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We are the 99 percent

Food fund will be used as a general fund

Posted 12 years ago on Sept. 23, 2011, 8:03 p.m. EST by OccupyWallSt

Occupy Wall Street is elated to announce that, through the efforts of our brothers and sisters in the upcoming October 6th occupation of DC (october2011.org), we have today acquired fiscal sponsorship through the Alliance for Global Justice, a registered 501C3 non-profit (afgj.org).

Over the past month and a half, occupywallst.org has been assisting with the collection of monetary donations for food purchases, spearheaded by the Food Committee. These funds have been collected through wepay.com and to this point have remained inaccessible due to bureaucratic difficulties. Through the generosity of The Alliance for Global Justice and October 2011 we have expedited the process for accessing the funds that we desperately need.

We, the Occupation are touched and eternally grateful for mass outpouring of prepared food donations that we receive daily. Despite our bureaucratic challenges, we have been able to feed our numbers comfortably with what we have on-site. Consequently, it was put forth by this afternoon’s General Assembly, that what is currently the online Food Fund be re-purposed as the General Infrastructure Fund, by which working groups may request funding from the G.A. To oversee these funds and prevent any misappropriation the G.A. supported the formation of a Finance Committee with independent auditors.

It is the utmost importance to this occupation that we remain completely transparent and accountable for our actions, both on location and off-site. We would like to provide anyone who has donated to the Food Fund 36 hours to determine whether they would like to continue to support us, or whether they would prefer to withdraw their donations as is possible via wepay.com.

Now that these funds are being made accessible to us, we would like to clarify that we are still in desperate need of donations. Your support keeps the occupation going strong – it keeps us warm, it keeps us fed, it keeps us healthy. Any contributions are much appreciated and will be used soon! Please check in at www.occupywallst.org for a direct donation link via Alliance for Global Justice- COMING SOON!

Separately, we are weak, but together we are the 99 percent and together we are unstoppable.

We are now able to receive packages. The UPS store 118A #205 New York, New York 10038 RE: Occupy Wall Street. Money orders only please, cannot cash checks yet. Non-perishable goods only. We can accept packages of any size. We are currently low on food.

Lemon Grass Grill +1 (212) 809-8038
Toloache Taqueria +1 (212) 809-9800
Alfanoose +1 (212) 528-4669



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[-] 2 points by CaraChristopher01 (2) 12 years ago

I HAVE AN IDEA: If anyone can give me advice about how to disseminate this idea to a mass number of people, please let me know! I think that ALL participants protesting on Wall St. should wear full business attire. If you do not have business attire, white collar shirts and black slacks can be purchased very cheaply at salvation army. Or fellow protesters can help one another by sharing clothing.

1.) This will completely eliminate the conception of and ability for the news media to portray protesters as, "filthy hippies."

2.) This will send the message that business people working on Wall St. and working class, laid off, and poor Americans are equals.

3.) MOST importantly, some protesters carry signs, but many do not. If ALL protesters are wearing full business attire and business suits, the police will not be able to discern who is a protester and who is an actual business person trying to get to their job on Wall St. Especially if the protests start at 8:00am and continue through past 6:00pm.

If the police begin to harass or accost actual business people going to work because they cannot discern them from a protester, and is the ONLY way anyone who works on Walls St. is actually going to pay attention.

[-] 1 points by GandhiKingMindset (124) 12 years ago

That is a fantastic tactic. I applaud you CaraChristopher. This would really gum up the works because the police wouldn't know who's who. The whole entry into their "Green Zone" would take way longer. If you added in human chains at the entrances to the "Green Zone" (50, 80, 150 people linked together) you'd effectively shut down Wall St. for a day. That should be our demand: Shut Down Wall St. Because it's hurting Americans, hurting citizens of the world, and ruining the environment. We shut down Wall St. for a day to give the world a break, to let the world breathe for a day, be free of the plutocracy for a day, be free of the greed for a day, be free of the exploitation for a day. What good is a day? It's a pretty good start. When someone has their foot on your neck for years and years and then you non-violently force their foot off your neck for a day it gives you some breathing room and that opens up some options. The combination is really going to be effective: 1) protestors dressing in plain clothes or business clothes so police have to deal with EVERYONE and 2) the human chains (tie together with zip ties) sitting in blocking entrances (and there are ALWAYS, by definition, entrances from public street into the Green Zone). With the press watching (and the world is watching) news of shutting down Wall St. machine for a day will spread worldwide. Then the number of supporters locally on site and globally will SWELL!!!!!! It's time for action people! We have the stage. Now we must ACT in the tradition of Gandhi and King: peaceful resistence. Non-violent action. Block the entrances by peacefully sitting in.

