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We are the 99 percent


I have a political agenda:
I am the founder of the North Star Movement: this movement taps into the most ignored, and underestimated, and largest political demographic in America. It has world changing potential. I have a foundation (501 C3), a website and online school that increase my ability to deliver seminars and create communities for my listeners.
I have been a civil rights activist and an anti-war activist.
I have been active in the Democratic Party for 35 years
I have been a county chair/ state party member/platform committee member.
I have been affiliated with Organizing for America and have been a member of the Obama steering committee for Maine
I am a founder of the Monday Morning Group
I’ve worked on political campaigns in Maine, Mass and the US Virgin Islands
I ran for the Virgin Islands Senate
I have written Op- Eds that have appeared in the Portland Press Herald and the Bangor Daily News.
I am adept at social media- Facebook, Linked- In, and interactive web sites. I am an entrepreneur, I’ve started four companies; a wireless technology, an interactive educational website, an IT and human resources consulting company, and a temp company.
I am an inventor- Patent # 6657535 a patent for a wireless device.
I spent 25 years as a Human Resources Consultant in high tech, bio tech, Pharmaceuticals and dot com companies in Mass and NH.
I am an expert/ activist on the price of oil and used to publish a daily newsletter and blog on the subject. I know a lot about the workings of investment banks, hedge funds, big oil and OPEC. I have hired investment bankers internationally. I blog on internet threads that deal with oil, banks and the economy; I’m known as Maine Man and have some fans.

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