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Hunger Strikers Arrested At Occupy DC Rally for DC Autonomy

Posted 6 years ago on Dec. 16, 2011, 5:20 p.m. EST by OccupyWallSt

occupy the vote dc

In Washington, DC, protesters at Occupy DC-K Street are on Day 9 of a hunger strike for DC voting rights. As Occupy the Vote DC has written, “Despite paying taxes to the federal government and sending our citizens to fight and die in every war, Washingtonians have had no voting representation in Congress and have had to seek approval from people they did not elect on all legislative and budgetary matters.” Over 600,000 people live in the District, the majority of whom are people of color, immigrants, in poverty, or from other marginalized groups.

Today, Congress voted on riders that would, among other things, deny residents of the District their right to provide abortion to low-income women and block funding for a harm reduction needle exchange program that DC residents overwhelmingly support. Occupy DC, in solidarity with the Occupy the Vote DC Hunger Strikers, marched to the Capitol to demand legislative and budget autonomy for the District. Traffic was blocked on Independence Avenue along the National Mall.

Four people were arrested by police outside the House of Representatives, including one of the hunger strikers who has since been hospitalized.



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[-] 5 points by TheScreamingHead (239) 6 years ago

Occupy Xmas supports the hunger strikers! Support small business and help the occupiers separate the money from politics.


[-] 5 points by struggleforfreedom80 (6584) 6 years ago

Personally I would much more prefer an increased organizing of workers´ strikes : Sit down strikes, local general strikes etcetc - in addition to protest, occupying etc - is effective tools against the 1%. Agree?

Noam Chomsky on where we go from here (at Occupy Boston):


yours s struggleforfreedom

[-] 1 points by 1SiriusMagus (311) from Minneapolis, MN 6 years ago

Are you organizing a workers strike?

[-] 1 points by struggleforfreedom80 (6584) 6 years ago

Why do you wanna know that? My person is not important, the important thing is the Occupy Movement growing and becoming a major force.

Please visit my blog: http://struggleforfreedom.blogg.no/

yours s sff

[-] 1 points by 1SiriusMagus (311) from Minneapolis, MN 6 years ago

I asked because you suggested it and wondered if you were committed to get this ball rolling . It is a good idea, not easy to do, but nonetheless a good idea. Thanks for the link. I was thrilled to find my favorite movie there: The Corporation. Will continue to study your site.

[-] 1 points by struggleforfreedom80 (6584) 6 years ago

Glad you liked it:) Yes, it´s hard to organize strikes, especially in the US where workers´ rights arn´t good. But it is very effective, and I hope the Occupy Movement will prioritize it.

[-] -1 points by Kevabe (81) 6 years ago

Chomsky is an idiot!

[-] 2 points by buphiloman (840) 6 years ago

Kevabe...might want to loosen the band on your tin foil hat!

[-] 1 points by struggleforfreedom80 (6584) 6 years ago

how so?

[-] 3 points by Toynbee (656) from Savannah, GA 6 years ago
  • This is looking decreasingly less like the country I fought to protect and serve during Viet Nam era.

  • Speaking out and occupying public space to raise awareness and raise issues should not be a criminal offense that lands us in handcuffs.

  • When you look back over the last 100 years, you find that all of the great advances like the Civil Rights Movement, the anti-war movements and so on, were first attacked by our so-called representatives, or the police who work for them, and the protestors were handcuffed, jailed, and in some cases shot and killed.

  • But in the end, the movements succeeded.

  • You cannot evict or jail or handcuff an idea.

  • Press on with pride and patriotism.

[-] 1 points by SwissMiss (2435) from Ann Arbor Charter Township, MI 6 years ago

The women's suffrage movement was attacked as well. A lot of the women who protested were put in prison and were force fed.

[-] 1 points by 1SiriusMagus (311) from Minneapolis, MN 6 years ago

Into prisons and asylums.

[-] 2 points by 1SiriusMagus (311) from Minneapolis, MN 6 years ago

Dear Hunger Strikers. Thank You for your courage and commitment. I will do my part to support your undertaking: Fast in solidarity, spread the word, educate, educate, educate.