[-] 2 points by RichZubaty (37) from Wailuku, HI 12 years ago

You are using the food donations in the general fund and you are low on food? Duh. Below I got some talky babble from someone calling themself Anonymous8675309 that explained nothing. If you are low on food don't take money out of the food fund. People who donated for food want you to have food. Not geeky computer equipment. The Livestream coverage has been a joke. The private photos and private youtube posts have been the best. You have lots of people fowrarding and reposting your online stuff.

[-] 1 points by rickied (31) from Worcester, MA 12 years ago

Could not possibly agree more. What a fucking joke.

[-] 2 points by dontfeelrich (3) 12 years ago

Any word on the cocoa rations, citizen?

LOL you guys are the parasitic parodies of yourselves. Gimmie gimmie gimmie!

Why don't you do something to CREATE wealth rather than sit around in the rain and beg/demand that others give it to you?

[-] 0 points by Mishenka1457 (35) 12 years ago

Sorry whoever you are, but there are brain transplants available. List is long, but we placed you in he first five.

[-] 2 points by ferncapella (10) from Milwaukie, OR 12 years ago

Congratulations! We are also Occupying Portland on October 6th in solidarity. It's time and we are ready!

[-] 2 points by 60srevisited (2) from Gainesville, FL 12 years ago

I am very impressed with the level of organization and thought behind this. I've been watching the live feed from day one. It's inspiring to know you are out there and reassuring to know how intelligently this is put together. Keep up the good work! It would help if the media team took turns reading these things on camera, giving play by plays of the general assembly meetings, spreading knowledge. Media time is money. Please don't waste it.

[-] 2 points by henryf5400 (8) 12 years ago

That is great news. I'm thrilled that you folks have been able to persist through the elements and the police repression. I sent you some money via wepay a few days ago and will be sending more for whatever is needed: tarps, parkas, first aid, media expenses, food, whatever! Keep strong!

[-] 2 points by kukibee (4) 12 years ago

I disagree with you Rich. This is a wonderful idea even if just for the moment. The point isn't to get everything perfect, it's to sustain the community through whichever means are available. Right now, the community saw fit that funds be dispersed throughout the working teams, and I trust the people's judgment on this one. Especially since it's the people's judgment that has carried us through day 7 and now close to day 8.

[-] 1 points by james83z28 (3) from Northborough, MA 12 years ago

I am a disabled veteran with psych and physical ailments from my military accomplishments between 1990-1993 I was on 7 psych medications and chose to stop taking them over a year ago. I have a service dog (MARLEY) she helps with my anxiety levels but without me using "Black-market" marijuana its harder for me to control, without marijuana the ARTHRITIS in my back would be more painful. I have a young friend of mine who is diagnosed with MS (multiple sclerosis) he too benefits from the effects. I say to you the readers KNOW-THE-FACTS.....If it's legalized it too would stimulate the economy by shutting down unneeded prisons and government spending on prison guards , low-level law officials and programs like" NARK" that eat at local community budgets. These are local programs formed by the government under the "war on Drugs" with money bribes to your local politicians to line their pockets why do you think we all want to know now "WHERE DID THE MONEY GO ?" The budgets are done every year the money is hidden in programs!!! Try sleeping at night knowing the country i was injured protecting is the same country I'm now fighting to legalize an" alleviation" from my symptoms. (P.T.S.D., bipolar disorder, schizophrenia and arthritis) Have we forgotten we gave IRAQ “GRANTS” to rebuild not LOANS ? Not to mention the new STATE “regulation” on pain medication means I now have to drive to my doctors once a month instead of once-every 3. The raise they are considering for SSDI is a joke compared the the gas$ increases over the past 3yrs.

