interests lie. This is the only way to overpower money in politics.

The demonstrations in the seventies around civil rights and the Vietnam war were ruthlessly handled by police and military, which do what the government tells them to do. The same happened to the current Occupy movements in New York and elsewhere. The only way to give the middle and lower class workers a voice is to organize them and change the government.

[-] 4 points by JohnWa (513) 10 years ago

Food co-operatives are needed

We have to take the supply to meet common needs out of their hands.

Even competition will hurt them and the example spread hope and defiance.

[-] 2 points by HCHC4 (-28) 10 years ago

Excellent points.

[-] 3 points by bigdog187 (47) 10 years ago

Good morning All! To whomever posted this, thank you. Its a very informative as well as eye opening posting. Thanks again, and be well.

[-] 2 points by Toynbee (656) from Savannah, GA 10 years ago
[-] 1 points by turbocharger (1756) 8 years ago

Wolff on how to break up what is going on and take control of our own lives:


[-] 1 points by MattHolck0 (3867) 8 years ago

the DOD party goes unquestioned

theater describes the current covered parties well

[-] 1 points by magician (31) 10 years ago

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