[-] -1 points by rightside (17) 6 years ago

Yes Hunger Stikers, Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your starving and I'm sure that Uncle Sam and I will miss you after you are gone and always remember your left leaning wacky way of wanting to contribute to society. How would you like to be buried? Or maybe cremation would be better. Strive to meet your goal! I am wishing for you.

[-] 2 points by nachosrulz (63) from Eureka, CA 6 years ago

what are we gona do when they lock us all up????????

[-] 1 points by tatewaki (5) from Lauderhill, FL 6 years ago


[-] 2 points by Idaltu (662) 6 years ago

"All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing"(Edmund Burke)

[-] 1 points by nichole (525) 6 years ago

Then they must be doing something right!!! Thank you!!!

[-] 1 points by zachssaints (1) 6 years ago

Let me start by saying the capitalist society is a model of natural order of life. Life is not fair in nature. Greed is a trait built in to EVERY single species on the face of the earth. Nature doesnt get things wrong. For us to second guess Nature is to say we are Gods. Nature was designed/evolved using one principal: Survival of the fittest. In order to further our species we need not protect the weakest least capable of our species. Instead let them perish via there own consequencial genetic make up i.e laziness, poverty, homelessness, addictive tendancies. In all other species the weakest animals are the targets of predators and nature allows that animal to be killed so that only the strongest survive and populate. Why are we going to such great lengths to protect those who are too weak to protect themselves? Looking at that question with a COMPLETELY open mind you realize by doing that we are slowly but surely creating a weaker, more sickly, lazy society. By allowing those of us who wake up every morning and bust ass from dusk till dawn to do whatever it takes to make sure his/her family is taken care to prosper as nature designed it we are securing our future as a species to be a very good one. I live a pretty simple life. I have a wife and two small children. I live in a home that I rent. I go to work every day. I pay taxes. I guess you could lable me as greedy because I take advantage of every opportunity to make my life better even if that means that some one else does without. Again life is not fair and survival of the fittest rules. If someone is not smart enough or bold enough or talented enough to take what they need and at the same time protect the environment around them than how would it be beneficial having those people populate the world? I hope youve read this with an open mind because its frank and true if you really think about it. zsthompson1@aol.com

[-] 1 points by assasin (25) 6 years ago

washinton should leave the union, that would hurt the elites

[-] 1 points by ToLdHoWiTiS2121 (4) 6 years ago

Why does the the occupy wall street symbol look like a spetznaz fist

[-] 1 points by ToLdHoWiTiS2121 (4) 6 years ago

if you honestly think acclaiming the corporate upper class as some sort of fascist regime that in its self is a conspiracy the banks did not force most Americans to take out a mortgage that they couldn't pay for that was there own choice and trying to drag the rest of america down into a socialistic workers class is just desecrating the true meaning of freedom and democracy that allows you to have to have those freedoms and capitalism is one of those freedoms in such a rescission we need to ban together and work to improve the economy as people rather than finding some one to blame

[-] 1 points by WEPartyMentor (20) 6 years ago

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[-] 1 points by eliza1288 (1) from San Luis Obispo, CA 6 years ago

There are many natural birth control methods and one can look into it if they are in need. Also natural ways of aborting (causing a woman to shed the lining in her uterus even once an egg has been fertilized). internet is still available today so do your research. Here's to all the women in the world! our time has come! bringing back the feminine

[-] 1 points by owsphorever (9) 6 years ago

May All the forces of righteous in this universe bless and care for these young people. Man, it's hard to look at a person just waste away. But, by God these guys are admirable people.

To OWS: please keep the abortionists and other special interests snakes out of your movement.

What sense do it make to fight for the rights of all our species just to let the smallest and most vulnerable get tortured to death by the millions every year?

The morning after pill is an answer to unwanted children, because if you know you had sex and don't want children, just take the pill.

There's nothing there at that point.

Why wait one, two, four and eight months, then decide to get rid of a life.

You cannot at that point without comitting the grossest of attrocities.

