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When you have TRULY passed through the looking-glass (achieved TRUE FREEDOM) you will know. Your notification will come in the form of e-mails, letters, revenues and contact with your personal heroes/role models/favorite Creators. You will find that most people will begin to react in predictable ways to your presence, and that it is now much easier to get free stuff, including money, drugs, art and sex.
The challenge IS NOT trying to figure out how to maintain whatever level ov fame/infamy/notoriety you have achieved. The challenge IS figuring out how to separate yourself from it as quickly as possible, so that you can move on to your next project.
The 'looking glass' that one must pass through is defined as the surface or medium through which SELF is EXPRESSED: a piece of paper, a canvas, a computer program, a chunk of marble, a blank tape, etc. Simply USING these things is easy, PASSING THROUGH them is not.
To pass through these mediums, you the Creator must be absolutely willing to surrender EVERYTHING to your work. ONLY BY HANDING OVER COMPLETE CONTROL TO THE WORK ITSELF IS TRUE ART CREATED, and thereby 'passed-through' by the artist. The artist becomes the instrument of the art, the means by which the art manifests itself.
Intuition is the key to surrendering yourself to your creation. Once creation has started, it must not be stopped until the work has been completed. If a roadblock is encountered, keep going, rework everything until you reach a stream-like sequence of creative events that leads to a finished CREATION.
This is REALITY MANIFESTATION through art. You can no more stop the creative process once it has begun than you can stop the passage of time. When you have truly 'thrown yourself into your work' everyone will know because it cannot be faked. REAL IS REAL AND IMITATION IS BULLSHIT.

From "Thee Anti-Control Manifesto?"

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