[-] 1 points by jdlaughead (2) 12 years ago


Have someone or a group to get about 20 Flat bed Tractor trailers, and just circle the block, and you could charge for a ride or people could donate money to have a ride around the block, and you could drive as slow as possible to literly tie up Wall street, and be within the law, be good just to do it around working hours, plus people could get off it and wonder around the park and then get back on the trailer, also a good spot to show your signs. The money you charge for the ride or they donate, could support the cost of the flatbeds.

call it The Occupy Wall Street NOW EXPRESS!!! In no way will it be a Express! They could even camp out on the Flatbed! Band play music, what ever!

Have Fun

Jim Laughead

[-] 1 points by jdlaughead (2) 12 years ago

If you lose the park try to rent double decker buses, and have supporter donate to have a ride around Wall street. on the Occupy Wall Street EXPRESS. Upper deck you can show all your signs, sell them a T-shirt I RODE THE OCCUPY WALL STREET EXPRESS!! Have Fun Jim Laughead

[-] 1 points by mjfreema (1) 12 years ago

Our government is responsible for creating this society of "haves" and "have nots". Our government leaders and corporate America are one in the same. They have continued to ship our jobs over seas to Mexico, Sri Lanka, China and the list goes on...If we do not make things and produce things, we lose jobs thus furthering the loss of jobs and furthering the reality of "haves" and "have nots". The middle class will soon be nonexistent. Our government makes this problem of jobs and the economy abstract when it is really a concrete solution. The U.S. policymakers should increase the import tax so significantly that it forces corporate America to make their products here by the American people, for the American people. Until there is legislation in place and enforced that makes it more economical for corporate America to bring production back to America, we will continue to see a worsening economy, which has far stretching consequences worse than most people living today can imagine.

I believe it was Spain in the 1600s that fell due to a lack of industry coupled with importing everything. No one had any money to buy anything because there were no factories...there were no jobs. In addition to funding war with France, the Spanish Empire fell.

This sounds eerily familiar to the U.S. and its current state

[-] 1 points by Gunnhild (4) 12 years ago

First, the only reason American companies go abroad is because of the burdensome taxes on industry, which as a cost of business is paid by the consumer. Hence, when companies go abroad to lower or non corporate tax nations, the product you purchase is priced cheaper because YOU the consumer are not paying the American corporate tax built into the price. If any company wants to stay in business, it must make products as cost effective as possible or otherwise YOU the American consumer will not purchase.

Second, the amount of regulation in this country is overwhelmingly suffocating. Economic, workplace, and enviromental regulations stifle competitiveness in this country. Sarbanes-Oxley is one. Obamacare, Dodd-Frank, Durbin Amendment, CARD Act, Appliance Energy Standards, the Edison Lightbulb act, CAFE standards, EPA Endangerment finding, Tailpipe Rule, Renewable Fuel Standard, Community Reinvestment Act (the real reason for the sub prime meltdown), Network Neutrality, FCC Ownership rules and Merger Review Authority, Dairy Price Controls, Sugar Protectionism just to name a few.

[-] 1 points by briceryant (47) 12 years ago

The Community-Reinvestment Act was the reason for the meltdown, and corrupt bankers addicted to bubble economics had nothing to do with it? RIGHT-WING TROLL SPOTTED

[-] 1 points by Iamthankful4 (2) 12 years ago


[-] 1 points by JamesFrancis (1) 12 years ago

Why are you people saying you want a "true democracy"!? There is good reason we choose a republic over a democracy! And although many of our institutions include some form of democratic-like participation, We do not live in a democracy! This continued assumption of the people, led by just-as-stupid media, and promoted by the devious politicians, is the major factor that is bringing this country down. Our Republic was founded upon the principles of Liberty (the right to do whatever one wishes so long as those actions do not infringe upon the equal rights of others) and limited government, not democracy. In fact, seldom if ever will one see reference to democracy in the founding documents of our nation, at least in a positive context. Peculiar, don't you think if we are suppose to live in a democracy as our politicians tell us

[-] 1 points by plove53 (1) 12 years ago

You have to be kidding me by just blaming big buisness, ALSO to blame are the UNIONS, politicians by not letting busness hire, or start a buisness), and the people "using" the system (get there crazy checks, and the welfare system). At least business are creating jobs, unlike the others.

