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Everything For Everyone Festival, This Weekend In Seattle

Posted 5 years ago on Aug. 2, 2012, 4:04 p.m. EST by OccupyWallSt


Seattle organizers will host a free, two-day, political and cultural festival called Everything for Everyone meant to connect people from around the country interested in taking the spirit of Occupy to a new level, aimed at changing everything. Everything for Everyone will be fertile ground for developing a new political and cultural ecosystem where radical ideas, analysis and strategy are shared, debated, challenged, and advanced.

It begins outdoors on Saturday August 11th in Jefferson Park’s Northwest corner on Beacon Hill with a program running from 11am to 7pm, featuring guests from around the country. People will be participating in debates, workshops, panels, live music, and the arts. On Sunday, August 12th, a plenary discussion will take place at the First Baptist Church on Capitol Hill from 4:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. At 9:00 pm, the Festival comes to a close with a live concert and dance party at the nearby Highline Bar.

Organizer Carol Isaac says, ”Occupy’s explosion in the streets exposed the smoldering discontent of millions here and all around the globe. From shutting down banks and the West Coast Ports to directly meeting the daily needs of the suffering, a new force has awakened to challenge the fundamentals of this system. We aim to provide a national meeting toward that end.”

Endorsers of #e4e include the General Assemblies of Occupy Wall Street, Occupy Seattle and Occupy Portland, as well as local and national organizations such as the Black Orchid Collective, the Red Spark Collective, Advance the Struggle and the Malcolm X Grassroots Movement. A few of the performers over the two days will be: The Super 8, Suntonio Bandanaz, DJ Eazeman, JulieC and River Grimm.

A variety of panels, workshops and debates will focus on issues ranging from student and worker organizing, foreclosure defense, revolutionary strategy, and capitalism’s threats to our environment. Other activities will include a film screening, a self-defense class and arts and theatre workshops.

Click here for information if you are interested in attending. See below for Saturday's amazing content!

Land Defense and Class Struggle: The Red-Green Alliance
Environmental destruction is the most urgent and immediate problem we face. If we don’t solve it, nothing else will matter. Capitalism converts raw materials (life) into commodities through the exploitation of labor. Because of its compulsion to constantly expand, capitalism will never be sustainable. The common ruin of contending classes is becoming increas­ingly likely. Yet as the economic and ecological crises converge, the possibility of liberation and social transformation also opens up — but only if we organize to make that happen.

Overthrow Dictatorship or Perfect Democracy? A Discussion Between the Commons and Get Money out of Politics
This panel will feature a variety of perspectives on how to change society, democracy, and the economy, or how to foment revolution. How, in the current moment, do we build move­ments? How do we interact with electoral politics? And how do we make an actually better world? This panel will engage in discussing capitalism and reform, the Democratic Party, democracy and rising movements. It aims to have dialog and debate on a variety of perspectives, revealing commonality and disagreements within Occupy.

Class Struggle: Organizing Across Student/ Worker Lines at Educational Institutions
How can students and workers organize together in ways conducive to their common liberation? How can we build together in ways that do not reinforce or expand systems of op­pression? How can we immunize ourselves against the divide and conquer strategies of bosses, administrators, and politicians that would otherwise have us fighting each other for the best scraps from them? How can we fight austerity measures in education (K-12 and higher ed.) in ways that recognize and respect all struggles as interconnected, including within and outside of institutions of education? This workshop will attempt provide some initial working answers to the above questions as well as open space for continued discussions and collaborations surrounding struggles in education.

Mainstream gay politics have evolved from a culture of fighting the status quo and liberation to a phenomenon obsessed with assimilation and corporatism. The very issues that politicians would prefer us to focus on, from marriage equality to Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell repeal have proven to be a distraction that does disservice to the issues that actually affect queer people of color and lower class youth, stifling the voices of queers who do not choose to assimilate. How do we inject radicalism back into the LGBT community?

Workshop Tent A
Police and the State

Counter Insurgency Against Occupy – Entrapment, police raids, co-optation, and media smear campaigns. What’s the logic and his­tory behind it and what to do?

Rose City Copwatch - What does safety, justice, and accountability look like without the police and the white-supremacist state?

Beyond the Ruckus: Fight­ing White Supremacy to Defeat It; the Legacy of Bring the Ruckus – Bring the Ruckus was a revolutionary org. in the US for 8 years. Learn it’s history.

Occupy / Decolonize Personal Safety: A Self-Defense Seminar – Self-defense and martial arts seminar with Greg Lewis… Wake up God Damnit!

Workshop Tent B
Report Backs

“Either we Invent, or we Err”: Looking at Venezuela’s Bolivarian revolution. How do we radically decon­struct, while at the same time, create and sustain revolutionary growth?

Fork in the Road: The Path to Revolution through Investigation - Report back from Savannah, GA, the site of the first urban uprising of the ‘60s and the hometown of Troy Davis.

What now? Lessons from Occupy and Greece’s Revolutionary Movement – Winter Has It’s End, a revolutionary news service, reports on investigations in Greece.

Occupy and Class Struggle - From Oakland, working class struggle and organizing in Occupy.

Workshop Tent C
Skill Shares, Training

People’s Community Medics - Formed in Oakland to give first responder skills to communities due to racist, slow response of ambu­lances. History & training to be shared.

Occupy Oakland Foreclo­sure Defense Group – Occupy Oak­land organizers will speak on the po­litical terrain encountered in Oakland, their successes, analysis, & experience.

Queer and Feminist Or­ganizing at Occupy Oakland - Will examine the strengths and weaknesses of a community of feminist/queer vigi­lantism.

How to Prepare for Radical Eco-Action - Workshop will cover forming affinity groups, security culture

Workshop Tent D
Theory, Strategy

Anti-imperialism and Struggles for Self-Determination within the US Empire: the Jackson-Kush Plan as a Model of Decoloniza­tion

SEASOL-Direct Action Gets The Goods - Seattle Solidarity Net­work organizers talk about experience and strategy for building mutual aid networks through direct action.

Occupied Media: Commu­nicating the Rebellion - On the role of people’s media in radical movements. Presenters from the Occupied Wall Street Journal, All Power to the Positve, and Occupy Seattle Livestream.

Queer Theory, Colonization and Gentrification: A Radical History of Seattle

Workshop Tent E – Open Your Mind

Intro to Theatre of the Oppressed - Developed in Brazil by Augusto Boal and practiced in social movements around the world as a process for com­munity dialogue, reflection, and action.

Free U: Abolish Education to Liberate Creation - Why should we have to go through school? Train to serve job market that we don’t control? Shape ourselves to the will of people who don’t care about us in order to live? We shouldn’t and we don’t have to!

Religion and Revolution - Are religion and revolution incompatible or interdependent? How does spirituality intersect with radicalism? Join activist clergy and laypeople from various spiritual traditions in a panel presentation and discussion of social revolution as a religious practice.

Meeting and Defeating Attacks by the Police: A Discussion with Targeted Activists -This panel will dig into the experiences and strategies of several activists who have faced repression and threats for their political work.



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