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3/22 Live Updates

Posted 6 years ago on March 22, 2012, 4:53 p.m. EST by OccupyWallSt

3:42 AM: Coverage is closing for the night. Remember, send your friends and family to Union Square and help us effectively occupy this space!

3:34 AM: NYPD whiteshirt attempting to dismantle signs by tearing "sticks" off Constitutionally protected signage. Remove the sticks, you lose your job. You are warned.

2:32 AM: NYPD, are you bored or something? Why do you keep pushing peaceful demonstrators back and forth? If you want a dance, give us a sound permit I'm sure someone could set up a nice waltz for us.

2:28 AM: Occupiers as a group are educating NYPD with interesting, yet horrifying facts.

2:09 AM: Silly NYPD, you're not sanitation workers. You couldn't even lend us a dustpan earlier. You can however apparently physically force people forward against their will. You're teetering, NYPD. Remember, at all times you have a choice to make and it only takes one incident to tip a nation. Mohamed Bouzazizi set himself aflame and liberated Tunisia, you have cracked ribs and skulls. You will make a mistake, and as a result you will find your entire city at your doorstep to reclaim their property.

2:00 AM: Livestreamer has notified NYPD that they are not required to follow orders. Yes, in fact, remember that you are personally responsible, and WILL be held accountable for crimes you commit. The Nuremberg defense has never worked in human rights cases.

1:57 AM: NYPD whiteshirt announcing that sanitation will clean the area, informing to pick up stuff.

1:56 AM: The NYPD has heard my explanation of their options, and conveniently marched away from their unlawful blockade of the sidewalk.

1:52 AM: NYPD, tonight you face a choice, the same choice you faced before. You will either negotiate the terms of your surrender to the people via civil dialogue, or you will commit acts of violent repression and in doing so immediately surrender your legitimacy as a law enforcement organization. Because we have a right to protest, any violent action taken against us is assault, any "arrests" are kidnapping. By engaging in violence, you make the transition from legitimate enforcement organization towards violent gang, subject to dismantling by the people.

1:49 AM: The NYPD has begun shoving people around on the sidewalk. The NYPD has chosen to violate the law by preventing pedestrian sidewalk traffic. Furthermore, they are beginning to use their batons. I am not asleep, you still have the same choice as always. Let me make this super, very clear. If you use violent repression to suppress peaceful demonstration, you surrender your authority and open yourselves up to citizen's arrest, and self defense by those who you are assaulting.

1:32 AM: Occupiers cleaning their side of the park with brooms and trashcans. NYPD standing idly by, refusing to contribute to the cleaning of the park. Occupier shouted to NYPD to ask them to send a desk officer with a dustpan for us to borrow. The NYPD is not interested in a clean park.

12:03 AM: Receiving reports of "one or two" arrests. Barricades going back up.

12:01 AM: NYPD have begun clearing the park. They seem to be trying to avoid violence, as much as it is possible for the NYPD to avoid violence.

11:56 PM: NYPD whiteshirt previously attempted to bully singing and dancing occupiers into stopping. We surrounded the whiteshirt and danced in a circle around him. He left. Additionally, an other officer announced via loudspeaker that the park is closing at 12 midnight, in three minutes.

9:02 PM: Top priorities right now: I need a stream to embed and I need information on that People's Kitchen. Pictures are ideal. Are you on the ground? Do you see people streaming? Ask them where they're streaming to, and text me about it!

8:54 PM: Welcome to 3/22's live updates as our peaceful protestors face another night. I am getting reports that The People's Kitchen has gone back up, and unconfirmed reports that it is a tent. Some people are telling me it is a tent, some people are telling me it is a table.

3/22 NYPD criminal roll call

  • Harris, 768, Grabbed young woman's arm, roughly shoved citizen.
  • Costanzo, 2760, Intimidated press against orders and law.
  • Jurs, 453, Baton out intimidating peaceful demonstrators.

  • Frank Balluzzi, Forcibly dismantled sign, stealing the voice of human beings. In doing so, invalidated any employment contract he has with the NYPD.

Got information? Share it with me these ways:

  • Comment on the article.
  • Go to the Freenode IRC channel #occupywallst and share.
  • Text +1 (772) 646-4548 if you are on the ground. All information is useful.



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[-] 2 points by Jumphrey (106) 6 years ago

I definitely appreciate the new attitude behind the author of this update- we SHOULD have this attitude when approaching the police. The police obey US before the 1%, they are public servants, not private slaves.

[-] 2 points by jph (2652) 6 years ago

When the cops don't get to put their 'spin' on it, it really is quite clear. "If you use violent repression to suppress peaceful demonstration, you surrender your authority and open yourselves up to citizen's arrest, and self defense by those who you are assaulting." Nicely put!

"as a result you will find your entire city at your doorstep to reclaim their property." This is what some of those abusing power need to learn, we the people are that power they are wielding, we can exercise it too.

[-] 1 points by XenuLives (1645) from Charlotte, NC 6 years ago

We should have had "criminal roll call" all along. Put the pressure on these guys who attack free speech!

[-] 1 points by nate (48) 6 years ago

Thank you.

[-] 1 points by Bighead1883 (285) 6 years ago

This is truly the correct approach.Keep this logic going.


[-] 0 points by rottkamp (8) 6 years ago

Please edit this author's posts in the future.

[-] 1 points by RedJazz43 (2757) 6 years ago