[-] 1 points by Gunnhild (4) 12 years ago

Unions had a place. Now, they are as bad as the businesses they claim to fight against. Perhaps even worse because there is no oversight of the unions.

[-] 1 points by briceryant (47) 12 years ago

No oversight of the unions? So why isn't there a Wal-Mart union yet? Why is card-check important? What is the NLRB? Why are Wisconsin and Ohio trying to bust unions? Why can't police and fire unions strike?

Unions gave you benefits, the 40-hour work week, etc. etc. They're not perfect and they generally concentrate too much on short-term goals but show just the tiniest bit of respect, otherwise you're nothing but a shill and a clown.

[-] 1 points by whatabunchoflosers (9) 12 years ago

What a bunch of losers! If you idiots had a life, you wouldn't be acting like spoiled brats expecting everything to be handed to you. Get a damn job...any job. Get an education. Get going and get a life!

[-] 1 points by Gunnhild (4) 12 years ago

Amen brother!!!

[-] 1 points by metroeco (11) 12 years ago

Time for Millennnials to Take Control http://paulglover.org/1005.html

[-] 1 points by JasonC (7) 12 years ago

See the Oscar-winning documentary movie “Inside Job” (available as a DVD) and read the book by Michael Lewis, “The Big Short” to know how corrupt and irresponsible the banksters are. It's not just the folks in the US who have lost or are losing their homes and jobs, but hundreds of millions around the world..

[-] 1 points by notsobad (-1) 12 years ago

Why don't you send the food fund money to Somalia? Use your cell phones and computers to spread the word.

[-] 1 points by Lookatmema (21) 12 years ago

You guys suck! You don't even know what you are mad at. You keep saying you're growing, yet the rest of us can hardly see you. LMFAO! Take a bath and shave, maybe you can get a job and buy a home, loosers!

[-] 1 points by rhoop (0) from Brooklyn, NY 12 years ago

I have an idea. Why don't you retarts get a life, then get a real job, then get a real home and start a real family. Sure beats protesting for the sake of protesting, all because you're a failure of your own doing and won't own up to it. Last year I made over $92k, and never went to college. Won't get rich but won't die broke. Busted my ass to learn my respective trade when I was young. Unlike you dirty hipster rats, resembling broke ass Portland runaways who need a hot shower. Grow the fuck up. Because nobody is taking you seriously anyway, except for your disillusioned peers in your own little world.

[-] 1 points by hdfatboy (1) from Hamburg, PA 12 years ago

I have worked hard also to become a valued contributor to the semiconductor industry. I supported the faster smaller integration of function that has squeezed the industry and myself right out of a job. I believed in this country so much that I was invested in Freddie Mac just because I believed in hard work and the American dream. Problem is; all along these thieves on Wall Street were strategizing a way to leave myself and an entire generation of hardworking Americans holding an empty bag. Their scheme was mortgage tranches and CDO's. It worked on a grand scale. We should not fear standing up to these unAmerican global thieves who have plundered generations to come, and we should not criticize those who do. Occupy Wall Street is truly supporting the best interests of the American people.

[-] 1 points by KatrinaW (1) from Portland, OR 12 years ago

I just wanted to say thank you for speaking for me.. I'm currently pregnant, homeless, and trying to stabilize my life as best as possible here in Oregon, or else I'd find a way out there to help too, but I have to think of my unborn kid- some of the stuff I saw in that video makes me leery about protesting there. I will however post as much as I can about you guys on my facebook etc. If I could afford to I would send money or food... I can however at least keep you in my thoughts. Good luck and STAY SAFE.