I believe the OWS movent is the greatest chance in the history of the world finally--once and for all--to change this rock for the bettter.

But it will become just another pedaphile, enslaving, murdering Chiristian movement if it let these snakes in.

Christianity should had already done what OWS is trying to do centuries ago.

After all, it is the legacy of the Christ.

But they allowed themselves to be infiltrated and corrupted by being out foxed.

Can't support a movement--no matter how great I think it is--if it supports abortion after life is formed in the womb--except for incest, rape and the mother's health.

[-] 0 points by betuadollar (-313) 6 years ago

Free needles for addicts? Whatfer and why?

[-] 2 points by jkl2143 (13) 6 years ago

I think the program provides clean needles for addicts as an alternative to dirty needles , which are more likely to cause HIV-transmission.

[-] 0 points by betuadollar (-313) 6 years ago

And we're concerned about this, why? Because they are also having unprotected sex and multiplying? At what point do we stop being the overly compassionate (and extremely sick society) that we are?

[-] 1 points by jkl2143 (13) 6 years ago

Yes, that's exactly why we are concerned about this. I don't have all the answers, nor am I not pretending to, but how can OWS acknowledge the plight of SOME Americans and ignore the plight of others?

[-] 1 points by tatewaki (5) from Lauderhill, FL 6 years ago

easy answer: we don't. A human life is a human life, and not everyone has it in them to quit using. Therefore, if they're going to use, let them do it safely without possibly contracting an incurable disease.

...but I bet you a dollar that you think that's an acceptable outcome for a "junkie".

[-] 0 points by mufn8r (0) from Henderson, NV 6 years ago

Occupy must NEVER end. Thank you!

[-] 0 points by rightside (17) 6 years ago

Screw u all! Go eat eachother! Earn your own way!

[-] -1 points by Kevabe (81) 6 years ago

OWS = good example of what's wrong with so many of the people in our nation. They expect handouts without contributing. They blame the private sector for the dumb mistakes made by the government and push to increase government involvement in our lives. They disrupt business and daily operations that local low level everyday people depend on to make money in their attempt to try to force some sort of compromise rather than going through the proper channels already provided by the system. Oh and all those OWS rapes and deaths.

[-] 0 points by rightside (17) 6 years ago

Screw u all! Go eat eachother! Earn your own way and quit s

[-] 0 points by fairforall (279) 6 years ago

Anyone know where he got those boots?

[-] -1 points by MASTERdBATER (15) 6 years ago

or where? those are sweet!

[-] 0 points by ForwardWeGo (99) 6 years ago

Hey that's the guy who sat on the roof!

[-] 0 points by jomojo (562) 6 years ago

They care. They just wish we didn't. D.C. is the epicenter of contrast, of how some live lavishly and some barely live. They have less power than any neighborhood. These are not the first to go hungry there.

[-] -1 points by ObamaIsrael (0) 6 years ago

Obviously the movement is failing, not much media attention and most of the people I know, yes who are even in the 99 percent, don't even care anymore. Maybe if you marched every day instead of sleeping in parks your movement might make a difference. Until those kind of things happen, people will start to lose interest.

[-] -1 points by rightside (17) 6 years ago

You are all a bunch of nut cases. You should have been born in Etheopia because you don't deserve America. Starve the fu-- to death!!!! However, I doubt we will be that lucky!!!! Obama's puppets no less sponsored by the traitors Soros, Pelosi and Unions a.

[-] 3 points by SwissMiss (2435) from Ann Arbor Charter Township, MI 6 years ago

Maybe you should learn how to spell "Ethiopia" before condemning others for being "nut cases".

[-] 1 points by 1SiriusMagus (311) from Minneapolis, MN 6 years ago

Sounds like you would be the one to thrash and betray the colonists who dared to stand up to King George during our American Revolution. Traitors of Justice for all are always cowards.

