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At Least Six Arrested In Solidarity March For Troy Davis

Posted 12 years ago on Sept. 22, 2011, 8:50 p.m. EST by OccupyWallSt

At approximately seven in the evening a group protesting the execution of Troy Davis at Union Square Park began a march towards Liberty Square, formerly known as Zuccotti park. The two groups joined up and marched on Wall Street. At least six protesters were arrested. They are being held at the first precinct. As of now we only have four names: Joseph Jordan; Brandon King; Augustine Castro; Freddy Bastone.

Please call the first precinct, central booking and the Deputy Commissioner of Public Information.

First precinct: +1 (212) 334-0611

Central booking: +1 (212) 374-3921

Deputy Commissioner of Public Information: (646) 610-6700

Please call and urge the police to release these peaceful protesters.



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[-] 2 points by kenjezelf (3) 12 years ago

Mister police officer

Your pensions are gambled on black or red. This game of Roulette, approved by the fed. These laws protected by the men in blue. The wins are for the bankers, the losses are for you.

[-] 2 points by humanbeing (8) from Olga, WA 12 years ago

called the first 2 numbers...busy (off hook, or good sign?).
got the third, asked to please release the peaceful protestors. we talked a minute and the man on the phone sounded alot like one of us. keep up the good work people!
wish i could be there...in the meantime i'll just keep telling everyone i know what you are doing and how we can support you. btw, the mainstream media is SLOWLY weighing in....lemmings. probably noticed the number of hits your news was really getting and figured they'd lose even more credibility if they kept pretending you guys didn't exist. Also, the people who keep insisting you narrow your demands to one thing are victims of our soundbite culture. What we all are demanding is so much more than just one simple idea or word or concept...it's bigger and deeper than that, and those who know it, know it...also alot of those who pretend not to know it, know it...a global lack of integrity, consciousness, accountability, and responsibility where money and greed are destroying life.

[-] 1 points by thegatekeeperbeta (25) from New York, NY 12 years ago

What a load of bull.


[-] 1 points by flanga (26) 11 years ago

Yea lol, nice catch!

Thanks from Clive @ http://easydiablo3.com/.

[-] 1 points by metroeco (11) 12 years ago

"Time for Millennials to Take Control" http://paulglover.org/1005.html

[-] 1 points by ghostmaes (7) from Honolulu, HI 12 years ago

All of you out there peacefully demonstrating your 1st amendment rights are brave and on the right side of honor. You have the support of the people behind you. Please don't forget that. Please don't give up. It makes me wonder too if a whole block of people in suburbs from all over simply stop paying their mortgage and occupy their neighborhood. what could the banks do? what would the cops do then? in many ways our slavery is voluntary. we keep going to these oil company, drug company, arms manufacturing jobs day after day. what would happen if people just stopped working for these corporate tyrants? paul maes honolulu, hi

[-] 1 points by Lookatmema (21) 12 years ago

You guys suck! You don't even know what you are mad at. You keep saying you're growing, yet the rest of us can hardly see you. LMFAO! Take a bath and shave, maybe you can get a job and buy a home, loosers!

[-] 1 points by Mary (1) 12 years ago

The Deputy Commissioner of Public Information hung up on me.

[-] 1 points by gjpc (10) from San Francisco, CA 12 years ago

2011-09-23 06:30 PDT called the precinct and the commissioner's office. Requested that they stop arresting peaceful law-abiding protesters. The precinct operator (pressed 0) professionally acknowledged the call, was not rude and did not hang up. At the Commissioner's number a person answered and let me speak clearly about my concerns that the NYC police are arresting people legally protesting. That our system is desperately corrupt, and the protesters in the street should be given all the support and help that NYC public services can provide. That when it costs a billion dollars to be president, none of the people can be represented. She politely asked for my name and number and whether I would like a call back. I said yes I would like a call back and gave her my name and number. I shall post again if/when I get the callback. Please stay PEACEFUL and law abiding!!!!

[-] 1 points by bjanarch (23) 12 years ago

Called First Precinct and Central Booking. Was put on hold for a while, so I called the DCPI. I demanded that the peaceful protesters be released, the man at the end of the line told me to get a job and hung up. These protests have made me truly able to say that I am proud to be an American for the first time since 2003, and before 2003 I was too young to know either way. It feels good to be proud of where I come from, and I thank all of you for that. I will do anything and everything I can to support the occupation!

[-] 1 points by kenjezelf (3) 12 years ago

Mister police officer

Your pensions are gambled on black or red. This game of Roulette, approved by the fed. These laws protected by the men in blue. The wins are for the bankers, the losses are for you.

[-] 1 points by Mishenka1457 (35) 12 years ago

I am so PROUD of you guys what you are doing and have the gutts to stand fot....these are historical times. They will pay off...the crtical mass of people for change is approaching quickly to produce the final tipping point of this system. There will be no way back and a beginning of a new humanitarian era of a global community for peace, equality and worldwide balance. DONT NEVER EVER GIVE UP THIS STRUGGLE!!!!! Thats what the system is is counting on, but this time they made a mistake. We have nothing else left to loose because they took it all. Sending you all the force and strength of the universe!!!!