What you are doing is amazing and I fully support you in this. Thanks for speaking for those who can't, or won't, as well. Just please, stay safe and keep strong, and I am telling all my friends about what's going on with you guys. Find me on facebook if you want, dragonwitch88@yahoo.com :)

[-] 1 points by PickledBeatnik (4) from Murray, UT 12 years ago

The situation is what it is. We are all working so incredibly hard toward a goal, whether it's finishing college, working through debt, or trying to get the government officials WE hired to do their jobs right and listen to us. It's hard to work for a goal when it looks as though those with more material assets will just be able to take it away with a snap of their fingers. It's disheartening, disenchanting, and disillusioning, and disgusting, but a revolution was bound to occur sooner or later because of it. The fact that people like those in Egypt, Libya, New York, Iceland, Chicago, etc., have taken the incredible initiative against corruption and ignorance is awe-inspiring, to say the least. I don't care that the media won't take us seriously, because we're capable of doing this on our own.

[-] 1 points by Obama (5) from New York, NY 12 years ago

occupy a shower. stop censoring me. you guys suck.

[-] 1 points by spitfire (11) 12 years ago

If ALL the cities were to FIGHT BACK on the same day they would have a catastrophe on their hands thats for sure. You would start to see negotiations and even input from the President himself. They do not care about people waving peace signs and playing with devil sticks flowers. COME ON AMERICA QUITE LIVING IN FEAR!!

[-] 1 points by gjpc (10) from San Francisco, CA 12 years ago

Food For Health™ Vegetarian Emergency Food Supply on the way, Please remain peaceful and law abiding, we are all hoping.

[-] 1 points by spitfire (11) 12 years ago

This isn't the 1960's Whats with the flowers? The government does not fear us and will never change unless we INSIST ON IT!! The organization is great and the food support and donations are as well and thank you to all who have contributed but don't let this fizzle out. People and the world are counting on us to MAKE A HUGE Difference. All were doing is going where the police tell us and handing out flowers and playing drum circles. NOT ALL OF US ARE HIPPIES!! remember that

[-] 1 points by Obama (5) from New York, NY 12 years ago

You guys are a complete joke. Try occupying a shower.

[-] 1 points by Obama (5) from New York, NY 12 years ago

Occupy a job application

[-] 1 points by Obama (5) from New York, NY 12 years ago

this has brought so many jokes to me and my coworkers thanks for that at least

[-] 1 points by chelseabeech (2) 12 years ago

Happy to have made you smile. :)

[-] 1 points by Obama (5) from New York, NY 12 years ago

you guys are assholes

[-] 1 points by withyou (4) from Estero, FL 12 years ago

If you cut the silliness and focus, you will be taken seriously. Otherwise you are just freaks acting out in public. I have given up on you. Can't you get it together for the people counting on you???

[-] 1 points by Dublin99 (65) 12 years ago

Dublin, Ireland needs this sort of mass action.

Our political system is deeply corrupt, maintaining a insider elite of civil servants, solicitors and political families who use the nations treasury to fund their own businesses and to buy the votes of local electorates.

Some of our former retired political leaders who like to portray an everyman image are in fact working to set up the sale of states assets to investment companies.

Ireland's 99 per cent needs leadership

[-] 1 points by chelseabeech (2) 12 years ago

I am arriving on the 27th. :)

[-] 1 points by walker (20) from Starkville, MS 12 years ago

i will be starting my walk in two days. i will try to pick up anyone that will listen and do my best to get them to join us. we are many we are done setting around waiting for change.

[-] 1 points by TuHyFNTm (12) 12 years ago

I'm coming down today, and would like to bring food. Can you guys cook anything? Boil water for Coffee? What grocery items would be best to bring?

[-] 1 points by takeTsquare (77) 12 years ago

Great, I was about to suggest that You have my backing (if that means anything) Greeting form #spanishrevolution

[-] 1 points by bll12172 (2) from Mountlake Terrace, WA 12 years ago

I am touched deeply, by what everyone is doing for the Occupations. I am disabled and unable to travel or protest very long, but I find myself wanting to pack a bag to join the cause in person. Every chance I get, I pass the information to family, friends, and strangers, to support the occupation, wherever they live. I have spent the past seven days flooding Facebook, with the good works, of what everyone is doing to stand up for the 99%. Thank You All! Each one of you are an inspiration to me and my family. Hail the Occupation, Hail the 99%, Hail the Truth.

