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We are the 99 percent


My skill base is advanced product and manufacturing. I have co-founded several collaborations in the worlds of technology and industry, founded and co produced with representatives of our nations key industrial sectors strategies for successful economic competitiveness in the 21st century. Unfortunately, competitor nations have adopted this work while the American business community has become co-opted by wealth manipulators expensing sustainability of our nation's economic, thus defense security, while simultaneously putting our societal quality of life in jeopardy.
At the heart of the reinvention needed at this juncture is adoption of the "power with" organizational paradigm which will allow us to transcend the (severe) limitations and costly legacies of "power over" management approaches. The "Occupy" movement can be the critical step toward a far more effective way of moving forward at a time when past practices have taken us to ominous tipping points. Today's communication tools make levels of connectedness, collaboration, convergence and cooperation possible as never before. I stand ready to assist the process of converging the 99% around principles, wise norms, strategies and frameworks for future outcomes we can all be proud to move toward.
The connectedness of today's younger generation married with the experience of 50 million retired seniors and 70 million baby boomers emerging from all fields of endeavor can be a powerful force for reinvention and transformation - Thank you for moving out on this imperative journey!

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