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The Anti-Party Party: The X-Party Selects Candidates #EP2014

Posted 8 months ago on April 22, 2014, 2:38 p.m. EST by OccupyWallSt
Tags: Simona Levi, political party, European Parliament, partido x

Can you imagine a political party that requires no membership or dues, that crowd-sources its funding, publishes every expenditure online, invites all citizens to help amend its platform, loathes the cult of the candidate, provides a direct vote mechanism for all citizens to hold its candidates accountable if they break a campaign promise, and whose first sales pitch was to encourage voters to studiously distrust them? Neither could we until bumping into the X Party: A Citizen Network, a new political player on the Spanish electoral scene that is completely re-drawing what a political party looks like.

They are betting that their novel approach to democracy will not only re-animate the more than 18 million voters disaffected with the current Spanish party system, but will also totally reshape how representative democracy functions. This is a bold ambition that seems be picking up steam as they announced a few weeks ago their slate of candidates for May’s European Parliamentary elections, topping the list is the swiss HSBC leaker and newly converted hacktivist Hervé Falciani whose lack of Spanish citizenship seems to unfaze the self-branded anti-party. In proper situationist fashion, Falciani’s exile to Paris under the protection of French Authorities, for the numerous death threats leveled against him after leaking the names and account information of more than 130,000 tax evaders, will guarantee that lesser known candidates sourced through the network will share the limelight and play a more crucial role during the campaign.

Comparisons to Edward Snowden aside, the selection of Falciani to lead the pack of activist-candidates under the X-Party ticket, is a clear sign on how serious they are about holding those responsible for the rampant fraud that lead to the economic crisis in Spain accountable. The nominating process culminated in March, after an open primary process in which more than 2,500 network interactants participated. The six nominated candidates represent different areas of expertise constituting what they call a “federation of competences,” and whose expertise reflects upon the thematic planks of their crowd-sourced platform: public transparency, radicalizing democracy, housing rights, and economic justice. Included on the list are economist Susana Martín Belmonte, former taxation delegate Raul Burillo, and housing rights lawyer Juan Moreno Yagüe. The number two on the list of candidates is M15 activist, performance artist, political theorist, and X-Party gestator Simona Levi. Simona graciously talked to us at length about this ambitious new attempt to hack the existing political system.



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[-] 1 points by ApexPredator (9) 8 months ago

The Shadow Dark

A Parallax view: To be prepared. A man sits on a bench he moves from it. Sensing danger. The restroom closes. We are all fed…

(He disappears.) It is a town I guess. From where I am from… Where I want to be. But, how does anybody know this… in town?

They seek the young in the park. To teach him new things. I keep my money steady.

I am told to go home, from a far off voice. The man from the bench, siting down.

I am used to drugs in my life. Drugs, that do not make sense to me.

My habits are ruined from this.

I’m out for the duration.

We think abut the suicide one. We go to the park. We breathe. We search for air. They search us as prisoners of time. I have to partisan. And split myself open. Where will I rest? It is too late for me to learn anything new. I go into that dream again. Of spoilt minds, and partisan groups.

We are made of money. To much suicide. We are disbelievers in faith. I find myself rooted to the spot. My heaviness, all beside myself. How do I recover my beauty?

Go again. I go back down to the park again. Root in hand. Go again. It is no surprise we are demons here. Go again. I begin to fall apart. I need to heal myself, in a shouted cry.

Go again, to health and wisdom. People speak from religious bibles. That is not wisdom. To be wise and otherwise. It just weakens the senses.

God speaks reverse.

I rest. Because I do not know what else to do. There are too many cigarette companies in this country. They say to smoke, but be dangerous about it. What is recoverable but air. And my head is on fire.

It is our best chance for… So, I try to change my body. So I bake in the sun. So I bake in the sun. I am too turgid to develop a new sense of being.

I took psych-tropic pills, and was able to control my mind. A lot of people have to do this. So, how do I control my destiny? I wait for it to die in me.

[-] 1 points by ApexPredator (9) 8 months ago

The drug companies are being fed by the government. To keep us all down. They feed the doctors too.