[-] 1 points by rightside (17) 6 years ago

These dirtbags are not to be compared to the brave souls who who stood up to King George and you must have a serious knowledge deficit of history to compare these soft hinnies to those brave ones. Our Fathers who stood for our democracy actually fought an evil dictatorship that harmed and killed citizens and they had no one handing them goodies for their work. They wondered where they would get even a blanket to lay their heads or two beans to eat. These cry baby cowards here have never seen hard times in their lives as they party in their expensive clothing with their tec communication in hand, eat the finest foods and sleep in tents that our ancestors would have been content to have but did not.(that's when they want to since some of the cheat and sleep in hotels) Then these spoiled good for nothing people want the wealth shared so that their way of life will be supported. Look for marshall law to be declarred and these ignorant puppets will lead us right into hands of serious evil dictators. They will not stand up and bitch about anything then. They will shut their mouths or die. They are all lazy cowards because democracy is not achieved in this manner.

[-] 1 points by 1SiriusMagus (311) from Minneapolis, MN 6 years ago

Reread your words while looking yourself in the mirror. You think and speak like a coward who uses his hatred and fury for self propulsion.

[-] 0 points by rightside (17) 6 years ago

So, you act and speak like one of these dirtbag freaks. Join them in their fast, it can't hurt anything. This whole movement has cost the economy money that was badly needed. Did you practice rereading by admiring yourself in the mirror ? ? Delusional to say the least!

[-] 1 points by 1SiriusMagus (311) from Minneapolis, MN 6 years ago

You wear your bottons too close to the surface: They're all popping.

[-] -1 points by LloydJHart (190) from Vineyard Haven, MA 6 years ago

The Occupy Wall St. Movement has no leverage to force change and until OWS gets some leverage nothing will change.

If OWS blocks traffic and shuts down business as usual, OWS will have leverage to force change.

The forgotten must block traffic to remind the forgetful of the needs of the forgotten.

Don't follow the leaders. Block traffic with your friends.

Guidelines For Non-Violent Civil Disobedient Traffic Blocking. http://occupywallst.org/forum/guidelines-for-non-violent-civil-disobedient-traff/

[-] -1 points by danmi (66) 6 years ago

Starving yourself is not going to help and the Gov could care less. They only care about the tax payers that keep the parasites (the Gov) in operation

[-] 1 points by nuck1es (59) from Port Hadlock-Irondale, WA 6 years ago

i agree. i don't see the point in a hunger strike. our government believes in torture, if you want to torture yourself by starving, they will look at it as one less mouth to feed.

[-] 1 points by flyhigh (21) 6 years ago

They dont care about mouths to feed, its more about farming us for tax money. I look forward to the day i leave this money pit. You are allowed to live because they have no reason to kill you , yet.

[-] 1 points by shifty2 (117) 6 years ago

I agree with you I can't see what's the point. I wonder if someone can tell me what you feel as a group about illegal aliens, I'm not sure if you believe they should stay or go back to their own country and work to come back legally. I have my own thought's but I want to know what OWS beliefs are on subject.

[-] 4 points by nuck1es (59) from Port Hadlock-Irondale, WA 6 years ago

i am a resident of planet earth. i should be free to move as I choose, and anyone else should have the same freedoms.

[-] 1 points by SwissMiss (2435) from Ann Arbor Charter Township, MI 6 years ago

Exactly!!!! NO ONE owns Earth!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

[-] 1 points by rightside (17) 6 years ago

They support illegal aliens because after all, they are not paying for it. More whiners and moochers to join them. They want to kill and eat the successful people who have risen to the top of the ladder to pay for their lifestyle.

[-] -2 points by survivor514 (65) 6 years ago

. There are companies, like one called Social Intelligence, that have been hired to scan social media like Twitter, Facebook, & MySpace. What they are doing is going through profiles, collecting their bio info, & what they post. So if you are at OWS, & you post about how you hate the greedy bastards on Wall Street, you hate the 1%, & you are video leading mic checks denouncing capitalism, they collect this stuff. Then a few years later, you go into a job interview, & the company may have those things brought to their attention. My guess is that most HR depatments are going to see that & say, no deal. It’s not like the old days when hippies got away with whatever because there was no social media the we have it today, many of the OWS a-holes will learn a hard lesson in the years to come, & I will laugh my ass off.

