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We are the 99 percent


I am a homemaker and mother of two children. My husband makes barely enough to cover our monthly expenses; but without the help of family and friends, we would not be able to stay above water.

I am a paralegal by educational trade. I have worked in administrative positions (including office manager, assistant to controller, bookkeeper/accountant) before staying at home to raise our children.

I offer my knowledge and skills in anyway and as needed to the cause. Please contact me via email at susanneposel@hotmail.com if I may be of service. I feel this is the most important movement of my generation and I want to be involved as much as possible.

I attended the Portland Occupation on the 6th of October, with my children in tow to show them that standing up against corporate tyrannical forces is their right. I have plenty of extra time, as I am a stay-at-home mother and feel it would be better served helping further #Occupy Wall St.

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