Those minor emotional problems get a lot of this. It is exponential. Minor tragedies in the dog business, go on for years and years. Feeding the doctor. This is the meaning of big government.

That is why there are no tribes anywhere. That is how they keep us off the street.

Wikipedia is the signage. You should see it! Confirmation of fables and stories. Doctors are so much. Doctors of invention.

I don’t know what to say about it. But how do you protect it? We are talking about fables here. I live on the street. I cure my own problems. How do I do so? By keeping silent. I can’t walk around much. There is not much to see. Buildings so expensive.

What troubles me, is where do I go for friendship. I am all alone out here. And nobody will talk to me. Such loneliness. They are all making money. And they don’t care who they are taking it from. A product deserves more than that. But what is precious?

I sit in a quiet calm place. I hear birds. I see bushes. I begin to relax.

I begin to go out of my mind a bit. It comes back.

A teacher takes a group. Teaches them all she knows. Taschen. Symbols and grooves. Goats and dogs. This is a group of women. They lose touch of their feelings. This makes them nervous. And they go to the psychiatrist. Because religion cannot calm the nerves! Only breathing can. And how can we breathe, if someone is talking all the time. Who is this teacher for attention? A dread spot. With fangs. An animal in making.

And the males, doctors and such. Commanding the communities. There is no religious leader in them. They take our friends to us. They make us want to harm each other. They impune the spirits. and it is all over.

Taschen: Book Of Symbols. There is no real psychiatry. It is all about magic. And controlling people’s minds. A car passes fiercely. One man in it. Listening to notes. And here I sit, with one note.

They are all over the place. All about war. I begin to calm down. We are men of peace. But all they want is war. We are of the street. They are of the houses. They have the real estate. They have the insurance. They own… Where do I go tomorrow? It is not to be known by me where I go tomorrow. This is all about schedules. And schools. Where breeding goes on.

Musculature. The doctor looks at it.

I have cancer. It let it heal. With words and pictures. I see myself as I really am.

And that is how I heal.

So I go hide in the wood. We are all full of buildings, says the city.

I wait to heal myself, and that is a desire. So do not go to the psychiatrist. He or she will argue with what is necessary. And how can we change our minds on that? We keep away from their offices. We repair ourselves forthwith. We are from nowhere. We do not need to be from anywhere. And I slow my foot down. I am still breathing, am I? And the doctor goes on and on. Trying to make money. Not step or day is missed in the process. There is no holidays. There is no peace.

I sit still in my car. Take walks often. Pay the bills. Of a car..

My body starts to relax.

I have to be good with myself, for many years. To cure this. To stay out of people’s way. There are many people. So I move from town. Trying to make my way in this world. So I settle in one town. So I am settled. We are good people here. There is a large community of good people here.

It is a finger under the skull sometimes.


[-] 3 points by grapes (3552) 8 months ago

Wow! This forum has truly gone to the dogs. We are truly DOMINANT here. As a loyal member of the canine fellowship, I offer you the iggy button, which or all of my private messages do you want me to delete?

I never thought that a misunderstanding/typographical error would cause such anguish or emotional outburst. You see conspiracy behind many chance coincidences. May I ask who is hc, anyway? I apologize for my error "link/ink" - I must have succumbed to the "ink" credit card subliminal psychtronic message.

Physical law says that to have communication, transmission and receiving frequencies should match. To have the anonymous elites at the control knobs help us, we must think, sound, and speak like one. Look up how the metal gallium does its work to allow breaking up most metals and you may see the light. Some accidental cutting of metals can have catastrophic consequences so the amalgam metal solution formed by gallium can avoid major disasters.


[-] 3 points by grapes (3552) 8 months ago

Here comes the death threat. As I said before, GirlFriday was threatened before in vivid details, not by ZenDog, but ZenDog is prone to be a bit overly emotional.

ZenDog, I delete all of my "BULLSHIT" from your inbox. I really wish that I could be the BULL supporting the ballet dancer on the poster.