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I am a former exec of the (former) world's largest corporation. My responsibilities included Research and Development of Advanced Product and Manufacturing technology and coordination of advancements worldwide. That exposure assured me that the real war of the 21st century is for commercial and economic dominance. I was a cofounder of the National Center for Manufacturing Sciences, a collaboration of 150 companies at a time when American manufacturers began cutting R&D to a fraction of what offshore competitors were spending to out compete us. I also co-founded, at the request of the DOD the development of a national strategy for American commercial and defense preparedness for the technological and competitive challenges of the 21st century. The resulting "21st Century Agile Manufacturing Enterprise" vision and strategy, co produced with senior representatives from all sectors of the economy, emphasized major game changing technologies and manditory business and management transformation. Offshore competitors are adopting these advantages while American CEO's are off shoring American product designs and manufacturing knowhow to them. Instead our so called leaders focus on financial manipulation instead of customers, workforce creativity, and sustainability. The dysfunctional financial practices identified by OWS are among the most damaging to America's future economic viability. OWS horizontal communication and transparency are important "power with" approaches needed to transcend obsolete and compromised "power over" American business and governance organizations. Many enlightened, experienced professionals are anxious to help you succeed from your excellent and much needed beginning

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