[-] 1 points by theOnlineGovernmentDotcom (97) 12 years ago

Congratulations! Is there anyone that can contact me about the legal requirements to do something similar for theOnlineGovernment.org? This can make the world's first large-scale, direct, digitalized democracy possible. I see it as the anti-lobbyist force that could help restore balance to democracy. The scale of the project is mammoth. That's why I never got very far with it. I could draft up more detailed guidelines if anyone has ideas for how to make it happen.

[-] 1 points by whatsthis (2) 12 years ago

"Occupy Wall Street" sounds too narrow in scope. If you are against Wall Street, you are against Corporate America. So, why not "Occupy Corporate America"?

[-] 1 points by Mishenka1457 (35) 12 years ago


[-] 1 points by thespark (16) 12 years ago

viva la revolución!

[-] 1 points by thespark (16) 12 years ago

May this trickle turn into a flood to wash out the old system so that America can start on a new clean slate.

[-] 1 points by Pissedoff (7) 12 years ago


This is the problem.. Please take this seriously. Everyone is starting to look at this as some kind of joke. A bunch of unemployed kids with lots of time on their hands. We need to let them know that we want to be taken seriously.

[-] 2 points by SnotRocketScience (13) from Columbus, OH 12 years ago

The half-naked lady and the guy who was tapping on baby dolls with drumsticks have never read a single article on public relations. vWhat a fucking disgrace. (This is coming from someone who drove from Ohio to be here)

[-] 1 points by rickied (31) from Worcester, MA 12 years ago

It's people who want to protest for the sake of protesting anything, and attention-mongers who don't give a shit about real problems. I was actually very interested in this movement, but even this website is suffering from hideous amounts of sidetracking.

[-] 1 points by spitfire (11) 12 years ago

They don't care that this protest is going on. Its not clear by the 99% to them that we are unhappy. They are unhappy to. They just lack the balls to do anything SERIOUS about this. They live in fear just as you do, fear of this country and its government. We will be joke and take a back seat to the rest of the world unless we can stand up and FIGHT for what we believe in. There is no way the media can ignore a serious fight from our end.

[-] 1 points by davidscameracraft (12) 12 years ago

It is easy to comment on the NY Times and voice your opinion not only of the article but of the protest. Use this as a way of expressing what the "Occupy Wall Street" movement means.

[-] 1 points by Bee (9) 12 years ago

There are only three comments on that article right now. This is an opportunity to speak out.

[-] 1 points by davidscameracraft (12) 12 years ago

The NY Times censored my comment. I wasn't even mean.

[-] 1 points by henryf5400 (8) 12 years ago

Don't take the nytimes article too much to heart. It is a liberal but institutional newspaper, hence a follower not a leader. They will come around in time. If you had clear demands, they'll be labeling the action "strident" and "militant." It was the same way in the '60s and '70s. Keep the spirit and the heart -- that is the most important thing right now. It's clear by the 99% reference that we are unhappy with the very rich, and stand for and with everyone else. Clear demands can develop in time.

[-] 1 points by rickied (31) from Worcester, MA 12 years ago

You're joking, right? The New York Times is one of the country's foremost newspapers.

[-] 1 points by Rlr (1) 12 years ago

The NYT has a long history of quelling any type of dissidents here in the US and around the world. Their biggest fear is what is happening on wall street right now.... Americans turning of their TVs and becoming active citizens.

[-] 1 points by metroeco (11) 12 years ago

Right. I wrote an article about the Ithaca Journal's historic resistance to social change: http://www.paulglover.org/9102.html

[-] 1 points by jart (1186) from New York, NY 12 years ago

Please stay on topic :\

[-] 1 points by Bee (9) 12 years ago

I agree that the perception that the occupation lacks focus is a serious problem. It may be crucial to draft a position paper that actually explains to the puzzled public what is wrong with the financial system. I was very dismayed by the vague and unfocused statement that was published here on day 5.

I understand that the purpose of the occupation is to create a democratic space in which everyone can air his or her grievance without having to toe a line, but if I'm right that this is the reason for the lack of specific statements of purpose, then, perhaps, make that the statement of purpose? But make it clear and to the point.

