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We are the 99 percent


Im a 43 yr old male married for 20 yrs, 2 grown kids, 2 grandkids, and i fear if something is not done about our crisis my grandkids will not have the same life i had,(not rich but happy for the most part). i worked all my life and paid taxes and SS, and when i got hurt on the job,
(the plant i worked for filed the big B). so i had no way to pay for medical and just worked with a broken body for 10 more yrs, before my wife finally had a job with good insurance(what a joke) i had the surgeries to fix me, then 6 months after i recieve a bill from the doctors saying my insurance denied payment because it happened on a job and my employer had too, well guess what THEY FILED THE BIG B. 9 yrs ago! now after all is said and done, i can no longer work because both shoulders and both wrist are messed up, now here is the kicker ALL THOSE TAXES I PAID AND SS i PAID was for nothing, i have doctors reports saying i cannnot work ,and i ve spent the last 4 yrs fighting with SSI(that i paid for) for help and have been turned down Twice by them! I AMM THE 99%

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