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Democracy Held Hostage: Free Intro 48 Sleepout

Posted 11 years ago on March 11, 2012, 7:50 a.m. EST by OccupyWallSt

via Picture The Homeless:

PTH and members of Occupy Wall Street will be holding a Sleepout on March 15th, 2012 in Erik Martin Dilan's Council District!

Who is Erik Martin Dilan? He is the Chair of the City Council's Housing and Buildings Committee. Why is this significant? Our legislation, "Annual Census of Vacant Buildings and Lots", aka Intro 48 has been sitting on his desk since it was introduced, February 11th, 2010, which means it has been held hostage for 2 years, 27 days as of this writing. Until he calendars (schedules) a hearing, the bill cannot be voted on by the City Council. 10 members of his committee are co-sponsors as well as 29 members of the council as a whole. Picture the Homeless counted vacant property in 20 Community Boards this Summer, representing a third of the City. We found enough space to house 199,981 people. Imagine what we would find in the other two-thirds.

This issue is beyond Intro 48 not being called for a hearing. The fact that a bill so overwhelmingly supported by members of the City Council has yet to pass committee sheds light on the problems in our legislative and democratic process. This is an example of what the Occupy Wall Street movement has been highlighting.

Come join us help Erik Martin Dilan do the right thing, his job and calendar Intro 48 for the long overdue hearing it deserves. There will be a 4:00pm press conference, followed by a series of Teach-ins discussing:

· Vacant Properties in New York City </br> · Community Land Trust </br> · A tour of 212 Unit Complex that is 75-85% vacant </br>

In the meantime, call his offices and tell him so. His District Office number is 1-718-642-8664, his legislative office number is 1-212-788-7284. For further information contact Adrian Antonio Paling at adrian@picturethehomeless.org.

Click the following link to view our report identifying the shocking results of our vacant property count: http://picturethehomeless.org/

News coverage from our action in front of his house.



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[-] 0 points by AllOverIt (100) 11 years ago

This is NOT a forum for personal profiteering. Get lost creep.

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[-] 0 points by francismjenkins (3713) 11 years ago

The community land trust idea is great. I'm wondering if this is inspired by the work of Ralph Bordosi and Bob Swann in the 1970's? There's also some great examples of this model working throughout the country today. Again, this is just an awesome idea.


[-] 0 points by AllOverIt (100) 11 years ago

Okay, it makes sense to get people housed immediately but, our method of housing people has huge environmental costs and large individual cost - there is the cost of electricity, water, taxes, insurance, furnishing. If folks are jobless have you solved how they are to pay for those things?

I agree that it is nonsense that the banks or the government should hoard empty residences. But it is also nonsense that we abuse the planet's resource supply by insisting on separate homes for every family. We must learn to share resources and combine our actions to maximize sustainability.

Occupiers get it. They create shared villages and one kitchen, one library, etc., etc. and reduce the costs instinctively by cooperating. If we do that nationwide we will have a massive effect on saving resources for future generations and will have built a blue print for their sustainable futures.


[-] -1 points by rickMoss (435) 11 years ago

We need a better way to fight back. We have HUGE problems. We need big solutions.

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