[-] 5 points by gestopomillyy (1695) 6 years ago

do not let fear motivate you.

[-] 2 points by m4trix87 (71) 6 years ago

Don't use real name and personal data then!

[-] 1 points by 1SiriusMagus (311) from Minneapolis, MN 6 years ago

Only a cowardly ass would take delight in stuff like this. You probably would have cheered when the torrys shot the the American revolutionaries. You are one sorry being!

[-] 0 points by rightside (17) 6 years ago

It will serve them right too. Maybe enough of them will be starved off and have no future any how. I support them 100% on this hunger strike. May they reach their goal in a timely manner.

[-] -1 points by survivor514 (65) 6 years ago

They just burned an American flag. I expect this site will be shut down soon

[-] -2 points by DarknessOfGreed (41) 6 years ago

anyone want to bring up the abortion debate?....thats a minefield

[-] -3 points by ObamaIsrael (0) 6 years ago

you have too many topics to protest stick with one or two. your getting out of hand on what you are doing. The port shut down crossed the line with me. You guys aren't accomplishing shit.

[-] 5 points by myrubbersoul (5) 6 years ago

all of the protests have two vital things in common -- social inequality/ecomonic inequality. and the best part of this whole movement is we all have different ideas and opinions and don't have to agree on everything... but we need to RESPECT everyone and not insult each other. in fighting will just break US down, and to say that this movement isn't accomplishing shit sounds like an attack to me. not to mention it is a falacy. even though I too disagree with the port shutdown because the working class folk who lost their wages didn't deserve it, I understand the point and my utmost respect goes to those who are standing for what they believe in for the big picture, even if the little picture isn't completely desirable.

[-] 1 points by ObamaIsrael (0) 6 years ago

I liked this movement at first but until they occupy congress and/or shut down the white house. I have no faith in them anymore.

[-] 1 points by shifty2 (117) 6 years ago

I know they have done allot of good by making people at the top listen and could do more, But all they do now is throw parties, get an interview with a convicted murder, Make plans to go to Egypt on donated funds etc etc. I can't believe the majority of OWS is going along with these sort of plans, What happened to A great movement that had a great opportunity to make meaningful changes to AMERICA

[-] 3 points by SwissMiss (2435) from Ann Arbor Charter Township, MI 6 years ago

What do you suggest... that they start blowing people away to get attention? And when people donate money to any movement, the movement has the right to use it to further that movement. People are donating the money.... voluntarily giving it to them and are not being forced to pay it. What right do you have to tell them what they can and can't do with it? Do you ever protest about all the tax-free donations and other benefits that churches get???? If not, then why are you criticizing this movement for how it spends its donated moneu?

[-] 1 points by shifty2 (117) 6 years ago

I have all the right to voice my opinion as you do, I have a right to ask why the money donated by American's for America is going to be spent to help out another country. This is a so called leaderless movement that gives me the right to input my onion. I donate to worthy causes as well as OWS but I am not a part of the other charities there for I do not question how they disperse the fund' they receive. You should not get so upset it's not good for you.

[-] 1 points by rightside (17) 6 years ago

They have done no good at all. All they have done is cost taxpayers a fortune to further wreck a bad economy. What happened is that they opened their mouths and anyone with common sense can see that they have no goals except to disrupt and destroy in hopes of harvesting those who have gotten ahead with hard work. The democrat party has fronted this movement as an excuse to further tax the wealthy. George Soros, Nancy Pelosi and many other progressive liberals are behind this movement. They pollute and contaminate everywhere they occupy. They are the puppet talking heads of the left with an agenda to destroy capitalism in America. They haven't a clue what they are doing. Why not roast and eat Pelosi and Soros? They have plenty of money to blow.

[-] 1 points by rightside (17) 6 years ago

Hey, did any of these moochers starve to death yet? Awww that's too bad.

[-] 1 points by torped (4) 6 years ago

The movement is like watching "The Hospital".