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We are the 99 percent

August 13th General Assembly at Tompkins Square Park

Posted 12 years ago on Aug. 11, 2011, 11:14 a.m. EST by OccupyWallSt

The next meeting of the General Assembly will be held:

Saturday, August 13 · 5:00pm - 8:00pm
Tompkins Square Park (map)
7th St. and Avenue A
New York, NY
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Please check our calendar page for information about other events and sub-committee meetings.

For further details please contact: 9.17occupywallstreet@gmail.com



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[-] 1 points by stieeph (1) 12 years ago

Regardez tous ces enculés de flics , partout les mêmes connards! Sur toute la planète. Ils tueraient pour avoir leur salaire de misère, ces cons-là. Ils sont insupportablement débiles. En vérité, il n'y a rien qui puisse les légitimer. Ils sont l'appareil répressif de l'état. Or, comment, dans une démocratie, l'état peut-il continuer d'avoir un appareil répressif ? De quelle démocratie parle t-on? Le pouvoir des marchés, des bourses et des bulles financières, des trusts? C'est ça la démocratie?? Comment pouvons-nous encore nommer ce système démocratie?? De quoi parlez-vous? Quelle démocratie? La démocratie n'est plus de ce monde. Alors il faut en changer. Et, du fond du coeur, merde à tous les CRS de la planète, gloire à ceux qui démissionnent!

[-] 1 points by flanga (26) 11 years ago

Could we maybe get a translation of this comment? Just found out about this site and want to read all of the content.

Thanks from Clive @ http://easydiablo3.com/.

[-] 1 points by CLASS118899 (3) 12 years ago

I love this, what a great job, all our jobs are inside private prison walls ownd by corporations thraded on Wallstreet by the shareholders, everyones child going to college that has a parent that is a politician recieves a forgivable loan for their college education, they wealthy recieve subsidies for their home mortgages, the wealthy does not pay into the social security if they earn more than $100k, the poor pays 7%, and we the 99% have no say when we are the ONLY ones paying taxes into the system that is becoming extinct because all the jobs are overseas or behind private owned prison walls that provide food for our groceries, war products, harley davidson's and everything unimaginable is produced by FREE SLAVE LABOR, no raises for people on social security, homelessness,sub crime mortgages that were insured by AIG and all these known covert failed sub prime mortgages were insured and paid for to the banks as soon as they were foreclosed "PRONTO", then repossed by the banks that will get paid twice for one home however since our government has turned this country into a third world, country no one is buying a home, except the same people that stole them , IT IS A BAIT AND SWITCH SYSTEM. and the legal system is so corrupt it is off the chart . But we the 99% are to be happy about this abusive corrupt financial system, Why doesn't the banks donate as charity these abandoned homes to the homeless as a tax write off, they can financailly gain and help the homeless. Tje only thing booming in America is private owned prisons and food stamps and unemployment that does not include the unemployed that are no loger entitled to unemployment insurance they are excluded from the 9%, more like 60% unemployed. Government contracting fraud is off the charts, I cannot think of one legal honest thing to say about this broken system. And yes busting the unions, we are all sick of being abused. Why dont they allow the homeless to live in the whitehouse, it has plenty of room. I saw on YouTube where in London very wealthy people went to live on the streets with the homeless for a week, and they said they were ignored by everyone, as soon as they went back to their plush lifestyle, they were again treated like kings and queens again.

"Thanks I needed to get this off my chest", I am disabled and live off chicken feed also. "Keep up the great work of COURAGE AND TRUTH, THAT BRINGS FREEDOM TO ALL", not wars. What happened to integrity,class morals and values. Go to YouTube Prisons for Profits or vice versa, by PBS, see part 2 a Congresswoman is telling about how Wallstreet is profitting off prisoners in many ways, and by free slave labor, and the more prisoners that are incarcerated in these prisons, the higher the stock goes for the shareholders, CCA is one private corporation that owns many prisons nationwide and if I am correct IS THE HOTTEST STOCK ON WALLSTREET. There are 5000 prisons in America and growing and all our jobs are inside these walls, or go to MSNBC and see "BILLIONS BEHIND BARS". These private owned prisons are international, not just in the US.

[-] 1 points by SandorE (12) 12 years ago

Time to Occupy the BOE Board of $Election and the CPD (Commission on Presidentail Debate - they are private and $ecret) BOE FL 7, 32 BROADWAY NEW YORK, NY 10004-1662 (212) 487-2170

[-] 1 points by 23212868tara (1) 12 years ago

This movement should include India and Indians should involve themselves in a big way as we as a nation is one of the biggest victim of financial crimes that takes place in the world. This movement can put back the human civilization in the right track and become the gateway to the post modern.In fact this movement is very very important to the entire south Asian people where millions are deprived for the benefit of a few & history is dominated by mass uproot & artificial conflicts for a insidious goal .This movement can be the mother of all movements involving all the good things we should pick up from all religion, politics, science & humanities .Nothing could have been more modern then this & young people should involve them selves.Writers , journalists, artists , performing artists , actors & singers , all practitioners of liberal arts, media executives have special obligations to see the movement is reached to the four corners & ensure the right voices within the financial, corporate insurance , banking & political world are properly heard & debated as well , so that the resolution to change eventually transform into reality .I know we can again be thrown out or dragged out of the shelter above our head by the collective tyrany of all the elements of corruption,but we should not let our posterity face the same fate like us.

[-] 1 points by memrosmex (15) 12 years ago

A solid first step in fixing our economic and political woes is to disqualify any person worth more than two million dollars from holding political office. The rich are too corrupted by greed to be an any benefit to the community generally. Putting the rich in government is like turning over the reins of power to a bunch of felons. The American middle class, the true creator of jobs and wealth, should control the government for the people. I look forward to some politician proposing this amendment before the greed of the already wealthy completely destroys our democratic way of life, economy and values. The foundation of our nation is not capitalism but democracy in the form of a Republic. Capitalism is nowhere even mentioned in the American Constitution. Capitalism is a tool of democracy to generate wealth and prosperity. Democracy should not be the tool of capitalism to generate wealth for a few. Capitalism is a beast that must be harnessed to pull the plow for the well-being of humanity. Now is an historic opportunity for hard-working and creative middle class Americans to assert their majority rights against a corrupt and ineffective elite who have brought the country to the brink of ruin.