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We are the 99 percent


I am Homeless Joe.

Why? Greed.

JP Morgan Chase ACCIDENTALLY FORECLOSED my home...they said, "Sorry, we make mistakes, we are too overwhelmed". (those are quotations because that is what they told me over the phone) They will not return my calls anymore as of the date I write this.

They make a mistake, and I lose my home. I am not alone. This is Corporate greed rearing its ugly head.

Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, and Benjamin Franklin are laying in their graves; they are not crying at what is happening in this country, that's not what guys like that do, but tears are dripping down their cheeks. These are not tears...men, or actually little boys pretending to be men, in corporate suits and Washington Lobbyists are pissing on their graves. Its piss running down their cheeks. (political cartoon needed :: please handle) . This was why we went to war to form this country in the first place, why they wrote first and foremost, "When in the Course of human events it becomes necessary" in the Declaration Of Independence". Well it looks like it is necessary to take action again.

Now I live with my parents, and am looking for a job. JP Morgan Chase, it is not ok what you have done. It is not ok what all of you greedy people have done. It is our fault for allowing it to happen. We do have democracy. We can vote.

That is the simple action. Get involved and VOTE. And spread the word, this is our world and we are taking it back.

We are the little people, but all the little people together are all the people.

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