Let's prove the naysayers wrong.

[-] 0 points by spitfire (11) 12 years ago

I completely agree! The only way there will ever be change is to start fighting back!! Make body sheilds to protect yourselves and others and move where you want to move. start cutting the zip ties of others that are arrested. This needs to get going like the Egypt protest. There is just no other way to make change happen in this day and age.

[-] 1 points by metroeco (11) 12 years ago

Time for Millennials to Take Control http://paulglover.org/1005.html

[-] 0 points by PartTimeJanitor (2) from Macedon, NY 12 years ago

Unless this protest involves green-shirted giants and businessmen with invisible briefcases, I'd say the image above the NY Times article is photoshopped.

Look closely at the man's hand in the lower-right; his fingers are curled as if he's grasping a briefcase handle, and he's missing the parts of his hand that a handle would normally block from view.

[-] 0 points by Danimal98367 (188) from Port Orchard, WA 12 years ago

Way to go, AFGJ. Screw the truly poor Nicaraguans and Hondurans you've been feeding - help the not-starving Americans!

[-] 0 points by plove53 (1) 12 years ago

You have to be kidding me by just blaming big buisness, ALSO to blame are the UNIONS, politicians by not letting busness hire, or start a buisness), and the people "using" the system (get there crazy checks, and the welfare system). At least business are creating jobs, unlike the others.

[-] 0 points by GroundingHubris (0) 12 years ago

http://www.opednews.com/articles/Occupy-Wall-Street-Day-8--by-Chaz-Valenza-110924-442.html Occupy Wall Street Day 8: Is the MSM Blackout a Good Thing? I think the above article is better article the NYtimes. Seems the momentum is growing, though even you on the ground may not realize it. Most of us who are not there are beginning to realize the MSM is not reporting at all, or at most reported misinformation out of fear of the power the occupation really has. To us 99%, that shows the Occupation not a failure. Keep up the great work, know that the whole world is watching, and that every day more people are waking up because of each and every one of you. whoever is telling you that we see you as a bunch of unemployed half naked kids or a joke; is either lying or a troll. don't let them discharge you. Many of us thank you for your sacrifice, and do take you and the occupation very serious.

[-] 0 points by Alex (79) from Rhoon, ZH 12 years ago

Tax in itself is bad. Freedom to get the 100% of your efforts is great.

It's not unfair taxation that needs to be handled, but tax in itself should be abolished, and with it the state with its laws and regulation that binds us all in favor of the corporations.

When you ask for more regulation and fairer tax. You will get more regulation and fairer tax for yourselves, while the corporations get the loopholes to be exempt. What we have here is a society of laws and regulation, and taxes that are forced upon the greater population, while a few are totally exempt from it. We all should be free and not just a few that abuse us as slaves and keep us fighting each other by dividing us in taxes, laws, regulations, and subsidies.

I also want to point out a brave woman Teresa Treacy, who was jailed for not allowing a corporation on her own private land to tear down her trees so they can build power lines above her property. That she conceded for them to run the lines under her property and them deeming that too expensive, only makes it worst that a judge condemned her. This is a prime example how laws are used by the elite to subject us while they themselves can break them at will. Please help Teresa get out of jail and sign the petition http://www.gopetition.com/petitions/free-teresa-treacy-the-woman-who-stood-up-to-eigrid-an.html

It angers me how these folks think they can treat us and keep treating us to their bullshit. One day it ends, and I hope that day comes very soon.

[-] 1 points by rickied (31) from Worcester, MA 12 years ago

I did not even read past the first two lines.

Taxation is necessary, you idiot. Without taxes, the country, state, and city you live in cease to function altogether. The roads are kept safe on tax money. The public school system is held together on tax money. The police and firefighters who save lives around you every day are paid through tax money.

Unless of course, you're suggesting privatizing police forces. Which is about as batshit as you can get.

[-] 0 points by Alex (79) from Rhoon, ZH 12 years ago

You my diluted friend are a slave. And a slave that wants to be a slave deserves the shackles put on him. You not reading it all makes you be the idiot.

