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American Revolution 2.0

July 4, 2012

America`s second Boston Tea Party

Time to take back our country from the crooks in Washington

The crooked Politicans in washington only react to numbers, so "We the People" are going to give them some new numbers to react to.

Every true American is encouraged to join us enmass for peaceful street protests to show the crooks in Washington that the majority of Americans are not going to let them keep bankrupting america while enriching themselves and their corporate owners.

We will no longer stand aside and watch them take away all of our freedoms , liberties, and rights. We will no longer allow them to keep us under their thumbs while they continue to fleece America at will.

Politicans only understand and react to numbers, and seeing millions of Americans on tv gathering in the streets for peaceful protests against the way they are destroying America will have a major impact on their future and their policies. It will change the political landscape in America and start putting the power back into the hands of "We the People" instead the politicans and the rich.

If the third world and arab countries can use peaceful street protests to kick out their crooked dictators and take back their freedom and rights, then surely a nation as big and great as ours has enough people with the courage to do the same.

If our forefathers could do it with the Tea Party and the American Revolution, then we can too, If not for ourselves then for our children and grandchildren who will suffer the most from our lack of control over the crooked politicans we put into office and allowed to destroy the present for us and the future for them.

July 4, 2012. Gather at noon at your state capitol, county courthouse, or court square. This will be a peaceful, non violent street protest all across America, a showing of solidarity that we the people are against the crooked politicians in Washington and their corporate owners. This will show Washington what to expect in Nov. when we go to the polls to remove all of them from office. It will also show the politicians entering office that we can and will remove them just as quickly and easily if they turn against Americans the same as the crooks who we will be removing from office.
No weapons allowed, no violence, no riots. That will defeat the purpose and turn the police and citizens against this.
Do you have the courage to stand up for yourselves and your children ? Or will you continue to be cowards and stand aside and watch as the crooked politicans continue to destroy america and our future ????

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