[-] 1 points by wtfever (2) 12 years ago

Are the 99% opposed to the death penalty in general or just in the Troy davis case? He was not the only man executed in our country yesterday.

[-] 1 points by gryzelskie (1) 12 years ago

You can't fight murder with murder. The death penalty should be abolished entirely.

[-] 1 points by SoldierforLiberty (2) 12 years ago

To Capitalism,

Firstly I am a United States Army Veteran so don't dare call me a lazy good for nothing in your retort as I have served my country and gone to war which is something less than one percent of this countrys population will do. That being said I am a avid believer in human rights, and also well studied in politics and business if you would like to debate these issues. It can continue to be ignorantly denied, however the truth to the growing economic and employment issues this country and the world is facing is the affect of exploitation of people for profitability. Jobs are outsourced, wages are lowered, benefits are cut, and workers are laid off at at the expense of remaining profitable to stock holders and CEOs. Research nearly any job sector and you will find this to be true. Our capitalistic society will not maintain stability at its current state without ensuring jobs, health and well being of its people over global business interest. It is the greed and corruption of the monetary system that disenfranchises people who would otherwise become productive members of a fairly functioning society. When you are not rewarded by the system you have become reliant on to you will no longer have reason to support it, and it its your duty as a citizen of this country to protect it's people not its corporate interest. That's what I swore allegiance too when I raised my hand to the flag and joined the armed forces, I don't know about you. Maybe you're a business man profiting off the lost lives of my fellow soldiers and poor women and children, but I will defend people like these kids who believe in fighting for freedom and true democracy over soul-less businessmen who believe that the government is for sale and corporations have no obligation to protect the people they profit from. We the people are not to be used for cheap labor and wars while our health deteriorates from the working conditions and poisonous chemicals found in our fatty food and polluted water!

I served my country when will Wall street and Washington serve me and my fellow citizens?

[-] 1 points by asimina (1) 12 years ago

Called precincts. They said to call deputy commissioner of public information for police department and that number is (646) 610-6700. 7th Precinct said no one is held there. 1st Precinct said all booking is at 100 Center St but wouldn't say if folks were still being held.

[-] 0 points by easilydistr (7) 12 years ago

thanks. edited as per your info.

[-] 1 points by revolutionary21 (3) from Charlotte, NC 12 years ago

i thank them for their sacrifice and everyone else's at #occupywallstreet

[-] 1 points by lyh31555 (11) 12 years ago


[-] 1 points by katebush (1) from Brooklyn, NY 12 years ago

@Rich: People AREN'T getting arrested in Hawaii over the execution of Troy Davis in the state of Georgia? A capitalist system relies upon racism to disenfranchise poor people and people of color and to maintain the strength of the most powerful. The success of any anti-capitalist movement relies upon anti-oppression organizing.

Just a few little corrections: the Troy Davis march started with a speak-out in Union Square organized by Campaign to End the Death Penalty (http://www.nodeathpenalty.org/); I think we began marching around 7, but it took us about an hour to link up with Occupy Wall Street as the cops kept cutting us off and forcing us to re-reroute. I saw the first arrest a few minutes after we arrived in Liberty Plaza.

[-] 0 points by easilydistr (7) 12 years ago

thanks. i'll update as per your information. did you attend the march on the first precinct?




[-] 0 points by Mishenka1457 (35) 12 years ago

Do you guys have any attorneys backing your rights?

[-] 1 points by easilydistr (7) 12 years ago

Yes. National Lawyers Guild, ACLU, Center for Constitutional Rights and Wylie law are all representing us.

[-] 1 points by georgeg (9) from Lakewood, CA 12 years ago

There have been some lawyers providing free legal services although I don't know many details.

[-] 0 points by Dawn (0) 12 years ago

Brandon Kang = Brandon King (a local artist)

[-] 0 points by easilydistr (7) 12 years ago

thanks. will edit as per your info.

[-] 0 points by fudge (0) from Brooklyn, NY 12 years ago


also, using the UTC timezone in the date stamp makes it hard to know what is happening now, in EST.

either way, keep up the good work!!

[-] 0 points by RedDread (57) from Bethel, CT 12 years ago


UTC is the same as GMT which is +5 hours so just do the math. This is used because this is a global movement and everyone can do the math from their part of the world to figure out what time something was reported.

[-] -2 points by RichZubaty (37) from Wailuku, HI 12 years ago

They are getting arrested in NYC over an execution in the State of Georgia? Get a grip. This is about Wall Street, not everything. Stay focused.

[-] -3 points by capitalism (-9) 12 years ago

Of course they were peaceful protesters... never doing anything wrong. You all need to respect law enforcement. I have no clue why you all are protesting because the government is the one funding you aka WELFARE. Get off your soapbox and find something constructive like a hobby. May I ask who is funding this pizza party? Because, I've got a spectacular idea stop playing pizza party and look for a job!! You all know nothing about the government so go home. Jobs aren't going to knock at your door, YOU have to take the initiative and look for one! Get a life!

[-] 3 points by georgeg (9) from Lakewood, CA 12 years ago

Soap box? Pizza party? It's time to open your mind a little bit and take a closer look at the world around you. You would be surprised at how educated a lot of us are.

