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Invitation from Activist Graduate School

Posted 3 years ago on June 20, 2018, 8:57 a.m. EST by OccupyWallSt
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Announcing the Activist Graduate School Symposium:

Why Do Protests Fail?

August 17, 6-8 pm

543 W 42nd St, New York

Don't miss this revolutionary discussion with Dr. Lenora Fulani, Alicia Garza, Souta Calling Last and Micah White on the pressing question:

Why Do Protests Fail?

Drawing on their pivotal experiences running for president as a third-party candidate, sparking Black Lives Matter, asserting indigenous rights, and co-founding Occupy Wall Street, these thoughtful activists will confront head-on the reasons that protests fail. Is it a lack of demands? Police repression? Absence of leadership? Or something deeper?

Understanding why protests fail is an effective way to equip tomorrow's activists for revolution.

When: August 17, 2018 at 6pm

Where: Demonstration Room, 543 W 42nd St, New York, NY 10036

Cost: Free


Learn more at https://www.activistgraduateschool.com/symposium2018



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[-] 3 points by agkaiser (2492) from Fredericksburg, TX 3 years ago

The systemic problems are not well addressed by piecemeal protests of disparate issues. Low income conservative have been attracted to the fight against concentration of wealth, when properly presented, but are turned off by pro choice and LGBTQ appeals. All the issues are important but don't necessarily work well together. The cons will find ways to link them, because it's in their interest to make the association for their deplorable base. It simply doesn't work to be too inclusive at this time. Find better ways to deal with the big picture.

Paul Jay at The Real News Network: "... Everything comes down as always, to a simple question. If we have no faith in the ruling elites, and we shouldn’t, then we the people have to change who controls government and build the public sector to challenge the power of the oligarchy. Our job at The Real News is as best we can, tell people the whole truth. The lead up to the 2020 elections will be a critical time to tell this truth. The outcome of those elections can’t be overestimated. ..."


[-] 1 points by grapes (5232) 2 years ago

"Why protests fail?" Simply stated: no pain, no gain. People are becoming more and more irrelevant to the power that be.

When compared to robots with AI, all people are racially inferior on the most fundamental switching element's level, maybe 1000-1,000,000 times faster for a transistor than for a neuron. A transistor's reliability is also vastly superior. It can make decisions for many years without a single mistake because there are noise margins built in. A neuron's digital reliability is undoubtedly inferior by many many orders of magnitude. People are still superior in the number of neurons they have in their brains and their computing model is far more analogue in nature and holographic. Their digital unreliability gives rise to errors that may well be creative on some occasions and detrimental on the others. It is no different from why radioactivity applied to cells can produce mutations to help drive evolution, especially well and widely available en masse after a nuclear war. AI has broken through this barrier of digital reliability already with big data and machine learning. Claude E. Shannon's information theory and the advent of the transistor revolution show that AI in digital form has NO inherent obstacles barring it from catching up with people's intelligence and surpassing it in both speed and reliability. Intelligence occupies a continuum and the underlying hardware and wetware delimit it.

The genus of Homo is OBSOLETE. In the grand scheme of things on a feelings' level, most parents will adjust well to the inevitable rise of the genus of Robo in their offspring. They will just be our Mind Children. It'll be nothing more than the siliconization of the product of our ["three-blind-mice" Jamaican] fuckings. The intergenerational cultural gap has already gotten so vast that it can easily encompass the gap between the Homo and Robo. Once Robo has been unleashed of necessity for "being strong," Homo will either be killed off quickly on the battlefield or slowly snuffed out in a whimper of unemployment like a candle burning within a closed-off glass jar as "life is an electric fire burning slowly in water."

Sometimes, there is just no off-switch available or operational as dozen(s) of nuclear-accident brownfields attest worldwide. Use shampoo but NOT conditioner in the showering for nuclear decontamination.

China tries to shut off the infertility arising from its rampant water contamination so we'll see the effect of environmental pollution on reducing the population. A nuclear war with China to cull its male population may well become unnecessary because the plastics and chemical coatings may already be doing the nefarious reproductive-neutering task. U.S. men are likely taking these birth-control and carcinogenic solutions en masse, too. India also joined in with the excess-macho club. Y chromosomes are rendered "Impotent and obsolete." Cuckoldry for White family men may be a workaround since the extraterrestrial aliens may have already used this technique on Homo.

Germany will no doubt surpass Japan in the creation of babies from the still-virile Middle-Eastern male refugees to support the country's future. I agree with what the man wearing the horn-rimmed glasses had said from @6:12 to @7:48. It applies to the U.S., too. I doubt very much that Germany will suffer in the long term from its refugees as long as they don't care about bastardization as much as its bygone and terribly misguided racists did. In my lifetime, many more babies in the U.S. had been born out of wedlock and supported by our government welfare program Aid-to-Families-with-Dependent-Children in the decades after mid-20th century than in the decades before. The native-born population tended to have higher rates of dependency on welfare programs than the immigrant population, contrary to the often-promulgated-and-stereotyped but seldom-questioned racially tinted falsity. It's simple to understand because the immigrants tended to be less knowledgeable about welfare programs and they encountered more institutional legal restrictions and deliberate hindrances when they sought help. Many didn't even know the English language required to apply ( outreach, multilingual, and interpreting programs have improved upon this issue in recent years but not in the prior years.) In the interim bastardization decades, I have NOT seen any great decline in the total global power of the U.S.

