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We are the 99 percent


HippieDickey Furfey
I think that we clearly should closely follow the old FRENCH REVOLUTION as our plan of REVOLUTION. The crimes against the American People by America's richest, corporations and every elected bought off politician and other treasonist member of the US government.are guilty of nothing less than TREASON AND CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY. And they need to be punished for those crimes. We need an entirely new kind of government and constitution where the American come first always; a new government that will not stand for one homeless veteran, let alone the 107,000 that are homeless and dying cruelly on our streets right now. NONE OF YOU SHOULD HAVE ALLOWED THAT TO HAPPEN, BUT MOST OF YOU KNEW ABOUT THAT AND DID EXACTLY NOTHING. WHY SHOULD YOU HAVE A SAY IN FORMING A NEW GOVERNMENT AND CONSTITUTIONS? YOU KNOWING ABOUT THTHAT CRIME AGAINST HUMANITYAND DOING NOTHING MAKES YOU AS GUILTY AS THE RICHEST, CORPORATIONS, CORRUPT GOVERNMENT AND ELECTED POLITICIANS, ETC. THE OTHER EVIL ONES. HippieDickey Furfey VIETNAM PURPLE HEART FORMALLY HOMELESS WAR HERO

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