I've worked my ass off, make a decent living, and have became a homeowner in my mid 20's. However, that does not make me blind to the blatant injustices that are going on in this country and around the world. Just because you're not on welfare does not mean you get to sit on your couch and belittle those who only wish to improve the quality of life for their communities. All we want is to live in a world where everybody has access to an affordable quality education and the opportunity to earn a decent wage for good honest work.

Those people protesting on Wall Street are courageous patriots in the same manner that our founding fathers were and should be respected. They're sacrificing their time, comfort, and safety to forge a better future for not only themselves but everybody in this country (including you).

The most important thing to know about government is that the people should not be serving them, they should be serving the people. History has shown us that when this simple but important principle does not hold true, patriots will take a stand and make their voices heard.

[-] 1 points by Criminalkingson (1) 12 years ago

@Capitalism. you're a troll plain and simple. You're trying to make people angry. Go back under your bridge in your mommy's basement. ok?

[-] 0 points by Mary (1) 12 years ago

I've been employed as a full time professional for over twenty years, and I stand by these protesters. They are protesting the injustice of our economic and judicial systems. If I could get time off from work I would be with them, as I am in spirit. How can you be so fervently against something you don't understand?

[-] 0 points by hydra80 (0) 12 years ago

Leaving capitalism uncontrolled creates a power vacuum for manipulators to step in and control it. Thanks to deregulation, American capitalism is now manipulated by the extremely rich and the politicians they buy off. It's broken. There's your "clue why [we] all are protesting."

If you think 2500 people in NY and the 99% elsewhere in the US can be dismissed by "stop playing pizza party and look for a job" then you know nothing about government. People, and specifically people's values and morals make the government. This is true government in action. If you think that's incorrect then you're living in the wrong country.

[-] 0 points by HeretoHelpYou (1) from Wichita, KS 12 years ago

Really? I've been actively searching for a job for two years now and can't even find a part time. I was in college but had to drop out do to a combination of B.S. legal issues and not being able to pay for tuition - even with a so-called "full-ride" scholarship. I outright refuse "welfare," as I don't believe that's the government's job, and so I'm stuck here scraping and leaning on family to stay afloat. I work every day to try to save enough to not be a burden to my grandparents, and I'm sick of it. So tell me again why I don't have the right to protest?
Too long has the government and corporations exploited and abused us citizens, because people like you are blind to it and follow like sheep (oh, god, did I just use the sheep analogy?), because "America is #1! Our government is perfect! In God we trust!"
Just feel lucky we are ONLY protesting.

[-] 0 points by Mishenka1457 (35) 12 years ago

Sorry friend, but is your head up your rear, or your rear up your head? There are no jobs to be had, so this is struggle is our hobby now....can your IQ manage the drift?

[-] 0 points by SoldierforLiberty (2) 12 years ago

Please read my post and also feel free to call and discuss the issues at hand as I would love the opportunity to change the mind of someone who has obviously fallen blind and become brainwashed by our system. I know somewhere in you their is a person who loves and cares about your fellow man more than to belittle them because you disagree with what they have the right to stand for, thats what this country is all about. Without the right to fight for our rights through freedom of speach and organized protest, unions, voting etc., we would have no freedom!

What would you prefer, to kill these protestors like Moammar Gadhafi's regime? Or should we turn a hose and baton on them like we did African Americans during the civil rights movements. Is that the world and the country you support?

[-] 0 points by SoldierforLiberty (2) 12 years ago

Forgot to include my number (937) 750-4564

[-] 0 points by mjrmalfunkshn (0) from Fort Wayne, IN 12 years ago

this same govt that you say is supporting us is also killing us with the oil based prod they push, the low wages that HIGHLY educated people have to take to get a job, and i cant speak for the rest but you know how many times i have heard, "sorry, you're over qualified" in the last 2 years. quit bashing people for having a voice and finally having the balls to stand up to the tyranny that is this so called capitalism you speak of! Looks like they got initiative to me, and are trying to get a life...a better one at that!!

[-] 1 points by metroeco (11) 12 years ago

"Time for Millennials to Take Control" http://paulglover.org/1005.html

[-] 0 points by MadMikey (0) 12 years ago

ok, first of all, let's stop feeding the troll(s)...remember what that idiot in SC said during the last election cycle...if we feed them, they'll just breed! There are really just 2 kinds of people in the working class of this system; those who go through the "initiation" of our wage slave system, working hard to find their niche, realizing that this isn't how it should/used to be and then try to change it for the better for those that are coming up behind us....and those who get through it and then want to turn around and make sure no one gets it any easier than they did! The latter are simply cowards who are afraid that if they challenge the "powers that be", they may lose their place in a corrupt system. Democracy is hard work...it isn't for the faint of heart. You hear those teabaggers/corporate tools talking about how the tree of liberty periodically needs to be watered with the blood of patriots, but none of them have shed one drop of blood for this country and I would argue that the true patriots are those who stand up to a corrupt system. Those are the men and women our founding fathers were talking about, not the corporate shills and their sheeple in the FAUX news newspeak echo chamber!