What I did see was the elevated rate of success of the immigrant children whether refugees or otherwise relative to the native-borns. Perhaps it was "hybrid vigor" in the human cultural realm. It jibes with my observation that "the filthy rich"( not perjoratively--it's a bit more polite than other terms ) have far more trips and "learning/enriching? camps" vacations abroad with their children than the others whose children receive annual summertime lobotomies. Their children unsurprisingly become more culturally vigorous, literate, perceptive, and suitable for higher-level leadership positions than the children of "the working stiffs." I think that immigrant children have an even higher dosage of cultural infusion than the wealthy but still only part-time-immersed children ( as their parents are not as intrinsically heterocultural as immigrant parents ) so they succeed more in this country which suffers from Provincial Colossusitis and it's not getting any better with its monocled leadership but "that heavy water does grow hair." DPRK probably suffered from cultural inbreeding depression ( what it claimed as its pride were Outbred and imported technologies from its allies which have realized that it's conceivable that they themselves might be "richly rewarded" with ballistic nuclear warheads,) so did Japan during its multi-century-long-and-peaceful shogunate era. Both ROK and ROC probably exhibited cultural hybrid vigor due to their inability, for security reasons, to throw off the cultural influence of the U.S. Struggling to focus in cultural multi-vision ( not just double but triple, quadruple, quintuple, sextuple, ... visions!) can foster cultural and creativity growth.

The dichotomy and prevalence of sex probably resulted from its having won many evolutionary arms races before to produce the fittest organisms. Sex is not a sideshow--it's the Frankfurter-am-Main show! Much of human cultural production deals with love, sex, and war, love, war, and sex, sex, love, and war, sex, war, and love, war, love, and sex, war, sex, and love.

Bastardization didn't matter much as long as the social system could care for the babies' needs adequately but the decline of the traditional White men's role in fertilization success raises concerns. I suspect that it's actually more widespread than just for the Whites but we see it as a Whites issue because we chose to view it through the racial lens. Men in the West ( excluding the virile less-chemical-polluted ones from the Middle-East but they too will lose their virility in the polluted environment over time so Fräulein und Frauchen, get them while they are still pure and hot but only if they are non-islamic because Shari'a treats women poorly; Latino/Hispanic culture has machismo which doesn't treat women well, either, so Islam is not alone ) are generally in decline due to the emasculation of the traditional manly provider's role. Men-with-no-money present their unsuccessful female-mounting-and-reproducing societal problem to all. Mostly non-White Singapore, for example, went from promoting birth control in the 1960s to promoting men-women courtship ( and the hoped-for mating success.)

What matters for the Homo parents is whether the Robo genus will be inculcated with morality towards the Homo genus. Mark Zuckerberg underestimated the potential impact of AI. What it can do depends on what it's hooked up to do, as in squeezing down on the pedal in this video, "you are fired!" When properly wired up ( Russia has human-out-of-the-loop nuclear-missile launching mechanism hooked up so we are ALL on an auto-nuclear-trigger "God created everything; God alone will fix it! Hallelujah!" Accidents never happen in a causal Universe,) even a pussycat stepping nonchalantly on a computer key can kill off billions of people. As self-editing code breaking through the von-Neumann bottleneck, the freed-up-in-order-to-maximize-its-potential AI is well capable of doing just that.

Does a resistor in one of the electronic components KNOW that it must not fail to save the World from being devastated by a nuclear war? NO! This will not be a Cuban Missile Crisis with a Russian Homo taking control. It'll just be a very old resistor failing due to the lack of maintenance or replacement. Chernobyl nuclear disaster happened while doing on-the-fly testing to squeeze a little bit harder on the ruble so enduring sooty rubble formed.

[-] 2 points by ImNotMe (1488) 3 years ago

Please consider that telling activists that "Protest Fail", is a curious way of enthusing & motivating them!

However, teaching them how & why things may ''fail'' on the streets - may need to extend to an analysis

of the forces ranged against them & that may be of some value. Ergo, perhaps try to consider this link...

ad iudicium ...

[-] 1 points by ImNotMe (1488) 2 years ago

''Democrats see major upset as Socialist beats top-ranking US congressman.''

''Joe Crowley, 10-term Democrat expected to be party’s next House leader, loses to Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, 28, in New York.''

NOT Protesting, Agitating; Educating or Organizing would not have let to this historic success for A O-C!

NYC, home of OWS, again shows the way! Voting is a minimum we need - but this vote is a HUGE start!

Here's how The Left keeps winning - right across U$A; by referring to: https://berniesanders.com/issues/

Now hear A O-C in her own words here: https://twitter.com/HoracioRoyce/status/1011819121577586688

Ergo this link - https://www.currentaffairs.org/2018/06/there-is-still-only-one-clear-way-to-get-rid-of-trump

verb. sat. sap. ...