Be smart and learn a bit more about alternative ways to live, and maybe one day those slave eyes will open and you will see what society really is.

You would think with what is happening all over the world people have smartened up. Regretfully it hasn't. (Jeez not reading it all and calling others idiots, how stupid can you be!)

[-] 1 points by rickied (31) from Worcester, MA 12 years ago

Your first sentence was "Tax in itself is bad." That was all it took to realize how shallow your views truly are. Above that, I find it intriguing that your response to me is a series of insults and not a single intelligent argument to support your (ridiculous) thought.

[-] 0 points by Alex (79) from Rhoon, ZH 12 years ago

As if yours were intelligent? Why would I go deeply in into an unintelligent reply? My diluted friend, I give back what is given. And yes tax in itself is bad. The thought someone thinks he can tax you for your effort given is ridiculous, and for you to protect that makes you yourself ridiculous.

[-] 1 points by rickied (31) from Worcester, MA 12 years ago

What exactly is unintelligent about taxation being necessary? You still haven't given one legitimate reason why it's unnecessary. Or are insults all you can come up with?

[-] 1 points by Alex (79) from Rhoon, ZH 12 years ago

And you haven't given me a valid and moral reason why it is necessary. And who started with the insults again? Shall I quote a certain Mr. Rickied

"I did not even read past the first two lines. Taxation is necessary, you idiot."

Too narrow minded to read it all, and the the gall and disrespect to start with the insulting, and now weak as you are you come play victim while you started throwing the insult. A typical case of someone who wants to start punching but starts crying when someone punches back. Had you read it all, it would have been clear, why I deem taxes immoral.

[-] 1 points by rickied (31) from Worcester, MA 12 years ago

Morals have nothing to do with it. Taxes are necessary for the city you live in to function at all. I gave three examples in my first post. How many have you given?

[-] 1 points by Alex (79) from Rhoon, ZH 12 years ago

Morals have everything to do with everything in life. Your statement shows your true colors, being a amoral person.

A society without morality is a useless corrupt one. You did not read past the first two sentences, read first before demanding examples.

[-] 0 points by anonalien (77) 12 years ago

short comment - let's not end up calling this movement SOLIDARITY. solidarity was a movement in poland that eventually managed to abolish communism in 1989. i think they deserve, in the name of the achievement, to own that name.

[-] 0 points by AnonymousUSCitizen (1) from Garberville, CA 12 years ago

If you want to effect real change in America and the world, if you want to restore democracy, you must gain recognition for the General Assembly as a legitimate democratic institution which represents the American People as much as or more so than our Congress with its current 15% approval rating.

To accomplish this, feature the petition below on your website, and then begin the long, hard process of winning support for this cause and telling the American people the sad truth about why this is necessary in our Country today.

“Recognize the Resolutions of the People’s General Assembly as Democratic Law”


The creation of a General Assembly, which can exist in as many cities across the Country as the people wish, and which anyone is free to speak in and join a working group of, regardless of their background or income, so long as they are present and willing, and in which they are free to present any Resolution they wish before the Assembly and the world, have that Resolution approved by the Assembly, and then have that approved Resolution voted on by the American people in a monthly National Referendum could be exactly what is needed to save Democracy and Liberty for future generations by creating a means of combating the system of rule by the wealthy that has taken root in the world today. Thank you for the many sacrifices that you all have made to bring us this hope of a better, more just, and more democratic world, and for the many more we must all make together to bring this dream to life.

[-] 1 points by Mishenka1457 (35) 12 years ago

This should be circulated more vigorously and not wrapped in midst of a blog!!!!

[-] 1 points by Robsalberghi (1) from Danbury, CT 12 years ago

Second that


[-] 2 points by Anonymous8675309 (3) from Houston, TX 12 years ago

We just need donations. Individual task groups still need general assembly authorization to make use of them, so the assembly will be able to make use of the excessive food fund (due to the donations of actual food) towards more appropriate costs. I'm sure power and bandwidth are at a premium down there, and we could use an expansion of the media team system to support on-the-ground mobile livestreams for video coverage and sousveillance.