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#GamonalEffect Reignites Mass Protest Across Spain

Posted 11 months ago on Jan. 16, 2014, noon EST by OccupyWallSt
Tags: M15, direct action, Take the Square, Spain

Who would have thought that a relatively conservative city like Burgos, Spain would have detonated a string of spontaneous and massive protest across the country? Over the past four days, social media networks across the globe have exploded with the hashtag #Gamonal and #EfectoGamonal, viralizing this small town’s struggle against rising property prices and corrupt municipal dealings to international attention, and along the way reawaken national indignation that has been simmering in Spain for years.

The conflict originated around the slatted construction of an expensive multi-story parking garage in the densely populated center of Gamonal, a working class neighborhood of Burgos. The project is to be lead by developer and local media tycoon Antonio Miguel Méndez Pozo, a former felon charged with corruption and with ties to the right-wing Popular Party. Mendez Pozo is seen as an emblematical figure, responsible for the runaway property prices that stem from years of collusion between elected officials and private real estate developers and his control of the regions biggest newspaper. Public demonstrations began on Monday, as local residents perplexed by the scale and invasiveness of the new development, went to the streets demanding a refocusing of priorities to address the city’s chronic unemployment and underfunded public services. Once the internet got a hold of it, the rising up of this working class community became a battle cry to denounce the general corruption of the Spanish government long ago taken over by banks and private interest. Under the banner of the #GamonalEffect Solidarity marches assembled in Madrid, Seville, Valladolid, Logroño, Oviedo, Zaragoza, and Barcelona.

Yesterday, firefighters in Barcelona congregated in Plaça de Catalunya in an impressive show of force carrying signs that read “If Burgos can, We can too”.

Last night in Madrid 13 demonstrators were arrested as thousands took to the streets of the Gran Via.

Demonstrators were quickly bailed out thanks to crowd funding efforts. The #GamonalEffect reminds us of the latent potential of networks created after the #M15 and #TaketheSquare movements in 2011.

Today we all stand united by #Gamonal because their struggle is our struggle: people having a voice in the face of a brutal economic system that puts profits before people.



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[-] 1 points by PeteMarchesi001 (10) 8 months ago


A man looks at me. And I am sad.

There is a man, a little way over from here. He has a wife. His daughter is with him. That daughter has a little girl. I do not see the husband. He must be working. But it is Saturday.

I am wondering why he is looking over at me. To sadness. I am a private person. There is no police man behind me. So, I look around the restaurant.

How do I protect my privacy.

So there is another man looking at me.

The man at the other table, has a wife and a mother.

The people look at the first child for entertainment. They... all laugh at him. Are we laughing at our own children? They bring home here.

  • Restaurant

(A CHILD is dying. The parent looks into the child. Seeing, that the CHILD is close to death. It is not seen anywhere else.)